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  • Outsiders

    Becker,Howard S.


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  • The Conservative Mind


    The Conservative Mind

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  • The Man Who Tasted Shapes

    Cytowic,Richard E.; Cole,Jonathan

    In this medical detective adventure, Cytowic shows how synesthesia, or 'joined sensation,' illuminates a wide swath of mental life and leads to a new view of what it means to be human.In 1980, Richard Cytowic was having dinner at a friend's house,...

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  • On Human Nature

    Wilson,Edward O.; Wilson,Edward O.

    On Human Nature

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  • Liquid Life


    'Liquid life' is the kind of life commonly lived in our contemporary, liquid-modern society. Liquid life cannot stay on course, as liquid-modern society cannot keep its shape for long. Liquid life is a precarious life, lived under conditions of...

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  • Nudge

    Thaler,Richard H.; Sunstein,Cass R.; Thaler,Richard H.


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  • Darwin's Dangerous Idea

    Dennett,Daniel C.

    Offers a wider perspective on Darwin's scientific theory of natural selection, explaining how it extends beyond biology, analyzing current controversies over the origins of life and inherent biases, and challenging popular philosophies

  • Evolution of Physics


    Clear and concise explanations of the development of theories explaining physical phenomena

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  • The Spiral of Silence


    The Spiral of Silence

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  • Mathematics

    Aleksandrov,A. D.; Kolmogorov,A. N.; Lavrent'ev,M. A.


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  • Music in Everyday Life

    Denora, Tia

    Music in Everyday Life

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  • Rattling the Cage

    Wise,Steven M.

    Argues that the failure to recognize the legal rights of chimpanzees and bonobos in light of modern scientific findings creates a contradiction in our law, and seeks to demonstrate the cognitive, emotional, and social capacities of apes. Reprint.

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  • The Seven Daughters of Eve


    Drawing on years of study of genetics and DNA, a scientist describes how he linked the DNA found in the remains of a five-thousand-year-old man to modern-day relatives lviing in England and explains how all modern individuals can trace their genetic...

  • Ontogeny And Phylogeny

    Gould,Stephen Jay

    Ontogeny And Phylogeny

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  • Dominion


    Argues for responsible action in the treatment of animals, challenging popular conceptions about animal feeling and awareness and profiling a safari convention, factory farm, and the works of top writers.

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  • Understanding Supercomputing

    Fritz,Sandy; Patterson, David A.; Fritz, Sandy; Fritz,Sandy

    Understanding Supercomputing

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  • An Alchemy of Mind


    The author explores the mysteries of the human brain, lending a woman's perspective to neuroscience while reporting on the latest discoveries, the nature of consciousness, and language development.

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  • The Symbolic Species

    Deacon,Terrence W.

    Discusses the evolution of language from the viewpoint of symbolic reference as opposed to the conventional grammar-based theories

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  • Field Notes from a Catastrophe

    Kolbert,Elizabeth; Davis,Hope (NRT); Davis, Hope (NRT)

    Explores the issue of global warming from every angle, incorporating interviews with researchers and environmentalists, explaining the science and the studies, and presenting the personal tales of those who are being affected most.

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  • The Emotion Machine


    In this mind-expanding book, scientific pioneer Marvin Minsky continues his groundbreaking research, offering a fascinating new model for how our minds work. He argues persuasively that emotions, intuitions, and feelings are not distinct things, but...

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  • On Intelligence

    Blakeslee,Sandra; Hawkins,Jeff

    The inventor of the PalmPilot outlines a theory about the human brain's memory system that reveals new information about intelligence, perception, creativity, consciousness, and the human potential for creating intelligent computers. Reprint.

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  • Urban Tribes


    A journalist looks at the current status of marriage, commitment, family, and friendship in America today, probing the cultural and social forces that have kept the current generation away from the altar and offering an intriguing portrait of...

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  • Giving - How Each of Us Can Change the World

    Clinton, Bill

    Clinton writes about the life-changing aspect of giving---of men and women who traded in their corporate careers, and the fulfillment they now experience through their new efforts and associations. He also examines, in a chapter on organizing markets...

  • A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History

    De Landa, Manuel; Landa,Manuel De

    A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History

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  • A View of the River

    Leopold,Luna B.

    A View of the River

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  • The Growth of Biological Thought

    Mayr,Ernst; Mayr,Ernst

    An incisive study of the development of the biological sciences chronicles the origins, maturation, and modern views of the classification of life forms, the evolution of species, and the inheritance and variation of characteristics

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  • Sport

    Giulianotti, Richard


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  • We Have Never Been Modern

    Porter,Catherine (TRN); Latour, Bruno

    We Have Never Been Modern

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  • Climate Change And Biodiversity

    Hannah,Lee Jay (edt); Lovejoy,Thomas E. (edt)

    Climate Change And Biodiversity

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  • God and the New Physics

    Davies, Paul

    Argues that the discoveries of twentieth-century physics--relativity and the quantum theory--demand a radical reformulation of the fundamentals of reality and a way of thinking, that is closer to mysticism than materialism

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  • Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing...

    Gottlieb, Adam; Todd,Larry; Todd, Larry

    Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing Extraordinary Marijuana

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  • The Eureka Effect

    Perkins, David

    The Eureka Effect

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  • Music, Physics and Engineering

    Olson,Harry Ferdinand

    Studies the methods, instruments, and processes involved in the creation, reception and duplication of sound

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  • Regarding the Pain of Others


    An examination of the role of imagery in modern culture considers how depictions of violence, from wartime photographs to footage of the September 11 attacks, are used and how they impact the world.

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  • Bumblebee Economics


    Bumblebee Economics

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  • War And Modernity - Studies In The History Of...

    Joas,Hans; Livingstone, Rodney

    Written by one of Europe's leading social theorists, this book takes up the claims of modernity and confronts them with a stark reality: the ongoing proliferation of war. How can contemporary social and political thought come to terms with this...

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  • Crystals and Crystal Growing


    Experiments and problems to be done by the non-specialist to aid in his understanding of crystals

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  • Abusing Science


    'Abusing Science' is a manual for intellectual self-defense, the most complete available for presenting the case against Creationist pseudo-science. It is also a lucid exposition of the nature and methods of genuine science. The book begins with a...

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  • Classical Sociological Theory 3Rd Edition

    Calhoun, Craig; Pfaff,Steven; Moody,James; Gerteis,Joseph; Virk,Indermohan

    This comprehensive collection of classical sociological theory is a definitive guide to the roots of sociology from its undisciplined beginnings to its current influence on contemporary sociological debate. Explores influential works of Marx,...

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  • Contemporary Philosophy Of Social Science A...

    Fay, Brian

    Contemporary Philosophy Of Social Science A Multicultural Approach

  • Resolution - Confidentiality And Privacy In...

    Dickson,Donald J

    The advent of computerized data systems, the growth of managed care, the AIDS epidemic, mandatory reporting requirements for child abuse, workplace drug testing, and various laws requiring that social workers maintain confidential communications in...

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  • Paper Before Print

    Bloom,Jonathan M.

    Paper Before Print

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  • Synthesis Of Naturally Occurring Nitrogen...

    Ashry,El Sayed H. El, Ph.D.; Nemr,Ahmed El, Ph.D.

    Carbohydrates are widely distributed in nature and widelyavailable, and so are considered as a promising feedstock for thepreparation of many organic chemical compounds. They areparticularly useful in the preparation of nitrogen heterocyclesbecause...

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  • Come Hither

    Brame,Gloria G.

    Discusses how to turn secret sexual fantasies into a satisfying expression of love and desire.

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