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633 produtos
  • The Conservative Mind


    The Conservative Mind

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  • Nudge

    Sunstein,Cass R.; Thaler, Richard H.


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  • Personality Plus


    Personality Plus

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  • Morals And Dogma


    Morals And Dogma

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  • Darwin's Dangerous Idea

    Dennett, Daniel C.

    Offers a wider perspective on Darwin's scientific theory of natural selection, explaining how it extends beyond biology, analyzing current controversies over the origins of life and inherent biases, and challenging popular philosophies

  • Mind, Self, And Society - The Definitive...

    Mead,George Herbert; Morris,Charles W

    George Herbert Mead is widely recognized as one of the most brilliantly original American pragmatists. Although he had a profound influence on the development of social philosophy, he published no books in his lifetime. This makes the lectures...

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  • The Mind In the Making

    Robinson,James Harvey

    The Mind In the Making

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  • Rattling the Cage

    Wise,Steven M.

    Argues that the failure to recognize the legal rights of chimpanzees and bonobos in light of modern scientific findings creates a contradiction in our law, and seeks to demonstrate the cognitive, emotional, and social capacities of apes. Reprint.

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  • Classical Sociological Theory 3Rd Edition

    Calhoun,Craig; Pfaff,Steven; Moody,James; Gerteis,Joseph; Virk,Indermohan

    This comprehensive collection of classical sociological theory is a definitive guide to the roots of sociology from its undisciplined beginnings to its current influence on contemporary sociological debate. Explores influential works of Marx,...

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  • How To Be Heard


    The bestselling author of Bad Feminist explores the urgent concept of being heard brave, practical, and inspiring wisdom for anyone pursuing a creative life. Over the past few years, Roxane Gay has become crucial to our cultural conversation on a...

  • The Seven Daughters of Eve


    Drawing on years of study of genetics and DNA, a scientist describes how he linked the DNA found in the remains of a five-thousand-year-old man to modern-day relatives lviing in England and explains how all modern individuals can trace their genetic...

  • In Harm's Way

    MacKinnon,Catharine A.; Dworkin,Andrea

    In Harm's Way

  • Becoming A Marihuana User

    Becker,Howard S

    OG Kush. Sour Diesel. Wax, shatter, and vapes. Marijuana has come a long way since its seedy days in the back parking lots of our culture. So has Howard S. Becker, the eminent sociologist, jazz musician, expert on deviant culture, and founding NORML...

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  • Generation Me - Why Today's Young Americans...

    Twenge,Jean M

    In this provocative and newly revised book, headline-making psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge explores why the young people she calls 'Generation Me' are tolerant, confident, open-minded, and ambitious but also disengaged, narcissistic, distrustful, and...

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  • What Time Is This Place?

    Lynch,Kevin; Lynch,Michael

    A look at the human sense of time, a biological rhythm that may follow a different beat from that dictated by external, 'official,' 'objective' timepieces.Time and Place -- Timeplace -- is a continuum of the mind, as fundamental as the spacetime that...

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  • Think And Grow Rich


    Think And Grow Rich

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  • The Status Syndrome

    Marmot,M. G.

    In a groundbreaking study, a noted epidemiologist demonstrates how social inequalities cause ill health and how much control one has over one's life and the opportunities one has for full social participation can mitigate the effects of the...

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  • To Flourish Or Destruct - A Personalist...


    In his 2010 book 'What Is a Person?, ' Christian Smith argued that sociology had for too long neglected this fundamental question. Prevailing social theories, he wrote, do not adequately capture our deep subjective experience as persons, crucial...

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  • Processual Sociology


    For the past twenty years, noted sociologist Andrew Abbott has been developing what he calls a processual ontology for social life. In this view, the social world is constantly changing making, remaking, and unmaking itself, instant by instant. He...

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  • Giving - How Each of Us Can Change the World


    Clinton writes about the life-changing aspect of giving---of men and women who traded in their corporate careers, and the fulfillment they now experience through their new efforts and associations. He also examines, in a chapter on organizing markets...

  • Social Structure & Person


    Social Structure & Person

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  • Community And Society

    Tonnies, Ferdinand

    One of the first major studies of sociology, this book explores the clash between small-scale neighborhood-based communities and the large-scale competitive market society. It considers all aspects of life - political, economic, legal, family,...

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  • Science And Technology In Society - From...

    Kleinman,Daniel Lee

    This thoughtful and engaging text challenges the widely held notion of science as somehow outside of society, and the idea that technology proceeds automatically down a singular and inevitable path. Through specific case studies involving...

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  • Family Group Conferences In Child Welfare

    Crow; Marsh; Marsh,Peter; Crow,Gill; Peter,Marsh

    Child Welfare Professionals have increasingly come to realise the importance of working towards 'partnership' with parents, even when children cannot be looked after at home or where there are serious problems in caring for them. In recent years,...

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  • Housekeeping By Design - Hotels And Labor


    One of the great pleasures of staying in a hotel is spending time in a spotless, neat, and organized space that you don t have to clean. That doesn t, however, mean the work disappears when we re not looking, someone else is doing it. With...

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  • Law For Social Workers

    Carr,Helen; Brayn,Hugh

    “Law for Social Workers” has been supporting social work students and professionals for over 20 years. The ideal book to see you through both your course and career, the new edition features contributions from a practicing social worker and provides...

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  • Fieldwork Encounters And Discoveries...


    India is the largest producer and consumer of feature films in the world, far outstripping Hollywood in the number of movies released and tickets sold every year. Cinema quite simply dominates Indian popular culture, and has for many decades exerted...

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  • Organizing Locally - How The New...


    We love the local. From the cherries we buy, to the grocer who sells them, to the school where our child unpacks them for lunch, we express resurgent faith in decentralizing the institutions and businesses that arrange our daily lives. But the fact...

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  • Carbonic Anhydrase

    Supuran,Claudiu T.; Conway,Janet; Scozzafava,Andrea

    Carbonic Anhydrase

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  • Unwanted Advances - Sexual Paranoia Comes To...


    From a highly regarded feminist cultural critic and professor comes a polemic arguing that the stifling sense of sexual danger sweeping American campuses doesn't empower women, it impedes the fight for gender equality. Feminism is broken, argues...

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  • Human Behavior In The Social Environment...

    Thyer,Bruce A; Sowers,Karen M; Dulmus,Catherine N

    An accessible and engaging guide to the study of human behavior in the social environment, covering every major theoretical approach Providing an overview of the major human behavioral theories used to guide social work practice with individuals,...

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  • How To Run A Nation - A Monocle Guide


    Monocle s books with Gestalten have shown you how to build a better life, business and home. But now Monocle raises the bar: how do you make a great nation? They are not talking about might and muscle, but rather how you create a country that feels...

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  • Peak Oil - Apocalyptic Environmentalism And...


    In recent years, the concept of peak oil the moment when global oil production peaks and a train of economic, social, and political catastrophes accompany its subsequent decline has captured the imagination of a surprisingly large number of Americans...

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  • A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating...

    Kristof,Nicholas D.

    Equal in urgency and compassion to Half the Sky, this galvanizing new book from the acclaimed husband-and-wife team is even more ambitious in scale: nothing less than a deep examination of people who are making the world a better place, and the...

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  • Fieldwork Encounters And Discoveries...

    Emerson,Robert M

    From roommate disputes to family arguments, trouble is inevitable in interpersonal relationships. In 'Everyday Troubles,' Robert M. Emerson explores the beginnings and development of the conflicts that occur in our relationships with the people we...

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  • Methods That Matter - Integrating Mixed...

    Hay,M Cameron

    To do research that really makes a difference the authors of this book argue social scientists need questions and methods that reflect the complexity of the world. Bringing together a consortium of voices across a variety of fields, Methods that...

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  • Rocket Dreams


    A cultural legacy of post-Apollo America identifies societal beliefs and factors that contributed to a decline in enthusiasm for the space program, profiling key figures in rocketry, space travel, cyberspace, and other developments. Reprint.

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  • The Future of Imprisonment

    Tonry,Michael H.; Reitz,Kevin R. (CON); Blumstein,Alfred (CON); Fagan,Jeffrey (CON); Frase,Richard S. (CON); Hawkins,Gordon (CON); Jacobs,James B. (CON); Miller,Marc L. (CON); Momahan,John (CON); Tonry,Michael H. (CON)

    The imprisonment rate in America has grown by a factor of five since 1972. In that time, punishment policies have toughened, compassion for prisoners has diminished, and prisons have gotten worse-a stark contrast to the origins of the prison 200...

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  • The Guattari Reader


    This book makes available the broad canvas of Guattari's formidable theoretical and activist writings to provide an indispensable companion to the existing literature.

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  • Case Studies In Social Work Practice

    Lecroy,Craig W

    A practical approach to understanding social work concepts in action that integrates theory and practice In this updated edition of the classic social work text, students and instructors have access to real-world demonstrations of how social work...

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  • Applying Theory To Generalist Social Work...

    Langer,Carol L; Lietz,Cynthia

    The social worker's guide to integrating theory and practice 'Applying Theory to Generalist Social Work Practice' teaches aspiring social workers how to apply theory in real world practice. Fully aligned with the Council on Social Work Education's...

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  • Globalization And Identity - Dialectics Of...

    Geschiere,Peter; Meyer,Birgit

    'Globalization' and 'Identity' are an explosive combination, demonstrated by recent outbursts of communalist violence in many parts of the world. Their varying articulations highlight the paradox that accelerating global flows of goods, persons and...

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  • Housekeeping By Design - Hotels And Labor


    One of the great pleasures of staying in a hotel is spending time in a spotless, neat, and organized space that you don t have to clean. That doesn t, however, mean the work disappears when we re not looking, someone else is doing it. With...

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  • Processual Sociology


    For the past twenty years, noted sociologist Andrew Abbott has been developing what he calls a processual ontology for social life. In this view, the social world is constantly changing making, remaking, and unmaking itself, instant by instant. He...

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