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Direito Financeiro

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  • Global Competition Law And Economics

    Geradin,Damien; Elhauge,Einer

    Modern antitrust law is global antitrust law. Markets are becoming increasingly global, or at least multinational. Mergers between large corporation must typically be approved in both the United states and in the EU, and other nations too. Cartels in...

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  • Eu Law: Text, Cases, And Materials

    Burca,Grainne De; Craig,Paul

    The second edition of this text has been fully revised to take account of the many important developments in EC and EU law since the first edition was published. It preserves the same structure which made the first edition so successful, and includes...

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  • Estudos de Direito Fiscal

    Luis M. T. Meneses Leitão

    Estudos de Direito Fiscal

  • Concorrência Bancária?

    Carlos Baptista Lobo

    Concorrência Bancária?

  • Os Paraísos Fiscais - Casos Práticos com...

    José Manuel Braz da Silva

    Os Paraísos Fiscais - Casos Práticos com Empresas Portuguesas

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  • Tributação dos Grupos de Sociedades Pelo...

    Gonçalo Avelãs Nunes

    Tributação dos Grupos de Sociedades Pelo Lucro Consolidado em Sede de Irc - Contributo para um Novo

  • Tributação do Património

    Nuno Sá Gomes

    Tributação do Património

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  • Teoria Pura da Imposição

    Aníbal Almeida

    Teoria Pura da Imposição

  • Legislação Económica de Moçambique

    Sérgio Vasques

    Legislação Económica de Moçambique

  • Introdução a um Ensaio Sobre Estatísticas...

    Pedro Soares Martinez

    Introdução a um Ensaio Sobre Estatísticas Económicas

  • New Rules For Today's Workplace

    Lindsell-roberts,Sheryl (edt)

    In her newest book, business communications expert Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts delivers timely advice for employees, managers, and business owners on surviving and succeeding in today’s technology-dependent workplace. An antidote to the boring business...

  • Mixing a Musical: Broadway Theatrical Sound...

    Shannon Slaton

    When mixing a live show, for the first time or hundredth time, there are countless things running through your mind, foremost- this is live and you have to get it right! Whether you are working on Broadway, in a regional theatre or on the school...

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  • Karl Polanyi, Globalisation And The Potential...

    Joerges,Christian; Josef Falke

    The patterns and impact of globalisation have become a common concern of all international jurists, sociologists, political scientists and philosophers. Many have observed the erosion of the powers of nation states and the emergence of new...

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  • Eça e os Impostos

    Textos Coligidos Por Sérgio Vasques

    Eça e os Impostos

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  • A Repartição dos Recursos Públicos Entre o...

    Eugénio Carlos da Conceição Rodrigues Moreira

    A Repartição dos Recursos Públicos Entre o Estado e as Autarquias Locais no Ordenamento Jurídico Gui

  • Ensinar Finanças Públicas Numa Faculdade de...

    Eduardo Paz Ferreira

    Ensinar Finanças Públicas Numa Faculdade de Direito

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  • Do «oscilador de Samuelson» ao Espectáculo da...

    Aníbal Almeida

    Do «oscilador de Samuelson» ao Espectáculo da «propulsão»

  • A Proibição da Aplicação Analógica da Lei...

    Cecília Xavier

    A Proibição da Aplicação Analógica da Lei Fiscal no Âmbito do Estado Social de Direito

  • 1.º Colóquio Internacional - O Sistema...


    1.º Colóquio Internacional - O Sistema Financeiro e Fiscal do Urbanismo - Ciclo de Colóquios: O Dire

  • State Liability In Investment Treaty...

    Santiago Montt

    Today there are more than 2,500 bilateral investment treaties (BITs) around the world. Most of these investment protection treaties offer foreign investors a direct cause of action to claim damages against host-states before international arbitral...

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  • Regime Jurídico dos Títulos de Crédito -...

    Paula Quintas e Helder Quintas

    Regime Jurídico dos Títulos de Crédito - Compilação Anotada com Jurisprudência

  • A Tributação das Sociedades na União Europeia...

    Paula Rosado Pereira

    A Tributação das Sociedades na União Europeia - Entraves Fiscais ao Mercado Interno e Estratégias da

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  • O Orçamento da Segurança Social -...

    Nazaré da Costa Cabral

    O Orçamento da Segurança Social - Enquadramento da Situação Financeira do Sistema de Segurança Socia

  • Constitutionalism, Multilevel Trade...


    This is a book about the ever more complex legal networks of transnational economic governance structures and their legitimacy problems. It takes up the challenge of the editors' earlier pioneering works which have called for more cross-sectoral and...

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  • Long Bright Future


    The twentieth century bequeathed us a fabulous gift: thirty more years of life on average. Supersized life spans are going to radically alter society, and present an unprecedented opportunity to change our approach not only to old age but to all of...

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  • Networks As Connected Contracts

    Teubner, Gunther

    Business networks consist of several independent businesses that enter into interrelated contracts, conferring on the parties many of the benefits of co-ordination achieved through vertical integration in a single firm, without creating a single...

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  • Estudos Sobre Irs: Rendimentos de Capitais e...

    Paula Rosado Pereira

    Estudos Sobre Irs: Rendimentos de Capitais e Mais-valias - Cadernos Ideff, N.º 2

  • Titularização de Créditos

    Diogo Leite Campos e Manuel Monteiro

    Titularização de Créditos

  • Birth Rites And Rights


    This multi-disciplinary collection of essays from the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group is concerned with the varying circumstances, manner, timing and experiences of birth. It contains essays from a wide range of disciplines including law, medicine,...

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  • War At The Wall Street Journal

    Sarah Ellison

    This is a tale about big business, an imploding dynasty, a mogul at war, and a deal that sums up an era of change. The main character, rocked by feuding factions and those who would remake it, is the Wall Street Journal, which affects the thoughts,...

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  • Blackstone's Guide To The Human Rights Act...

    John Wadham; Helen Mountfield Qc

    Providing a clear and accessible introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998, this new edition has been extensively revised to cover all recent developments.

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  • O Controlo Parlamentar das Finanças Públicas...

    António Ribeiro Gameiro

    O Controlo Parlamentar das Finanças Públicas em Portugal (1976-2002)

  • Infracções Fiscais e seu Processo - Regime...

    Paulo José Rodrigues Antunes

    Infracções Fiscais e seu Processo - Regime Geral Anotado

  • Juxtaposing Autonomy And Patenalism In...

    Ogus,Anthony; Willem Van Boom

    Selecting an appropriate balance in the law between autonomy and paternalism is an important and difficult task, requiring a careful consideration of moral, political and economic values. This collection deals with the task at both general and...

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  • The European Union And Global Emergencies

    Antonis Antoniadis

    This collection of essays analyses the European Union's involvement in global emergencies from a law and policy perspective. Bringing together leading academics and officials from the European Union institutions, the book offers an expert account of...

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  • The Transformation Of International...

    Kerbrat Yann

    Faced with environmental challenges which are becoming more serious, urgent, and global, international law has emerged as an essential instrument for state cooperation and an influential element in the harmonization and revitalization of domestic...

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  • Uk Merger Control

    Parker, Jonathan; Adrian Majumdar

    This book is a fully up-to-date, comprehensive guide to the law, economics and practice of UK merger control law, including a review of the recently revised guidelines of the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission. This guide presents...

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  • New Essays On The Normativity Of Law

    Stefano Bertea

    An important part of the legal domain has to do with rule-governed conduct, and is expressed by the use of notions such as norm, obligation, duty, and right. These require us to acknowledge the normative dimension of law. Normativity is, accordingly,...

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  • Blackstone's Civil Practice

    French,Derek; The Rt Hon Lord Justice Maurice Kay; Prof Stuart Sime

    Adopting the distinctive narrative approach based on the chronology of a claim, the book provides authoritative guidance on the process of civil litigation from commencement of a claim objective to enforcement of judgments. It addresses civil...

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  • European Competition Law Annual 2009


    Every year, top-level market regulators, academics and legal practitioners attend the Annual Competition Workshop organised by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence. The attendees are invited...

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  • The Men Who Would Be King


    Here is the cinematic saga of three Hollywood entertainment legends—friends and rivals, brilliant and savage, ultraconfident and a little crazy—who built the company of their dream, but wound up with more than a few nightmares.

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  • Os Impostos Especiais de Consumo

    Sérgio Vasques

    Os Impostos Especiais de Consumo

  • Eu Electronic Communications Law

    Nihoul,Paul; Rodford,Peter

    An established authority in the field, this is the core reference work for practitioners on electronic communications in the European Union. Giving insight into the regulations, the work provides a thorough analysis of the competition rules and...

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  • Mistakes In Contract Law

    Catharine Macmillan

    It is a matter of some difficulty for the English lawyer to predict the effect of a misapprehension upon the formation of a contract. The common law doctrine of mistake is a confused one, with contradictory theoretical underpinnings and seemingly...

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