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Direito internacional

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213 produtos
  • Lições De Direito Internacional Privado I

    A. Ferrer Correia

    Lições De Direito Internacional Privado I

  • Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do...

    Pinheiro,Luís De Lima

    Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do Estatuto da Arbitragem

  • A Internacionalização Das Empresas...

    Fernanda Ilhéu

    Existem ja muitos livros sobre a China, mas este e o primeiro que confronta a China com as empresas portuguesas e o seu processo de internacionalizacao. A problematica do processo de internacionalizacao do tecido empresarial portugues deve ser do...

  • Direito Internacional Privado - Ensaios -...

    Dário Moura Vicente

    Direito Internacional Privado - Ensaios - Volume I

  • Brownlie's Principles Of Public International...


    This is the eighth edition of Sir Ian Brownlie's classic distillation of public international law. Serving as a single volume introduction to the field as a whole, the book seeks to present international law as a system that is based on, and helps...

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  • Valores e Interesses - Desenvolvimento...

    Eduardo Paz Ferreira

    Valores e Interesses - Desenvolvimento Económico e Política Comunitária De Cooperação

  • Novo Direito Constitucional Europeu

    Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

    Novo Direito Constitucional Europeu

  • Uma Constituição Para A Europa

    Instituto Europeu da Faculdade de Direito de

    Uma Constituição Para A Europa

  • O Método da Fronteira

    Martins,Rui Cunha

    O Método da Fronteira

  • Estudos em Direito Internacional Público

    Nuno Marques Antunes

    Estudos em Direito Internacional Público

  • Globalização e Mercado de Trabalho - A...

    Barreto,Marco Aurelio Aguiar

    Portugal tem sido opção de destino de brasileiros que buscam melhores condições de vida no exterior. Entretanto, surgem conflitos decorrentes da burocracia portuguesa e das alterações legislativas efetivadas no país, visando adequação às restrições...

  • Eu Treaties And Legislation


    This fully updated text is a collection of the essential primary and secondary law of the European Union that quickly and effectively guides students to the material they need during exams and lectures. Part I contains the European Union's primary...

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  • El Derecho Internacional En La Encrucijada


    Este Derecho Internacional en la encrucijada pretende ofrecer una visión de conjunto de esta disciplina jurídica en un momento de cambio profundo em algunas de sus normas e instituciones. Sus catorce capítulos conforman un Curso general de Derecho...

  • International Law


    Evans' International Law is widely celebrated as an outstanding collection of interesting and diverse writings from the leading scholars in the field. The fully updated fifth edition succeeds in explaining the principles of international law and...

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  • Em Torno da Revisão do Tratado da União...

    André Pereira; Paulo Pitta; Jorge Miranda; Ma

    Em Torno da Revisão do Tratado da União Europeia

  • Rage For Order - The British Empire And The...

    Ford,Lisa; Benton,Lauren

    International law burst on the scene as a new field in the late nineteenth century. Where did it come from? Rage for Order finds the origins of international law in empires--especially in the British Empire's sprawling efforts to refashion the...

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  • Direito Internacional Privado - Volume II -...

    Pinheiro,Luís De Lima

    Direito Internacional Privado - Volume II - Direito de Conflitos - Parte Especial

  • O Tratado Que Estabelece Uma Constituição...

    Ana Maria Guerra Martins; Miguel Prata Roque

    O Tratado Que Estabelece Uma Constituição Para A Europa

  • Commissions Of Inquiry - The Investigation Of...


    As the international community increasingly deploys investigative bodies in conflict zones to respond to the perpetration of large-scale violence, international commissions now make their presence felt across the globe. As bodies which recommend...

  • The Transformation Of Eu Treaty Making - The...

    Maher,Imelda; Hodson,Dermot

    Treaty making is a site of struggle between those who claim the authority to speak and act on the international stage. The European Union (EU) is an important test case in this respect because the manner in which the Union and its member states make...

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  • The International Sale Of Goods


    This fourth edition of the leading authority on international sale of goods law provides clear, comprehensive and detailed analysis of the subject. The unique dual coverage of contracts under English law and the CISG is a valuable benefit for those...

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  • Palestinian Secular Terrorism


    For the fourth volume of terrorist group profiles we have selected several major Palestinian secular groups. Fatah (meaning 'conquest'), formed by Yasser Arafat in 1958, is the largest body within the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)....

  • Protection And Empire - A Global History

    Attwood,Bain; Benton,Lauren; Clulow,Adam

    For five centuries protection has provided a basic currency for organising relations between polities. Protection underpinned sprawling tributary systems, permeated networks of long-distance trade, reinforced claims of royal authority in distant...

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  • Party Autonomy In Private International Law


    This book provides an unprecedented analysis and appraisal of party autonomy in private international law - the power of private parties to enter into agreements as to the forum in which their disputes will be resolved or the law which governs their...

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  • Lições de Integração Monetária Europeia

    Carlos Laranjeiro

    Lições de Integração Monetária Europeia

  • Cultural Diversity In International Law - The...

    Richieri Hanania,Lilian

    The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) was adopted in 2005 and designed to allow States to protect and promote cultural policies. This book examines the effectiveness of the CDCE and...

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  • Direito Internacional Dos Direitos Humanos

    Ana Maria Guerra Martins

    O livro que agora se publica corresponde, na integra, ao relatorio apresentado pela autora em concurso para o provimento de um lugar de Professor Associado do Grupo de Ciencias Juridico-Politicas, na Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa. A...

  • Jurisdiction In International Law

    Ryngaert, Cedric

    This fully updated second edition of Jurisdiction in International Law examines the international law of jurisdiction, focusing on the areas of law where jurisdiction is most contentious: criminal, antitrust, securities, discovery, and international...

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  • Seeking Accountability For The Unlawful Use...

    Sadat,Leila Nadya

    Despite the conclusion of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg that aggression is the 'supreme international crime', armed conflict remains a frequent and ubiquitous feature of international life, leaving millions of victims in its wake....

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  • Reckonings - Legacies Of Nazi Persecution And...

    Fulbrook, Mary

    A single word--'Auschwitz'--is sometimes used to encapsulate the totality of persecution and suffering involved in what we call the Holocaust. Yet focusing on a single concentration camp, however horrific the scale of crimes committed there, leaves...

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  • Modern Land Law


    Modern Land Law is one of the most current and reliable textbooks available on land law today, offering a lively and thought-provoking account of a subject that remains at the heart of our legal system. Dispelling any apprehension about the subject's...

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  • Empire, Emergency And International Law


    What does it mean to say we live in a permanent state of emergency? What are the juridical, political and social underpinnings of that framing? Has international law played a role in producing or challenging the paradigm of normalised emergency? How...

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  • The Legitimacy Of International Trade Courts...


    The recent rise of international trade courts and tribunals deserves systemic study and in-depth analysis. This volume gathers contributions from experts specialised in different regional adjudicators of trade disputes and scrutinises their...

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  • The Use Of Force And International Law


    The Use of Force and International Law offers an authoritative overview of international law governing the resort to force. Looking through the prism of the contemporary challenges that this area of international law faces, including technology,...

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  • Annulment Under The Icsid Convention

    Bishop,R. Doak; Marchili, Silvia M.

    The book systematically describes the theory and practice of ICSID annulment proceedings by thoroughly analysing this mechanism in light of the annulment decisions rendered so far as well as the publications on the issue. Organised to suit the needs...

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  • The European Union's Shaping Of The...

    Kochenov,Dimitry; Amtenbrink,Fabian

    The European Union undoubtedly plays an important role in the formation of international law. This takes place through a number of avenues ranging from the simple existence of this supranational legal order within the sphere of international law to...

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  • European Criminal Law


    Since their creation, the European Union and the Council of Europe have worked to harmonise the justice systems of their member states. This project has been met with a series of challenges. European Criminal Law offers a compelling insight into the...

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  • China And The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands Dispute...


    This book examines the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute from a foreign policy perspective, focusing on three key stakeholders: China, Japan and the United States. The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute is a prominent territorial dispute between China and...

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  • Kirkpatrick Mission (Diplomacy Wo Apology AME...

    GERSON; Gerson,Allan

    The author, legal counsel to Jeanne Kirkpatrick during her years at the UN, argues that she played a crucial part in re-establishing the USA's prestige in world affairs, and in frustrating Soviet expansionism, thereby contributing to the liberation...

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  • Fighting And Victimhood In International...


    The act of fighting or being a fighter has certain consequences in international law. The most obvious example can be found in international humanitarian law, where a distinction is drawn between fighters and civilians, with fighters being military...

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  • Legal Authority Beyond The State


    In recent decades, new international courts and other legal bodies have proliferated as international law has broadened beyond the fields of treaty law and diplomatic relations. This development has not only triggered debate about how authority may...

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  • Space Law - A Treatise 2nd Edition

    Lyall, Francis

    Francis Lyall and Paul B. Larsen have been involved in teaching and researching space law for over 50 years. This new edition of their well-received text gathers together their knowledge and experience in readable form, and covers developments in all...

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  • Between Fragmentation And Democracy - The...


    Between Fragmentation and Democracy explores the phenomenon of the fragmentation of international law and global governance following the proliferation of international institutions with overlapping jurisdictions and ambiguous boundaries. The authors...

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  • Freedom From Religion And Human Rights Law -...


    Although human rights belong to all persons on the basis of their humanity, this book demonstrates that in the practice of international human rights law, the freedom to be non-religious or atheist does not receive the same protection as the freedom...

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