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Direito Penal

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  • O Princípio da Desculpa em Direito Penal

    Fernanda Palma

    O Princípio da Desculpa em Direito Penal

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  • O Abuso Sexual de Menores - Uma Conversa...

    Rui do Carmo; Isabel Alberto; Paulo Guerra

    O Abuso Sexual de Menores - Uma Conversa Sobre Justiça Entre o Direito e a Psicologia

  • Codigo Penal


    Codigo Penal

  • A System Of Penal Law For The State Of...

    Livingston, Edward

    Excerpt from A System of Penal Law for the State of Louisiana Entered according to the act of congress, in the year 1833, by James and John 1. Kay, in the clerk's ofice of the district court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania. About the...

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  • Miscarriages Of Justice - Actual Innocence,...

    Turvey,Brent E; Cooley, Craig M

    Miscarriages of justice are a regular occurrence in the criminal justice system, which is characterized by government agencies that are understaffed, underfunded, and undertrained across the board. We know this because, every week, DNA testing and...

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  • Taterschaft Und Tatherrschaft


    Roxins Buch ist die umfangreichste Monographie uber die Abgrenzung von Taterschaft und Teilnahme im deutschen Strafrecht. Die Neuauflage bringt neben dem, wie immer unveranderten, Hauptteil des Buches einen durchgreifend bearbeiteten und erweiterten...

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  • Relatório da Comissão de Estudos e Debate da...

    Cedersp - Presidida Por Diogo Freitas do Amar

    Relatório da Comissão de Estudos e Debate da Reforma do Sistema Prisional

  • Direito Mineiro Angolano

    Miranda,Agostinho Pereira de e Marques, J.p.

    Direito Mineiro Angolano

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  • Tentativa e Dolo Eventual - Ou da Relevância...

    José Faria e Costa

    Tentativa e Dolo Eventual - Ou da Relevância da Negação em Direito Penal

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  • Punishing Atrocities Through A Fair Trial -...


    Over the past decades, international criminal law has evolved to become the operative norm for addressing the worst atrocities. Tribunals have conducted hundreds of trials addressing mass violence in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone,...

  • Pedofilia

    Inês Ferreira Leite


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  • The Security Handbook - 2nd Edition


    The Security Handbook, Second Edition is a user-friendly guide for security officers and guards, covering everything from introductory information to advanced topics. Whether looking for entry into the profession or development within the security...

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  • Cybercrime And Business - Strategies For...


    Cybercrime and Business: Strategies for Global Corporate Security examines the three most prevalent cybercrimes afflicting today's corporate security professionals: piracy, espionage, and computer hacking. By demonstrating how each of these threats...

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  • O « Concurso de Normas » em Direito Penal

    Luís Duarte D'almeida

    O « Concurso de Normas » em Direito Penal

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  • Processo Penal do Brasil e de Portugal -...

    Silva,Germano Marques da

    Sistemas Processuais do Brasil e Portugal - Estudo Comparado - L. G. Grandinetti Castanho de Carvalho | Nuno Brandão; Notas Soltas sobre as Alterações de 2007 ao Código de Processo Penal Português - Germano Marques da Silva; Limite às Interceptacões...

  • De Los Delitos Y de Las Penas


    De la obra de Cesare Beccaria se ha escrito que «fermentó en las conciencias, renovó las instituciones y cambió las costumbres, hasta convertirse en patrimonio moral, inconsciente pero irrenunciable, de toda la humanidad». En ella, escrita con apenas...

  • Direito Penal Português - Teoria do Crime

    Silva,Germano Marques da

    Nova edição, agora autónoma, do 'Direito Penal Português' - Teoria do Crime, actualizada em função das alterações da lei entretanto ocorridas e dos muitos contributos posteriores da jurisprudência e da doutrina. Esta obra foi escrita para apoio da...

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  • The Formula For Selling Alarm Systems


    Learn the theory behind the formula for sales success! The Formula for Selling Alarm systems provides answers to some of the mysteries of selling in the alarm industry. The reader will learn proven methods of selling more effectively with a...

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  • Direito Criminal - II Vol.

    Eduardo Correia

    Direito Criminal - II Vol.

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  • Crimes Sexuais com Adolescentes -...

    Maria do Carmo Saraiva de Menezes da Silva Di

    Crimes Sexuais com Adolescentes - Particularidades dos Artigos 174 e 175 do Código Penal Português

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  • Security And Crime Prevention - 2nd Edition


    Rising crime rates of all types indicate the need for crime prevention not only in government but also in business and neighborhoods. Security and Crime Prevention, Second Edition, contains the practical information necessary for creating safe and...

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  • In A Child's Name - Legacy Of A Mother's...


    In A Child's Name - Legacy Of A Mother's Murder

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  • The Changing Career Of The Correctional...


    The late 1990s mark a turning point for correctional systems in the United States. For some time, there has been an intensive effort by corrections to gain the confidence of the public. With increased urbanization, more timely electronic news media...

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  • Do Mandado de Detenção Europeu

    Valente,Manuel Monteiro Guedes

    Do Mandado de Detenção Europeu

  • Security - Id Systems And Locks - The Book On...

    Little & K

    Written in clear and simple terms, Security, ID Systems and Locks provides the security professional with a complete understanding of all aspects of electronic access control. Each chapter includes important definitions, helpful study hints,...

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  • Pharmacy Law And Practice

    Fisher, Jonathan; Merrills, Jon; Merrills,Jonathan; Merrills,J

    Pharmacy Law and Practice, Fifth Edition provides a straightforward and useable guide for students, practitioners, academics and others interested in pharmacy law and practice in the United Kingdom. This multi-dimensional book includes discussions of...

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  • Inequality Structures - Dynamics And...


    Aage Sorensen was an influential intellectual presence who was one of the world's leading authorities on social stratification and the sociology of education. His research sought to understand the structures, dynamics and mechanisms that underlie...

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  • The Best Of Kinks & Hints


    The Best of Kinks & Hints is a compilation of over 100 articles from SDM Magazine about trouble shooting alarm system problems. This completely revised edition retains the excellent composition of the original Kinks & Hints for the Alarm Installer,...

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  • Considerações Sobre a Relevância dos...

    Catarina Veiga

    Considerações Sobre a Relevância dos Antecedentes Criminais do Arguido no Processo Penal

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  • Criminology And Criminal Justice - Comparing...


    Criminology and Criminal Justice describes and discusses criminology and criminal justice as social foci and as academic disciplines. Its comparative and contrasting nature allows readers to gain a better understanding of both topics as separate...

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  • Entre a Reclusão e a Liberdade (estudos...

    João Luís Moraes Rocha

    Entre a Reclusão e a Liberdade (estudos Penitenciários) Vol. I

  • Electronic Access Control


    Access into buildings, controlled access within buildings, perimeter access control and perimeter protection are all areas that have been expanding rapidly within the security industry. All of these areas are now dominated by electronic...

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  • The Oxford Handbook of Criminology


    The most comprehensive and authoritative single volume text on the subject, the fourth edition of the acclaimed Oxford Handbook of Criminology combines masterly reviews of all the key topics with extensive references to aid further research. In...

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  • Basic Bioethics


    An argument that the system of boards that license human-subject research is so fundamentally misconceived that it inevitably does more harm than good.Medical and social progress depend on research with human subjects. When that research is done in...

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  • Princípio da Oportunidade

    Carlos Adérito Teixeira

    Princípio da Oportunidade

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  • Retail Crime - Security - And Loss Prevention...


    Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention is destined to become the 'go to' source of crime- and loss prevention- related information in the retail industry. Written and edited by two nationally recognized retail security experts and enhanced with...

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  • Derecho Penitenciario


    Bajo el titulo de Derecho Penitenciario se recoge un análisis de los aspectos fundamentales de la ejecución de la pena privativa de libertad, precedido de una introducción al sistema de penas y un estudio de las alternativas directamente relacionadas...

  • Land Planner's Environmental Handbook

    Honachefsky,Willliam B.

    Land Planner's Environmental Handbook

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  • Fatal


    In an era that produced some of the most vicious female sociopaths in American history, Jane Toppan would become the most notorious of them all.AN ANGEL OF MERCYIn 1891, Jane Toppan, a proper New England matron, embarked on a profession as a...

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  • Reclusos Estrangeiros: Um Estudo Exploratório

    João Luís Moraes Rocha

    Reclusos Estrangeiros: Um Estudo Exploratório

  • A Relevância Político-criminal da Suspensão...

    Fernando José dos Santos Pinto Torrão

    A Relevância Político-criminal da Suspensão Provisória do Processo

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  • Exercícios Jurídicos em Matéria Criminal...

    António Pires Henriques da Graça

    Exercícios Jurídicos em Matéria Criminal (testes de Direito Penal e Processual Penal Português para

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  • Six Degrees Of Paris Hilton - Inside The Sex...


    In the burgeoning Hollywood club scene, where ecstasy dealers dine alongside celebrities, and illicit money bubbles up from below like the La Brea Tar Pits, a handsome double-murderer and ex-con of refined wit and taste charmed his way into young...

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  • Manual de Derecho Eclesiástico

    Sanchis,Luis Prieto; Motilla,Agustín; Iban,Iván C.

    El lector que se acerque a este Manual de Derecho Eclesiástico encontrará una amplia gama de temas en los que se despliega la dimensión jurídica de la religión: los cauces de relación con el Estado, las garantías de la profesión en libertad, la...

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