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Direito processual civil

119 produtos
  • Reconvenção e Excepção no Processo Civil -...


    Este livro reproduz a dissertação de doutoramento que entreguei, no dia 8 de Outubro de 2007, na Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra, e que defendi, em provas públicas, no dia 4 de Dezembro de 2008.Para a realização deste trabalho,...

  • Divergent Paths - The Academy And The...

    Posner,Richard A

    Judges and legal scholars talk past one another, if they have any conversation at all. Academics couch their criticisms of judicial decisions in theoretical terms, which leads many judges--at the risk of intellectual stagnation--to dismiss most...

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  • Direito Processual Civil

    Othmar Jauernig,Tradução de F. Silveira Ramo

    Direito Processual Civil

  • Defesa Criminal Activa - Guia da Sua Prática...

    Francisco da Costa Oliveira

    Defesa Criminal Activa - Guia da Sua Prática Forense

  • Injustices - The Supreme Court's History Of...


    Now with a new epilogue. Few American institutions have inflicted greater suffering on ordinary people than the Supreme Court of the United States. Since its inception, the justices of the Supreme Court have shaped a nation where children toiled in...

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  • Temas da Reforma do Processo Civil - Vol. I

    Geraldes,António Santos Abrantes

    Temas da Reforma do Processo Civil - Vol. I

  • Ii Congresso de Processo Penal - Memórias

    Valente,Manuel Monteiro Guedes

    Ii Congresso de Processo Penal - Memórias

  • Comentário Ao Regime Processual Experimental



    A coberto da ideia de que o descongestionamento dos tribunais é realizável meramente através da alteração das leis do processo, aligeirando e agilizando actos e trâmites processuais, eis que é posto em vigor o Decreto-Lei n.° 108/2006, de 8 de Junho,...

  • The Power of Precedent

    Gerhardt,Michael J.

    The role that precedent plays in constitutional decision making is a perennially divisive subject among scholars of law and American politics. The debate rages over both empirical and normative aspects of the issue: To what extent are the Supreme...

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  • Fruta Prohibida

    Capella Hernandez,Juan Ramon

    Fruta Prohibida

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  • Sociological Jurisprudence - Juristic Thought...


    This book presents a unified set of arguments about the nature of jurisprudence and its relation to the jurist's role. It explores contemporary challenges that create a need for social scientific perspectives in jurisprudence, and it shows how...

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  • Jurisprudence


    The third edition of Jurisprudence offers a logically structured, comprehensive, well-researched and accessible overview of legal theory and philosophy. Written primarily for undergraduate students, it examines and demystifies the discipline's major...

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  • Cloud Computing And Electronic Discovery

    Cendrowski, Harry; Martin,James P

    Explore the frontier of electronic discovery in the cloud 'Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery' comprehensively covers the quickly-evolving realm of eDiscovery in cloud computing environments, a computing and legal frontier in which the rules...

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  • Depression - Law And Ethics

    Foster,Charles; Herring,Jonathan

    Depression is amorphous. It defies easy generalization, and eludes medical and legal categories. Is it part of the self, or its predator? Can a sufferer be held responsible for their actions? This edited collection provides a holistic study of a...

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  • Temas da Reforma do Processo Civil - Vol II

    Geraldes,António Santos Abrantes

    Temas da Reforma do Processo Civil - Vol II

  • Heuristics And The Law


    Experts in law, psychology, and economics explore the power of 'fast and frugal' heuristics in the creation and implementation of lawIn recent decades, the economists' concept of rational choice has dominated legal reasoning. And yet, in practical...

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  • Misreading Law, Misreading Democracy


    American law schools extol democracy but teach little about its most basic institution, the Congress. Interpreting statutes is lawyers' most basic task, but law professors rarely focus on how statutes are made. This misguided pedagogy, says Victoria...

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  • The Conceptual Foundations Of Transitional...


    Many countries have attempted to transition to democracy following conflict or repression, but the basic meaning of transitional justice remains hotly contested. In this book, Colleen Murphy analyses transitional justice - showing how it is...

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  • The Politics Of Legality In A Neoliberal Age


    This volume addresses the relationship between law and neoliberalism. Assembling work from established and emerging legal scholars, political theorists, philosophers, historians and sociologists from around the world, including the Americas,...

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  • Law's Ethical, Global And Theoretical...


    Law's Ethical, Global and Theoretical Contexts examines William Twining's principal contributions to law and jurisprudence in the context of three issues which will receive significant scholarly attention over the coming decades. Part I explores...

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  • Normativity And Power - Analyzing Social...


    Humans are justificatory beings - they offer, demand, and require justifications. The rules and institutions they follow rest on justification narratives that have evolved over time and, taken together, constitute a dynamic and tension-laden...

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  • Legal Reasoning And Political Conflict


    In Legal Reasoning and Political Conflict, Cass R. Sunstein, one of America's best known commentators on our legal system, offers a bold, new thesis about how the law should work in America, arguing that the courts best enable people to live together...

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  • Rule Of Law In India - A Quest For Reason


    A study of rule of law is not only a study of a country's legal and political system, but also that of its society as a whole. Despite being used in the political and legal discourse regularly, there has been no effort to identify the meaning and...

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  • O Documento Superveniente - Para Efeito de...

    Santo,João Espírito

    O Documento Superveniente - Para Efeito de Recurso Ordinário e Extraordinário

  • Biotechnological Inventions: Moral Restraints...


    Advances in modern biotechnology have produced profound and far-reaching implications for the relationship between humans, animals and the environment. As a result, a debate has arisen surrounding the legal, moral and social problems connected with...

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  • The Jurisdiction Of Medical Law


    This book offers a critical analysis of some of the guiding principles and assumptions that have been central to the development and identity of medical law. Focusing on several key cases in the field - including the 'Dianne Pretty' and 'Conjoined...

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  • Social Control Through Law


    Social Control Through Law is remarkable in manner and style. Roscoe Pound shows himself to be a jurist, philosopher, and scientist. For Pound, the subject matter of law involves examining manifestations of human nature which require social control...

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  • Judging Delinquents - Context And Process In...

    Emerson,Robert M

    Juvenile court has elicited the interest and criticism of lawyers, social workers, and criminologists, but less attention from sociologists. This book adds to growing sociological literature on the operations of legal institutions. It describes some...

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  • Lawyers' Ethics


    Frequently the ethical attorney finds himself in a position where he can no longer reconcile con-flicting responsibilities he owes to his clients with those he owes so-ciety and himself. Faced with the dilemma of choice among coun-tervailing and...

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  • The Intersection Of Rights And Regulation -...


    Policy makers and social actors increasingly face inter-related and inter-penetrated levels and realms of governance. The effect is that some of the intuitive contrasts between rights and regulation are no longer tenable. As the essays collected in...

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  • Corporate Citizenship, Contractarianism And...


    This study provides a representation of the broad spectrum of theoretical work on topics related to business ethics, with a particular focus on corporate citizenship. It considers relations of business and society alongside social responsibility and...

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  • La Union Europea Y Su Derecho

    Espada,Cesareo Gutierrez

    La Union Europea Y Su Derecho

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  • Law Unlimited


    This book engages with a traditional yet persistent question of legal theory - what is law? However, instead of attempting to define and limit law, the aim of the book is to unlimit law, to take the idea of law beyond its conventionally accepted...

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  • Masculinity And The Trials Of Modern Fiction

    Wan, Marco

    How do lawyers, judges and jurors read novels? And what is at stake when literature and law confront each other in the courtroom? Nineteenth-century England and France are remembered for their active legal prosecution of literature, and this book...

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  • The Global Reach Of Eu Law


    The EU strives to be a leading rule-making organisation with global reach in both economic and non-economic fields. But how should we understand the science behind this? This book focuses upon unpacking the uncertainty, the form and directions of the...

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  • From Personal Life To Private Law


    Mounting a lawsuit against someone who has wronged you is a prospect no less fearful than being on the receiving end of such a lawsuit. Litigation in the courts has a reputation for being a byzantine process far removed from ordinary life, often...

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  • Hate Speech And Democratic Citizenship


    Most modern democracies punish hate speech. Less freedom for some, they claim, guarantees greater freedom for others. Heinze rejects that approach, arguing that democracies have better ways of combatting violence and discrimination against vulnerable...

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  • Routledge Handbook Of Law And Theory


    This handbook sets out an innovative approach to the theory of law, reconceptualising it in a material, embodied, socially contextualised and politically radical way. The book consists of original contributions authored by prominent academics, all of...

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  • Sociological Jurisprudence - Juristic Thought...


    This book presents a unified set of arguments about the nature of jurisprudence and its relation to the jurist's role. It explores contemporary challenges that create a need for social scientific perspectives in jurisprudence, and it shows how...

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  • Property Diversity And Its Implications

    Page, John

    Property is more diverse than is usually assumed. Developing the concept of property diversity, this book explores the varied role of property in placed human landscapes. In acknowledging the propertied diversity about us, the book highlights the...

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  • Derecho de Sucesiones - Lecciones de Derecho...

    Espin ,Pascual Martinez

    El Derecho de Sucesiones escrito por el profesor Martínez Espín pretende ser un texto de referencia tanto para estudiantes de Grado en Derecho y en Trabajo Social, como para profesionales - sean jurídicos o no. Esta obra tiene por objeto ofrecer una...

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  • Ley de Aguas Y Sus Reglamentos


    Esta edición incluye los textos anotados y puestos al día de la siguiente normativa: — Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2001, de 20 de julio, por el que se aprueba el Texto Refundido de la Ley de Aguas. Se transcribe con las modificaciones introducidas por...

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  • Injustices - The Supreme Court's History Of...


    Few American institutions have inflicted greater suffering on ordinary people than the Supreme Court of the United States. Since its inception, the justices of the Supreme Court have shaped a nation where children toiled in coal mines, where...

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  • Prática Processual Civil - 3ª Ed. 2007

    Valles, Edgar

    'Esta obra é essencialmente prática, despida de pretensões teóricas ou científicas mas rigorosa nos procedimentos e conceitos jurídico-processuais civis, de fácil leitura e apreensão do sentido e cheia de conselhos úteis e deontologicamente...

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