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Introducao estudo do direito

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  • O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

    Coutinho,Jacinto Nelson de Miranda; Avelãs Nunes,António José

    O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

  • Democracia Y Garantismo

    Vários Autores

    Democracia y garantismo quiere ser una especie de «inventario selectivo» para orientar al lector en la producción intelectual de Luigi Ferrajoli en los años que van de la aparición de Derecho y razón (1989) a la de Principia iuris (2007). A lo largo...

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  • Thinking Like a Lawyer - An Introduction To...

    Vandevelde,Kenneth J.

    Law students, law professors, and lawyers frequently refer to the process of 'thinking like a lawyer,' but attempts to analyze in any systematic way what is meant by that phrase are rare. In his classic book, Kenneth J. Vandevelde defines this...

  • Best 172 Law Schools - 2010 Edition


    Provides a detailed overview of 170 of the finest law schools across North America, including information on each school's academic program, competitiveness, financial aid, admissions requirements, and social scenes. Original.

  • The Reinvention Of Magna Carta 1216-1616


    This new account of the influence of Magna Carta on the development of English public law is based largely on unpublished manuscripts. The story was discontinuous. Between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries the charter was practically a spent...

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  • Pillars Of Justice - Lawyers And The Liberal...

    Fiss, Owen

    Pillars of Justice explores the purpose and possibilities of life in the law through moving accounts of thirteen lawyers who shaped the legal world during the past half century.Some, such as Thurgood Marshall, were Supreme Court Justices. Others,...

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  • Dictionary Of Legal Terms - Definitions And...

    Gifis, Steven H

    Updated to include new terms and to incorporate recent changes in laws and judicial interpretations, this handy dictionary: Contains over 2500 legal terms defined in clear, easy to understand EnglishTranslates 'legalese' for the laypersonIncludes...

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  • Supreme Injustice - Slavery In The Nation's...


    The three most important Supreme Court Justices before the Civil War--Chief Justices John Marshall and Roger B. Taney and Associate Justice Joseph Story--upheld the institution of slavery in ruling after ruling. These opinions cast a shadow over the...

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  • Border Law - The First Seminole War And...

    Rosen,Deborah A

    The First Seminole War of 1816-1818 played a critical role in shaping how the United States demarcated its spatial and legal boundaries during the early years of the republic. Rooted in notions of American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, and racism...

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  • International Negotiation: Analysis,...

    Kremeniuk,Viktor Aleksandrovich; Kremenyuk,Victor A.

    The first edition of International Negotiation became a best–selling classic in the field of global conflict resolution. This second edition has been substantially revised and updated to meet the challenges of today's complex international community....

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  • Law For Dummies<Sup>®</Sup>, 2nd Edition

    Ventura, John

    Find out how to protect your family, your money, your job, and your rightsIf you're like most people, you probably don't know much about your legal rights and responsibilities — until you run smack-dab into a messy legal problem. Now revised and...

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  • Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management...


    Learn the fundamentals, practices and models of intellectual capital management with this essential resource. Providing a business–oriented, critical review of the definitions, practices, tools and models that are available today, its approach...

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  • Paralegal Career For Dummies

    Hatch, Scott; Hatch,Lisa

    Paralegal Career For Dummies

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  • The Declaration Of Independence And God


    -Self-evident truths- was a profound concept used by the drafters of the American Declaration of Independence to insist on their rights and freedom from oppressive government. How did this Enlightenment notion of self-evident human rights come to be...

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  • Lords Of The Land - Indigenous Property...

    Hickford ,Mark

    The recognition and allocation of indigenous property rights have long posed complex questions for the imperial powers of the mid-nineteenth century and their modern successors. Recognizing rights of property raises questions about pre-existing...

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  • Challenges To Authority And The Recognition...

    Smith,Charlotte; Macmillan,Catharine

    While challenges to authority are generally perceived as destructive to legal order, this original collection of essays, with Magna Carta at its heart, questions this assumption. In a series of chapters concerned with different forms of challenges to...

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  • Parliamentarians at Law - Select Legal...


    A fascinating collection bringing together a selection of law suits brought by peers and members of the House of Commons in the royal common law and equity courts at Westminster between 1377 and 1512. Includes documents relating to aspects of...

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  • The Art and Science of Technology Transfer

    Speser, Phyllis L.

    The Art and Science of Technology Transfer

  • Cyberspace And The Law - Your Rights And...

    Cavazos,Edward; Cavazos,Ed; Morin,Gavino

    What legal recourse do you have if someone has read your private e-mail without your consent? Who owns the copyright to the message you just posted on a bulletin board? Can you get into trouble for downloading a sexually explicit file? These are...

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  • Writing For Hire - Unions, Hollywood, And...

    Fisk,Catherine L

    Required to sign away their legal rights as authors as a condition of employment, professional writers may earn a tidy living for their work, but they seldom own their writing. Writing for Hire traces the history of labor relations that defined...

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  • Defending The Damned - Inside A Dark Corner...


    Chicago was the nation's deadliest city in 2001, recording 666 homicides. For lawyers in the Cook County Public Defender's Office Murder Task Force, that meant a steady flow of new clients. Eight out of ten people arrested for murder in Chicago are...

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  • After Roe - The Lost History Of The Abortion...


    Forty years after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision legalizing abortion, Roe v. Wade continues to make headlines. After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate cuts through the myths and misunderstandings to present a clear-eyed...

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  • Environment In The Balance - The Green...

    Cannon,Jonathan Z

    The first Earth Day in 1970 marked environmentalism's coming-of-age in the United States. More than four decades later, does the green movement remain a transformative force in American life? Presenting a new account from a legal perspective,...

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  • Normas Razones Y Derechos


    La Filosofía del derecho es uno de los campos más fértiles y sugestivos del quehacer filosófico contemporáneo. Esto se debe a que, por su objeto, ha tenido que ocuparse tanto con problemas de índole teórica como con la realidad social. Este carácter...

  • Authors In Court - Scenes From The Theater Of...


    Through a series of vivid case studies, Authors in Court charts the 300-year-long dance between authorship and copyright that has shaped each institution's response to changing social norms of identity, privacy, and celebrity. Authors'...

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  • Summer For The Gods - The Scopes Trial And...

    Larson,Edward J

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning book that is quite simply the best book ever written on the Scopes Trial and its place in American history and myth.In the summer of 1925, the sleepy hamlet of Dayton, Tennessee, became the setting for one of the twentieth...

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  • Summer For The Gods - The Scopes Trial And...

    Larson,Edward J

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning book that is quite simply the best book ever written on the Scopes Trial and its place in American history and myth.In the summer of 1925, the sleepy hamlet of Dayton, Tennessee, became the setting for one of the twentieth...

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  • Law And The Modern Mind - Consciousness And...

    Blumenthal,Susanna L

    In postrevolutionary America, the autonomous individual was both the linchpin of a young nation and a threat to the founders' vision of ordered liberty. Conceiving of self-government as a psychological as well as a political project, jurists built a...

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  • Natural Law In Court - A History Of Legal...

    Helmholz,R H

    The theory of natural law grounds human laws in the universal truths of God's creation. Until very recently, lawyers in the Western tradition studied natural law as part of their training, and the task of the judicial system was to put its tenets...

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  • The Taming Of Free Speech - America's Civil...


    In the early decades of the twentieth century, business leaders condemned civil liberties as masks for subversive activity, while labor sympathizers denounced the courts as shills for industrial interests. But by the Second World War, prominent...

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  • Resumes For Law Careers, Third Edition

    Hill, Mcgraw

    Raise the bar with your resume! You've worked hard for your law degree; now it's time to take that education and put it to work. Get an edge on the other job applicants with Resumes for Law Careers, a resource packed with expert advice on creating...

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  • Essentials Of Trademarks And Unfair...

    Shilling, Dana

    Essentials Of Trademarks And Unfair Competition

  • Contrato de Trabajo Deportivo


    Contrato de Trabajo Deportivo

  • Patent Strategy - The Manager's Guide To...

    Miele,Anthony L.

    FROM PATENT TO PROFITPatents and patent strategies are increasingly pertinent to the success of information age businesses, from affecting valuations to gaining tax advantages to increasing the starting price per share when taking a company public....

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  • Tratado de Derecho Ambiental II


    Tratado de Derecho Ambiental II

  • Law And Literature

    Brooker; Brooker,Joseph; Hanafin, Patrick; Gearey,Adam; Hanafin,; Gearey,

    This book explores the many approaches available to the study of law and literature. An exploration of the many relationships between law and literature. Looks at what law and literature can learn from one another. Makes those involved in literary...

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  • Constitucion Inedita, La


    Constitucion Inedita, La

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  • O Conceito de Direito - 5ª Edição

    Hart,Herbert L. A.

    Este livro revela um grande rigor de análise, encadeando-se os raciocínios e argumentações sobre a natureza do direito, sobre a distinção dos conceitos de leis, comandos e ordens, sobre as relações entre o soberano e o súbdito, sobre as relações...

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  • Historia Y Constitucion


    Historia Y Constitucion

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  • Introdução Crítica ao Direito


    Nenhum cientista vai ao encontro da realidade que quer explicar sem 'informação', sem formação: é, como veremos, uma ideia falsa a de acreditar que a observação é a fonte da descoberta. Não se descobre senão aquilo que se está intelectualmente pronto...

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  • O Interrogatório de Testemunhas - Sua Prática...

    Oliveira,Francisco da Costa

    Este é um livro cujo desígnio é o de munir o advogado com ferramentas de reflexão e de apoio que o capacitem para preparar uma inquirição de testemunhas mais exigente, dando-lhe conta de um espectro de sugestões para problemas concretos, de modo...

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  • Introdução ao Pensamento Jurídico


    Uma 'Introdução ao pensamento jurídico' prossegue finalidades diferentes das de uma 'Introdução à ciência jurídica' que usualmente, é uma introdução não só aos métodos do pensamento jurídico, mas também uma introdução ao próprio Direito e aos seus...

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  • Uma Introdução Histórica Ao Direito...

    Caenegem,R. C. Van

    Uma Introdução Histórica Ao Direito Constitucional Ocidental

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  • Sty Law

    Unknown Author; Renbe Albert Wormser; Wormser Rene; Unknown,Author

    Sty Law

    Produto indisponível

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