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Introdução Estudo do Direito

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144 produtos
  • Teoria Pura Del Derecho

    Kelsen, Hans

    La primera edición de Teoría pura del derecho (1934) constituye una exposición sintética y rigurosa de la concepción teórico-jurídica de Hans Kelsen. En ella se presenta una teoría general del derecho «depurada» de toda «contaminación» extrajurídica...

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  • O Conceito de Direito - 5ª Edição

    Hart,Herbert L. A.

    Este livro revela um grande rigor de análise, encadeando-se os raciocínios e argumentações sobre a natureza do direito, sobre a distinção dos conceitos de leis, comandos e ordens, sobre as relações entre o soberano e o súbdito, sobre as relações...

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  • Dictionary Of Legal Terms - Definitions And...

    Gifis, Steven H

    Updated to include new terms and to incorporate recent changes in laws and judicial interpretations, this handy dictionary: Contains over 2500 legal terms defined in clear, easy to understand EnglishTranslates 'legalese' for the laypersonIncludes...

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  • International Negotiation: Analysis,...

    Kremeniuk,Viktor Aleksandrovich; Kremenyuk,Victor A.

    The first edition of International Negotiation became a best–selling classic in the field of global conflict resolution. This second edition has been substantially revised and updated to meet the challenges of today's complex international community....

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  • Democracia Y Garantismo

    Vários Autores

    Democracia y garantismo quiere ser una especie de «inventario selectivo» para orientar al lector en la producción intelectual de Luigi Ferrajoli en los años que van de la aparición de Derecho y razón (1989) a la de Principia iuris (2007). A lo largo...

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  • Constituição da República Portuguesa


    No ano em que se comemoram os 40 anos da aprovação da Constituição da República Portuguesa, publicada em abril de 1976, a INCM reedita aquela que é a Lei Fundamental do País. No texto constitucional estão consagrados os direitos fundamentais dos...

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  • História do Direito Português

    Silva,Nuno J. Espinosa Gomes

    Ideia de Direito. Constitui objeto do presente livro o estudo da História do Direito Português. Impõe-se, pois, que, previamente, fixemos e esclareçamos alguns aspetos delimitadores do objeto desse estudo.

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  • Law For Dummies®, 2nd Edition


    Find out how to protect your family, your money, your job, and your rightsIf you're like most people, you probably don't know much about your legal rights and responsibilities — until you run smack-dab into a messy legal problem. Now revised and...

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  • Revista do Cej - 1.º Semestre 2006 - N.º4 -...

    Vários Autores

    Revista do Cej - 1.º Semestre 2006 - N.º4 - Centro de Estudos Judiciários

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  • Poderes Salvajes


    Este ensayo parte del modelo normativo de democracia constitucional. En dicho modelo la democracia política tiene estrecha vinculación conceptual con los derechos fundamentales, que, más que límites, son su auténtica sustancia, pues tutelan las...

  • O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

    Nunes,António José Avelãs; Coutinho,Jacinto Nelson de Miranda

    O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

  • Tratado de Derecho Ambiental II


    Tratado de Derecho Ambiental II

  • Pillars Of Justice - Lawyers And The Liberal...


    Pillars of Justice explores the purpose and possibilities of life in the law through moving accounts of thirteen lawyers who shaped the legal world during the past half century.Some, such as Thurgood Marshall, were Supreme Court Justices. Others,...

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  • Thinking Like a Lawyer - An Introduction To...

    Vandevelde,Kenneth J.

    Law students, law professors, and lawyers frequently refer to the process of 'thinking like a lawyer,' but attempts to analyze in any systematic way what is meant by that phrase are rare. In his classic book, Kenneth J. Vandevelde defines this...

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  • Ordinary Meaning - A Theory Of The Most...

    Slocum,Brian G

    Consider this court case: a defendant has traded a gun for drugs, and there is a criminal sentencing provision that stipulates an enhanced punishment if the defendant uses a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime. Buying the drugs...

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  • O Direito Contemporâneo em Portugal e no...

    Martins,Ives Gandra da Silva; Campos,Diogo Leite de

    Os dois coordenadores desta obra idealizaram-na, há um ano, para que juristas e estudiosos de Direito, em Portugal e no Brasil, tivessem uma ampla noção dos diversos ramos do Direito, nos dois países. Seleccionaram 12 áreas sensíveis, em doze dos...

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  • Stories From Trailblazing Women Lawyers -...


    The captivating story of how a diverse group of women, including Janet Reno and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, broke the glass ceiling and changed the modern legal profession In Stories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers, award-winning legal historian Jill...

  • Direito E Justica Para Uma Introducao Ao...

    Francesco D`Agostino

    «[…] naquilo que diz respeito à experiência do direito, a identidade católica garante uma abertura ao universal e não um encerramento no particular, como muitos continuam a defender, embora com muito poucos argumentos. O jurista reconhece-se como...

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  • Natural Law In Court - A History Of Legal...

    Helmholz,R H

    The theory of natural law grounds human laws in the universal truths of God's creation. Until very recently, lawyers in the Western tradition studied natural law as part of their training, and the task of the judicial system was to put its tenets...

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  • Constitucion Inedita, La


    Constitucion Inedita, La

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  • Reasoning With Rules

    Jaap Hage

    Rule-applying legal arguments are traditionally treated as a kind of syllogism. Such a treatment overlooks the fact that legal principles and rules are not statements which describe the world, but rather means by which...

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  • Documents Relating To The Colonial History Of...

    Nelson, William

    Excerpt from Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. 21: Calendar of Records in the Office of the Secretary of State, 1664-1703 Liber A, Town Grants, New Salem 339 A small folio, of 90 pages, containing patents...

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  • Derecho Internacional Publico - Casos Y...


    Derecho Internacional Publico - Casos Y Materiales

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  • Essentials of Trademarks and Unfair...


    Essentials of Trademarks and Unfair Competition

  • H.l.a. Hart Y La Teoria Analitica Del Derecho


    H.l.a. Hart Y La Teoria Analitica Del Derecho

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  • Border Law - The First Seminole War And...

    Rosen,Deborah A

    The First Seminole War of 1816-1818 played a critical role in shaping how the United States demarcated its spatial and legal boundaries during the early years of the republic. Rooted in notions of American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, and racism...

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  • Patent Strategy - The Manager's Guide To...

    Miele,Anthony L.

    FROM PATENT TO PROFITPatents and patent strategies are increasingly pertinent to the success of information age businesses, from affecting valuations to gaining tax advantages to increasing the starting price per share when taking a company public....

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  • The Rights And Privileges Of Both The...


    Excerpt from The Rights and Privileges of Both the Universities and of the University of Cambridge in Particular: Defended in a Charge to the Grand Jury at the Quarter Sessions for the Peace Held in and for the Town of Cambridge, the Tenth Day of...

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  • Documents Relating To The Colonial History Of...


    Excerpt from Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. 23: Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol; I. 1670-1730; Edited, With an Introductory Note on the Early Testamentary Laws and Customs of New Jersey A suggestive...

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  • Charles Dickens As A Legal Historian

    William S. Holdsworth

    Holdsworth proves that historians should study the novels of Charles Dickens as source material about the workings of English law and legal institutions. He shows how Bleak House highlights the procedures of the Court of Chancery, and Pickwick Papers...

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  • Best 172 Law Schools - 2010 Edition


    Provides a detailed overview of 170 of the finest law schools across North America, including information on each school's academic program, competitiveness, financial aid, admissions requirements, and social scenes. Original.

  • Resumes For Law Careers, Third Edition


    Raise the bar with your resume! You've worked hard for your law degree; now it's time to take that education and put it to work. Get an edge on the other job applicants with Resumes for Law Careers, a resource packed with expert advice on creating...

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  • Environment In The Balance - The Green...

    Cannon,Jonathan Z

    The first Earth Day in 1970 marked environmentalism's coming-of-age in the United States. More than four decades later, does the green movement remain a transformative force in American life? Presenting a new account from a legal perspective,...

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  • Vocabulum, Or, The Rogue's Lexicon. Compiled...

    George W. Matsell

    Published just before the Civil War, this dictionary offers a fascinating glimpse into the American underworld in the first half of the nineteenth centuryAs New York City's Chief of Police and an owner of the National Police Gazette, George W....

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  • Documents Relating To The Colonial History Of...

    Nelson, William

    Excerpt from Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. 24: Extracts From American Newspapers, Relating to New Jersey, Vol; V. 1762-1765 The arrival of William Franklin early in 1763 marked the begin ning of a very...

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  • The Art and Science of Technology Transfer

    Speser,Phyllis L.

    The Art and Science of Technology Transfer

  • Cadernos Cedoua - Planificação Sem Planos

    Morais,Paula Cândida Pereira

    A presente obra traz: Introdução; Delimitação do tema de estudo Enquadramento da planificação urbanística na actividade de planificação geral; Planificação urbanística e planificação territorial; Conceito de plano; O princípio da tipicidade dos...

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  • The Taming Of Free Speech - America's Civil...


    In the early decades of the twentieth century, business leaders condemned civil liberties as masks for subversive activity, while labor sympathizers denounced the courts as shills for industrial interests. But by the Second World War, prominent...

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  • Equity Stirring - The Story Of Justice Beyond...


    Sir Frederick Pollock wrote that 'English-speaking lawyers...have specialised the name of Equity'. It is typical for legal textbooks on the law of equity to acknowledge the diverse ways in which the word 'equity' is used and then to focus on the...

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  • Supreme Injustice - Slavery In The Nation's...


    The three most important Supreme Court Justices before the Civil War--Chief Justices John Marshall and Roger B. Taney and Associate Justice Joseph Story--upheld the institution of slavery in ruling after ruling. These opinions cast a shadow over the...

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  • Honesty's Best Policy, Or Penitence The Sum...


    Excerpt from Honesty's Best Policy, or Penitence the Sum of Prudence Upon this, the Lord Chancellor defired to know the pleafure'of the Houfe, what he (hall fay to the Earl of Shefrrhury when he comes to the Bar, which words were written down, and...

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  • The State Records Of North Carolina, Vol. 20...

    Clark, Walter

    Excerpt from The State Records of North Carolina, Vol. 20: 1785-'88 Esquires, appeared, qualified agreeably to Law, and took their seats. Mr. Coor proposed for Speaker the Honourable Alexander Mar tin, Esquire; who was unanimously chosen and...

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  • Reports Of Cases Argued And Adjudged In The...


    Excerpt from Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas: In the Reigns of the Late King William, Queen Anne, King George the First, and King George the Second Hoe 'v. Nathrop. Holdin fv. Sutton. Holdroid 'v....

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  • A Letter To A Member, &C. Concerning The...


    Excerpt from A Letter to a Member, &C. Concerning the Condemn'd Lords: In Vindication of Gentlemen Calumniated in the St. James's Post of Friday, March the 2d This, Sir, is the Sum of what I had to fay, in order to Rate my Behaviour before my...

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