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3353 produtos
  • Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e...

    Alexandre Brandäo da Veiga

    Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e Imobiliário

  • A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes...

    Canotilho,J. J. Gomes

    A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes 'pipeline' À Luz da Constituição Federeal Bra. De 1988

  • As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e...

    António Manuel Hespanha

    As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e Poder Político em Portugal - Séc. Xvii

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  • Responsabilidade Processual Por Litigância de...

    Pedro de Albuquerque

    Neste trabalho procede-se à análise do campo aplicação e à distinção entre responsabilidade processual por litigância de má fé, abuso de direito e responsabilidade civil em virtude de actos praticados no processo. A responsabilidade por litigância de...

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  • El Derecho Dúctil


    ¿Dependen los derechos humanos de la ley? ¿Cuál es la relación entre ésta y las exigencias de la justicia? La respuesta a lo que es realmente fundamental no está contenida en la «Babel de lenguas» de las constituciones, los códigos o las sentencias....

  • Thinking Like a Lawyer - An Introduction To...

    Vandevelde,Kenneth J.

    Law students, law professors, and lawyers frequently refer to the process of 'thinking like a lawyer,' but attempts to analyze in any systematic way what is meant by that phrase are rare. In his classic book, Kenneth J. Vandevelde defines this...

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  • Direitos Fundamentais e Direito Privado

    Claus-wilhelm Canaris

    A temática 'Direitos Fundamentais e Direito Privado' é particularmente apropriada para um debate que ultrapasse as fronteiras das ordens jurídicas nacionais. Espera-se, por isso, que a presente tradução do livro do Prof. Claus-Wilhelm Canaris possa...

  • Erro e Vinculação Negocial

    António Pinto Monteiro

    Erro e Vinculação Negocial

  • Teoria Pura Del Derecho

    Kelsen, Hans

    La primera edición de Teoría pura del derecho (1934) constituye una exposición sintética y rigurosa de la concepción teórico-jurídica de Hans Kelsen. En ella se presenta una teoría general del derecho «depurada» de toda «contaminación» extrajurídica...

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  • Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

    Editora Porto

    Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

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  • Public Administration

    Richard; Rosenbloom,David

    The eighth edition of Public Administration: Understanding Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector grounds students in the fundamentals of public administration while embracing its complexity. It describes, explains, and analyses public...

  • #Republic - Divided Democracy In The Age Of...

    Sunstein,Cass R

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Nudge and The World According to Star Wars, a revealing account of how today's Internet threatens democracy--and what can be done about itAs the Internet grows more sophisticated, it is creating new...

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  • International Construction Contract Law


    The updated second edition of the practical guide to international construction contract lawThe revised second edition of International Construction Contract Law is a comprehensive book that offers an understanding of the legal and managerial aspects...

  • The Spirit Of The Common Law


    The Spirit of the Common Law is one of Roscoe Pound's most notable works. It contains the brilliant lectures he delivered at Dartmouth College in the summer of 1921. It is a seminal book embodying the spiritual essence of sociological jurisprudence...

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  • The Brazilian Legal Profession In The Age Of...

    Cunha,Luciana Gross

    This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of globalization's impact on the Brazilian legal profession. Employing original data from nine empirical studies, the book details how Brazil's need to restructure its economy and manage its global...

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  • Traite De Droit Constitutionnel, Vol. 5 Of 5...


    Excerpt from Traité de Droit Constitutionnel, Vol. 5 of 5: Les Libertés Publiques Mèm'è... définies, les mal1eres qui font l'objet du présent volume sont vastes et complexes et il était indispensable de les classer et de les étudier dans un ordre...

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  • Teoria da Confiança e Responsabilidade Civil

    Manuel António de Castro Portugal Carneiro da

    Teoria da Confiança e Responsabilidade Civil

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  • Pedofilia

    Leite, Inês Ferreira


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  • Text, Cases And Materials On Medical Law And...


    Text, Cases and Materials on Medical Law and Ethics presents a valuable collection of materials relating to often controversial areas of the law. Comprising extracts from statutes, cases and scholarly articles alongside expert author commentary and...

  • On Your Case


    Television legal analyst and attorney Lisa Green offers something new: a witty, direct and empowering legal guide for women, filled with accessible information they can employ to understand and respond to common legal issues throughout their lives,...

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  • Text, Cases And Materials On Medical Law And...

    Wheat, Kay

    Text, Cases and Materials on Medical Law and Ethics presents a valuable collection of materials relating to often controversial areas of the law. Comprising extracts from statutes, cases and scholarly articles alongside expert author commentary and...

  • Seguro Obrigatório de Responsabilidade Civil...

    França Pitão

    Seguro Obrigatório de Responsabilidade Civil Automóvel e Legislação Complementar

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  • Contrato de Viagem Organizada

    Miguel Miranda

    Contrato de Viagem Organizada

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  • Transformative Justice - Remedying Human...


    Transitional justice mechanisms employed in post-conflict and post-authoritarian contexts have largely focused upon individual violations of a narrow set of civil and political rights, as well as the provision of legal and quasi-legal remedies, such...

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  • A Procuração Irrevogável

    Pedro Leitão Pais de Vasconcelos

    A Procuração Irrevogável

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  • The Transformation Of Eu Treaty Making - The...


    Treaty making is a site of struggle between those who claim the authority to speak and act on the international stage. The European Union (EU) is an important test case in this respect because the manner in which the Union and its member states make...

  • Legislação Portuária

    Torres, José Lima

    Legislação Portuária

  • Unlocking Constitutional And Administrative...

    Ryan, Mark; Foster, Steve

    Constitutional and administrative law (public law) is an essential element of all law degrees. Unlocking Constitutional and Administrative Law will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease, while giving you an indispensable foundation in the...

  • International Energy Investment Law - The...


    The second edition of International Energy Investment Law: The Pursuit of Stability has been revised, updated, and expanded from the successful first edition to broaden coverage of the energy sector. As well as adding coverage of renewable energy,...

  • Putting Faith In Hate - When Religion Is The...


    To allow or restrict hate speech is a hotly debated issue in many societies. While the right to freedom of speech is fundamental to liberal democracies, most countries have accepted that hate speech causes significant harm and ought to be regulated....

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  • Concentrate Q&A Human Rights And Civil...


    The Concentrate Q&A series is the result of a collaboration involving hundreds of law students and lecturers from universities across the UK. Each book in this series offers you better support and a greater chance to succeed on your law course than...

  • Direitos de Personalidade - Anotações ao...

    Dray,Guilherme Machado

    A presente obra versa sobre a temática dos direitos de personalidade à luz do direito vigente, em particular dos regimes instituídos no Código Civil e no Código do Trabalho nacionais. Trata-se de uma matéria central na sociedade contemporânea e cuja...

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  • Ética e Direito

    Chaïm Parelman

    Chaïm Perelman é considerado como um dos maiores filósofos do Direito .. A sua originalidade está na incessante vontade de reabilitar a vida do direito, que nasce da controvérsia para o processo. A sua obra de filosofia jurídica, iniciada em 1945,...

  • Common Bench Reports, Vol. 4 - Cases Argued...

    Manning, James

    Excerpt from Common Bench Reports, Vol. 4: Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas, in Easter and Trinity Terms and Trinity Vacation, 1847; With Tables of the Names of Cases Argued and of the Principal Matters About the Publisher...

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  • Handbook Of The Law Of Partnership (Classic...

    George, William

    Excerpt from Handbook of the Law of Partnership The aspect of the partnership relation nas undergone many chang es during the century now closing. These changes have been traced and explained in the text, while. In the notes, the reader has been...

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  • The Civil Law Tradition - An Introduction To...

    Merryman, John Henry; Perez-Perdomo, Rogelio

    Designed for the general reader and students of law, this is a concise history and analysis of the civil law tradition, which is dominant in most of Europe, all of Latin America, and many parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The fourth edition...

  • An Address To The People Of England - Being...

    Sharp, Granville

    Excerpt from An Address to the People of England: Being the Protest of a Private Person Against Every Suspension of Law That Is Liable to Injure or Endanger Personal Security Havehave heen guilty qf tretyén in foreign parts (in America, let us...

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  • The Criminal Law Consolidation Statutes...

    Davis,James Edward

    Excerpt from The Criminal Law Consolidation Statutes On the other hand, the limited object in view has led to the retention in the Consolidation Acts of a class of offences, which undoubtedly range rather with the Game laws than with larceny or...

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  • Oeuvres Posthumes De M. Pothier, Vol. 2...


    Excerpt from Oeuvres Posthumes de M. Pothier, Vol. 2 L'ètranger en ayant enlevé plus de {a moitié de {edition, il en relie très-peu d'exemplaires en France 5 i'ofe affiner qu'on n'en trouve. Roit pas fix exemplaires chez tous les Libraires du...

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  • A Treatise On The American Law, Vol. 1 - Real...

    Washburn, Emory

    Excerpt from A Treatise on the American Law, Vol. 1: Real Property With such materials, and the space they necessarily occupy in a work like this, it has been impossible to avoid expanding it considerably beyond its previous limits in its present...

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  • An ACT For The More Easy And Speedy Recovery...


    Excerpt from An Act for the More Easy and Speedy Recovery of Small Debts: Within the City of Rochester, and the Parishes of Strood, Frindsbury, Cobham, Shorne, Higham, Cliffe, Cooling, High Halstow, Chalk, Hoo, Burham, Wouldham, Halling, Cuxstone,...

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  • Estudos de Direito da Bioética

    Ascenção,José De Oliveira

    Estudos de Direito da Bioética

  • Nós - Estudos Sobre o Direito das Pessoas

    Diogo Leite de Campos

    Nós - Estudos Sobre o Direito das Pessoas

  • Too Big To Jail - How Prosecutors Compromise...

    Garrett,Brandon L

    Too Big To Jail - How Prosecutors Compromise With Corporations

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