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  • Teoria Pura Del Derecho

    Kelsen, Hans

    La primera edición de Teoría pura del derecho (1934) constituye una exposición sintética y rigurosa de la concepción teórico-jurídica de Hans Kelsen. En ella se presenta una teoría general del derecho «depurada» de toda «contaminación» extrajurídica...

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  • Direito de Personalidade

    Vasconcelos,Pedro Pais de

    Este livro trata do Direito de Personalidade, tanto na teoria como na prática. Aborda os mais profundos problemas jurídicos inerentes ao Direito de Personalidade, isto é, à posição da Pessoa, de cada uma das pessoas, no âmbito do Direito. Abrange as...

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  • A Prática Judiciária Entre Direito e...

    Joana Aguiar e Silva

    A Prática Judiciária Entre Direito e Literatura

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  • Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

    Editora Porto

    Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

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  • Fruta Prohibida

    Capella Hernandez,Juan Ramon

    Fruta Prohibida

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  • História das Ideias Políticas - Volume I

    Diogo Freitas do Amaral

    História das Ideias Políticas - Volume I

  • Lectures On Jurisprudence - The Philosophy Of...


    Excerpt from Lectures on Jurisprudence: The Philosophy of Positive Law After his death Mrs. Austin (in 1861) by the advice of friends edited a reprint of the volume containing the Province, ' with the preface above referred to. This was followed two...

  • Philosophie Du Droit Penal (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Philosophie du Droit Penal Cette branche de la philosophie n'interesse pas seulement le publimste et le philosophe, portes, par la pente de leur esprit et l'objet propre de leurs meditations, a chercher dans la conscience de l'homme et...

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  • Instituições - Direito Privado Romano


    Instituições - Direito Privado Romano

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  • A Matter Of Interpretation: Federal Courts...


    We are all familiar with the image of the immensely clever judge who discerns the best rule of common law for the case at hand. According to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a judge like this can maneuver through earlier cases to achieve...

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  • Dictionary Of Legal Terms - Definitions And...

    Gifis, Steven H

    Updated to include new terms and to incorporate recent changes in laws and judicial interpretations, this handy dictionary: Contains over 2500 legal terms defined in clear, easy to understand EnglishTranslates 'legalese' for the laypersonIncludes...

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  • El Derecho Dúctil


    ¿Dependen los derechos humanos de la ley? ¿Cuál es la relación entre ésta y las exigencias de la justicia? La respuesta a lo que es realmente fundamental no está contenida en la «Babel de lenguas» de las constituciones, los códigos o las sentencias....

  • Labour Contracts - A Popular Handbook On The...


    Excerpt from Labour Contracts: A Popular Handbook on the Law of Contracts for Works and Services The usefulness of the work for purposes of reference has been materially enhanced by the Lists of Cases and of Statutes Cited Which have been added to...

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  • Essai Sur La Distinction Th'orique Des Biens...


    Excerpt from Essai sur la Distinction Th'orique des Biens en Immeubles Et en Meubles: B'Apr's le Coutumier de Poitou de 1417 Const. Remplacera Fr., indiquant qu'il s'agit de constitutions imp'riales un C. Remplacera le D. Nous ferons suivre la cita...

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  • Trial Evidence - The Rules Of Evidence And Of...

    Reynolds, William

    Excerpt from Trial Evidence: The Rules of Evidence and of the Conduct of the Examination of Witnesses in Trials at Common Law and in Equity as Established in the United States, With the Reasons for Them; A Concise Manual Adapted for Use at the Trial...

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  • The Doctrines And Principles Of The Law Of...


    Excerpt from The Doctrines and Principles of the Law of Injunctions The object of the Author in the present work is to set forth the doctrines and principles constituting the basis upon which Courts of Equity found their jurisdiction in administering...

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  • The Inheritance Tax (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Inheritance Tax The growing importance of the inheritance tax in America is shown by its adoption within a few years by a number of commonwealths, and by the consideration of the question in some form during the past winter by fully...

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  • Cases On The Law Of Sales Of Goods Selected...

    Woodward, Frederic Campbell

    Excerpt from Cases on the Law of Sales of Goods Selected From Decisions of English and American Courts In this way training and knowledge, the means and the end of legal study, go hand and hand. The obvious advantages of the study of law by means of...

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  • A Collection Of Modern Entries, Or Select...


    Excerpt from A Collection of Modern Entries, or Select Pleadings in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, Vol. 2 of 2: Viz; Declarations, Pleas in Abatement and in Bar, Replications, Rejoinders, &C. Demurrers, Issues, Verdicts,...

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  • The Adventure Of Lady Ursula - A Comedy In...


    Excerpt from The Adventure of Lady Ursula: A Comedy in Four Acts Dorothy. He doesn't Visit here. We have never seen him, though Lord Hassenden used to meet him in town formerly. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Oeuvres Posthumes De M. Pothier, Vol. 2...


    Excerpt from Oeuvres Posthumes de M. Pothier, Vol. 2 L'ètranger en ayant enlevé plus de {a moitié de {edition, il en relie très-peu d'exemplaires en France 5 i'ofe affiner qu'on n'en trouve. Roit pas fix exemplaires chez tous les Libraires du...

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  • Practical Notes On The Structure Of Issues In...


    Excerpt from Practical Notes on the Structure of Issues in Jury Cases in the Court of Session: With Forms of Issues; Parts I to VIII, and Parts IX to XXVIII Since the introduction of Jury Trial in Civil Causes into Scotland, considerable and...

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  • The Principle Of The Separation Of Powers In...


    Excerpt from The Principle of the Separation of Powers in Its Application to the Administrative Exercise of the Police Power The Study of Administrative Law in the United States owes to Professor Goodnow of Columbia University a debt which all his...

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  • Advising A Woman As To Her Legal Rights...

    Tucker,George Fox

    Excerpt from Advising a Woman as to Her Legal Rights The status of a female during minority is gener ally the same as that of a male; she is subject to parental control and discipline. However, statutes in some jurisdictions permit her to make a will...

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  • Rights Of Common And Other Prescriptive...


    Excerpt from Rights of Common and Other Prescriptive Rights: Being Twenty-Four Lectures; Delivered in Gray's Inn Hall in the Year 1877 These Lectures are many of them printed nearly verbatim as they were delivered. But the Author has not scrupled to...

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  • The County Courts Equitable Jurisdiction ACT...


    Excerpt from The County Courts Equitable Jurisdiction Act: With the Orders and Rules; For Regulating the Practice of the Courts; Including Those of 28th May, of and the Forms and Costs of Proceedings; With Notes and Introductory Chapters I have for...

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  • Standard Decisions On Questions In Law And...

    Monroe, James

    Excerpt from Standard Decisions on Questions in Law and Equity Relating to Banks Banking, Vol. 1: Rendered in Higher Courts of the United States, Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland The great need of such a work has induced the author to comply...

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  • An ACT For Punishing Mutiny And Desertion,...


    Excerpt from An Act for Punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the Better Payment of the Army and Their Quarters: 16th March 1855 XVIII. No Officer or Soldier, being acquitted or convicted of any Offence, shall be liable to be tried a Second Time by...

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  • The Statutes At Large, Vol. 8 - From The...


    Excerpt from The Statutes at Large, Vol. 8: From the Thirtieth Year of the Reign of King George the Second to the End of the Second Year of the Reign of King George the Third An A61 to indemnify Perfons who have been guilty f the unlawful importing,...

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  • The Law Of Sales Of Personal Property...

    Hilliard, Francis

    Excerpt from The Law of Sales of Personal Property What constitutes a sale - payment, delivery, gift, exchange, etc. Sale of several articles together, whether one contract. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • Street Railway Law, Vol. 5 - A Comprehensive...


    Excerpt from Street Railway Law, Vol. 5: A Comprehensive Working Compendium of Important Street Railway Decisions in All Parts of the Country Where a company gave a mortgage covering all of its existing and after - acquired property, which was duly...

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  • A Compendium Of Modern Equity - Intended...

    Thomson, Andrew

    Excerpt from A Compendium of Modern Equity: Intended Chiefly for the Use of Practitioners in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice The favourable reception accorded by the Profession to the Author's previous Work The Principles of Equity...

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  • An ACT For The More Easy And Speedy Recovery...


    Excerpt from An Act for the More Easy and Speedy Recovery of Small Debts: Within the City of Rochester, and the Parishes of Strood, Frindsbury, Cobham, Shorne, Higham, Cliffe, Cooling, High Halstow, Chalk, Hoo, Burham, Wouldham, Halling, Cuxstone,...

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  • Estudos Sobre Arbitragem Comercial e Direito...


    Estudos Sobre Arbitragem Comercial e Direito Marítimo

  • The U.S. Constitution - Explained--Clause By...


    Politicians come and go, but the Constitution stands as the supreme law of the land. Setting forth the workings of our democracy, it is the bedrock document from which we derive our policies on topics as diverse and galvanizing as immigration, gun...

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  • O Conceito de Direito - 5ª Edição

    Hart,Herbert L. A.

    Este livro revela um grande rigor de análise, encadeando-se os raciocínios e argumentações sobre a natureza do direito, sobre a distinção dos conceitos de leis, comandos e ordens, sobre as relações entre o soberano e o súbdito, sobre as relações...

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  • Under The Bridge


    Who were the seemingly ordinary teenagers who beat and killed a girl who longed to be their friend? And how could they hide the murder from their parents and teachers and the police for eight days? Drawing on six years of research -- including...

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  • Hannah Arendt Política e Acontecimento

    Anne Amiel

    É recusando as filosofias da história, das «ciências sociais», da filosofia política, que Hannah Arendt constrói, paciente e rigorosamente, uma reflexão sobre a política. E é a partir de um acontecimento: «1933». Todos os textos contribuem para este...

  • Punir em Democracia

    Frédéric Gros; Antoine Garapon

    Punição ou impunidade, qual é o maior escândalo? Por um lado, comovemonos com as condições nas quais são mantidos os que povoam as nossas prisões

  • O Ónus da Prova nas Acções de...

    Manuel Rosário Nunes

    É hoje evidente que estamos perante uma sociedade mais sensível aos interesses dos consumidores e mais exposta aos riscos e aos danos. Daí que se adoptem modelos de responsabilidade objectiva, abrindo-se um verdadeiro abismo entre o 'dogma' da...

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  • Sociedade da Informação - Estudos Jurídicos

    Oliveira Ascensäo;pedro Cordeiro; Silke Von L

    Sociedade da Informação - Estudos Jurídicos

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  • A Procuração Irrevogável

    Pedro Leitão Pais de Vasconcelos

    A Procuração Irrevogável

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  • Contrato-promessa de Compra e Venda de...

    Carlos Ricardo Soares

    Contrato-promessa de Compra e Venda de Fracção Autónoma - Guia Prático

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  • Estudo de Direito Privado Sobre a Cláusula...

    Adelaide Menezes Leitão

    Estudo de Direito Privado Sobre a Cláusula Geral da Concorrência Desleal

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