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3427 produtos
  • Punitive Damages

    Schkade,David A.; Payne,John W.; Sunstein, Cass R.; Hastie,Reid; Viscusi,W. Kip; Priest,George L. (int)

    Punitive Damages

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  • Dispute Resolution

    Cole,Sarah Rudolph; Sander,Frank E. A.; Rogers,Nancy H.; Goldberg,Stephen B.

    Dispute Resolution

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  • Malleus Holoficarum

    Caleari, Antonio

    História e Direito: duas apaixonantes áreas do conhecimento, as quais desde sempre foram e permanecem em condições muito estratégicas na evolução geopolítica da humanidade. Governos, partidos, ideólogos, além dos mais variados movimentos sociais...

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  • Derechos Sociales Como Derechos Exigibles,...


    Aunque muchas constituciones y pactos ratificados por los Estados incorporen en sus textos fundamentales los derechos sociales, la tendencia doctrinaria mayoritaria, y especialmente su práctica, les ha restado valor en cuanto derechos,...

  • Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

    Editora Porto

    Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

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  • A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes...

    Canotilho,J. J. Gomes

    A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes 'pipeline' À Luz da Constituição Federeal Bra. De 1988

  • As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e...

    António Manuel Hespanha

    As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e Poder Político em Portugal - Séc. Xvii

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  • Constituição Penal Anotada - Roteiro de...

    Catarina Veiga; Santos,Cristina Máximo dos

    Constituição Penal Anotada - Roteiro de Jurisprudência Constitucional Perspectiva Cronológica

  • Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e...

    Alexandre Brandäo da Veiga

    Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e Imobiliário

  • Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do...

    Luís de Lima Pinheiro

    Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do Estatuto da Arbitragem

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  • Princípio de Não-violência, o

    Jean-Marie Muller

    A principal ambição do autor, nesta obra, é a de fundar o conceito filosófico da nãoviolência. A investigação empreendida por JeanMarie Muller há cerca de trinta anos encontra, neste estudo, uma espécie de conclusão. Aqui o autor exprime a sua...

  • Derechos Y Garantias

    Ferrajoli, Luigi

    El constitucionalismo rígido, al conferir carácter normativo a los derechos fundamentales, ha introducido todo un sistema de límites y vínculos para la legislación. A juicio de Ferrajoli, éste es el fundamento del modelo garantista, caracterizado por...

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  • Justice In Robes


    How should a judge's moral convictions bear on his judgments about what the law is? In these essays, Dworkin charts a variety of dimensions in which law and morals are interwoven. He argues that pragmatism is empty as a theory of law, and that value...

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  • Prueba de Los Hechos, La


    Los problemas acerca de la noción de prueba y de la justificación de las decisiones jurídicas sobre los hechos son de capital importancia teórica y práctica. A pesar de ello, no siempre han recibido la atención merecida. Este libro ha sido escrito...

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  • O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

    Nunes, António José Avelãs; Coutinho, Jacinto Nelson de Miranda

    O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

  • Loving - Interracial Intimacy In America And...

    Cashin, Sheryll

    How interracial love and marriage changed history, and may soon alter the landscape of American politics. Loving beyond boundaries is a radical act that is changing America. When Mildred and Richard Loving wed in 1958, they were ripped from their...

  • The Jct Minor Works Building Contracts 2016

    Chappell, David

    The revised and updated edition of this classic book on the JCT Minor Works Building Contracts The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016 offers a concise overview of this agreement, which continues to be the most popular JCT contract, as it used...

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  • Lawyering From The Inside Out - Learning...


    Law is a varied, powerful, and highly rewarding profession. Studies show, however, that lawyers have higher rates of alcoholism, divorce, and even suicide than the general population. Stress creates these poor outcomes, including the stress of...

  • International Energy Investment Law - The...

    Cameron, Peter

    The second edition of International Energy Investment Law: The Pursuit of Stability has been revised, updated, and expanded from the successful first edition to broaden coverage of the energy sector. As well as adding coverage of renewable energy,...

  • Young People, Social Media And The Law


    This book critically confronts perceptions that social media has become a 'wasteland' for young people. Law has become preoccupied with privacy, intellectual property, defamation and criminal behaviour in and through social media. In the case of...

  • Realising Farmers' Rights To Crop Genetic...

    Andersen, Regine

    Farmers' Rights are essential for maintaining crop genetic diversity, which is the basis of all food and agricultural production in the world. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture recognizes Farmers' Rights and...

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  • Law And Society In Malaysia - Pluralism,...

    Harding, Andrew

    This book provides a systematic and interdisciplinary examination of law and legal institutions in Malaysia. It examines legal issues from historical, social, and political perspectives, and discusses the role of law in relation to Malaysian...

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  • Political And Legal Approaches To Human...

    Campbell, Tom

    This collection explores and illustrates issues arising from 'political' approaches to human rights in contrast to the more traditional 'moral' approaches. Moral approaches conceptualize and justify human rights in terms of priority rights which are...

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  • Lawyering From The Inside Out - Learning...


    Law is a varied, powerful, and highly rewarding profession. Studies show, however, that lawyers have higher rates of alcoholism, divorce, and even suicide than the general population. Stress creates these poor outcomes, including the stress of...

  • Comparative Consumer Sales Law

    Howells, Geraint

    For many years, legislators around the world have responded to the particular needs of consumers by introducing dedicated rules for consumer sales contracts. In the European Union, a significant push came through the adoption of the Consumer Sales...

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  • A Parent's Guide To Disability Discrimination...

    Hills, Geraldine

    This book describes how parents can ensure their children with disabilities can achieve the most from their education in the UK. The Equality Act, 2010 ensured all children are protected against disability discrimination in their education and all...

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  • Putting Faith In Hate - When Religion Is The...


    To allow or restrict hate speech is a hotly debated issue in many societies. While the right to freedom of speech is fundamental to liberal democracies, most countries have accepted that hate speech causes significant harm and ought to be regulated....

  • Match-Fixing In Sport - Comparative Studies...

    Steele, Stacey

    Match-fixing represents a greater potential threat to the integrity of sport than doping. It has been linked to organised crime, illegal drugs and money-laundering. Law enforcement and sporting authorities are struggling to establish legal and...

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  • The Contested Place Of Religion In Family Law

    Wilson,Robin Fretwell

    Like many beliefs, religious views matter across an individual's life and the life cycle of a family - from birth to marriage, through child-rearing, and, eventually, death. This volume examines clashes over religious liberty within the personal...

  • About Abortion - Terminating Pregnancy In...


    One of the most private decisions a woman can make, abortion is also one of the most contentious topics in American civic life. Protested at rallies and politicized in party platforms, terminating pregnancy is often characterized as a selfish...

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  • Codigo Civil de Mocambique

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    A Plural Editores, numa iniciativa conjunta com a KPMG Moçambique, apresenta a edição do 'Código Civil', uma obra inédita que inaugura a publicação de um conjunto de colectâneas de legislação moçambicana, procurando, deste modo, preencher uma lacuna...

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  • A Court Divided

    Tushnet,Mark V.

    A penetrating exploration of the Supreme Court and its dynamics on the eve of Justice Rehnquist's retirement cites the division between its liberals and conservatives, documenting how the Court has promoted the economic agenda of today's...

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  • Courts and Political Institutions

    Koopmans,Thijmen; Koopmans,Tim

    Courts and Political Institutions

  • Contrato de Comodato

    Fernando Jorge Marques de Matos

    Contrato de Comodato

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  • Letters To A Young Lawyer

    Dershowitz,Alan M.

    Letters To A Young Lawyer

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  • História do Direito - Do Direito Romano À...

    Cunha, Paulo Ferreira da

    História do Direito é uma introdução histórica ao Direito, atenta às novas tendências da investigação e da cultura jurídica, numa perspectiva interdisciplinar. Fiel ao rigor historiográfico clássico, abre-se criticamente a outros desafios: novos...

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  • From The Democratic Deficit To A Democratic...

    Psygkas, Athanasios

    Challenging the conventional narrative that the European Union suffers from a 'democratic deficit,' Athanasios Psygkas argues that EU mandates have enhanced the democratic accountability of national regulatory agencies. This is because EU law has...

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  • Basic Training For Dummies


    The easy way to prepare for basic training Each year, thousands of young Americans attempt to enlist in the U.S. Armed Services. A number of factors during a soldier's training could inhibit successful enlistment, including mental toughness and...

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  • The Psychology And Sociology Of Wrongful...

    Koen, Wendy J

    A resource that will aid in the prevention of wrongful convictions. Increases the courts' knowledge about areas of psychology that have been debunked, have advanced, or have been refined by the scientific communityCovers issues in psychological...

  • South Asian Rivers - A Framework For...

    Ahmed, Imtiaz

    This volume identifies existing statist approaches and political economies of river management in South Asia. These rivers are heavily suffering from millions of people who in contrast consider them as holy and worship them. Edited by Professor...

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  • Civil Wars

    Armitage, David

    A highly original history, tracing the least understood and most intractable form of organized human aggression from Ancient Rome through the centuries to the present day. We think we know civil war when we see it. Yet ideas of what it is, and what...

  • The Psychology Of Death Investigations -...

    Ramsland, Katherine

    The Psychology of Death Investigations outlines definitively how behavioral evidence can often provide the necessary components and 'missing pieces' to complement physical evidence as an essential tool for incident reconstruction. In order to...

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  • The Law Of Consumer Redress In An Evolving...

    Cortes, Pablo

    This book advances the emerging of a new sub-field of study, the law of consumer redress, which encompasses the various dispute resolution processes for consumers, their regulations, and best practices. The book argues that the institutionalisation...

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  • Law's Empire


    A renowned legal scholar presents a theory of law based on Anglo-American legal principles and practices, juridical interpretations, legal precedence, and a forcefully argued concept of political and legal integrity

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