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3419 produtos
  • Punitive Damages

    Schkade,David A.; Payne,John W.; Sunstein, Cass R.; Hastie,Reid; Viscusi,W. Kip; Priest,George L. (int)

    Punitive Damages

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  • Dispute Resolution

    Cole,Sarah Rudolph; Sander,Frank E. A.; Rogers,Nancy H.; Goldberg,Stephen B.

    Dispute Resolution

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  • Malleus Holoficarum

    Caleari, Antonio

    História e Direito: duas apaixonantes áreas do conhecimento, as quais desde sempre foram e permanecem em condições muito estratégicas na evolução geopolítica da humanidade. Governos, partidos, ideólogos, além dos mais variados movimentos sociais...

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  • Derechos Sociales Como Derechos Exigibles,...


    Aunque muchas constituciones y pactos ratificados por los Estados incorporen en sus textos fundamentales los derechos sociales, la tendencia doctrinaria mayoritaria, y especialmente su práctica, les ha restado valor en cuanto derechos,...

  • Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

    Editora Porto

    Codigo Civil Moçambique - Col. Legislação

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  • As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e...

    António Manuel Hespanha

    As Vésperas do Leviathan - Instituições e Poder Político em Portugal - Séc. Xvii

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  • A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes...

    Canotilho,J. J. Gomes

    A Questão da Constitucionalidade das Patentes 'pipeline' À Luz da Constituição Federeal Bra. De 1988

  • Constituição Penal Anotada - Roteiro de...

    Catarina Veiga; Santos,Cristina Máximo dos

    Constituição Penal Anotada - Roteiro de Jurisprudência Constitucional Perspectiva Cronológica

  • Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e...

    Alexandre Brandäo da Veiga

    Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário e Imobiliário

  • Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do...

    Luís de Lima Pinheiro

    Arbitragem Transnacional, a Determinação do Estatuto da Arbitragem

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  • Princípio de Não-violência, o

    Jean-Marie Muller

    A principal ambição do autor, nesta obra, é a de fundar o conceito filosófico da nãoviolência. A investigação empreendida por JeanMarie Muller há cerca de trinta anos encontra, neste estudo, uma espécie de conclusão. Aqui o autor exprime a sua...

  • Derechos Y Garantias

    Ferrajoli, Luigi

    El constitucionalismo rígido, al conferir carácter normativo a los derechos fundamentales, ha introducido todo un sistema de límites y vínculos para la legislación. A juicio de Ferrajoli, éste es el fundamento del modelo garantista, caracterizado por...

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  • Justice In Robes


    How should a judge's moral convictions bear on his judgments about what the law is? In these essays, Dworkin charts a variety of dimensions in which law and morals are interwoven. He argues that pragmatism is empty as a theory of law, and that value...

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  • Prueba de Los Hechos, La


    Los problemas acerca de la noción de prueba y de la justificación de las decisiones jurídicas sobre los hechos son de capital importancia teórica y práctica. A pesar de ello, no siempre han recibido la atención merecida. Este libro ha sido escrito...

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  • O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

    Nunes, António José Avelãs; Coutinho, Jacinto Nelson de Miranda

    O Direito e o Futuro - O Futuro e o Direito

  • School Sermons - Preached To The Boys At...

    Everett, William

    Excerpt from School Sermons: Preached to the Boys at Adams Academy, Quincy, Mass The late Master, William Reynolds Dimmock, LL. D., adopted the practice of gathering the board ers in the study of the boarding-house on Sunday afternoons for a simple...

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  • Match-Fixing In Sport - Comparative Studies...

    Steele, Stacey

    Match-fixing represents a greater potential threat to the integrity of sport than doping. It has been linked to organised crime, illegal drugs and money-laundering. Law enforcement and sporting authorities are struggling to establish legal and...

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  • The Brazilian Legal Profession In The Age Of...

    Cunha, Luciana Gross

    This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of globalization's impact on the Brazilian legal profession. Employing original data from nine empirical studies, the book details how Brazil's need to restructure its economy and manage its global...

  • Translation Of The Civil Code - In Force In...


    Excerpt from Translation of the Civil Code: In Force in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines Chapter Third. Legitimate guardianship Section First. Guardianship of minors Section Second. Guardianship of the insane and of the deaf and. About the...

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  • A Treatise On Federal Practice In Civil...

    Foster, Roger

    Excerpt from A Treatise on Federal Practice in Civil Causes, Vol. 2 of 2: With Special Reference to Patent Cases and the Foreclosure of Railway Mortgages Order for jury trial Special warrant to marshal Bond of petitioning creditor Bond to marshal...

    sob encomenda
  • Seven Lectures On The Law And History Of...

    Birrell, Augustine

    Excerpt from Seven Lectures on the Law and History of Copyright in Books Whether this judicial opinion as to the existence at Common Law of perpetual Oopy right in an author and his assigns was sound may well be doubted, and possibly if the House of...

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  • A Treatise On The American Law Of Real...

    Washburn, Emory

    Excerpt from A Treatise on the American Law of Real Property, Vol. 2 Volume II. Of the present edition begins with Estates upon Condition, at page 444 of the first volume of the first edition; and ends with Reversions, at the 610th page of the first...

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  • The Contested Place Of Religion In Family Law

    Wilson,Robin Fretwell

    Like many beliefs, religious views matter across an individual's life and the life cycle of a family - from birth to marriage, through child-rearing, and, eventually, death. This volume examines clashes over religious liberty within the personal...

  • Freedom Of Expression And Religious Hate...

    Howard, Erica

    In recent years, the Danish cartoons affair, the Charlie Hebdo murders and the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris have resulted in increasingly strident anti-Islamic speeches by politicians. This raises questions about the limits to freedom of...

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  • The Form Book (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Form Book Qbe IT remembered, That on the tenth day of August, in the fiftyd'om'ti ear of the Independence ofthe United States of America, D are towaq. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • Restraints On The Alienation Of Property...

    Gray, John Chipman

    Excerpt from Restraints on the Alienation of Property Far be it from me to profess to decide between the merits of that scheme of law and morals under which the younger years of those of us who have passed middle life were Spent, and of that system...

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  • Philosophie Du Droit Penal (Classic Reprint)

    Franck, Adolphe

    Excerpt from Philosophie du Droit Penal Cette branche de la philosophie n'interesse pas seulement le publimste et le philosophe, portes, par la pente de leur esprit et l'objet propre de leurs meditations, a chercher dans la conscience de l'homme et...

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  • Presidents And Pies - Life In Washington,...

    Anderson, Isabel

    Excerpt from Presidents and Pies: Life in Washington, 1897-1919 Unlike a recent autobiographer, I shall not skip a decade or so without a word of explanation. If there are gaps and empty spaces in this narra tive, it is because my notes were taken at...

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  • The Sit-Ins - Protest And Legal Change In The...

    Schmidt, Christopher W

    On February 1, 1960, four African American college students entered the Woolworth department store in Greensboro, North Carolina, and sat down at the lunch counter. This lunch counter, like most in the American South, refused to serve black...

  • Publications Of The Scottish History Society,...


    Excerpt from Publications of the Scottish History Society, Vol. 11: General Assembly Commission Records Register of the Consultations and Proceedings of the Ministers of Edin burgh, and some other brethren of the ministry, correspondents from...

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  • Instructions For Preparing Abstracts Of...

    Moore, Henry

    Excerpt from Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles: After the Most Improved System of Eminent Conveyancers, to Which Is Added, a Collection of Precedents, Shewing the Method Not Only of Abstracting Every Species of Deeds, but Also of So...

    sob encomenda
  • The City - An Inquiry Into The Corporation,...

    Gilbert, William

    Excerpt from The City: An Inquiry Into the Corporation, Its Livery Companies, and the Administration of Their Charities and Endowments Such being the case, it must be obvious that to con vince either would be an impossibility. At the same time the...

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  • International Law Topics - Neutrality...


    Excerpt from International Law Topics: Neutrality Proclamations and Regulations; With Notes, 1916 Declaration of neutrality in the European war, August 5, 1914. [boletin del Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, vol. 43, p. About the Publisher...

    sob encomenda
  • Human Dignity And Law - Legal And...


    This book argues that human dignity and law stand in a privileged relationship with one another. Law must be understood as limited by the demands made by human dignity. Conversely, human dignity cannot be properly understood without clarifying its...

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  • Common Bench Reports, Vol. 1 - Cases Argued...

    Manning, James

    Excerpt from Common Bench Reports, Vol. 1: Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Common Pleas Bell, Loganv coomberv.howard.. Coombs, Gould v Benazechv Bessel! Bentlev'lemmg Oosens, Gulliver v Busch, Benmch v M'ow o 000 00 o. Dem., Lovndesnen...

    sob encomenda
  • Opinions Of Eminent Lawyers On Various Points...

    Chalmers, George

    Excerpt from Opinions of Eminent Lawyers on Various Points of English Jurisprudence: Chiefly Concerning the Colonies, Fisheries, and Commerce of Great Britain; Collected and Digested, From the Originals in the Board of Trade, and Other Depositories...

    sob encomenda
  • Rhetorical Processes And Legal Judgments -...


    Over the last several decades legal scholars have plumbed law's rhetorical life. Scholars have done so under various rubrics, with law and literature being among the most fruitful venues for the exploration of law's rhetoric and the way rhetoric...

    sob encomenda
  • Four Letters On The English Constitution - I,...


    Excerpt from Four Letters on the English Constitution: I, on Different Opinions Concerning the English Constitution, II, on Its Principles, III, on Its Defects, IV, on the Best Means of Promoting Its Fundamental Principles Each party brings its...

    sob encomenda
  • The Whole Proceedings On The Trial Of An...


    Excerpt from The Whole Proceedings on the Trial of an Information Exhibited Ex Officio, by the King's Attorney General, Against John Stockdale: For a Libel on the House of Commons, Tried in the Court of King's Bench Westminster, on Wednesday, the...

    sob encomenda
  • Patent Intensity And Economic Growth

    Benoliel, Daniel

    Economic growth has traditionally been attributed to the increase in national production arising from technological innovation. Using a panel of seventy-nine countries bridging the North-South divide, Patent Intensity and Economic Growth is an...

  • The Law Of Sales (Classic Reprint)

    Waite, John Barker

    Excerpt from The Law of Sales I conceive law to be the aggregation of rules which courts of justice feel themselves more or less obligated to follow in deciding controversies. To some extent these rules are formulated and declared by legislative...

    sob encomenda
  • Occupation Of Mexican Territory - Message...


    Excerpt from Occupation of Mexican Territory: Message From the President of the United States Transmitting in Answer to a Resolution of the House of Representatives of December 15, 1846, Reports From the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy...

    sob encomenda
  • The Law Of Torts Or Private Wrongs, Vol. 2 Of...

    Hilliard, Francis

    Excerpt from The Law of Torts or Private Wrongs, Vol. 2 of 2 Law Reports, marginal notes, dramatic compositions. Mutual rights of authors and publishers. Registration. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

    sob encomenda
  • Commentaries On American Law, Vol. 4 (Classic...

    Kent, James

    Excerpt from Commentaries on American Law, Vol. 4 Dered the insertion of the word heirs no longer necessary. 8 In Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, and. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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