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  • Freakonomics - New Edition

    Levitt,Steven; Dubner,Stephen J.

    Freakonomics - New Edition

  • Trading in the Zone

    Douglas,Mark; Hartle,Thom



    A trader, personal trading coach, and industry consultant addresses five specific issues to provide traders with the insight and understanding needed to make them consistent winners in the market.

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  • Freakonomics


    Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? How did the legalization of abortion affect the rate of...

  • The Intelligent Investor

    Benjamin Graham

    Taking account of both the defensive and the enterprising investor, outlines the principles of stock selection, explains simple portfolio policy, and offers advice on a range of strategies.

  • Hacking Growth - How Today's Fastest-Growing...


    A compelling increase market share quickly'. (Eric Ries, bestselling author of THE LEAN STARTUP). 'A must-read for anyone in business'. (James Currier, managing partner, NFX Guild). 'Will teach you how to think like a marketer of...

  • Diamond



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  • Getting Things Done


    'The Bible of business and personal productivity' --Lifehack 'A completely revised and updated edition of the blockbuster bestseller from 'the personal productivity guru''--Fast Company Since it was first published almost fifteen years ago, David...

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  • Lições de Psicologia Económica - 2ª Ed.

    Carlos Barracho

    Esta obra tem por objectivo dar a conhecer as relações entre a psicologia e a economia, cujo desenvolvimento permitiu a institucionalização de uma nova disciplina, hoje pertença dos curricula da maior parte das licenciaturas em psicologia, tanto na...

  • The Brand Gap


    The Brand Gap

  • The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition

    Ramsey, Dave

    Build up your money muscles with America’s favorite finance coach. Okay, folks, do you want to turn those fat and flabby expenses into a well-toned budget? Do you want to transform your sad and skinny little bank account into a bulked-up cash...

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  • This Time Is Different

    Reinhart,Carmen M.

    Throughout history, rich and poor countries alike have been lending, borrowing, crashing--and recovering--their way through an extraordinary range of financial crises. Each time, the experts have chimed, 'this time is different'--claiming that the...

  • Security Analysis

    Dodd,David L.; Graham,Benjamin

    Security Analysis

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  • Techniques of Tape Reading

    Graifer,Vadym; Schumacher,Christopher

    How to use trading's most time-honored technique to reap profits in today's fastmoving, point-and-click markets Tape reading is among the oldest and most successful methods of technical analysis. Techniques of Tape Reading shows traders how to...

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  • How I Made $2,000,000 In the Stock Market

    Darvas,Nicolas; Darvas,Nicholas

    How I Made $2,000,000 In the Stock Market

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  • Riqueza das Nações Vol II - 3ª Edição 1999


    Este livro é indiscutivelmente um clássico de relevante interesse histórico no campo do pensamento econômico. Trata-se, na verdade, de uma obra considerada pelos especialistas como ´uma das grandes construções intelectuais da história moderna´.

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  • Think And Grow Rich

    Hill,Napoleon; Pell,Arthur R.

    An updated edition of the best-selling guide features anecdotes about such modern figures as Bill Gates, Dave Thomas, and Sir John Templeton, explaining how their examples can enable modern readers to pursue wealth and overcome personal stumbling...

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  • How to Trade in Stocks

    Smitten,Richard; Livermore,Jesse L.

    How to Trade in Stocks

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  • Disciplined Trader


    Disciplined Trader

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  • Money And Credit Instruments In Their...

    Kemmerer, Edwin Walter

    Excerpt from Money and Credit Instruments in Their Relation to General Prices, Vol. 1 2 The value of money, in general, is the quantity of all money in the world in proportion to all the trade; but the value of money in any one country, is the...

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  • Industrial Peace, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Industrial Peace, Vol. 3 With the appearance of the current number industrial peace enters upon the second year of its existence. Birthdays being privileged occasions, this seems a suitable time to review our brief past and to lay plans...

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  • England's Financial Supremacy; A Translation...


    Excerpt from England's Financial Supremacy; A Translation of Die Englische Finanzvormacht: England's Falsche Rechnung; Deutschland Und Die Erbschaft Der City, From the Frankfurter Zeitung The series of articles here translated and presented to...

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  • Fluctuations Of Currency, Commerce, And...

    Wilson, James

    Excerpt from Fluctuations of Currency, Commerce, and Manufactures: Referable to the Corn Laws As yet, however, no satisfactory result has attended these inquiries, and the further they pro oecd, the more it appears that these influences are too much...

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  • The Nature And First Principle Of Taxation...


    Excerpt from The Nature and First Principle of Taxation When an economist thinks about taxation he cannot get away from the notion of compulsorily levying revenue for the purposes of Government. That, as Mr. Jones shows, is essentially the meaning -...

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  • A Free Trade Essential To The Welfare Of...


    Excerpt from A Free Trade Essential to the Welfare of Great Britain, or an Inquiry Into the Cause of the Present Distressed State of the Country, and the Consequent Increase of Pauperism, Misery and Crime: To Which Are Added, Some Observations on Two...

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  • The Past, The Present, And The Future...

    Carey, Henry Charles

    Excerpt from The Past, the Present, and the Future The volume now offered to the public is designed to demonstrate the existence of a simple and beautiful law of nature, governing man in all his efforts for the maintenance and improvement of his...

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  • Economics I - A Summary Of Hadley's Economics...

    Hadley, Arthur Twining

    Excerpt from Economics I: A Summary of Hadley's Economics This Summary is intended to replace the text book in preparing for the examinations, and will also be found extremely useful during the year in answering the weekly written questions. The...

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  • Kapitalismus-Kommunismus-Wissenschaftlicher...

    Oppenheimer, Franz

    Excerpt from Kapitalismus-Kommunismus-Wissenschaftlicher Sozialismus Ich bin nicht im mindesten dazu geneigt, fur meine Person eine Ausnahme von dieser Regel machen zu wollen. Ich wei im Tiefsten, da ich die goldene Frucht nur er? Reichen konnte,...

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  • Intertemporal Substitution In Macroeconomics...

    Mankiw,N Gregory

    Excerpt from Intertemporal Substitution in Macroeconomics Modern neoclassical theories of the business cycle are founded upon the assumption that fluctuations in consumption and employment are the consequence of dynamic optimizing behavior by...

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  • Select Collection Of Scarce And Valuable...


    Excerpt from Select Collection of Scarce and Valuable Economical Tracts: From the Originals of Defoe, Elking, Franklin, Turgot, Anderson, Schomberg, Townsend, Burke, Bell, and Others; With a Preface, Notes, and Index This volume Of miscellaneous...

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  • Terms Of Industrial Peace (Classic Reprint)

    Ramsay, Alex

    Excerpt from Terms of Industrial Peace HE labour question is one of those which in some form or other is constantly, and not always pleasantly, being brought to our notice. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • Capital, Currency And Banking, Being A...

    Wilson, James

    Excerpt from Capital, Currency and Banking, Being a Collection of a Series of Articles Published in the Economist in 1845, on the Principles of the Bank Act of 1844, and in 1847, on the Recent Monetarial and Commercial Crisis We cannot but regard...

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  • Literary Remains, Consisting Of Lectures And...


    Excerpt from Literary Remains, Consisting of Lectures and Tracts on Political Economy Many of the conclusions to which he was thus led were, as it may well be supposed, entirely at variance with the doctrines of the d priori school. About the...

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  • Of Economic Theory (Classic Reprint)

    Patten, Simon N

    Excerpt from Of Economic Theory Last spring a fellow economist asked what I expected to write next. I replied a book on progress. He then expressed regret that I was deserting economic theory and was kind enough to say that I was one of those who had...

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  • Taxation - Yesterday To-Morrow (Classic...

    Jones, Robert

    Excerpt from Taxation: Yesterday to-Morrow This little volume, therefore, is not written as a text-book, though it contains some text-book material. The writer is indebted to Sir Josiah Stamp, who courteously lent a copy of the proof of his book on...

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  • Industrial Democracy, Vol. 2 (Classic...

    Webb, Sidney

    Excerpt from Industrial Democracy, Vol. 2 The trade clubs of eighteenth-century handicraftsmen re garded the limitation of apprentices and the exclusion of illegal men as the pivot of their Trade Unionism. Down to 1814 the policy of regulating the...

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  • Reducing The Cost Of Living (Classic Reprint)

    Nearing, Scott

    Excerpt from Reducing the Cost of Living Statistics of Certain Industries which Produce Goods Ordinarily Classed as N ecessaries. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • The Bargain Theory Of Wages (Classic Reprint)

    Davidson, John

    Excerpt from The Bargain Theory of Wages The comparative absence of references is in part due to the fact that quotations, etc., were inserted in his lecture notes during vacation study, and that he had no opportunity at the time of writing to verify...

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  • Wert Und Kapitalprofit - Neubegrundung Der...

    Oppenheimer, Franz

    Excerpt from Wert und Kapitalprofit: Neubegrundung der Objektiven Wertlehre B) Der statische Preis der Guter und Dienste a) Der absolute Preis 'e) Der Geldpreis y) Der relative Preis c) Die Substanz des autogenen Wertes. 2. Zweite Annaherung: Die...

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  • Some Leading - Principles Of Political...

    Cairnes,John Elliott

    Excerpt from Some Leading: Principles of Political Economy Newly Expounded When a change in exchanging relations is described as a rise or fall of commodity A, rather than as a fall or rise of commodity B, what is meant? Three problems concerning...

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  • Consumption And Liquidity Constraints...


    Excerpt from Consumption and Liquidity Constraints Homeownersthe empirical work of Hayashi and Runkle It is however distinct from other definitions which deserve mention. The first is that an individual is liquidity constrained whenever he cannot...

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  • The Economics Of Global Turbulence - The...


    New edition of Brenner's now classic survey of the world economy from 1950 to the presentFor years, the discipline of economics has been moving steadily away from the real world towards formalized axioms and mathematical models with only a precarious...

  • Land Nationalization And Land Taxation...


    Excerpt from Land Nationalization and Land Taxation Three schools of Land Nationalizers. - These varying types of landownership are under present conditions mere matters of convenience determined by private bargaining. But as soon as it is proposed...

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  • The Call System Versus The Single Tax, Vol. 3...

    Bennett,John E

    Excerpt from The Call System Versus the Single Tax, Vol. 3: A Thesis From a Chapter of of the World Question and Its Answer, the Solution of the Problem of War There is in San Francisco the manuscript of a book bearing the above title. It is in five...

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  • A Review Of The Report Of A Select Committee...


    Excerpt from A Review of the Report of a Select Committee of the House of Commons, on the State of the West India Colonies, Ordered to Be Printed, 13th April, 1832: Or the Interests of the Country and the Prosperity of the West India Planters...

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