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  • Finite Element Modeling For Stress Analysis

    Cook,Robert D.

    Oriented toward those who will use finite elements (FE) rather than toward theoreticians and computer programmers. Emphasizes the behavior of FE and how to use the FE method successfully. Includes several examples of FE analysis--each one features a...

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  • Roadwork: Theory And Practice

    BERESFORD, STEVE; Kendrick, Peter; Copson, Malcolm

    Roadwork: Theory and Practice, now in its sixth edition, gives the essential information needed by every road worker, highway technician, incorporated, graduate or chartered engineer, not only by explaining the theory of road construction and its...

  • Fifty Materials That Make The World


    This book introduces materials and how advances in materials result in advances in technology and our daily lives. Each chapter covers a particular material, how the material was discovered or invented, when it was first used, how this material has...

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  • Foundation Systems For High-Rise Structures

    Leppla,Steffen; Choudhury,Deepankar; Katzenbach,Rolf

    The book deals with the geotechnical analysis and design of foundation systems for high-rise buildings and other complex structures with a distinctive soil-structure interaction. The basics of the analysis of stability and serviceability, necessary...

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  • Ground Improvement By Deep Vibratory Methods

    Kirsch,Klaus; Kirsch,Fabian

    Vibro compaction and vibro stone columns are the two dynamic methods of soil improvement most commonly used worldwide. These methods have been developed over almost eighty years and are now of unrivalled importance as modern foundation measures....

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  • Science On The Ropes - Decline Of Scientific...

    Elias, Carlos

    In this controversial essay, Carlos Elías addresses the worldwide phenomenon that is threatening the scientific and economic progress of Western countries. The rise and influence of magic and irrationality in the media, in social networks and at...

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  • BIM and Construction Management - Proven...

    Hardin, Brad; McCool, Dave

    A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects 'BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition' is a complete integration guide, featuring practical advice, project tested methods and workflows, and tutorials for implementing...

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  • Complete PCB Design Using Orcad Capture And...

    Mitzner, Kraig

    This book provides instruction on how to use the OrCAD design suite to design and manufacture printed circuit boards. The primary goal is to show the reader how to design a PCB using OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Editor. Capture is used to build the...

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  • Simplified Gd&t - Based On Asme-Y 14.5-2009


    Dear Readers, Thanks for making it #1 Best seller on Amazon! Thrilled by responses, driven by suggestions, here is second edition of the book to add:

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  • Field Engineer's Manual

    Parmley,Robert O.

    Field Engineer's Manual

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  • Basic Structures For Engineers And Architects

    Garrison, Philip

    Basic Structures For Engineers And Architects

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  • Building Construction Illustrated

    Ching,Francis D. K.

    The classic visual guide to the basics of building construction, now with the most current informationFor nearly three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This...

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  • Modern Construction Management 7Th Edition

    Harris, Frank; McCaffer,Ronald; Edum-Fotwe,Francis

    This new edition of a core undergraduate textbook for construction managers reflects current best practice, topical industry preoccupations and latest developments in courses and fundamental subjects for students. While the construction process still...

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  • The Last Years Of Steam Around The East...


    The Last Years of Steam Around the East Midlands covers most of the railways across the county and the locomotives that worked over them. In the main, the time period covers the ten years or so from the late 1950s up to the end of steam working in...

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  • Revival - The Acoustics Of Wood (1995)


    Acoustics of Wood offers a detailed treatment of numerous topics that are valuable to those working with wood in architecture, engineering, acoustics, and the crafting of musical instruments. It presents a comprehensive account of the progress and...

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  • Routledge Revivals: The Atlas Of British...

    Freeman, Michael; Aldcroft, Derek

    First published in 1985, this Atlas uses over 50 specially drawn maps to trace the rise and fall of the railways' fortunes, and is supported by an interesting and authoritative text. Financial and operating statistics are clearly presented in...

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  • Digital Economies At Global Margins

    Aspray,William; Graham,Mark

    Investigations of what increasing digital connectivity and the digitalization of the economy mean for people and places at the world's economic margins.Within the last decade, more than one billion people became new Internet users. Once, digital...

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  • An Engineer Imagines

    Rice, Peter

    The long-awaited reissue of the autobiography of Peter Rice, acclaimed as one of the greatest structural engineers of the twentieth century. An Engineer Imagines gives a rare glimpse into the mind and philosophy of Peter Rice, a man who, in Renzo...

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  • Survivor

    Vyse, Charles

    This is a Workshop Guide for the small chassis Rolls-Royce. The book is intended to help the average owner gain a deeper understanding of the car. It includes 100 workshop photographs & illustrations, designed to help the owner maintain their own car...

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  • The CEO Of Technology - Lead, Reimagine, And...


    The CIO playbook, with lessons from the world's best leaders The CEO of Technology shows today's CIOs how to become exceptional leaders and bring value to their organization. By taking lessons from some of the world's best CEOs, you'll develop the...

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  • The Lancashire Derbyshire And East Coast...


    In the days when coal was king, an ambitious plan was laid for an east-to-west cross country rail route, connecting the Manchester Ship Canal at Warrington to a new dock near the small east coast village of Sutton-on-Sea. Grandly titled The...

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  • Reeds Vol 10: Instrumentation And Control...

    Jackson,Leslie; Boyd,Gordon

    This is a fully revised, new edition on the topic of instrumentation and control systems and their application to marine engineering for professional trainees studying Merchant Navy Marine Engineering Certificates of Competency (CoC) as well as...

  • Carbon Materials: Science And Applications

    Chung,Deborah D L

    Elemental carbon materials take numerous forms including graphite, carbon fiber, carbon nanotube, graphene, carbon black, activated carbon, fullerene and diamond. These forms differ greatly in the structure, properties, fabrication method, and...

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  • The Lancashire Derbyshire And East Coast...


    In the days when coal was king, an ambitious plan was laid for an east-to-west cross country rail route, connecting the Manchester Ship Canal at Warrington to a new dock near the small east coast village of Sutton-on-Sea. Grandly titled The...

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  • Shattered Dreams - The Lost And Canceled...


    Shattered Dreams delves into the personal stories and recollections of several men and women who were in line to fly a specific or future space mission but lost that opportunity due to personal reasons, mission cancellations, or even tragedies. While...

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  • The Engineering Project PB - Its Nature,...

    Moriarty, Gene

    We all live our daily lives surrounded by the products of technology that make what we do simpler, faster, and more efficient. These are benefits we often just take for granted. But at the same time, as these products disburden us of unwanted tasks...

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  • My Life With Trains - Memoir Of A Railroader


    Named one of the '75 People You Should Know' by Trains Magazine, Jim McClellan was a railroading legend and one of the railroad industry's titans. An iconic and innovative executive, McClellan participated in the creation of both Amtrak and Conrail...

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  • Designing Complex Products With Systems...

    Bhise,Vivek D

    This book looks at how to design complex products that have many components with intricate relationships and requirements. It also discusses how to manage processes involved in their lifecycle, from concept generation to disposal, with the objectives...

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  • The Story Of Crossrail

    Wolmar, Christian

    At the end of 2018, London's biggest engineering project will come to fruition. It has taken three-quarters of a century and cost £15bn. For the first time, trains will run through the tunnels built under central London between Paddington and...

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  • Technological Foundations Of Cyclical...


    New technology is intimately associated with increased economic growth. The tools people have and when they acquired them tells us much about cyclical patterns of growth. Those interested in encouraging economic growth would do well to look to the...

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  • Electrical Installation Work, 9th Ed


    This highly successful book is now updated in line with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. Electrical Installation Work provides a topic by topic progression through the areas of electrical installations, including how and why electrical...

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  • Analysis Of Pavement Structures


    Predict or Explain the Pavement Response to Load: Understand the Physical Governing Principles Analysis of Pavement Structures brings together current research and existing knowledge on the analysis and design of pavements. This book provides a...

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  • Barry's Introduction To Construction Of...

    Emmitt, Stephen

    An authoritative, well-established, comprehensive, practical, and highly illustrated guide to construction practice Based mainly on domestic and residential buildings--and filled with extensive illustrations throughout--this concise text is the ideal...

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  • Failures In Concrete Structures - Case...


    Some lessons are only learned from mistakes but, it's much cheaper to learn from someone else's mistakes than to have to do so from your own. Drawing on over fifty years of working with concrete structures, Robin Whittle examines the problems which...

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  • Surface And Underground Excavations, 2nd...

    Tatiya,Ratan Raj

    Surface and Underground Excavations - Methods, Techniques and Equipment (2nd edition) covers the latest technologies and developments in the excavation arena at any locale: surface or underground. In the first few chapters, unit operations are...

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  • The Dilemmas Of Wonderland - Decisions In The...

    Ben-haim, Yakov

    Innovations create both opportunities and dilemmas. They provide new and supposedly better opportunities, but -- because of their newness -- they are often more uncertain and potentially worse than existing options. Recent inventions and discoveries...

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  • Fifty Materials That Make The World

    Baker, Ian

    This book introduces materials and how advances in materials result in advances in technology and our daily lives. Each chapter covers a particular material, how the material was discovered or invented, when it was first used, how this material has...

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  • Basic Electrical Installation Work 2365...


    Everything needed to pass the first part of the City & Guilds 2365 Diploma in Electrical Installations. Basic Electrical Installation Work will be of value to students taking the first year course of an electrical installation apprenticeship, as...

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  • Introduction To Applied Linear Algebra -...

    Boyd,Stephen; Vandenberghe,Lieven

    This groundbreaking textbook combines straightforward explanations with a wealth of practical examples to offer an innovative approach to teaching linear algebra. Requiring no prior knowledge of the subject, it covers the aspects of linear algebra -...

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  • The Ethical Engineer - Contemporary Concepts...


    An exploration of the ethics of practical engineering through analyses of eighteen rich case studiesThe Ethical Engineer explores ethical issues that arise in engineering practice, from technology transfer to privacy protection to whistle-blowing....

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  • Branch Line Empires - The Pennsylvania And...


    The Pennsylvania and the New York Central railroads helped to develop central Pennsylvania as the largest source of bituminous coal for the nation. By the late 19th century, the two lines were among America's largest businesses and would soon become...

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  • Chicago Union Station


    More than a century before the age of airlines, the windy city of Chicago was already the nation's transportation hub. Tightly linked to its railroads, Chicago Union Station provided a way for passengers to reach cities from the Atlantic, Pacific,...

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  • Painting and Decorating 6th Edition

    Stewart,Bill; Butterfield,Derek; Fulcher,Alf; Rhodes,Brian; Tickle,Derick; Windsor,John

    This textbook presents a series of concise, simply written and well illustrated technical information sheets, providing essential job knowledge and understanding for the painter and decorator. It gives thorough coverage of materials and equipment ?...

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  • Introduction To Soil Mechanics

    Bodo,Bela; Jones,Colin

    Introduction to Soil Mechanics, Bela Bodo & Colin JonesIntroduction to Soil Mechanics covers the basic principles of soil mechanics, illustrating why the properties of soil are important, the techniques used to understand and characterise soil...

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