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Engenharia civil

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102 produtos
  • Lowe's Transport Manager's And Operator's...

    Lowe,David; Pidgeon,Clive

    Now in its 49th edition and endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics, Lowe's Transport Manager's and Operator's Handbook 2019 is the most comprehensive guide available to the operational rules and guidelines governing the UK,...

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  • Carbon Materials: Science And Applications

    Chung,Deborah D L

    Elemental carbon materials take numerous forms including graphite, carbon fiber, carbon nanotube, graphene, carbon black, activated carbon, fullerene and diamond. These forms differ greatly in the structure, properties, fabrication method, and...

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  • Construction Practices For Land Development:...


    Proven construction administration techniques for the civil engineer--from pre-construction to closeout of land development projectsThe complexity of modern land development requires the civil engineer to play an integral role in working with both...

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  • Development Of The Built Environment: From...


    Understand vital business factors that are central to modern land development projectsAs real estate development evolves to accommodate increasingly more complex regulation and sophisticated built structures, so too must the roles of different...

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  • Getting It Right - R&d Methods For Science...

    Bock, Peter

    Getting it Right: R&D Methods for Science and Engineering, Second Edition, is an authoritative guide on the methodologies that produce coherent, rigorous and comprehensible R&D projects. Based on the author's experience of, and research into, the...

  • Modelling Transport 4th Edition

    Ortuzar S.,Juan De Dios

    Already the market leader in the field, Modelling Transport has become still more indispensible following a thorough and detailed update. Enhancements include two entirely new chapters on modelling for private sector projects and on activity-based...

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  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook

    Kubal,Michael T.

    The Latest Waterproofing Techniques and TechnologyFully updated to include new techniques for mold remediation, Construction Waterproofing Handbook simplifies the critical task of keeping a building's envelope watertight. It begins with a tutorial on...

  • Concepts And Applications Of Finite Element...

    Cook,Robert D.; Witt,Robert J.; Malkus,David S.; Plesha,Michael E.; Cook,Robert D.

    This book has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect developments since the third edition, with an emphasis on structural mechanics. Coverage is up–to–date without making the treatment highly specialized and mathematically difficult. Basic...

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  • Complete PCB Design Using Orcad Capture And...

    Mitzner, Kraig

    This book provides instruction on how to use the OrCAD design suite to design and manufacture printed circuit boards. The primary goal is to show the reader how to design a PCB using OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Editor. Capture is used to build the...

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  • Introduction To Rock Mechanics, 2nd Edition


    Introduction To Rock Mechanics, 2nd Edition

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  • Advances In Communications-Based Train...

    Yu,F Richard

    With rapid population explosion, improving rail transit speed and capacity is strongly desirable around the world. Communication-based train control (CBTC) is an automated train control system using high capacity bidirectional train-ground...

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  • Electrical Safety Handbook, 4th Edition

    Capelli-Schellpfeffer,Mary; Cadick,John; Neitzel,Dennis

    UP-TO-DATE, ON-THE-JOB ELECTRICAL SAFETY ESSENTIALS Covering every major electrical standard, including NEC, NESC, NFPA, 70E, IEEE 1584, and OSHA, Electrical Safety Handbook, Fourth Edition is a practical, illustrated source of life-saving...

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  • Rock Slope Engineering - Civil Applications,...

    Wyllie,Duncan C

    Rock Slope Engineering covers the investigation, design, excavation and remediation of man-made rock cuts and natural slopes, primarily for civil engineering applications. It presents design information on structural geology, shear strength of rock...

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  • Water Resources Engineering, 2005 Edition

    Mays,Larry W.

    Water Resources Engineering, 2005 Edition

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  • Barry's Advanced Construction Of Buildings

    Emmitt, Stephen

    The updated edition of the authoritative and comprehensive guide to construction practice The revised fourth edition of Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings expands on the resource that has become a standard text on the construction of...

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  • Braided Structures And Composites -...

    Rana,Sohel; Fangueiro,Raul

    Braiding is a very old textile manufacturing technology that traditionally has been used to produce items like ropes, shoe laces, and cables. Recently, braiding has gained attention in the medical, aerospace, transportation, and civil engineering...

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  • Principles Of Fabric Formation

    Banerjee, Prabir Kumar

    How Are Textile Fabrics Formed? Principles of Fabric Formation is a treatise on the modern production systems of woven, knitted, braided, nonwoven, triaxial, multiaxial, and 3D fabrics. This book offers a basic understanding of the technicalities...

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  • Highway Engineering - Pavements, Materials...


    An International Textbook, from A to Z Highway Engineering: Pavements, Materials and Control of Quality covers the basic principles of pavement management, highlights recent advancements, and details the latest industry standards and techniques in...

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  • Finite-Element Modelling Of Structural...

    Kotsovos,Michael D

    A Powerful Tool for the Analysis and Design of Complex Structural Elements Finite-Element Modelling of Structural Concrete: Short-Term Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions presents a finite-element model of structural concrete under short-term...

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  • Knowledge Management In Construction

    Anumba,Chimay J.; Carrillo,Patricia M.; Anumba,C. J.; Egbu,Charles O.

    A key problem facing the construction industry is that all work is done by transient project teams, and in the past there has been no structured approach to learning from projects once they are completed. Now, though, the industry is adapting...

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  • Modern Construction Management 7Th Edition

    Harris, Frank; McCaffer,Ronald; Edum-Fotwe,Francis

    This new edition of a core undergraduate textbook for construction managers reflects current best practice, topical industry preoccupations and latest developments in courses and fundamental subjects for students. While the construction process still...

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  • An Introduction To Continuum Mechanics

    Reddy,J N

    This best-selling textbook presents the concepts of continuum mechanics in a simple yet rigorous manner. The book introduces the invariant form as well as the component form of the basic equations and their applications to problems in elasticity,...

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  • Designing Complex Products With Systems...

    Bhise,Vivek D

    This book looks at how to design complex products that have many components with intricate relationships and requirements. It also discusses how to manage processes involved in their lifecycle, from concept generation to disposal, with the objectives...

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  • Iet Wiring Regulations: Electric Wiring For...


    This book is essential reading for anyone studying towards Domestic Installer status with an approval body such as NICEIC, NAPIT or ELECSA, in line with Part P of the Building Regulations, and also serves as a handy pocket guide to best practice for...

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  • Iet Wiring Regulations: Wiring Systems And...


    This book deals with an area of practice that many students and non-electricians find particularly challenging. It explains how to interpret circuit diagrams and wiring systems, and outlines the principles of testing before explaining how to apply...

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  • Iet Wiring Regulations: Inspection, Testing...


    This popular guide clarifies the requirements for inspection and testing, explaining in clear language those parts of the IET Wiring Regulations that most need simplifying. In addition to the descriptive and diagrammatic test methods that are...

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  • Iet Wiring Regulations: Design And...


    This popular guide provides an understanding of basic design criteria and calculations, along with current inspection and testing requirements and explains how to meet the requirements of the IET Wiring Regulations. The book explains in clear...

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  • Piezoelectric Materials And Devices -...

    Vijaya,M S

    Piezoelectric Materials and Devices: Applications in Engineering and Medical Sciences provides a complete overview of piezoelectric materials, covering all aspects of the materials starting from fundamental concepts. The treatment includes physics of...

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  • Polymer Nanocomposite Coatings

    Mittal, Vikas

    This work explores the use of composite nanotechnology for thin coatings on various substrates. It compiles recent advances in nanocomposite coatings for experienced researchers and provides background information for those new to the field. The book...

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  • Analysis Of Pavement Structures


    Predict or Explain the Pavement Response to Load: Understand the Physical Governing Principles Analysis of Pavement Structures brings together current research and existing knowledge on the analysis and design of pavements. This book provides a...

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  • Polymer Nanocomposite Foams

    Mittal, Vikas

    Advancements in polymer nanocomposite foams have led to their application in a variety of fields, such as automotive, packaging, and insulation. Employing nanocomposites in foam formation enhances their property profiles, enabling a broader range of...

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  • Thermal Use Of Shallow Groundwater

    Kinzelbach,Wolfgang; Stauffer,Fritz; Bayer,Peter; Blum,Philipp; Giraldo,Nelson Molina

    The thermal use of the shallow subsurface is increasingly being promoted and implemented as one of many promising measures for saving energy. A series of questions arises concerning the design and management of underground and groundwater heat...

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  • Iet Wiring Regulations: Explained And...


    This popular guide focuses on common misconceptions in the application of the IET Wiring Regulations. It explains in clear language those parts of the regulations that most need simplifying, outlining the correct procedures to follow and those to...

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  • Failures In Concrete Structures - Case...


    Some lessons are only learned from mistakes but, it's much cheaper to learn from someone else's mistakes than to have to do so from your own. Drawing on over fifty years of working with concrete structures, Robin Whittle examines the problems which...

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  • Surface And Underground Excavations, 2nd...

    Tatiya,Ratan Raj

    Surface and Underground Excavations - Methods, Techniques and Equipment (2nd edition) covers the latest technologies and developments in the excavation arena at any locale: surface or underground. In the first few chapters, unit operations are...

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  • Structural Foundations Manual For Low-Rise...


    This book provides practical and buildable solutions for the design of foundations for housing and other low-rise buildings, especially those on abnormal or poor ground. A wealth of expert information and advice is brought together dealing with the...

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  • Aircraft Electrical And Electronic Systems,...

    Wyatt,David; Tooley,Mike

    Introducing the principles of aircraft electrical and electronic systems, this book is written for anyone pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance engineering or a related aerospace engineering discipline, and in particular will be suitable for...

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  • Principles of Structures

    Hanaor,Ariel; Hanaor,

    This book provides an introduction to the conceptual design of structures for students of architecture and civil engineering. Using a highly visual approach and presenting concepts in a concise way, it provides an understanding of the fundamentals of...

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  • Soil Physics With Hydrus - Modeling And...

    Radcliffe,David E; Simunek,Jiri

    Numerical models have become much more efficient, making their application to problems increasingly widespread. User-friendly interfaces make the setup of a model much easier and more intuitive while increased computer speed can solve difficult...

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  • Petroleum Reservoir Rock And Fluid Properties

    Dandekar,Abhijit Y

    A strong foundation in reservoir rock and fluid properties is the backbone of almost all the activities in the petroleum industry. Suitable for undergraduate students in petroleum engineering, Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties, Second...

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  • Innovative Methods Of Marine Ecosystem...

    Goreau,Thomas J; Trench,Robert Kent

    Presenting data showing the dramatic results of these methods, this book presents innovative new technologies for restoring the most productive ecosystems on both land and sea while maintaining high biodiversity.

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  • Best Practices For Transportation Agency Use...

    Bregman,Susan; Watkins,Kari Edison

    Timely updates, increased citizen engagement, and more effective marketing are just a few of the reasons transportation agencies have already started to adopt social media networking tools. Best Practices for Transportation Agency Use of Social Media...

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  • Plane And Geodetic Surveying, Second Edition

    Johnson, Aylmer

    'Plane and Geodetic Surveying' blends theory and practice, conventional techniques and GPS, to provide the ideal book for students of surveying.

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  • Infrastructure Investment - An Engineering...

    Carmichael,David G; Carmichael,D G

    Established Deterministic Investment Appraisal versus Uncertainty in InvestmentWhen it comes to investing in an infrastructure project, the conventional approach is to evaluate risk through a deterministic approach. Infrastructure Investment: An...

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