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Engenharia civil

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  • Aircraft Systems - Instruments,...


    An authoritative guide to the various systems related to navigation, control, and other instrumentation used in a typical aircraft Aircraft Systems offers an examination of the most recent developments in aviation as it relates to instruments, radio...

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  • Szycher's Handbook Of Polyurethanes

    Szycher Ph D,Michael

    A practical handbook rather than merely a chemistry reference, Szycher's Handbook of Polyurethanes, Second Edition offers an easy-to-follow compilation of crucial new information on polyurethane technology, which is irreplaceable in a wide range of...

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  • Principles Of Solar Cells, LEDs And Related...

    Kitai, Adrian

    The second edition of the text that offers an introduction to the principles of solar cells and LEDs, revised and updated The revised and updated second edition of Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Related Devices offers an introduction to the...

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  • Concrete - Building Pathology

    Macdonald; MaCDonald,Susan

    Although there are a multitude of books on most aspects of concrete, no single book provides the non-specialist construction professional with practical, independent advice on the repair of concrete structures. This book outlines the development of...

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  • Introduction To Finite Element Analysis Using...


    There are some books that target the theory of the finite element, while others focus on the programming side of things. Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MATLAB(R) and Abaqus accomplishes both. This book teaches the first principles of...

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  • Masters Of The Structural Aesthetic


    This book highlights aesthetics as pertaining to the structural component in architectural design. This less explored aspect of architecture is discussed and explains the enduring qualities of ten specific buildings from architectural history to...

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  • Carbon Materials: Science And Applications

    Chung,Deborah D L

    Elemental carbon materials take numerous forms including graphite, carbon fiber, carbon nanotube, graphene, carbon black, activated carbon, fullerene and diamond. These forms differ greatly in the structure, properties, fabrication method, and...

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  • Nanomaterials In Advanced Medicine


    A comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of the fundamental concepts and medical applications of nanomaterials development technology Nanomedicine offers a range of multi-interdisciplinary approaches and brings together the field of chemistry,...

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  • Land Development Handbook, Fourth Edition


    The definitive guide to land development--fully updated to cover the latest industry advances.This thoroughly revised resource lays out step-by-step approaches from feasibility, through design and into permitting stages of land development projects....

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  • Quality Auditing In Construction Projects - A...

    Rumane,Abdul Razzak

    This book provides construction professionals, designers, contractors and quality auditors involved in construction projects with the auditing skills and processes required to improve construction quality and make their projects more competitive and...

  • Advanced Soil Mechanics, Fifth Edition

    Das,Braja M

    Now in its fifth edition, this classic textbook continues to offer a well-tailored resource for beginning graduate students in geotechnical engineering. Further developing the basic concepts from undergraduate study, it provides a solid foundation...

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  • Applications Of Fluoropolymer Films -...

    Drobny,Jiri George

    Applications of Fluoropolymer Films: Properties, Processing and Products presents an overview of fluoropolymer films, manufacturing methods, typical properties, and commercial grades for each type of fluoropolymer film. The second part of the book is...

  • Steel Structures Design


    A COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE DESIGN OF STEEL STRUCTURES Steel Structures Design: ASD/LRFD introduces the theoretical background and fundamental basis of steel design and covers the detailed design of members and their connections. This in-depth resource...

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  • Rammed Earth Construction - Cutting-Edge...

    Ciancio,Daniela; Beckett,Christopher

    Rammed Earth Construction - Cutting-Edge Research On Traditional And Modern Rammed Earth

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  • Introduction To Composite Materials Design,...

    Barbero,Ever J

    The Third Edition of Introduction to Composite Materials Design is a practical, design-oriented textbook aimed at students and practicing engineers learning analysis and design of composite materials and structures. Readers will find the Third...

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  • Thermodynamics And Applications In...

    Firoozabadi, Abbas

    This state-of-the-art guide presents a systematic methodology for applying thermodynamics principles in the many areas of the hydrocarbon energy industry Thermodynamics and Applications in Hydrocarbon Energy Production lays out a unified view of...

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  • Rock Fall Engineering

    Wyllie,Duncan C

    Rock falls can be a public safety issue. This book provides comprehensive information on identification of these hazards, and design and construction of protection methods. Rock Fall Engineering describes first, the theoretical background to rock...

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  • The Making Of An Expert Engineer


    This book sets out the principles of engineering practice, knowledge that has come to light through more than a decade of research by the author and his students studying engineers at work. Until now, this knowledge has been almost entirely unwritten...

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  • Maintenance Engineering Handbook, Eighth...

    Mobley, Keith

    The Most Complete, Current Guide to Every Aspect of Maintenance Engineering Extensively updated to cover the latest technologies and methods, Maintenance Engineering Handbook, Eighth Edition offers in-depth details on identifying and repairing faulty...

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  • Water Distribution Systems Handbook

    Mays,Larry W.; Mays,Larry W.

    All-in-one, state-of-the-art guide to safe drinking water Civil engineers and anyone else involved in any way with the design, analysis, operation, maintenance or rehabilitation of water distribution systems will find practical guidance in Water...

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  • Construction Project Scheduling And Control,...

    Mubarak, Saleh A.; Mubarak,Saleh A

    Bad scheduling can doom a construction project from the start 'Construction Project Scheduling and Control' provides a comprehensive examination of the analytical methods used to devise a reasonable, efficient, and successful schedule for...

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  • Safety Analyses Of Complex Systems -...


    There is a need for more inclusive holistic approaches to identify and analyze safety-related system risks. Systems are becoming increasingly more complex, diverse, and vastly distributed. Conventional approaches of conducting hazard analyses and...

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  • Code Compliance For Advanced Technology...

    Acorn,William R.

    Facilities which utilize hazardous liquids and gases represent a significant potential liability to the owner, operator, and general public in terms of personnel safety and preservation of assets. It is obvious that a catastrophic incident or loss of...

  • Building Product Models

    Eastman,Charles M.

    Building Product Models

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  • Smart & Sustainable Built Environment

    Yang,J.; Brandon,Peter S.; Sidwell,A. C.; Brandon,P. S.

    Smart & Sustainable Built Environment

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  • Basic Elements of Earthquake Engineering


    Traditionally, books on earthquake engineering have treated only one or more aspects of the subject or have been compendiums with contributions from several authors. Basic Elements of Earthquake Engineering is the first comprehensive examination of...

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  • Membranes


    Describes the properties of cellular membranes and their relationship with fundamental biological processes. This book provides insight on the chemistry, structures, model systems, and techniques employed for studying membrane properties and...

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  • Nanoporous Materials - Advanced Techniques...


    Having successfully replaced elements used in traditional, pollution-prone, energy-consuming separation processes, nanoporous materials play an important role in chemical processing. Although their unique structural or surface physicochemical...

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  • Polymer Brushes - Substrates, Technologies,...

    Mittal, Vikas

    Polymer Brushes: Substrates, Technologies, and Properties covers various aspects of polymer brush technology, including synthesis, properties, performance, and applications. It presents both experimental details and theoretical insights to enable a...

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  • Testing Of Concrete In Structures - Fourth...


    Providing a comprehensive overview of the techniques involved in testing concrete in structures, Testing of Concrete in Structures discusses both established techniques and new methods, showing potential for future development, and documenting them...

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  • Aircraft Electrical And Electronic Systems,...

    Wyatt,David; Tooley,Mike

    Introducing the principles of aircraft electrical and electronic systems, this book is written for anyone pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance engineering or a related aerospace engineering discipline, and in particular will be suitable for...

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  • Systematic Engineering Design - General Model...

    Eder,W Ernst; Hosnedl,Stanislav

    This book is developed as a tool for scientific observation and description of all technical products more generally considered as technical systems. in terms of what is needed to characterize them and in terms of what must be considered in designing...

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  • Problems Book For Probabilistic Methods For...


    The first edition of the combined monograph and textbook Probabilistic Methods in the Theory of Structures was published by Wiley-Interscience in 1983. 1n 1999, Dover Publications, Inc. published its second edition under shorter title Probabilistic...

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  • Manual Of First And Second Fixing Carpentry


    Les Goring's book covers all the detailed knowledge required for carrying out first fixing carpentry - such as modern and traditional roofing and fitting and fixing modern and traditional floor joists on new-build sites before plastering or...

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  • The Ethical Engineer - Contemporary Concepts...


    An exploration of the ethics of practical engineering through analyses of eighteen rich case studiesThe Ethical Engineer explores ethical issues that arise in engineering practice, from technology transfer to privacy protection to whistle-blowing....

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  • History Of Concrete: A Very Old And Modern...


    Post-war Europe and Asia have seen the rapid development of German and Japan from a war torn countries into two of the most powerful nations in the world. Their achievement is nothing short of miraculous. However, as the two most populated countries;...

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  • Rip Currents - Beach Safety, Physical...

    Leatherman,Stephen; Fletemeyer,John

    Rip Currents: Beach Safety, Physical Oceanography, and Wave Modeling is the culmination of research from over 100 coastal scientists, engineers, forecast meteorologists, lifeguard chiefs, and other practitioners from around the world who participated...

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  • Advances In Earthquake Engineering

    Ger,Jeffrey; Cheng,Franklin Y

    Nonlinear static monotonic (pushover) analysis has become a common practice in performance-based bridge seismic design. The popularity of pushover analysis is due to its ability to identify the failure modes and the design limit states of bridge...

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  • Motor Fleet Safety And Security Management,...

    Della-Giustina,Daniel E

    In the almost ten years since the publication of the first edition of Motor Fleet Safety and Security Management, the availability of new methods of transportation has made travel faster, and consequently, safety and security have become more...

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  • Introduction To Structural Analysis -...

    Mau, S.T.; Mau,S T

    Bridging the gap between what is traditionally taught in textbooks and what is actually practiced in engineering firms, Introduction to Structural Analysis: Displacement and Force Methods clearly explains the two fundamental methods of structural...

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  • Supplementary Cementing Materials In Concrete

    Thomas,Michael; THOMAS, MICHAEL

    This textbook provides detailed information on the use of supplementary cementing materials (SCM), such as fly ash, slag, silica fume and natural pozzolans, in concrete. It presents the provenance of these materials and their chemical, physical, and...

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  • Hydraulic Engineering


    Hydraulic Engineering contains 56 technical papers from the 2012 SREE Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2012, Hong Kong, 21-22 December 2012, including the second SREE Workshop on Environment and Safety, WESE 2012). The conference served as a...

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  • Thermal Use Of Shallow Groundwater

    Kinzelbach,Wolfgang; Stauffer,Fritz; Bayer,Peter; Blum,Philipp; Giraldo,Nelson Molina

    The thermal use of the shallow subsurface is increasingly being promoted and implemented as one of many promising measures for saving energy. A series of questions arises concerning the design and management of underground and groundwater heat...

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  • Durability Design Of Concrete Structures In...

    Gjorv,Odd E; Gjrv,Odd E

    One of the most pressing problems facing the construction industry globally is the deterioration of major concrete infrastructure in marine and other chloride-containing environments. While recent advancements in concrete technology have made it...

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