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Engenharia civil

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104 produtos
  • Rock Blasting And Explosives Engineering

    Persson,Per-Anders; Persson,Per A; Lee,Jaimin; Holmberg,Roger

    Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering covers the practical engineering aspects of many different kinds of rock blasting. It includes a thorough analysis of the cost of the entire process of tunneling by drilling and blasting in comparison with...

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  • Methods Of Measuring Moisture In Building...

    Nilsson, Lars-Olof

    RILEM TC 248-MMB was established in 2012 with the main aim to improve and distribute knowledge related to moisture measurement in construction materials in various scientific and industrial applications. Properties and performance of building...

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  • Principles Of Structural Design - Wood, Steel...

    Gupta, Ram S

    Timber, steel, and concrete are common engineering materials used in structural design. Material choice depends upon the type of structure, availability of material, and the preference of the designer. The design practices the code requirements of...

  • Structural Dynamics

    Bai, Yong; Xu, Zhao-Dong

    Across many disciplines of engineering, dynamic problems of structures are a primary concern. Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, aircraft engineers, ocean engineers, and engineering students encounter these problems every day, and it is up to...

  • Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnels


    Sprayed concrete lined (SCL) tunnels are growing rapidly in popularity due to their versatility. The design and construction of both hard rock and soft ground tunnels has been revolutionised by the advent of the SCL method and now the use of...

  • Shale Oil And Gas Production Processes

    Speight,James G

    Shale Oil and Gas Production Processes delivers the basics on current production technologies and the processing and refining of shale oil. Starting with the potential of formations and then proceeding to production and completion, this foundational...

  • High-Entropy Materials - A Brief Introduction

    Zhang, Yong

    This book draws on the latest research to discuss the history and development of high-entropy alloys and ceramics in bulk, film, and fiber form. High-entropy materials have recently been developed using the entropy of mixing and entropy of...

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  • Building In Hot And Humid Regions -...

    Santamouris,Mat; Awbi,Hazim; Enteria,Napoleon

    This book presents an in-depth analysis covering climatic and weather conditions, house and building development history, construction methods and technologies, and environmental conditions. It provides relevant house and building information and...

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  • Wooden Domes - History And Modern Times


    This monograph presents a state-of-the-art analysis of eco-friendly and aesthetic structures in wooden dome construction. The author demonstrates that the further development of wooden structures depends on both supplementing the testing of wood as a...

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  • Physical Test Methods For Elastomers

    Brown, Roger

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of physical testing of elastomers (rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) including mechanical, electrical, thermal and all aspects of durability. Elastomers are an important class of materials...

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  • Phenomenological Creep Models Of Composites...


    The use of new engineering materials in the aerospace and space industry is usually governed by the need for enhancing the bearing capacity of structural elements and systems, improving the performance of specific applications, reducing structural...

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  • Structural Analysis - A Unified Classical And...

    Ghali, Amin; Neville, Adam

    This comprehensive textbook combines classical and matrix-based methods of structural analysis and develops them concurrently. It is widely used by civil and structural engineering lecturers and students because of its clear and thorough style and...

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  • Mathematics For Engineers And Scientists


    Since its original publication in 1969, Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists has built a solid foundation in mathematics for legions of undergraduate science and engineering students. It continues to do so, but as the influence of computers has...

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  • Beginning AutoCAD 2005

    McFarlane, Bob

    Beginning AutoCAD 2005 is a course based on learning and practising the essentials of 2D drawing using AutoCAD. Bob McFarlane�s hands-on approach is uniquely suited to independent learning and use on courses. The focus on 2D drawing in one book,...

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  • Standards, Conformity Assessment, And...

    Hunter,Robert D

    The First Major Book to Incorporate New International Guides and Standards Standards, Conformity Assessment, and Accreditation for Engineers discusses conformity assessment and accreditation as defined in a new set of standards by the International...

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  • Flood Hazard Mapping: Uncertainty And Its...

    Mukolwe,Micah Mukungu

    Computers are increasingly used in the simulation of natural phenomena such as floods. However, these simulations are based on numerical approximations of equations formalizing our conceptual understanding of flood flows. Thus, model results are...

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  • Building Surveys


    Building Surveys has been a trusted guide for both students and professionals for over 30 years, evolving throughout its eight editions to address the challenges and responsibilities of the building surveying role. It covers everything needed for...

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  • Steel Structures - Practical Design Studies,...

    Al Nageim, Hassan

    The fourth edition of this popular steel structures book contains references to both Eurocodes and British Standards. All the material has been updated where necessary, and new and revised worked examples are included. Sections on the meaning, the...

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  • Structural Analysis


    Master the basic principles of structural analysis using the classical approach found in Kassimali's distinctive STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, 6th Edition. This edition presents concepts in a logical order, progressing from an introduction of each topic to an...

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  • Engineering Fundamentals - An Introduction To...


    Guide students in developing the strong problem-solving skills and a solid foundation in the fundamental principles they need to become analytical, detail-oriented and creative engineers with Moaveni's ENGINEERING FUNDAMENTALS: AN INTRODUCTION TO...

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  • Metal Impurities In Silicon- And...

    Claeys,Cor; Simoen,Eddy

    This book provides a unique review of various aspects of metallic contamination in Si and Ge-based semiconductors. It discusses all of the important metals including their origin during crystal and/or device manufacturing, their fundamental...

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  • A Beginners' Guide To Scanning Electron...

    Ul-Hamid, Anwar

    This book was developed with the goal of providing an easily understood text for those users of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) who have little or no background in the area. The SEM is routinely used to study the surface structure and...

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  • Nonlinear Ultrasonic And Vibro-Acoustical...


    This multi-contributed volume provides a practical, applications-focused introduction to nonlinear acoustical techniques for nondestructive evaluation. Compared to linear techniques, nonlinear acoustical/ultrasonic techniques are much more sensitive...

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  • Optics For Materials Scientists

    Lee, Myeongkyu

    Optics for Materials Scientists is intended to help materials scientists and engineers fully comprehend the principles of optics and optical phenomena and effectively utilize them for the design and fabrication of optical materials and devices....

  • Cold-Formed Steel Design 4Th Edition

    Yu,Wei-Wen; Laboube,Roger A

    The definitive text in the field, thoroughly updated and expanded Hailed by professionals around the world as the definitive text on the subject, Cold-Formed Steel Design is an indispensable resource for all who design for and work with cold-formed...

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  • Mwh's Water Treatment - Principles And Design...

    Tchobanoglous, George; Howe,Kerry; Crittenden,John C; Hand,David W; Trussell,R Rhodes

    the definitive guide to the theory and practice of water treatment engineering This newly revised edition of the classic reference provides complete, up-to-date coverage of both theory and practice of water treatment system design. The Third Edition...

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  • Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics 2nd...

    Craig, Roy R.; Kurdila, Andrew J.

    Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics 2nd Edition

  • The Fidic Forms Of Contract 3Rd Edition

    Bunni, Nael G.

    In September 1999, FIDIC introduced its new Suite of Contracts, which included a “new” Red, Yellow, Silver and Green forms of contract. The “new” Red Book was intended to replace the 1992 fourth edition of the Red Book, with the ambition that its use...

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  • Occupational Safety And Hygiene III

    Costa,Nelson; Arezes,Pedro; Baptista,Joao S; Barroso,Monica P; Carneiro,Paula; Cordeiro,Patricio; Melo,Rui B; Miguel,Sergio A; Perestrelo,Goncalo

    Occupational Safety And Hygiene III

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  • Computational Analysis And Design Of Bridge...

    Fu,Chung C; Wang, Shuqing; Fu,C C

    Gain Confidence in Modeling Techniques Used for Complicated Bridge StructuresBridge structures vary considerably in form, size, complexity, and importance. The methods for their computational analysis and design range from approximate to refined...

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  • Advances In Civil Engineering And Building...

    Zhao,Jingying; Chang,Shuenn-Yih; Al Bahar,Suad Khalid; Husain,Adel Abdulmajeed M

    Covering a wide range of topics, Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials IV presents the latest developments in: - Structural Engineering- Road & Bridge Engineering- Geotechnical Engineering- Architecture & Urban Planning- Transportation...

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  • Risk And Reliability In Geotechnical...

    Phoon,Kok-Kwang; Ching,Jianye

    Establishes Geotechnical Reliability as Fundamentally Distinct from Structural ReliabilityReliability-based design is relatively well established in structural design. Its use is less mature in geotechnical design, but there is a steady progression...

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  • Handbook Of Materials Failure Analysis - With...

    Salam Hamdy Makhlouf,Abdel; Aliofkhazraei,Mahmood

    Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis: With Case Studies from the Electronics Industries examines the reasons materials fail in certain situations, including material defects and mechanical failure as a result of various causes. The book begins with...

  • Model Identification And Data Analysis


    This book is about constructing models from experimental data. It covers a range of topics, from statistical data prediction to Kalman filtering, from black-box model identification to parameter estimation, from spectral analysis to predictive...

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  • Modern Aerodynamic Methods For Direct And...

    Chin,Wilson C

    Just when classic subject areas seem understood, the author, a Caltech, M.I.T. and Boeing trained aerodynamicist, raises profound questions over traditional formulations. Can shear flows be rigorously modeled using simpler 'potential-like' methods...

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  • Advances In Renewable Energies Offshore -...

    Guedes Soares,Carlos

    Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore is a collection of the papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2018) held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 8-10 October 2018. The 104 contributions were written by a...

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  • The Routledge Reits Research Handbook


    The Routledge REITs Research Handbook presents a cutting-edge examination of the research into this key global investment vehicle. Edited by internationally respected academic and REIT expert Professor David Parker, the book will set the research...

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  • Port Economics

    Talley,Wayne K

    Port Economics is the study of the economic decisions (and their consequences) of the users and providers of port services. A port works as an 'engine' for economic development. This book provides a detailed discussion of port freight service users,...

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  • Life-Cycle Of Civil Engineering Systems -...

    Akiyama,Mitsuyoshi; Frangopol,Dan M; Furuta,Hitoshi

    Life-Cycle of Structural Systems: Design, Assessment, Maintenance and Management contains the papers presented at IALCCE2014, the fourth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE2014), held in Tokyo, Japan, November 16-19, 2014....

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  • Structural Health Monitoring And Integrity...

    Ding,Keqin; Yuan,Shenfang; Wu,Zhishen

    Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management is a collection of the papers presented at the 2nd International Conference of Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management (ICSHMIM2014, Nanjing, China, 24-26 September 2014), and...

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  • Handbook Of Transportation Engineering,...


    The definitive transportation engineering resource--fully revised and updated The two-volume Handbook of Transportation Engineering, Second Edition offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the entire transportation engineering field. Featuring 18...

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  • Corrosion In Reinforced Concrete Structures


    Corrosion In Reinforced Concrete Structures

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  • Bast And Ohter Plant Fibres

    Franck,Robert R.

    Bast And Ohter Plant Fibres

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  • Design And Manufacture of Textile Composites

    Long,A. C.

    Design And Manufacture of Textile Composites

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