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Engenharia e tecnologia

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  • Standard Methods For The Examination Of Water...

    W. Rice,E.

    Analysts, researchers, and regulators have relied on this peer-reviewed publication since 1905. The trusted source of accurate, proven methodology for analyzing natural waters, water supplies, and wastewaters. The 23rd edition of Standard Methods for...

  • Classical Electrodynamics 3rd Edition

    Jackson,John David

    Classical Electrodynamics 3rd Edition

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  • Life 3.0 - Being Human In The Age Of...


    How can we grow our prosperity through automation without leaving people lacking income or purpose? What career advice should we give today's kids? How can we make future AI systems more robust, so that they do what we want without crashing,...

  • The Soul of a New Machine


    Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Kidder memorably records the drama, comedy, and excitement of one company's efforts to bring a new microcomputer to market.Computers have changed since 1981, when The Soul of a New Machine first examined the culture of the...

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  • Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals 2e


    The long-awaited revision of the most respected resource on Internal Combustion Engines --covering the basics through advanced operation of spark-ignition and diesel engines.Written by one of the most recognized and highly regarded names in internal...

  • Ética para Engenheiros - Desafiando a...

    Rego,Arménio; Braga,Jorge

    A engenharia está impregnada na água que bebemos, nas pontes que atravessamos, nas casas que habitamos, nos alimentos que ingerimos, no modo como comunicamos, na maneira como a nossa saúde é preservada, na música que escutamos, na roupa que vestimos...

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  • Animatronics



  • Materials Science and Engineering - An...

    Callister Jr., William D.; Rethwisch, David G.

    Building on the success of previous editions, this book continues to provide engineers with a strong understanding of the three primary types of materials and composites, as well as the relationships that exist between the structural elements of...

  • Pavimentos Rodoviários

    Fernando Branco; Paulo Pereira; Luís Picado S

    Pavimentos Rodoviários

  • Inteligência Artificial - Fundamentos e...

    Costa,Ernesto; Simões,Anabela

    Os últimos anos vieram confirmar a centralidade do conceito de agente em Inteligência Artificial, abordagem seguida na presente obra. Mas algo mudou entretanto: a percepção de que não existe uma IA mas várias e que, cada vez mais, as diferentes...

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  • Molecular Gastronomy

    This,Herve; Debevoise,M. B. (TRN)

    Herve This (pronounced 'Teess') is an internationally renowned chemist, a popular French television personality, a bestselling cookbook author, a longtime collaborator with the famed French chef Pierre Gagnaire, and the only person to hold a...

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  • Introdução À Engenharia de Som - 6ª Ed. 2012


    É um livro em que, sem entrar em formalismos matemáticos, as tecnologias e os equipamentos são abordados com detalhe, incluindo tudo o que precisa de saber sobre Mono, Stereo e Surround.

  • Carbon Fibers


    The updated and expanded second edition of this book explores the physical and mechanical properties of carbon fibers and their composites, their manufacture and processing, and their current and emerging applications. Over 10 chapters, the book...

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  • Problems Book For Probabilistic Methods For...


    The first edition of the combined monograph and textbook Probabilistic Methods in the Theory of Structures was published by Wiley-Interscience in 1983. 1n 1999, Dover Publications, Inc. published its second edition under shorter title...

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  • Cuadernillo Pr+ctico De Linux 1


    Este libro es un compendi- de la realizaci-n de pr+cticas en el modulo de Sistemas Operativos Monopuesto. Est+ enfocado a la realizaci-n b+sica de pr+cticas de conocimiento sobre los contenidos y la adquisici-n de las habilidades, para poder...

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  • Periodic Flows To Chaos In Time-Delay Systems


    This book for the first time examines periodic motions to chaos in time-delay systems, which exist extensively in engineering. For a long time, the stability of time-delay systems at equilibrium has been of great interest from the Lyapunov...

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  • Micro-Nano Technology XVII-XVIII -...


    This book collects selected papers from the 17th and 18th Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Micro/Nano Technology (CSMNT2015 and CSMNT2016).The papers cover various fields, like Micro/Nano Transducer/Robot, Microfluidic Devices and...

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  • Electrical Influence Machines - A Full...


    Excerpt from Electrical Influence Machines: A Full Account of Their Historical Development, and Modern Forms, With Instructions for Making Them Electricity has now become, in the words of a dis tinguished physicist a truly imperial science, in which...

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  • Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further...


    Go beyond the basics with this thoroughly revised, easy to follow Arduino programming resourceThis fully updated TAB guide picks up where Dr. Simon Monk's bestselling Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches leaves off. Aimed at programmers...

  • Fracture Mechanics


    The second edition of this textbook includes a refined presentation of concepts in each chapter, additional examples; new problems and sections, such as conformal mapping and mechanical behavior of wood; while retaining all the features of the...

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  • Introduction To Micromechanics And...


    This book presents a systematic treatise on micromechanics and nanomechanics, which encompasses many important research and development areas such as composite materials and homogenizations, mechanics of quantum dots, multiscale analysis and...

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  • The Art Of Modeling Mechanical Systems


    The papers in this volume present rules for mechanical models in a general systematic way, always in combination with small and large examples, many from industry, illustrating the most important features of modeling. The best way to reach a good...

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  • Lagrangian And Hamiltonian Dynamics


    An introductory textbook exploring the subject of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics, with a relaxed and self-contained setting. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics is the continuation of Newton's classical physics into new formalisms, each...

  • Lagrangian And Hamiltonian Dynamics


    An introductory textbook exploring the subject of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics, with a relaxed and self-contained setting. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics is the continuation of Newton's classical physics into new formalisms, each...

  • Introduction To Micromechanics And...


    This book presents a systematic treatise on micromechanics and nanomechanics, which encompasses many important research and development areas such as composite materials and homogenizations, mechanics of quantum dots, multiscale analysis and...

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  • An Introduction To The Finite Element Method...


    An up-to-date, self-contained introduction to the theory and applications of the finite element methodThis thoroughly revised classic engineering textbook offers a broad-based overview of the finite element method. Written by a world-renowned...

  • Materials Science And Engineering - An...

    Rethwisch, David G.; Callister,William D. Jr.

    Materials Science And Engineering - An Introduction

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  • Power System Stability and Control

    Balu,Neal J.; Kundur,P.; Lauby,Mark G.

    Voltage stability is a major concern in the planning and operation of electric power systems. This is the first book to provide a clear, in-depth explanation of voltage stability, covering both transient and longer-term phenomena and presenting...

  • Lean Manufacturing Implementation

    Hobbs,Dennis P.

    Lean Manufacturing Implementation

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  • Structures

    Gordon,J. E.


  • Modelling Transport 4th Edition

    Ortuzar S.,Juan De Dios

    Already the market leader in the field, Modelling Transport has become still more indispensible following a thorough and detailed update. Enhancements include two entirely new chapters on modelling for private sector projects and on activity-based...

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  • Theory And Design For Mechanical Measurements...

    Figliola,Richard S; Beasley,Donald

    Figliola and Beasley's 6th edition of Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements provides a time-tested and respected approach to the theory of engineering measurements. An emphasis on the role of statistics and uncertainty analysis in the...

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  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - A Practical...

    Tu,Jiyuan; Yeoh,Guan Heng; Liu,Chaoqun

    Computational Fluid Dynamics, Second Edition, provides an introduction to CFD fundamentals that focuses on the use of commercial CFD software to solve engineering problems. This new edition provides expanded coverage of CFD techniques including...

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  • Thing Explainer Complicated Stuff In Simple...


    Have you ever tried to learn more about some incredible thing, only to be frustrated by incomprehensible jargon? Randall Munroe is here to help. In 'Thing Explainer, 'he uses line drawings and only the thousand (or, rather, ten hundred ) most common...

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  • Materials - Engineering, Science, Processing...


    Materials, Fourth Edition: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design is the essential materials engineering text for students who need to develop an understanding of materials properties and selection for engineering applications. Taking a unique,...

  • Bridge And Tunnel Centres (Classic Reprint)

    Mcmaster,John Bach

    Excerpt from Bridge and Tunnel Centres It is the purpose of the following essay to present in as brief a manner as the nature of the subject will allow, the rules and principles, the application and observance of which is of really vital importance...

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  • Workshop Notes Sketches (Classic Reprint)

    Clark,Thomas A

    Excerpt from Workshop Notes Sketches That the present book, which is the result of several years' experience in the teaching of handicraft in schools, will altogether supply the want, it may be too much to suppose; but so far as it goes, the course...

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  • Principles And Practice Of Plumbing (Classic...

    Cosgrove,John Joseph

    Excerpt from Principles and Practice of Plumbing In preparing the manuscript for this book, the author's sole object was to systematize and reduce to an exact basis, the principles which underlie the practice of plumbing. The necessity for accurate...

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  • A Treatise On The Progressive Improvement And...


    Excerpt from A Treatise on the Progressive Improvement and Present State of the Manufactures in Metal, Vol. 3: Tin, Lead, Copper and Other Metals Antiquity and Use of Pewter Vessels. - Compositi on of Pewter. Varieties and Properties of the Metal....

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  • Handbook Of The Steam-Engine - Containing All...


    Excerpt from Handbook of the Steam-Engine: Containing All the Rules Required for the Right Construction of Engines Class, With the Easy Arithmetical Solution of Those Rules, Constituting a Key to the 'Catechism of the Steam-Engine;' Or otherwise have...

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  • The London Journal Of Arts And Sciences, And...


    Excerpt from The London Journal of Arts and Sciences, and Repertory of Patent Inventions, 1838, Vol. 11 Baylis's Evaporating Apparatus; Ericsson's Rotary Eu gine; Smith's Liquor Valve; Bruce's Biscuit-making Machinery; and Rowley's Telegraph. About...

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  • Manual Instruction Drawing (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Manual Instruction Drawing IT is intended to consider here the widely comprehensive subject, Drawing, from one point of view only, that of the manual training teacher - an aspect to some extent restricted, and yet of sufficient breadth...

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  • The Evolution Of The Oil Industry (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Evolution of the Oil Industry A glance at the chapter headings in this little book shows that it is an endeavour to present in suc cinct form a survey of a great and ever-expanding economic revolution - the interpenetration by pe...

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  • Application Of Control Volume Based Finite...


    Application of Control Volume Based Finite Element Method (CVFEM) for Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer discusses this powerful numerical method that uses the advantages of both finite volume and finite element methods for the simulation of...

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