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  • Your Chinese Horoscope For Each And Every...

    Somerville, Neil

    Your Chinese Horoscope for Each and Every Year is a helpful and informative guide on Chinese horoscopes. Built on the long-standing success of Your Chinese Horoscope, this new book gives insights into each of the Chinese signs as well as special...

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  • Tetrabiblos

    Ptolemy,Claudius; Ashmand,J. M. (trn); Proclus (con)


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  • Manual Prático De Astrologia

    Gravelaine, Joelle de

    Manual Prático De Astrologia

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  • O Cometa

    SAGAN ,CARL; Carl Sagan



    O que são estes visitantes graciosos que surgem no nosso céu? Sabemos agora que trazem tanto vida como morte e nos falam das nossas origens...Este livro inicia-se com uma viagem aventurosa através do espaço, cavalgando um cometa. É este o ponto de...

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  • The Astrology Of You And Me - How To...


    This astrological relationship guide is indispensable for dealing with everyone from friends and family to bosses and coworkers. Steer your life by the stars and make all your interpersonal relationships shine. This beautifully designed,...

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  • Profecias Mayas


    Profecias Mayas

  • Los Simbolos Y Sus Significados - Guia...

    Tresidder Jack

    Una fascinante guía ilustrada de más de mil símbolos que descifra sus significados más profundos y el sentido que tienen en la actualidad. Explora la rica carga de significados espirituales y místicos que contienen los símbolos. Sorprendentes y...

  • Sex Signs - Your Perfect Match Is In The...


    Ever wonder if it's chemistry--or astrology? Learn to use your zodiac sign--and everyone else's!--to find, attract, and seduce your star-destined match. Every sun sign has its perfect match--in and out of the bedroom. In this hot new edition of the...

  • Be Your Own Astrologer - Unlock The Secrets...


    Lift astrology out of the sun-sign columns, interpret your birth chart, and discover the true meaning of the stars and planets, and their influence on your personality. Most people know their sun sign and the broad character traits that go with it:...

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  • Astrology - Using The Wisdom Of The Stars In...


    In Astrology, you'll see how to cast and read your own birth chart; how to interpret the zodiac signs, the sun, moon and other planets, and the astrological houses to better understand yourself and your place in the world around you.The book sets out...

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  • Predicting Events With Astrology


    Predicting Events With Astrology

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  • La Astrologia Del 2012 / Astrology 2012

    Garrison, Cal

    Esta obra nos revela y aclara el increible paralelismo que existe entre las afirmaciones de la astrologia moderna y las predicciones de los mas antiguos pueblos indigenas sobre los hechos que nos esperan en 2012. Si esta interesado en una comprension...

  • Love Signs - Your Perfect Match Is In The...


    Sick of looking for love in all the wrong places? Let the stars play matchmaker and learn to use your zodiac sign--and everyone else's!--to find and woo your perfect match, in a romance destined by the stars themselves! Every star sign has its own...

  • Astrology For Wellness - Star Sign Guides For...

    Farber, Monte; Zerner,Amy

    Astrology can help us divine the future--but it's also a perfect path to reclaiming your personal power through wellness practices tailored to your sign. Type-A Aries is prone to burnout at work and should de-stress with hot baths. If you were born...

  • Lunar Nodes


    Lunar Nodes

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  • The Yod

    Joan Kellogg

    The Yod

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  • Retrograde Planets


    Retrograde Planets

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  • Llewellyn's 2009 Astrological Pocket Planner


    Consult the stars anytime, anywhere, with this easy-to-use astrological day planner. From setting a wedding date to buying a house, you can use this essential cosmic database to plan your life according to planets. Featuring three years of ephemeris...

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  • El Unico Libro de Astrologia que Necesitara /...

    Woolfolk,Joanna Martine

    A do-it-yourself astrology guide provides all necessary information and tables to help plot a complete, individual horoscope, including many details frequently neglected in conventional astrological books.

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  • In Search Of A Fulfilling Career

    Joanne Wickenburg

    In Search Of A Fulfilling Career

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  • Moon Wisdom

    Roan Robbins , Heather

    Heather Roan Robbins believes how we respond to the Moon's powerful influence is key to how we lead our life. The Moon circles the Earth and zodiac in approximately 28 days and changes signs every 2.5 days. The Moon sets the tone of the day. When we...

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  • Planets In Signs


    Planets In Signs

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  • Astrology And Religion Among the Greeks And...


    Astrology And Religion Among the Greeks And Romans

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  • Decanates And Duads

    Frances Sakoian; Louis Acker

    Does a planet in a sign have the same meaning in every horoscope? Yes and no.Although everyone with a specific planet in a specific sign shares common characteristics, each displays subtle differences depending upon what degree the planet occupies...

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  • The Astrologer's Magazine, 1895, Vol. 5 - A...


    For six shillings and six pence, Victorians could peruse The Astrologer's Magazine, Vol. 5, a periodical solely dedicated to astral science. You are unlikely to find this magazine in libraries or archives because it was not considered a proper...

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  • Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs

    Goodman,Linda; Reynolds,Carolyn; Bush,Crystal

    An individualized, detailed astrological analysis of compatibility, based on each person's birthchart, includes instructions on how to create astrological charts using your birthdate and birthtime. Reprint.

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  • The Complete Book of Chart Rectification

    Tebbs,Carol A.

    The Complete Book of Chart Rectification

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  • Star Guide To Weddings

    Kent,April Elliott

    Star Guide To Weddings

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  • Llewellyn’s 2009 Moon Sign Book

    Llewellyn (cor)

    Llewellyn’s 2009 Moon Sign Book

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  • Urano



  • Neptuno



  • The Zodiac And the Salts of Salvation

    Carey,George Washington; Perry,Inez Eudora

    The Zodiac And the Salts of Salvation

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  • The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

    Gullfoss,Per Henrik

    The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

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  • Your Wedding Astrologer - How To Plan The...


    The stars are here to help you plan your wedding! Use this guide to find astrologically based advice on everything you need to plan the perfect cosmically customized wedding--from choosing the right dress, locale, or food, or dealing with your...

  • The Light Of Egypt

    Paul Tice; Paul Tice; Thomas H. Burgoyne; Thomas H. Burgoyne

    The Light Of Egypt

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  • Shoestrology - Discover Your Birthday Shoe

    Edut,Tali; Edut,Ophira

    For fashionistas, astrology-devotees, or anyone who is starry-eyed about shoes, this fabulous illustrated gift book reveals what your birthday shoe says about you. Combining astrology with the chic art of shoe design, Shoestrology offers a trendy...

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  • Chinese Astrology


    Chinese Astrology

  • Llewellyn’s 2009 Daily Planetary Guide

    Llewellyn (cor)

    Llewellyn’s 2009 Daily Planetary Guide

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  • Sex Signs


    Provides women with insights into themselves and their sexual and social relationships and gives advice on the constructive use of anger and personal power

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  • Synastry



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  • Total Horoscope Cancer 2006

    Vários Autores

    A collection of astrological guides for 2006, one for each sign of the zodiac, presents detailed yearly, daily, and weekly forecasts for the coming year, including eighteen months of daily forecasts, in an easy-to-read format that features handy...

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  • Jackpot Cosmico, o

    Davies,Paul; Davies,Paul

    Porque parece o nosso universo talhado à medida para a vida? Ter-nos-á saído o jackpot cósmico? Com uma mistura bem conseguida de ciência, metafísica e filosofia, Davies afirma que a vida e, em última análise, a consciência não são produtos...

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  • Universo da Astrologia, o


    Universo da Astrologia, o

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  • Planets In Love


    Planets In Love

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