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Bruxaria e Magia

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80 produtos
  • Wiccapedia - A Modern-Day White Witch's Guide

    Greenaway,Leanna; Robbins ,Shawn

    Now in a new, hipper, edgier format, Wiccapedia provides a fresh, innovative, and thoroughly up-to-date look at witchcraft and gives readers a prescription for happiness. “Spiritual life coaches” and celebrity witches Shawn Robbins and Leanna...

  • The Occult, Witchcraft And Magic - An...


    From the earliest Paleolithic cave rituals, magic has gripped the imagination. Magic and magicians appear in early Babylonian texts, the Bible, Judaism and Islam. Secret words, spells and incantations lie at the heart of every mythological tradition....

  • The Good Witch's Guide - A Modern-Day...

    Robbins ,Shawn; Bedell,Charity

    The Good Witch's Guide - A Modern-Day Wiccapedia Of Magickal Ingredients And Spells

  • The Goodly Spellbook

    Deerman,Dixie; Rasmussen,Steve

    Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. Delightfully well written and practical, filled with atmospheric illustrations and diagrams throughout,...

  • Wicca Oracle

    Weatherstone,Lunaea; Lo Scarabeo; Mesar,Nada

    Divine your way to self-knowledge and awareness. Built upon the core beliefs and traditions of Wicca, this vividly illustrated oracle can put you in touch with the sacred gods and goddesses. Whether you're seeking spiritual wisdom or answers to...

  • The Orphic Hymns - A New Translation For The...

    Dunn, Patrick

    The Orphic hymns are fascinating historical artefacts--87 devotions, invocations, and entreaties to the Greek gods that are as powerful today as they were when they were originally developed thousands of years ago. Designed to be used in contemporary...

  • 1001 Spells - The Complete Book Of Spells For...


    For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array of spells for every conceivable desire, both big (health and healing) and more specific (like selling a house). Twenty different sections, ranging from...

  • Ioanne De Mandavilla - Qual Tratta De Le Piu...

    Mandeville, John

    Excerpt from Ioanne De Mandavilla: Qual Tratta De le Piu Marauegliose Cose e Piu Notabile Che se Trouino, e Come Presentialmente Ha Cercato Tutte le Parte Habitabile del Mondo, e Ha Notato Alcune Degne Co se Che Ha Uedute in Esse Parte Capitolo. Lxx....

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  • Daily Spellbook For The Good Witch - Quick,...


    Everybody has something they’d like to change, be it love, career, friendships, health, or money. Sometimes they turn to magic to create the desired transformation. But what kind of spell should you use? Does it require rare ingredients? And how do...

  • The Modern Witchcraft Book Of Natural Magick...

    Nock,Judy Ann

    The magic of witchcraft never dies. Harness the power of nature-based magick, including herbal charms and remedies, cleansing rituals, crystal healing, astrology, and more with this new guide in the popular Modern Witchcraft series--perfect for...

  • Moon Magic - Your Complete Guide To...


    From the author of Moon Spells comes a beginner's book about the moon's energy and how you can harness that lunar power in your everyday life. From new moons and eclipses to blue moons and the super moon, there are ample opportunities for the moon to...

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  • Sex Magic - Release & Control The Power Of...

    U D, Frater

    Unleash the primal power and potent magic of mystical sexual practices Harnessing the elemental power of sexuality is one of the oldest and most important disciplines in magic practiced by a wide variety of cultures and magical sects. In Sex Magic,...

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  • The Key Of Solomon The King

    S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers; S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

    Translated and Edited from Manuscripts in the British Museum by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers. One of the most famous of all magical textbooks. The Key of Solomon the King, was translated by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers, who was a well known 19th...

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  • The Grimoire Of St. Cyprian - Clavis Inferni

    Skinner, Stephen

    Paperback edition of this esoteric classic. There have been many grimoires attributed to St. Cyprian of Antioch due to his reputation as a consummate magician before his conversion to Christianity, but perhaps none so intriguing as the present...

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  • Everyday Witch A To Z Spellbook


    'Today's Witch' deals with everything from family drama to weight loss to fertility - well beyond love and protection concerns. Chock-full of practical everyday magick, this is the perfect companion for your multifaceted life. Arranged alphabetically...

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  • A Spell A Day - For Health, Wealth, Love, And...


    Need money? Want more amour? Whatever your heart's desire, Cassandra Eason has a spell for it. Her fun, comprehensive compendium takes you through the year, with just the right magic to help make you prosperous, lucky, loved, and full of life. With...

  • Three Books Of Occult Philosophy Or Magic,...

    Agrippa,Henry Cornelius

    Agrippa Von Nettesheim was a counselor to Charles the fifth, Emperor of Germany and judge of the prerogative court. Throughout his life, he held a deep interest in the occult and magic, which led to writing a lengthy series of books on this topic. In...

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  • The Faerie Book


    The Faerie Book

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  • The Modern Witchcraft Guide To The Wheel Of...

    Nock,Judy Ann

    From the Modern Witchcraft series comes a complete guide to all of the sacred days and holidays of the Wiccan calendar--with spells, rituals, and other tips to celebrate. In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to the Wheel of the Year, you'll learn about the...

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  • The Grimoire Of Lady Sheba

    Sheba, Lady

    Discover the Spells, Rituals, and Recipes of the Craft The personal magickal practices of one of the modern world's most influential Witches The ground-breaking writings of Lady Sheba helped bring Witchcraft to the modern world. This book contains...

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  • The Magus

    Francis Barrett

    The Magus has proved to be the most sought after set of books on magic and alchemy ever published. There is very good reason for this. These books are powerful, and were considered so dangerous that for many years, rare copies could only be found in...

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  • A Year And A Day Of Everyday Witchcraft - 366...


    Enjoy the Sacred Wisdom of Witchcraft Every Day Connect with your witchy self each and every day using quick, easy, and fun practices. This handy book features simple yet meaningful ways to integrate witchcraft into your daily life, inspiring you to...

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  • Llewellyn's Little Book Of Halloween


    This fun, pocket-size book shares everything you need to know to celebrate the festival when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Filled with crafts, recipes, spells, tutorials, and other unique ideas, this little book will help you make...

  • Way Of Wicca


    Following on from First Directions .. this new series provides a more in-depth, sophisticated introduction. An introductory Guide to Wicca, exploring all the fundamental issues of this path.This comprehensive guide to Wicca explores the nature of...

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  • The Wicca Bible


    The Wicca Bible

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  • How To Become A Witch

    K,Azrael Arynn; K,Amber

    This friendly introductory guide presents the key beliefs and practices of Witchcraft and offers step-by-step instruction on how to become a Witch. Best-selling authors Amber K and Azrael Arynn K have nearly fifty years of Craft experience between...

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  • Silver's Spells - Magick For Love, Protection...


    Bestselling author Silver RavenWolf presents her best spells for love, protection, and abundance--all in one powerful, easy-to-use book. Open the door to personal abundance with spells for inviting prosperity into your home and invoking the elements...

  • Queer Magic - Lgbt+ Spirituality And Culture...

    Prower, Tomas

    Queer Magic provides nourishment for LGBT+ souls and their allies. Explore fascinating insights into queer relationships and spiritual practices from different historical eras and regions of the world. Discover inspiring contributions from...

  • A Witch Alone


    This book carries on the tradition of the solo village witch emphasizing white rather than black magic. It is a practical manual of instruction for those who choose the solo path of study and particularly stresses the importance of being in tune with...

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  • Magickal, Mystical Creatures - Invite Their...


    Unicorns, centaurs, gorgons, and gargoyles . . . Enlist the special energies of over 200 fabulous creatures and mythical beasts on the astral plane to empower your magickal workings, rituals, and potential for success. Call upon a Magical Serpent for...

  • Manual Del Aprendiz


    Manual Del Aprendiz

  • Magia Egipcia


    Magia Egipcia

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  • Poppet Magick - Patterns, Spells & Formulas...


    From bestselling author Silver RavenWolf comes a hands-on book for exploring a fascinating realm of magic. For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have used poppets to improve life, provide protection and defense, bring healing and love...

  • A Cart Full Of Magic - Your Secret...

    Abrev, Ileana

    Transform the supermarket into a magical place you never knew existed with A Cart Full of Magic. Ileana Abrev takes you down every aisle--inner and outer--of your local grocery store, providing detailed lists and explanations of how to use common...

  • Sylva Sylvarum, Or A Natural History, In Ten...

    Bacon, Francis

    Excerpt from Sylva Sylvarum, or a Natural History, in Ten Centuries: Whereunto Is Newly Added, the History Natural and Experimental of Life and Death, or of the Prolongation of Life By the Groce of Goo, fr: K 1 N G of (from firztom, Emma, and Ireland...

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  • The Sacred Power In Your Name - Using Your...

    Andrews, Ted

    When you're born, you're given your own individual magical word--your name. It holds the keys to your soul's energies and abilities. If you come to know and use your name properly, you can uncover your soul's purpose, manifest abundance, and open up...

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  • Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth Book Of...

    Agrippa,Henry Cornelius

    Excerpt from Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy: Of Geomancy; Magical Elements of Peter De Abano; Astronomical Geomancy; The Nature of Spirits; Arbatel of Magick Probably it is this treatise which is mentioned by Agrippa in...

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  • The Male Pagan


    In this book, John Simone presents information based on his own experiences with the Neo-Pagan spiritual path over a 42 year period, along with additional research that included a survey of Neo-Pagan men completed in 2011. This book explores the male...

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  • The Witching Hour - Spells, Powders, Formulas...


    A Book of Dynamic Spells and Potent Magick from Bestselling Author Silver RavenWolf Includes more than 100 formulas for magickal powders and herbal blends Cultivate the energetic power of magick with renowned witch Silver RavenWolf. The Witching Hour...

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  • Encyclopedia Of Norse And Germanic Folklore -...


    A thorough reference to the many deities, magical beings, mythical places, and ancient customs of the Norse and Germanic regions of Europe Explores the legends and origins of well-known gods and figures such as Odin, Thor, Krampus, and the Valkyries...

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  • Supermarket Sabbats - A Magical Year Using...

    Furie, Michael

    'A little gem of a book filled with Furie's fabulous approach to practical magic. Bursting to the brim with easy-to-make recipes for all manner of seasonal goodies, Supermarket Sabbats will have you reaching for the bookcase as every Sabbat...

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  • Witchcraft...Into The Wilds

    Patterson, Rachel

    Witchcraft... into the wilds leads us through the wilds of nature and back to the roots and bones of witchcraft, a natural witchcraft that works with the seasons and all the natural items that Mother Nature provides, drawing on magical folk lore and...

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  • The Real Witches' Craft


    A follow-up to the best selling The Real Witches' Handbook. The book includes more practical advice on becoming a Wiccan and teaches the skills and techniques necessary for celebrating this craft.This book enables you to take your magic on to the...

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  • Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft (Classic...


    From the writer of such classics as Ivanhoe and The Lady of the Lake comes Sir Walter Scott's Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft wherein Scott discusses and, largely, criticizes the beliefs and treatment of witchcraft in Europe during the 16th and...

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