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  • The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

    Waite,Arthur Edward



    First issued in 1910, the Rider-Waite Tarot is almost certainly the most widely used tarot deck in the world. There are 78 cards, divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas, designed by Pamela Colman Smith in accordance with A.E. Waite’s instructions....

  • Tarot de Marseille By Jodorowsky

    Jodorowsky; Jodorowsky, Alejandro; Camoin

    Based on years of research with the goal of creating the definitive Tarot de Marseille, this deck is a labor of love that possesses fine details and the passionate workmanship of Phillipe Camoin last heir to the centuries-old legacy of Marseillan...

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  • The Golden Tarot - With Cards




    Inspired by the rich pattern and naive style of the ancient Italian tarot cards, this exquisite deck brings in all the archetypal symbols of the tarot. So when you learn to read cards with The Golden Tarot, you’ll not only be reading your own cards...

  • Secrets Of Self Hypnosis - Harnessing The...


    Take charge of your life. Realize your full potential. Discover the limitless opportunities of self-hypnosis. Linking scientific techniques with practical application, this groundbreaking guide explores the true nature of the conscious and...

  • The Unseen World - And Other Essays (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Unseen World: And Other Essays A savage condition. The theories of the world wrought out by early priest - philosophers were in great part made up of such grotesque notions and having become variously implicated with ethical opinions...

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  • Kentucky Haunts


    The Bluegrass State of Kentucky has a macabre assortment of hotels and inns, restaurants, parks, roads and highways, cemeteries, and historic locales that are haunted by ghosts that linger and grow. Examine more than 40 locations providing visitor...

  • The Evolution Of The Soul - And Other Essays...

    Hudson,Thomson Jay

    Excerpt from The Evolution of the Soul: And Other Essays He did not claim to be the discoverer of a subliminal self, of an unconscious ego, of an under-self, or of a secondary consciousness, and, moreover, he recognized the plagiarism in that claim...

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  • Divine Healing Hands - Experience Divine...


    Beyond mind over matter, enter the universe of soul over matter with Master Zhi Gang Sha Humanity and Mother Earth are suffering. Divine Healing Hands are given in this special time. Serve humanity. Serve Mother Earth. Millions of people are...

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  • The Intermediate Sex - A Study Of Some...


    Excerpt from The Intermediate Sex: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women The following papers, now collected in book form, have been written - and some of them published - on various occasions during the last twelve or fourteen years,...

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  • Practical Mind-Reading - A Course Of Lessons...

    Atkinson,William Walker

    Excerpt from Practical Mind-Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought-Transference, Telepathy, Mental-Currents and Mental Rapport But how different today. On all hands we hear of the wonders of Thought Transference, or Tele pathy, as it is called....

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  • The Steampunk Tarot


    Go where the past and future converge, into a world of roaring engines and gleaming metal, top hats and corseted silk gowns ...where alternate histories play out in a film reel of fantasy, adventure, and magic. A wildly popular genre that is gaining...

  • Witches Tarot

    Dugan,Ellen; Evans,Mark



    Here, the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, Wheel of Fortune becomes Wheel of the Year, and Judgement becomes Karma.Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck and filled with images that speak to today's magickal practitioner, witchcraft takes...

  • African Cowrie Shells Divination - History,...


    Divination with cowrie shells is one of the oldest known spiritual practices in the world. Originated by the Yoruba people in West Africa, cowrie shell divination is a powerful technique for deeply connecting to the past, present, and future while...

  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck And Guidebook




    From the beloved artist-seeker behind The Wild Unknown comes the long-awaited box set of her hit tarot deck and guidebook together for the first time in a beautifully designed keepsake package. Kim Krans is not only a vanguard of the new tarot...

  • Only A Thought Away - Keeping In Touch With...


    Every day, your loved ones in spirit are with you, helping and guiding you, in the miraculous ways that spirits are able. Discover how to make powerful connections with them and explore the subtle, and not-so-subtle, signs they send you. Bestselling...

  • Inner Reflections Journal - Writing &...


    Plant the seeds of your future creations with this deluxe paperback journal. With premium quality, cream-colored, wood-free paper and a combination of lined and unlined pages, this journal is designed to be a sacred space for all facets of your...

  • Spirit Messages - Inspiring Stories About...


    Through amazing and enlightening stories about the many spirits she has communicated with, spiritualist medium Elizabeth Owens welcomes you into the world of mediumship. Elizabeth has been communicating with those on the Other Side for decades, and...

  • O Livro dos Illuminati

    Robert Anton Wilson



    “Wilson conseguiu inverter todas as minhas polaridades mentais, como se me tivessem arrastado através do infinito.” Philip K. Dick “Nada é verdade. Tudo é permissível.” Hassan I Sabbah, fundador dos Illuminati em 1090 Será que toda a história não...

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  • Shadowscapes Tarot

    Law,Stephanie Pui-mun



    Leap into a fantastical world of floating mermaids and dancing fairies with the Shadowscapes Tarot—available now in a handy deck-only form. Since its highly anticipated debut a year ago, this exquisitely wrought deck continues to delight tarot...

  • Lenormand Oracle


    Marie Anne Lenormand is famous for being Napoleon Bonaparte's trusted card reader. Let the Sibilla of the Salons guide you toward self-understanding and insight through this historically-inspired oracle deck. Included is a detailed instruction manual...

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  • Santa Muerte Tarot Deck - Book Of The Dead




    A masterpiece of inspired imagery, this tarot deck is a powerful tool for working with the mysticism associated with the Day of the Dead and Santa Muerte.

  • Dreams Of Gaia Tarot


    The philosophy of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot is simple: to seek, to feel, to grow, to heal. This deck will strengthen your connection to your divine self, while helping you to identify and heal past experiences that hold you back from living to your...

  • Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards

    Hartfield ,Angela; Wall,Josephine

    Restore your connection to Mother Earth and let her deep embrace bring you peace, healing, and guidance. In Nature's Whispers, the gorgeous imagination of artist Josephine Wall is brought to vibrant life, resulting in an oracle deck experience that...

  • Power Vs. Force

    Hawkins,David R.



    Building on the accumulated wisdom of applied kinesiology (diagnostic muscle-testing to determine the causes of allergies and ailments) and behavioral kinesiology (muscle-testing to determine emotional responses to stimuli), David R. Hawkins, M.D....

  • Archangel Oracle Cards




    Archangel Oracle Cards

  • Golden Tarot of the Renaissance/tarot Dorado...

    Berti,Giordano; de Jo Dworkin,Arte

    Golden Tarot of the Renaissance/tarot Dorado Del Renacimiento

  • Gaia : Um Novo Olhar Sobre a Vida na Terra


    Gaia : Um Novo Olhar Sobre a Vida na Terra

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  • Easy Lenormand - Quick Answers To Everyday...

    Katz,Marcus; Tali Goodwin



    Join renowned instructors Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin as they reveal the meaning of each of the thirty-six cards of the Lenormand deck. With straightforward interpretations of the deck's iconic symbols, this guide will help you work with the cards...

  • Utopia - Originally Printed In Latin, 1516;...


    Excerpt from Utopia: Originally Printed in Latin, 1516; Translated Into English Of their journeying or travailing abroad, with divers other matters cunningly reafoned, and wittily difmfied, Of Bondmen, Sick Perfons, Wedlock, and divers other matters....

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  • The Magic Of The Middle Ages (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Magic of the Middle Ages The earth, itself fixed and immovable, was encompassed by ten heavens successively en circling one another, and all of these except the highest in constant rotation about their centre. About the Publisher...

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  • The Witchcraft Delusion In New England, Vol....


    Excerpt from The Witchcraft Delusion in New England, Vol. 3 of 3: Its Rise, Progress, and Termination, as Exhibited by Dr. Cotton Mather, in the Wonders of the Invisible World; And by Mr. Robert Calef, in His More Wonders of the Invisible World The...

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  • Elements Of Magic - Reclaiming Earth, Air,...


    Within many contemporary Witchcraft traditions, the art of magic is intertwined with the energy of the elements. This book shows you how to find the magic within yourself--to learn, experiment, and strengthen your skills as you discover or renew your...

  • Sylva Sylvarum, Or A Naturall Historie, In...


    Excerpt from Sylva Sylvarum, or a Naturall Historie, in Ten Centuries Auing had the Honour to be conti, nually with my Lord, in compi ling of this War/re, And to be em ployed therein 5 l haue thought it not amiii'e, with his Lordihips good leaue and...

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  • Moses's Principia, Vol. 2 - Part II; Of The...


    Excerpt from Moses's Principia, Vol. 2: Part II; Of the Circulation of the Heavens, of the Cause of the Motion and Course of the Earth, Moon, &C., Of the Religion, Philosophy, and Emblems of the Heathens Before Moses Writ, and of the Jews After...

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  • The Philosophical Epitaph Of W. C. Esquire,...


    Excerpt from The Philosophical Epitaph of W. C. Esquire, for a Memento Mori on the Philosophers (Tomb) Stone: With Three Hierogliphical Scutcheons Displaying Minervas, and Hermes Birds, and Apollos Birds of Paradice in Philosophical Mottoes and...

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  • The Green Witch - Your Complete Guide To The...


    At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land...

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  • Tarot Illuminati Kit

    Huggens,Kim; C. Dunne ,Erik



    A profound quest for enlightenment drives us to grow, overcome challenges, and reach our full potential. Combining artistic beauty, symbolic depth, and intuitive vigor, the Illuminati Tarot warms the soul and frees the mind. This evocative tool of...

  • Angel Intuition - A Psychic's Guide To The...


    Join Tanya Carroll Richardson, angel intuitive and author of Angel Insights, as she shows how to invite angels to play a larger role in your life. Discover how to communicate with angels and receive their guidance for healing old wounds, finding your...

  • Universal Wirth Tarot / Universal de Wirth

    Berti,Giordano; Palumbo,Stefano (ilt)

    Universal Wirth Tarot / Universal de Wirth

  • The Occult Book - A Chronological Journey...


    Explore the occult from ancient times to the modern day with one of its most respected scholars and practitioners. Take an enlightening journey through occult history, exploring 100 dramatic incidents, arcane knowledge, and key historical figures...

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  • How To Change Your Mind - What The New...

    Pollan, Michael

    The #1 New York Times bestseller. A brilliant and brave investigation into the medical and scientific revolution taking place around psychedelic drugs--and the spellbinding story of his own life-changing psychedelic experiences When Michael Pollan...

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  • Herbalismo Magico

    Cunningham,Scott; Ramirez,Hector (TRN); Ramirez, Hector (TRN); Rojas, Edgar (TRN)

    Herbalismo Magico

  • Diário Espiritual

    Vários Autores

    Diário Espiritual

  • Sacred Rebels Oracle

    Alana Fairchild; Skye Morrison,Autumn

    Live your own unique, inspired life and share your light with the world as a sacred offering. This oracle deck is filled with striking imagery and beautiful heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred, rebellious heart. Celebrate and...

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