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156 produtos
  • Mental Math For Pilots

    McElroy,Ronald D.

    Mental Math For Pilots

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  • Buying The Big Jets - Fleet Planning For...


    Selecting the right aircraft for an airline operation is a vastly complex process, involving a multitude of skills and considerable knowledge of the business. Buying the Big Jets has been published since 2001 to provide expert guidance to all those...

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  • Airport Operations

    Ashford, Norman; Stanton,H. P. Martin; Stanton,Martin H. P.; Moore,Clifton A.

    THE MOST COMPLETE, UP-TO-DATE GUIDE TO THE MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF AIRPORTS Fully revised for the latest FAA, ICAO, and IATA standards and regulations, Airport Operations, Third Edition, provides proven strategies and best practices for...

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  • Anthony Fokker - The Flying Dutchman Who...


    Comprehensive biography of Anthony Fokker, the famed Dutch pilot and daredevil aviator Anthony Fokker: The Flying Dutchman Who Shaped American Aviation tells the larger-than-life true story of maverick pilot and aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker....

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  • Airplane Flying Handbook

    Administration,Federal Aviation

    This official U.S. government guide to piloting aircraft-created by the Federal Aviation Administration-is the essential resource for finding the knowledge and skills to fly all types of planes. It includes an introduction to flight training and...

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  • Far/Aim 2018: Up-To-Date FAA Regulations /...

    Federal Aviation Administration,

    All the information you need to operate safely in US airspace, fully updated. If you're an aviator or aviation enthusiast, you cannot be caught with an out-of-date edition of the FAR/AIM. In today's environment, there is no excuse for ignorance of...

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  • Coach Wooden And Me

    Abdul-Jabbar,Kareem; Fisher,David

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explores his 50-year friendship with Coach John Wooden, one of the most enduring and meaningful relationships in sports history.In 1965, 18-year old Lew Alcindor played basketball for Coach John Wooden at UCLA. It was the...

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  • Hydrogen Aircraft Technology

    Brewer,G Daniel; Brewer,Daniel; Brewer,Brewer Daniel

    Liquid hydrogen is shown to be the ideal fuel for civil transport aircraft, as well as for many types of military aircraft. Hydrogen Aircraft Technology discusses the potential of hydrogen for subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic applications....

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  • Combat Aircraft

    Riccardo Niccoli

    From the Gumman Hellcat and Boeing Flying Fortress to the Sopwith Camel, Mitsubishi Zero, and Ilyushin Sturmovik, Combat Aircraft presents the 40 most famous aircraft in history. These are the planes that had the greatest impact on the collective...

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  • Aircraft Design Of WWII - A Sketchbook

    Lockheed Aircraft Corporation,

    This treasure trove of cutaway views of 1940s aircraft features art from the top magazines of the era: Aeroplane, Flight, Aviation, L'Aeronautique, and others. The majority of the illustrations are American models, described with extensive notes and...

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  • Fatal Traps For Helicopter Pilots


    Acquire the Life-Saving Skills Needed to Eliminate or Reduce Most Helicopter Accidents A vital resource for pilots, helicopter enthusiasts, and aircraft maintenance technicians, Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots analyzes all aspects of helicopter...

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  • Sky Girls - The True Story Of The First...

    Jessen,Gene Nora

    'A beautiful and inspiring book...fascinatingly told.' --Donna Shirley, former head of the U.S. Mars program, NASAThe exhilarating true story of the unsung pioneers who blazed a pathway towards a new era of female aviation...The year is 1929, and on...

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  • Basic Flight Physiology


    The #1 Guide to Flight Physiology_Now Updated and Expanded with the Latest INSIGHTS for ENHANCING AIRCREW SAFE PERFORMANCE! The Third Edition of Basic Flight Physiology has been completely updated and expanded with information on THAT WILL REDUCE...

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  • Aviation Weather Handbook


    Pilot's ready-to-use, instant weather guide Fly safely in all weather conditions as you master the flying skills and strategies of expert aviators. Terry Lankford's Aviation Weather Handbook gives you flying strategies for every imaginable weather...

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  • Consolidated B-24 Vol.1 - The Xb-24 To B-24e...


    The B-24 Liberator remains to this day the world's most-produced heavy bomber and multi-engine aircraft, and the most produced military aircraft in US history, with almost 19,000 examples leaving the assembly lines of five plants. Through a broad...

  • The Aeronautical Annual, 1896 - Devoted To...


    Excerpt from The Aeronautical Annual, 1896: Devoted to the Advancement of the Neglected Science The machine has been improved very gradually; most of the modifications have been slight; yet some of the stages have been marked with great distinctness....

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  • Americas Navy And Marine Corps Airplanes

    Dean,Francis H,

    Americas Navy And Marine Corps Airplanes

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  • Aerotropolis - The Way We'll Live Next

    Kasarda,John D.; Lindsay, Greg

    This brilliant and eye-opening look at the new phenomenon called the aerotropolis gives us a glimpse of the way we will live in the near future and the way we will do business too.Not so long ago, airports were built near cities, and roads connected...

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  • Mini - Airline - Style At 30,000 Feet

    Lovegrove,Keith; Lovegrove, Keith

    This fascinating book examines every aspect of airline style, from the company liveries and interior designs of planes to advertising, haute couture, and airborne haute cuisine. Divided into four sections covering fashion, food, interior design, and...

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  • Airport Systems, Second Edition

    De Neufville, Richard; Odoni, Amedeo R.

    THE MOST PRACTICAL, COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE PLANNING, DESIGN, AND MANAGEMENT OF AIRPORTS--UPDATED BY LEADING PROFESSIONALS 'With the accelerated rate of change occurring throughout the aviation industry, this edition is a timely and very effective...

  • Wally Funk's Race For Space - The...


    Wally Funk was among the Mercury 13, the first group of American pilots to complete NASA's 1961 Women in Space program. Funk breezed through the rigorous physical and mental tests, her scores beating those of many of the male candidates--even John...

  • The Boys Of Dunbar - The Story Of The...


    The Boys Of Dunbar - The Story Of The Greatest High School Basketball Team

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  • The Air Traffic System

    Brenlove,Milovan S.

    The Air Traffic System

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  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Network -...

    Musa,Sarhan M; Wu,Zhijun

    Addresses the Challenges of Modern-Day Air Traffic Air traffic control (ATC) directs aircraft in the sky and on the ground to safety, while the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) comprises all systems and phases that assist in aircraft...

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  • Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation...

    Campbell; Bagshaw; Campbell,Dave; Campbell,R D; Bagshaw,M; Bagshaw,Michael

    Human error is cited as a major cause in over 70% of accidents, and it is widely agreed that a better understanding of human capabilities and limitations - both physical and psychological - would help reduce human error and improve flight safety....

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  • Aircraft


    Twelve titles to satisfy the curiosity and passion of all sort of readers, from animal lovers to motorcycle fans to historical vehicle enthusiasts. These books, distinguished by their handy small size, are illustrated with spectacular images and...

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  • Crashing The Borders - How Basketball Won The...

    Araton, Harvey

    Unflinching, timely, and authoritative, Crashing the Borders is the beginning of a much-needed conversation about sport and American culture. For those who care about both, this book will be the must-read work of the season.The game of basketball has...

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  • Airship Technology, 2nd Edition


    This comprehensive guide to modern airship design and operation, written by world experts, is the only up-to-date book on airship technology intended as a technical guide to those interested in studying, designing, building, flying, and operating...

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  • Boys Among Men

    Abrams, Jonathan

    The definitive, never-before-told story of the prep-to-pro generation, those basketball prodigies who from 1995 to 2005 made the jump directly from high school to the NBA. When Kevin Garnett shocked the world by announcing that he would not be...

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  • Hawker Hurricane - The Raf's Battle Of...


    The Hawker Hurricane has rightly earned its place in military aviation annals. Although only preceding the Spitfire by four months in its prototypic launch, the Hawker machine was available in measurably greater numbers by the Battle of Britain, a...

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  • Ace The Technical Pilot Interview

    Bristow,Gary V.

    Written by an experienced airline pilot, Ace the Technical Pilot Interview, Second Edition is filled with more than 1000 questions and answers, many of them all-new. This practical study tool asks the right questions so you'll know the right answers....

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  • The Aviation Book - The World's Aircraft a -...

    Caoimh,Fia o

    Illustrates the history of flight through drawings of nearly 400 of the world's aircraft, each individually rendered and with technical specs.

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  • Redefining Airmanship

    Kern, Tony; Kern,Anthony T., Major, U. S. Airforce

    Redefining Airmanship offers the first concrete model of the abstract ideal of 'airmanship,' and gives the reader step-by-step guidance for self-appraisal and improvement in the areas of flight proficiency, teamwork, and good judgment in crisis...

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  • NASA

    Gorn,Michael; Aldrin, Buzz

    Surveys the history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, describing the major space craft and missions launched.

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  • Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and...


    Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and Technicians

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  • Aviation Maintenance Management

    Kinnison,Harry A., Ph.D.

    Aviation Maintenance Management

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  • Airport Planning & Management 6/e

    Wells,Alexander T.; Young,Seth B.

    Fully revised, updated, and reorganized to reflect the latest advances in the aviation industry, Airport Planning and Management, Sixth Edition offers comprehensive coverage of this challenging field. Airports, airport systems, operations management,...

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  • Pilot's Handbook Of Aeronautical Knowledge

    Administration, Federal Aviation

    Used extensively as a reference source for the FAA Knowledge Exams, this resource includes basic knowledge that is essential for all pilots, from beginning students to those pursuing advanced pilot certificates. This updated guide covers a wide array...

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  • Flight

    Grant,R. G.


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  • Defying Gravity


    A historical look at the concept of free-fall, from its origination by drunken British brawlers to the thrill seekers of today, describes how the sport has taken the world by storm, revealing the psychological significance of its performers, the...

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  • Basic Aerobatics

    Szurovy,Geza; Goulian,Mike

    Enjoy the aerobatics experience with this complete guide from national champions who tell you not only how to perform the maneuvers, but why the airplane behaves as it does.

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  • Wings

    Crouch,Tom D.

    A narrative history of the development of human flight discusses how the enthusiasm of various amateurs gave way to the aviation industry, citing the periods of setback and danger that marked the achievements of numerous flight pioneers. Reprint....

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  • Better Aerobatics

    Cassidy,Alan Charles

    Better Aerobatics

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  • Dan Raymer's Simplified Aircraft Design For...

    Raymer,Daniel P.

    Dan Raymer's Simplified Aircraft Design For Homebuilders

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