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  • Guia das Pedras Preciosas


    Guia das Pedras Preciosas

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  • Manual de Mineralogía - 4ª Ed. 2010 - Vol. 01


    Manual de Mineralogía - 4ª Ed. 2010 - Vol. 01

  • Jewel


    Celebrate the most dazzling jewels on Earth with Jewel , the most glamorous guide to jewellery, gems, and minerals . With a foreword by Judith Miller, Jewel is a lavish look at precious stones, organic gems, and precious metals. Discover...

  • Fundamentos de Informação Geográfica - 5ª Ed.

    Matos,João de

    Esta obra destina-se ao apoio no ensino das ciências da informação geográfica ao nível superior e de pós-graduação, podendo servir como referência de conceitos fundamentais para profissionais e utilizadores de sistemas de informação geográfica.O seu...

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  • Hope And Grief In The Anthropocene -...

    Head, Lesley

    The Anthropocene is a volatile and potentially catastrophic age demanding new ways of thinking about relations between humans and the nonhuman world. This book explores how responses to environmental challenges are hampered by a grief for a pristine...

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  • Basin Analysis - Principles And Application...

    Allen, John R.; Allen, Philip A.

    Basin Analysis is an advanced undergraduate and postgraduate text aimed at understanding sedimentary basins as geodynamic entities. The rationale of the book is that knowledge of the basic principles of the thermo–mechanical behaviour of the...

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  • Krakatoa


    Simon Winchester, New York Times bestselling author of The Professor and the Madman, examines the legendary annihilation in 1883 of the volcano-island of Krakatoa, which was followed by an immense tsunami that killed nearly forty thousand people. The...

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  • Igneous Rocks And Processes A Practical Guide


    This book is for geoscience students taking introductory or intermediate-level courses in igneous petrology, and helps them develop key skills (and confidence) in identifying igneous minerals, and in interpreting - and allocating appropriate names to...

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  • Cosmos, Vol. 2 - Sketch Of A Physical...

    Humboldt,Alexander Von

    Excerpt from Cosmos, Vol. 2: Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe Second Epoch. - Military expeditions of the Macedonians under Alexander the Great. Fusion of the East with the West under Greek dominion and influence. About the Publisher...

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  • Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere

    Watts,Anthony Brian

    Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere

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  • Sedimentary Environments - Processes Facies...

    Reading,H. G.

    Sedimentary Environments - Processes Facies and Stratigraphy 3rd Edition

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  • The Biomarker Guide

    Walters,Clifford C.; Peters,Kenneth E.; Moldowan,J. Michael

    The Biomarker Guide

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  • Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology 3rd...

    Davis,John C.

    Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology 3rd Edition

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  • Physical And Chemical Hydrogeology 2nd...


    Completely updated, the second edition of this comprehensive volume not only covers all major areas of hydrogeology, it takes a process–oriented, integrated approach so that readers can gain a complete understanding of the relationship between...

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  • The Geography Of The British Empire -...


    Excerpt from The Geography of the British Empire: Physical, Political, Commercial Great Britain consists of England, Wales, and Scotland, and is the largest island in Europe, being 600 miles in length, and having an area of nearly square miles. About...

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  • The Fishes Of The Indo-Australian Archipelago...


    Excerpt from The Fishes of the Indo-Australian Archipelago, Vol. 2: Malacopterygii, Myctophoidea, Ostariophysi: I Siluroidea, With 151 Illustrations In the following volumes the authors will endeavour to give a concise description of all the fishes...

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  • The British Empire In 1827 - Being A Popular...


    Excerpt from The British Empire in 1827: Being a Popular Grammar of British Geography in the Four Quarters of the World; With Seven Maps and One Hundred Views To render his Book inviting to the eye oi the Student, and to excite particular local feel...

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  • Essai Sur Le Systeme Silurien De L'Amerique...


    Excerpt from Essai sur le Système Silurien de l'Amérique Septentrionale Ce mème système s'étend aussi vers lest il entoure le lac Éric, et on doit lui rapporter les couches horizontales de schiste, de calcaire et de dolomie sur lesquelles se...

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  • Ethnographische Notizen ÜBer Flores Und...


    Excerpt from Ethnographische Notizen Über Flores und Celebes: Mit Acht Tafeln und Illustrationen im d104 Wenn ich im Nachfolgenden mich auf ein, mir ferner liegendes Gebiet begebe, so bedarf das gleich Eingangs einer näheren Erklärung. Ursache sowohl...

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  • Die Schweiz, Nebst Chamonix, Luganer,...

    Baedeker, Karl

    Excerpt from Die Schweiz, Nebst Chamonix, Luganer, Langen-und Comer See: Handbuch fur Reisende Von Andermatt uber die Oberalp und durchs Vorderrheintal (disentis Ilanz) nach Reichenau und Thusis (r. 101, 93) Umgebung von Thusis, Ausflug in die Via...

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  • Paleontology, Vol. 8 - An Introduction To The...


    Excerpt from Paleontology, Vol. 8: An Introduction to the Study of the Genera of Paleozoic Brachiopoda, Part 2 At the time of the organization of the survey the question of publication had not been seriously considered; the annual reports made to the...

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  • Palontology Of New-York, Vol. 1 (Classic...


    Excerpt from Palontology of New-York, Vol. 1 I must here acknowledge my obligations to my friend james D. Dana, who has given me some valuable suggestions in regard to the corals; and had it been possible to do so, I should have submitted the whole...

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  • Our National Parks (Classic Reprint)

    Allen, Edward Frank

    Excerpt from Our National Parks Regular tourist season, May 1 to N ov. 1, but hotel accommodations may be had in the Valley throughout the 'year. Worth visiting in winter both for snow sports and picturesque scenery. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • The Crinoidea Flexibilia - With An Atlas Of...

    Springer, Frank

    Excerpt from The Crinoidea Flexibilia: With an Atlas of A. B. C. And 76 Plates; Plates Fig. 1. Skeleton of Pentacrinoid larva at incipient brachial stage with orals opened; dried specimen, showing reticulate structure of the plates, with anal plate...

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  • Principles of Geology

    Secord,James A.; Lyell,Charles

    Principles of Geology

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  • Sedimentary Petrology - An Introduction To...

    Tucker,Maurice E.

    The earlier editions of this book have been used by successive generations of students for more than 20 years, and it is the standard text on the subject in most British universities and many others throughout the world.The study of sediments and...

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  • Environmental Geology - Principles And...

    Bell,Fred G.

    Environmental Geology is aimed primarily at upper–level undergraduate and graduate students in departments of earth and environmental sciences, but will also strongly appeal to the professional geologist, geographer, civil engineer and planner. As...

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  • An Introduction To The Rock-Forming Minerals

    Deer,W A; Deer,; Howie,R A; Zussman,J

    This revised edition has entailed a thorough re-writing of the text, taking account of the impressive advances that have been made in all aspects of earth sciences, particularly mineralogy, over the recent years. This revised edition has entailed a...

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  • Mineralogia Aplicada


    Mineralogia Aplicada

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  • Structural Geology

    Fossen, Haakon

    Lavishly illustrated in color, this textbook takes an applied approach to introduce undergraduate students to the basic principles of structural geology. The book provides unique links to industry applications in the upper crust, including petroleum...

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  • Gemas En Su Interior - Las Identificacion de...

    Gonzalez Notario,Alfredo J

    Gemas En Su Interior - Las Identificacion de Gemas a Lupa 10x

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  • The Boiling River - Adventure And Discovery...


    In this exciting adventure mixed with amazing scientific study, a young, exuberant explorer and geoscientist journeys deep into the Amazon—where rivers boil and legends come to life.When Andrés Ruzo was just a small boy in Peru, his grandfather told...

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  • Risingtidefallingstar - In Search Of The Soul...


    'Every day is an anxiety in my ways of getting to the water. . . . I've become so attuned to it, so scared of it, so in love with it that sometimes I can only think by the sea. It is the only place I feel at home.' Many of us visit the sea. Admire...

  • Carbonate Sedimentology

    Tucker,Maurice E.; Wright,V. Paul

    Carbonate rocks (limestones and dolomites) constitute a major part of the geological column and contain not only 60% of the world's known hydrocarbons but also host extensive mineral deposits. This book represents the first major review of carbonate...

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  • Igneous And Metamorphic Petrology, 2nd...

    Eisenberg,Myron G.

    Igneous and metamorphic petrology has over the last twenty years expanded rapidly into a broad, multifaceted and increasingly quantitative science. Advances in geochemistry, geochronology, and geophysics, as well as the appearance of new analytical...

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  • Dover Earth Science - Fluvial Processes In...

    Leopold, Luna Bergere; Wolman, M Gordon; Miller, John P

    This excellent text is a pioneering work in the study of landform development under processes associated with running water. Its primary emphasis is on subjects that were the focus of the authors' studies in both field and laboratory. Part I deals...

  • Pocket Guide New - Rocks And Minerals

    Distal USA

    Pocket Guide New - Rocks And Minerals

  • Introduction to Ore- Forming Processes

    Robb,Laurence J.

    Introduction to Ore- Forming Processes

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  • Applied Groundwater Modeling

    Anderson,Mary P.; Woessner,William W.

    Modeling the Psychopathological Dimensions of Schizophrenia: From Molecules to Behavior' is the first book to offer a comprehensive review of the new theoretical, clinical, and basic research framework that considers psychotic illness as a group of...

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  • The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs - A New...


    A sweeping and groundbreaking history of the age of dinosaurs, from one of our finest young scientistsThe dinosaurs. 66 million years ago, the Earth's most fearsome and spectacular creatures vanished. Today their extraordinary true story remains one...

  • The Geology Book

    Morris,John David

    Explains the forces responsible for the Earth's geological features, including volcanoes, earthquakes, erosion, and continental drift.

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  • Principles of Geology


    Principles of Geology

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  • Geochemical Anomaly And Mineral Prospectivity...


    The book documents and explains, in three parts, geochemical anomaly and mineral prospectivity mapping by using a geographic information system (GIS). Part I reviews and couples the concepts of (a) mapping geochemical anomalies and mineral...

  • Rocas Ornamentales

    Price,Monica T

    Guía de identificación ilustrada con las 300 rocas decorativas más populares, antiguas y modernas. Valioso para distintos colectivos de profesionales: arquitectos, artistas, restauradores, interioristas y constructores. Incluye imágenes de cortes...

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