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  • The Vikings

    Dale ,Roderick; Stern,Marjolein



    From the remote and unforgiving landscape of northern Europe, the Vikings voyaged to far-flung areas of the world with extraordinary consequences. Vikings examines the origins, explorations and settlements of these seafaring people, exploring their...

  • Hidden Figures Film Tie-In

    Lee Shetterly ,Margot

    Set amid the civil rights movement, the never-before-told true story of NASA’s African-American female mathematicians who played a crucial role in America’s space program. Before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of professionals worked as...

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  • Brazilians At War - Brazilian Aviation In The...


    When the Second World War erupted, Latin America - despite being initially neutral - became part of it. Brazil, with its large provision of goods to the Allied Powers, was soon a victim of the Axis submarines - leading to the urgent development of an...

  • World War II The Definitive Visual Guide




    The definitive visual history of the people, politics and events of the epic conflict that shaped the modern world, World War II From the build-up of hostility in the years leading up to the war, through to the reverberations still felt in the...

  • História da Expansão e do Império Português

    João Paulo Oliveira E Costa; Aires Oliveira,Pedro; Damião Rodrigues ,José

    A Expansão portuguesa confunde-se com a própria História de Portugal. Situado na periferia da Europa, Portugal encontrou no mar um espaço favorável para traçar a sua configuração definitiva e para se projetar pelo mundo, procurando no exterior o que...

  • The History Book


    Travel back in time with the latest instalment in the bestselling Big Ideas series. The History Book charts world history from the dawn of civilisation to the modern culture we live in today. From the origins of homo-sapiens to the release of...

  • History Of The World In 1000 Objects


    A treasure trove of human creativity from around the world. History of the World in 1000 Objects takes a fresh look at world history, viewing cultures and early civilizations through the objects that they created. Humanity is defined by our talent...

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  • The Military History Book


    Stand to attention for the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of military history The Military History Book chronicles the changing technology and tactics of war from 5,000 years ago to the present day in stunning visual detail. Bringing military...

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  • Religião E Magia No Antigo Egito


    O Antigo Egito será sempre um dos períodos mais fascinantes da história da humanidade. Tanto pela riqueza cultural quanto por todo o mistério que o envolve. Em Religião e Magia no Antigo Egito, Rosalie David apresenta esse mundo intrigante e complexo...

  • World War I

    Willmott, H. P.

    A dynamic portrait of the world's greatest human conflict, now in paperback. World War I is a dramatic account of the Great War combining emotive photography with personal accounts to evoke both the futility and spirit of the conflict.Every aspect of...

  • Reis Que Amaram Como Rainhas

    Fernando Bruquetas De Castro

    António Conti, filho de um mercador italiano, conquistou o coração de D. Afonso VI que gostava da presença de rapazolas, lacaios, escravos negros e mouros que foram deixando no leito real o aroma de exotismo. D. Pedro I ficou para a história como o...

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  • Gift Folder DVD - 100 Wonders Of The World


    From breathtaking mountains to towering skyscrapers, this book collects 100 of the world's most stunning wonders in an informative and illuminating guide. Engaging text tells each landmark's history alongside fun facts and beautiful illustrations. A...

  • Remember The Seventies - With DVD


    Remember The Seventies - With DVD

  • A People's Tragedy


    Covers Russian history from the end of the nineteenth century to the death of Lenin, and explores how Russian pre-revolution social forces were violently erased and replaced

  • Auschwitz

    Van Pelt,Robert Jan; Dwork,Deborah


  • Vida Cotidiana En Grecia Y Roma, La


    Vida Cotidiana En Grecia Y Roma, La

  • The New Cambridge Medieval History


    The New Cambridge Medieval History

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  • History

    Dk; Hart-Davis,Adam

    Bringing the people and events of history to life, History makes the past accessible and relevant. Featuring the important events and figures that have shaped the present, from the very origins of humanity to key contemporary issues, such as the...

  • National Geographic Atlas Of The World

    National Geographic

    Published to mark the 100th anniversary of National Geographic cartography, the prestigious and authoritative National Geographic Atlas of the World, Tenth Edition is an essential guide to understanding today's increasingly interconnected world....

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  • The Book Of Lost Tales Vol. 1 - The History...


    The Book of Lost Tales stands at the beginning of the entire conception of Middle-earth and Valinor for the Tales were the first form of the myths and legends that came to be called The Silmarillion. Embedded in English legend and English association...

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  • The 70s


    The 70s

  • The Works Of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Vol. 10...


    Excerpt from The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Vol. 10 A mode]? Defence of a late poem by an unknown autbor, called The Lady's Dre'fl'ing-room. 1732. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find...

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  • The Natural And Civil History Of Vermont,...


    Excerpt from The Natural and Civil History of Vermont, Vol. 2 of 2 No. 11. Speech of lieut. Gen. Burgoyne to the Indians in Congress, at the camp on the river Boquet, June 4. No. III. A proclamation by lieutenant general Burgoyne, July 4, 1777. About...

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  • Pastoral Letter Of The Archbishops And...


    Excerpt from Pastoral Letter of the Archbishops and Bishops of the United States Assembled in Conference at the Catholic University of America, September, 1919 The Archbishops and Bishops of the United States in Conference assembled, to their Clergy...

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  • The Gospel Adapted To The State And...


    Excerpt from The Gospel Adapted to the State and Circumstances of Man: A Sermon Peached Before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, at Their Meeting in the High Church of Edinburgh, Thursday, June 5, 1788 But, independent of...

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  • Poems And Other Literary Remains Of The Late...


    Excerpt from Poems and Other Literary Remains of the Late Rowland Lyttelton Archer Davies, of Tasmania: Edited, With a Biographical Sketch But Should a distant colony really produce a man of literary genius, is it too much to suppose that the...

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  • The Lives Of The Chief Justices Of England,...


    Excerpt from The Lives of the Chief Justices of England, Vol. 4: From the Norman Conquest Till the Death of Lord Tenterden About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Love's Meinie - Lectures On Greek And English...


    Excerpt from Love's Meinie: Lectures on Greek and English Birds; Given Before the University of Oxford Now you observe, in this instructive page, that you have in the first place, eight names given you for one flower; and that, among these eight names...

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  • The Member - An Autobiography, By The Author...


    Excerpt from The Member: An Autobiography, by the Author of the Ayrshire Legatees, Etc, Etc I beg leave to inscribe to you this brief Memoir of my parliamentary ser vices, and I do so on the same principle that our acquaintance, Colonel Napier,...

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  • Sermons Against Popery, Preached At...


    Excerpt from Sermons Against Popery, Preached at Salters-Hall, in the Year 1735, Vol. 2 of 2 Parinted for J. Noon, at the h'bztf-hart in chap/ede; T. Cox. At the Lamb under the royal-exrbmge; R. Ford, and R. Hett, m the Poultry. [price Stir-pence....

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  • The American Conflict, A History Of The Great...


    Excerpt from The American Conflict, a History of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'64, Vol. 1: Its Causes, Incidents, and Results; Intended to Exhibit Especially Its Moral and Political Phases, With the Drift and Progress of...

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  • Collier's New Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 Of 10 - A...


    Excerpt from Collier's New Encyclopedia, Vol. 7 of 10: A Loose-Leaf and Self-Revising Reference Work Rome. In 1877 he was given the degree of S. T. D. At the college of Propaganda. After being ordained he became secre tary to Cardinal Gibbons and...

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  • If The Germans Conquered England, And Other...


    Excerpt from If the Germans Conquered England, and Other Essays The peace of the world, indeed, is possible only as a result of some such reconciliation of the nationalist and internationalist ideals of the human race. Practically all the essays in...

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  • Porcupine's Works, Containing Various...


    Excerpt from Porcupine's Works, Containing Various Writings and Selections, Exhibiting a Faithful Picture of the United States of America, Vol. 11 of 12: Of Their Governments, Laws, Politics and Resources; Of the Characters of Their Presidents,...

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  • The Lives And Labors Of Moody And Sankey -...


    Excerpt from The Lives and Labors of Moody and Sankey: Giving a Concise Narrative of the Early Lives, Later Experiences, and Grand Achievements of the Most Successful Evangelists of Modern Times By Rev. John Potts, Pastor of the Metropolitan Church,...

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  • The Free And Impartial Examiner - Being A...


    Excerpt from The Free and Impartial Examiner: Being a Candid Enquiry Into the Causes of Our Present Melancholy Situation, With Regard to Domestick and Foreign Affairs; Together With a Word in Defence of the Dutch's Not Entring Into Our Measures The...

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  • The Judgment Of Whole Kingdoms And Nations,...


    Excerpt from The Judgment of Whole Kingdoms and Nations, &C: Concerning the Rights, Power and Prerogative of Kings, and the Rights, Privileges and Properties of the People Lers, within no other limits, in reference to our civil concerns, fave that...

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  • Speech Of Mr. Horace Mann, Of Mass., On The...


    Excerpt from Speech of Mr. Horace Mann, of Mass., On the Subject of Slavery in the Territories, and the Consequences of the Threatened Dissolution of the Union: Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 15, 1850 Now, I admit this principle...

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  • Porcupine's Works; Containing Various...


    Excerpt from Porcupine's Works; Containing Various Writings and Selections, Exhibiting a Faithful Picture of the United States of America; Of Their Government, Laws, Politics, and Resources; Of the Characters of Their Presidents, Governors,...

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  • Dryden's Palamon And Arcite - Edited With...


    Excerpt from Dryden's Palamon and Arcite: Edited With Notes and Critical Suggestions Hark, his hands the lyre explore Bright-eyed Fancy, hovering o'er, Scatters from her pictured urn Thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. About the Publisher...

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  • The Works Of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean Of St....


    Excerpt from The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Vol. 3 But the confequences have been (till worfe: We have been entitled, and have had our names prefixed at length, to whole volumes of mean produetions, equally of fenfive...

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  • Letters To An Officer In The Army - Proposing...


    Excerpt from Letters to an Officer in the Army: Proposing Constitutional Reform in the Confederate Government After the Close of the Present War But it was Morris, ever avowed in his preferences for kingly power, who revealed the unspoken wishes of...

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  • The Life And Correspondence Of Andrew Combe,...


    Excerpt from The Life and Correspondence of Andrew Combe, M.D: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh; One of the Physicians in Ordinary, in Scotland, to the Queen; And Corresponding Member of the Imperial and Royal Society of...

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  • A View Of The Management Of The Late Scotch...


    Excerpt from A View of the Management of the Late Scotch Ministry, With Respect to the Protestant Succession, Union, &C And as a Proof that the Condufirci our Miniflry was all of a piece, when the Earl of Marcbmong who was our Lord High Chancellor in...

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