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35 produtos
  • Big Hard Sex Criminals

    Fraction, Matt; Zdarsky,Chip

    'Great fun!' - The Miami Herald Collecting the first ten issues of the Eisner and Harvey award-winning, TIME Magazine Best Comic of the year of our lord 2013, SEX CRIMINALS, in an oversized hardcover format guaranteed to embarrass you to order....

  • The Borgias


    Alejandro Jodorowsky and Milo Manara's four-part sweeping saga of sex, blood, and religion is collected in a single edition for the first time ever! When Pope Innocent VIII dies, the corrupt, licentious Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia schemes, murders, and...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 6

    Manara, Milo

    The celebrated Dark Horse series collecting the work of master cartoonist Milo Manara is a wrap! In this final vol. of The Manara Library, the Maestro's unmatched draftsmanship and versatility are on full display, with stories spanning science...

  • Sundome vol. 1


    The 'Roman Club,' a school group interested in the occult, to which he's practically enslaved, has become boring for one Hideo Aiba. Until a girl named Kurumi Sahana shows up and wants to join up. But Sahana is no ordinary girl... When the two are...

  • The Manara Erotica Vol. 2- Kama Sutra And...

    Manara, Milo

    Dark Horse continues the complete presentation of Milo Manara's internationally acclaimed erotic work! Comics virtuoso Milo Manara revolutionized comics erotica, rising from Italy's 'black comics' scene to create deeply funny, sexy tales delivered...

  • Sex Criminals Tp - 2 - Sex Criminals Volume...

    Fraction, Matt; Zdarsky,Chip

    Older teens and adults will chuckle as well as learn from this Eisner and Harvey Award-winning rarity, which speaks honestly and sometimes educationally about sex. - Library Journal Voted Time Magazine's Best Comic of 2014! The second volume from the...

  • Robert Crumb's Book Of Genesis


    Envisioning the first book of the Bible like no one before him, R. Crumb, the legendary illustrator, retells the story of Genesis in a profoundly honest and deeply moving way. Originally thinking that he would do a takeoff of Adam and Eve, Crumb...

  • The Book of Genesis Illustrated By R. Crumb


    This eagerly awaited graphic work retells the first book of the Bible in a profoundly honest way. Peeling away the theological and scholarly interpretations that have often obscured its most dramatic stories, R. Crumb-using the actual text word for...

  • The Manara Erotica Vol. 3- Butterscotch And...

    Manara, Milo

    Milo Manara's internationally acclaimed erotic work concludes on a high note, with this deluxe, archival volume featuring one of his best-loved stories, Butterscotch! A physicist discovers a way to become invisible, but a curious ballerina easily...

  • Bettie Page Rules


    If ever there were reason to believe in love at first sight, that reason would be Bettie Page. From the moment the first pin-ups of Bettie appeared, the world fell in love. Even now, a half-century after those first pictures were published, men...

  • How to Make Money Like a Porn Star

    Chang,Bernard; Strauss, Neil

    Interweaving dark reality and black humor, an adult graphic novel follows the career of porn film star Claudia Corvette, from her humble beginnings and troubled youth to her rise to fame and the impact of her career on her life. Original. 75,000...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 1- Indian Summer And...

    Manara, Milo

    Italian comics superstar Milo Manara brings an epic collection of his graphic fiction to America! The Manara Library presents thousands of pages of the maestro’s stunning and sexy comics art, painstakingly translated and comprehensively collected for...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 5- More Adventures Of...

    Manara, Milo

    Milo Manara's uproarious character Giuseppe Bergman is back — and still looking for adventure in all the wrong places! In stories spanning from 1989 through 2004, Bergman attempts to hold himself together while starring in a film with a vanished...

  • Kiki de Montparnasse

    Catel; Bocquet,Jose-Luis

    In the bohemian and brilliant Montparnasse of the 1920s, Kiki managed to escape poverty to become one of the most charismatic figures of the avant-garde years between the wars. Partner to Man Ray - whose most legendary photos she inspired - she would...

  • Sex Tp - 3 - Sex Volume 3: Broken Toys

    Casey, Joe; Harris,Sonia

    Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a 'normal' civilian. Easier said than done! Now that the full-blown, ten-year superhero orgy is over, life in Saturn City is getting even more complicated. And not only for the...

  • Click Two

    Manara, Milo

    Click Two

  • Crumb Compendium


    A definitive guide to the work of Robert Crumb, spanning his 45 year career. Heavily illustrated, this collection goes beyond listing conventionally published cartoons and includes catalogues, posters, juvenilia, cards and much more, from CDs to...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 4- The Adventures Of...

    Manara, Milo

    Travel the world of adventure with Milo Manara's most beloved character, Giuseppe Bergman! Revered for his peerless draftsmanship, Manara is also a wily satirist, and his Bergman tales are hilarious send-ups of adventure comics. Longing to escape his...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 2- El Gaucho And...

    Pratt, Hugo

    The first of nine archival editions, The Manara Library Volume One collects two of Manara’s seminal works: the sweeping epic Indian Summer, a collaboration with Hugo Pratt, world-renowned creator of Corto Maltese; along with Manara’s The Paper Man;...

  • The Manara Library Vol. 3- Trip To Tulum And...

    Manara, Milo

    Milo Manara's collaborations with legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini take center stage in this latest volume of The Manara Library! Together, these two masters produced the beautiful, surreal stories 'Trip to Tulum' and 'The Voyage of G. Mastorna,'...

  • Sundome vol. 6


    It's summer break, and Hideo is determined to spend as much of it with Kirino as possible. The O.B. have determined that the Roman Club must complete a number of overnight challenges at spooky spots throughout the area. It seems like a perfect...

  • Dead Moon

    Royo, Luis (ilt)

    Dead Moon

  • Sundome vol. 4


    The climax builds as Kurumi says she wants to visit Hideo's house. Now the Aiba family is in an uproar over their son bringing his first girl home!!

  • Sundome vol. 2


    Kurumi makes Hideo quit her cold turkey for two weeks! Whatever is poor, horny Hideo to do? Well, for one thing, his club is visited by a masked OB for some hardcore 'physical training.' Then, there's a UFO-sighting field trip up to a mountain. But...

  • Sundome vol.. 7


    The annual festival marks the end of summer vacation, the last summer vacation Hideo will ever spend with Kurumi. And the last for the ex-prez as well, who will graduate at the end of the year. Eager to prove he still has leadership potential, the...

  • Sundome vol. 5


    The bond between Kurumi and Hideo grows stronger, as he struggles to learn even an inch of her past and understand her present situation. Meanwhile, Katsu and Kyouko's love-hate relationship starts leaning more heavily toward love when they share an...

  • Sundome vol. 3


    More torture, teasing, and humiliation from Kurumi ensues, but Hideo's crush on his tormentor only worsens! When nasty rumors start flying about Kurumi's promiscuity, Hideo finds the source and sets things straight. But even he can't explain the...

  • Sex Tp - 2 - Sex Volume 2: Supercool Tp

    Casey, Joe; Harris,Sonia

    Now that the full-blown ten-year superhero orgy is over, life in Saturn City is getting even more complicated. And not only for the newly-'normalized' Simon Cooke; everyone seems to have their own kink to deal with. Just remember: morality may be...

  • Sundome vol.. 8


    As summer turns to fall, Kurumi's condition takes a turn for the worse. Hideo comforts her as only Hideo can, but even he cannot ignore the signs of what is to come. Remembering his promise to take Kurumi to see the wave flowers, Hideo and the Roman...

  • The Manara Erotica Vol. 1- Click! And Other...

    Manara, Milo

    Milo Manara''s landmark collaboration with Dark Horse continues with the premier volume of Manara Erotica, a sumptuous companion to the Manara Library! A master of storytelling and of the human form, Manara has created some of the sexiest comics ever...

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  • Prohibited



    Produto indisponível

  • Giuseppe Bergman, T1 - Le Maître de Venise

    Manara, Milo

    Avec Giuseppe Bergman, la philosophie, la poésie et les sentiments sont abordés avec le rythme, l'action et l'héroïsme des récits d'aventure. Car l'Aventure est le thème central véhiculé par ce personnage nomade, fantasque et plein de ressources. Une...

    Produto indisponível

  • Giuseppe Bergman, T2 - La Route de Macondo

    Manara, Milo

    Quand MILO MANARA créa le personnage de GIUSEPPE BERGMAN (son double graphique) à la charnière des années 70 et 80, son arrivée fut un vrai coup de tonnerre dans le paysage de la bande dessinée d'alors. Le public découvrait en même temps un dessin...

    Produto indisponível

  • Le Dé Clic - T2

    Manara, Milo

    Une boîte magique, fabuleuse, perverse, capable de libérer l'immense intensité sexuelle d'une femme, même contre son désir. Et qu'arrive-t-il quand cette télécommande de l'amour obligé tombe entre des mains ennemies?...

    Produto indisponível

  • Dance Till Tomorrow Vol. 3


    A kooky, racy romantic comedy, Dance Till Tomorrow relates the misadventures of Suekichi, a college underachiever who only has to graduate (and get married) to inherit a fortune. In this volume, permanently addled Suekichi develops a new crush, with...

    Produto indisponível

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