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19 produtos
  • Exercícios de Uml


    A boa utilização vem com a prática: Esta obra é dedicada à componente prática da UML, sem esquecer os conceitos teóricos, os quais são apresentados na resolução dos exercícios. Aprenda e teste os seus conhecimentos: Todos os exercícios são...

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  • Act of Reading


    Act of Reading

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  • 24 Grunge Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Unconventional typefaces: bold Device, bumpy Gooseflesh, elementary Kidprint, provocative Ransom Note.

  • Playful Type 2

    Klanten, R.

    Playful Type 2

  • Word 2010 Bible

    Tyson,herb; Tyson,Herb

    In-depth guidance on Word 2010 from a Microsoft MVPMicrosoft Word 2010 arrives with many changes and improvements, and this comprehensive guide from Microsoft MVP Herb Tyson is your expert, one-stop resource for it all. Master Word's new features...

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  • 24 Celtic And Medieval Display Fonts - With...

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Inspired by the extravagant calligraphy of Celtic and medieval scribes, this extraordinary resource for artists and craftspeople features 24 striking, royalty-free typefaces — Anglo Text, Colchester Black, Cimbrian, Fenwick, Harrowgate, King's Cross,...

  • 24 Art Deco Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Lampoon, Chic, Parisian, Publicity Gothic, more. Most alphabets include upper/ lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation. One CD-ROM and book. 24 fonts.

  • Wordpress Profesional Edición 2017 -...

    Lanas, Álvaro Corredor

    Este libro ofrece al emprendedor una solución real, versátil y accesible para poner en marcha un negocio en Internet. El lector estará acompañado durante todo el desarrollo del proyecto, desde la idea inicial hasta su consolidación en la red a través...

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  • 24 Calligraphic Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Remarkably diverse typefaces, perfect for adding flair to certificates, bulletins, announcements, and other forms of printed communication, range in style from the elegant and graceful Espania and the dark and commanding Matrix Text, to the antique...

  • 24 Bold Script Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Outstanding treasury of alphabets gives graphic designers many opportunities to create the 'right' look with such eye-catching typefaces as Adastra Royal, Elvira Bold Italic, Novelty Script, and Zorba Solid. All black-and-white fonts contain...

  • 24 Gothic Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Attractive and versatile collection of 24 black-and-white, dynamic alphabets. Fonts include such classic type styles as Academy Text, Antique Black, Church Text, Engravers Old English, Libra, Nicolini Broadpen, Rhapsodie, Solemnis, and more. Most...

  • 24 Script And Cursive Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    This set contains 24 elegant, black-and-white typefaces — all with capital letters and most with lower-case letters and numbers. Includes such graceful and refined fonts as Amapola, Carpenter Script, Figaro, Flare, Gloria, Orion Script, Park Avenue...

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  • 24 Art Nouveau Display Fonts - With CD

    Solo,Dan X.

    24 unique, royalty-free typefaces: Ambrosia, Carmen, Oceana, Odessa, Siegfried, and more. All with capital letters and most with lowercase letters and numbers. Disk contains all items in book.

  • Word 2007 Macros & VBA Made Easy


    Get beyond the basics with Word 2007 Now you can take your Microsoft Word skills to the next level with help from this hands-on guide. Word 2007 Macros & VBA Made Easy shows you how to automate tasks using the tools available in Word's built-in VBA...

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  • 24 Special-effects Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Give any message high impact with this easy-to-use set of royalty-free fonts including star-spangled letters; letters made of bones; letters that evoke far-off lands, distant times and more. Mac or Windows-compatible. Selected by noted typographer...

  • Track Changes - A Literary History Of Word...

    Kirschenbaum,Matthew G

    The story of writing in the digital age is every bit as messy as the ink-stained rags that littered the floor of Gutenberg's print shop or the hot molten lead of the Linotype machine. During the period of the pivotal growth and widespread adoption of...

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  • 24 Circus Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    Easy to use and rich in applications, this CD-ROM and book collection features 24 fonts reminiscent of the exuberant print styles found on turn-of-the-century posters and broadsides. Black-and-white fonts include attention-getting Panjandrum and...

  • Teach Yourself Visually Word 2010


    Learn to use Microsoft Word 2010 the easy, visual wayWord is the most popular application in the Microsoft Office suite, and Word 2010 has some exciting new features. If you learn best when you can see how something is done, you'll find the...

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  • 24 Moderne Display Fonts - With CD

    Publications,Dover; Dover Staff

    The striking, black-and-white typefaces in this CD-ROM and book collection will add up-to-date dash to almost any graphic assignment. Among the eye-catching modern fonts are such bold and very 'now' faces as Futurama Italic, Cubist, Double Vision,...

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