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Critica e teoria literaria

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  • Razão e Prazer

    Jean-Pierre Changeux

    O que se passa no cérebro do artista quando cria? Que mecanismos regem a actividade cerebral, no momento em que se contempla uma pintura? De onde surge esta estranha e poderosa emoção que é o prazer estético? Podemos explicála? Questões que têm...

  • Close Reading: The Basics


    Close reading is the most essential skill that literature students continue to develop across the full length of their studies. This book is the ideal guide to the practice, providing a methodology that can be used for poetry, novels, drama, and...

  • O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução Aos...

    Carlos António Alves Reis

    O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução Aos Estudos Literários

  • Le Deuxieme Sexe

    Beauvoir, Simone de; Beauvoir S de

    Le Deuxieme Sexe

  • Devotion


    From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, a rare and generous look into the creative process A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic--its source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist accomplish such an...

  • The Short Oxford History of English...


    The most comprehensive and scholarly history of English Literature on the market. Explores the full range of English literature from Anglo-Saxon through to the present day Now revised and updated for the twenty-first century readerNew to this edition...

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  • Beyond Greek - The Beginnings Of Latin...


    A History Today Best Book of the Year A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the YearVirgil, Ovid, Cicero, Horace, and other authors of ancient Rome are so firmly established in the Western canon today that the birth of Latin literature seems...

  • From Alienation To Forms Of Life - The...

    Mendieta,Eduardo; Allen,Amy

    The wide-ranging work of Rahel Jaeggi, a leading voice of the new generation of critical theorists, demonstrates how core concepts and methodological approaches in the tradition of the Frankfurt School can be updated, stripped of their dubious...

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  • Le Pacte Autobiographique

    Philippe, Lejeune

    Réflexion théorique sur l'autobiographie. Au premier plan, le mécanisme textuel qui produit l'oeuvre, à partir de là, l'examen de la notion de genre en général, avec une écoute analytique particulièrement appropriée dans le cas de l'autobiographie,...

  • Como Leer Literatura


    Leemos sin prestar atención, pendientes de mil cosas. A menudo nos quedamos únicamente con el argumento y dejamos de lado la forma, el modo como se explica ese argumento, que es lo que sostiene Eagleton confi ere a un texto su carácter literario, su...

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  • Aldous Huxley - A Quest For Values


    In the moral vacuum and world of shifting values following World War I, Aldous Huxley was both a sensitive reflector and an articulate catalyst. This work provides a highly illuminating analysis of Huxley's evolution from skeptic to mystic. As Milton...

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  • American Literature In Context - 1865-1900


    First published between 1982 and 1983, this series examines the peculiarly American cultural context out of which the nation's literature has developed. Covering the years from 1865 to 1900, this third volume of American Literature in Context focuses...

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  • Ce que J Ai Vraiment Dit a Zidane

    Materazzi M

    Ce que J Ai Vraiment Dit a Zidane

  • The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems


    The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems

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  • The Microeconomic Mode - Political...


    From The Road to Game of Thrones, across works as seemingly different as Gone Girl and Saw, literature, film, and television have become obsessed with the intersection of survival and choice. When the trapped rock-climber hero of 127 Hours is...

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  • Comportamiento de Las Musas, El


    Comportamiento de Las Musas, El

  • O Ensino da Literatura e a Problemática dos...

    Maria Cristina A. Mello Laranjeira

    Sumário:GÉNEROS LITERÁRIOS E ESTUDOS LITERÁRIOS:Os géneros na teoria da literatura contemporânea · Os géneros na tradição clássica e no Romantismo · Géneros literários e ensino da literatura – CONFIGURAÇÃO E RECEPÇÃO DOS GÉNEROS:Configuração dos...

  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die -...


    1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - Updated Edition

  • Elementos De Semiologia

    Barthes,Roland; Roland Barthes

    Elementos De Semiologia

  • Edição Crítica de Fernando Pessoa - Volume I,...


    O nome completo da Equipa Pessoa é Grupo de Trabalho para Estudo do Espólio e Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. Este longo nome tem a vantagem de descrever, como se fosse um programa, os dois objectivos principais com que a...

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  • The Hard Facts Of The Grimms' Fairy Tales -...


    Murder, mutilation, cannibalism, infanticide, and incest: the darker side of classic fairy tales is the subject of this groundbreaking and intriguing study of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's Nursery and Household Tales. This expanded edition includes a new...

  • Tyrant


    As an aging, tenacious Elizabeth I clung to power, a talented playwright probed the social causes, the psychological roots, and the twisted consequences of tyranny. In exploring the psyche (and psychoses) of the likes of Richard III, Macbeth, Lear,...

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  • Ole Miss Juvenilia


    Faulkner's prolific publication history began at the age of 16 with poems and sketches for the Ole Miss campus newspaper, The Mississippian. The author continued to contribute to the publication throughout his student days at the university as well...

  • Introdução À Leitura D' Os Maias

    Carlos Alves Reis

    Introdução À Leitura D' Os Maias

  • Progress Compromised - Social Movements And...


    In Progress Compromised, John L. Glenn examines how African American literature engages in debates about the political and cultural tensions prompted by black social movements during the 1950s and 1960s. Glenn presents detailed case studies of four...

  • História(S) da Literatura

    Cordenadora: Maria da Penha Campos Fernandes

    História(S) da Literatura

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  • Mean Girl - Ayn Rand And The Culture Of Greed


    Ayn Rand's complicated notoriety as popular writer, leader of a political and philosophical cult, reviled intellectual, and ostentatious public figure followed her beyond her death in 1982. In the twenty-first century, she has been resurrected as a...

  • Infographic Guide To Literature


    100 stunning, ingenious and absorbing infographics all about literature, featuring your favourite books and authors!Infographic Guide to Literature presents unique, witty and surprising facts about literature, from Shakespeare and Austen to Nabakov...

  • Victorian Horace - Classics And Class

    Cartledge,Paul; Harrison, Stephen; Braund,Susanna

    The poetry of Horace was central to Victorian male elite education and the ancient poet himself, suitably refashioned, became a model for the English gentleman. Horace and the Victorians examines the English reception of Horace in Victorian culture,...

  • The Literature Book


    From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, The Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over the world, including Latin American and African...

  • Bluebeard's Chamber - Guilt And Confession In...

    Maar, Michael

    Over the last twenty years, much critical discussion of Thomas Mann has highlighted his homosexuality. This not only is presented as a dynamic underlying Mann's creative work, but also is the supposed reason for the theme of guilt and redemption that...

  • Burn This Book

    Morrison,Toni; Morrison, Toni

    Published in conjunction with the PEN American center, Burn this Book is a powerful collection of essays that explore the meaning of censorship, and the power of literature to inform the way we see the world, and ourselves.

  • On Self-Translation - Meditations On Language


    From award-winning, internationally known scholar and translator Ilan Stavans comes On Self-Translation, a collection of essays and conversations on language in its multifaceted forms. Stavans discusses the way syntax is being restructured by texting...

  • On Poetry And Poets

    Eliot, T. S.; Eliot,T.S.

    T. S. Eliot was not only one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century—he was also one of the most acute writers on his craft. In On Poetry and Poets, which was first published in 1957, Eliot explores the different forms and purposes of poetry...

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  • The Education Of A Young Poet


    'Biespiel's supple memoir of becoming a poet will surely inspire other writers to embrace the bodily character of writing and feel the power and, sometimes, the emptiness of the act of writing poetry.' ―Publishers Weekly (starred review) Restless...

  • Condicionantes Culturais da Literatura de...


    Condicionantes Culturais da Literatura de Viagens - Estudos e Bibliografias

  • Eça de Queirós - Uma Estética da Ironia


    Eça de Queirós - Uma Estética da Ironia

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  • Theory Of The Lyric


    What sort of thing is a lyric poem? An intense expression of subjective experience? The fictive speech of a specifiable persona? Theory of the Lyric reveals the limitations of these two conceptions of the lyric--the older Romantic model and the...

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  • The Measure Of Homer - The Ancient Reception...


    Homer was the greatest and most influential Greek poet. In this book, Richard Hunter explores central themes in the poems' reception in antiquity, paying particular attention to Homer's importance in shaping ancient culture. Subjects include the...

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  • The Additional Journals And Letters Of...


    This is the second of two volumes of The Additional Journals and Letters of Frances Burney. Together the volumes present material not included in the existing series of Frances Burney's journals and letters. Volume I printed Burney's journals and...

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  • Sufism In Western Literature, Art And Thought...


    Sufism in Western Literature, Art and Thought explores the many dialogues and intersections between the language and ideas of Sufism and the key figures of 20th- and 21st-century art, literature and philosophy. Focussing on the many exchanges and the...

  • Island Genres, Genre Islands -...

    Fletcher,Lisa; Crane,Ralph

    'Island Genres, Genre Islands' moves the debate about literature and place onto new ground by exploring the island settings of bestsellers. Through a focus on four key genres--crime fiction, thrillers, popular romance fiction, and fantasy...

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  • Lenine

    Carrere D'encausse-h


  • Introdução À Leitura de «uma Abelha na Chuva»

    Carlos Reis

    Introdução À Leitura de «uma Abelha na Chuva»

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