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Crítica e Teoria Literária

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1205 produtos
  • Le Deuxieme Sexe

    Beauvoir S de

    Le Deuxieme Sexe

  • Campo Santo


    Cuando en diciembre de 2001 murió W. G. Sebald en un accidente de automóvil ocurrido en su patria electiva de Norwich, quedó interrumpida la obra de uno de los autores contemporáneos en lengua alemana más importantes, en un momento en que su fama se...

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  • The Literature Book


    From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, The Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over the world, including Latin American and African...

  • Literary Theory


    'This concise and lucid volume offers a satisfying survey of all the major theories, from structuralism in the 1960s to deconstruction today, that have made academic criticism both intriguing and off-putting to the outsider.' --New York Times Book...

  • O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução aos...

    Carlos António Alves Reis

    O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução aos Estudos Literários

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  • The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems


    The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems

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  • Une Femme, Camille Claudel

    Delbee, Anne

    Une Femme, Camille Claudel

  • Metapsychologie

    Freud S


  • Theory Of The Lyric


    What sort of thing is a lyric poem? An intense expression of subjective experience? The fictive speech of a specifiable persona? Theory of the Lyric reveals the limitations of these two conceptions of the lyric--the older Romantic model and the...

  • Ennemis De Diderot

    Vários Autores

    Ennemis De Diderot

  • Sciences Et Pouvoirs

    Stengers Isabelle

    Sciences Et Pouvoirs

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  • Alejandra Pizarnik


    Alejandra Pizarnik

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  • Fighting Songs And Warring Words - Popular...

    Murdoch, Brian

    First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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  • Indian English And The Fiction Of National...


    During the twentieth century, at the height of the independence movement and after, Indian literary writing in English was entrusted with the task of consolidating the image of a unified, seemingly caste-free, modernising India for consumption both...

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  • Circulating Queerness - Before The Gay And...


    A new history of the queer novel shows its role in constructing gay and lesbian lives The gay and lesbian novel has long been a distinct literary genre with its own awards, shelving categories, bookstore spaces, and book reviews. But very little has...

  • Sade , Fourier , Loiola

    Barthes, Roland

    Através da análise destes três autores de temáticas tão diferentes, Roland Barthes identifica uma mesma escrita: «De Sade a Fourier o que se desvanece é o sadismo; de Loiola a Sade é a interlocução divina. Quanto ao resto, a mesma escrita; a mesma...

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  • Oscar Wilde And The Cultures Of Childhood


    This is the first collection of critical essays that explores Oscar Wilde's interest in children's culture, whether in relation to his famous fairy stories, his life as a caring father to two small boys, his place as a defender of children's rights...

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  • The Education Of A Young Poet

    Biespiel, David

    A beautifully rendered memoir about creative beginnings in the vein of Umberto Eco's classic Confessions of a Young Novelist The Education of a Young Poet is David Biespiel's moving account of his awakening to writing and the language that can shape...

  • Venus In The Dark - Blackness And Beauty In...

    Hobson, Janell

    In this second edition of the remarkable, and now classic, cultural history of black women's beauty, Venus in the Dark, Janell Hobson explores the enduring figure of the 'Hottentot Venus' and the history of critical and artistic responses to her by...

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  • An Essay On The Application Of Natural...


    Excerpt from An Essay on the Application of Natural History to Poetry Sea the bithop Of Oxford's truly claflical and ingenious Prclcflians on Sacred Poetry. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • George Meredith - A Primer To The Novels...

    Moffatt, James

    Excerpt from George Meredith: A Primer to the Novels Readers of Meredith over the fence. A brief sketch of his general aims and method has been prefixed, but any exposition of his cardinal ideas must be sought elsewhere. All that has been attempted...

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  • Woolf's Ambiguities - Tonal Modernism,...

    Hite, Molly

    In a book that comparesVirginia Woolf's writing with that of the novelist, actress, and feminist activist Elizabeth Robins (1862-1952), Molly Hite explores the fascinating connections between Woolf's aversion to women's 'pleading a cause' in fiction...

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  • The Best Minds Of My Generation - A Literary...


    In 1977, twenty years after the publication of his landmark poem 'Howl,' and Jack Kerouac's seminal book On the Road, Allen Ginsberg decided it was time to teach a course on the literary history of the Beat Generation. Through the creation of this...

  • Discussioni Critiche E Discorsi (Classic...

    Villari, Pasquale

    Excerpt from Discussioni Critiche e Discorsi Il Morley è certo uno dei primi che abbiano, ai nostri giorni, osato in Inghilterra rompere il ghiaccio, cercando di porre la questione ne' suoi veri termini, direttamente affrontandola. Messa, da parte...

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  • Bibliotheca Britannica, Or A General Index To...

    Watt, Robert

    Excerpt from Bibliotheca Britannica, or a General Index to British and Foreign Literature, Vol. 1: In Two Parts; Authors In the first part of the work, the Authors are arranged in alphabetical order, and under each is given a chronological list of...

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  • O Ensino da Literatura e a Problemática dos...

    Maria Cristina A. Mello Laranjeira

    Sumário:GÉNEROS LITERÁRIOS E ESTUDOS LITERÁRIOS:Os géneros na teoria da literatura contemporânea · Os géneros na tradição clássica e no Romantismo · Géneros literários e ensino da literatura – CONFIGURAÇÃO E RECEPÇÃO DOS GÉNEROS:Configuração dos...

  • O Nascimento da Música - A Metáfora em...

    Carlos Alberto Mendes Sousa

    O Nascimento da Música - A Metáfora em Eugénio de Andrade

  • Dicionário Sintáctico de Verbos Portugueses

    Winfried Busse

    Dicionário Sintáctico de Verbos Portugueses

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  • Arte de Furtar, Devolução da Autoria

    Severino Pereira

    Vigora como opinião oficial no meio acadêmico e literário a concepção que rejeita a autoria de Arte de Furtar ao gênio do Padre António Vieira, tendo-se erradicado este título da lista de obras deste autor. Sem grande ponderação e com demasiada...

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  • Dover Books On Literature & Drama - Letters...

    Dickinson,Emily; Quiney, Anthony Loomis

    Only five of Emily Dickinson's poems were published while she lived; today, approximately 1,500 are in print. Dickinson's poetry reflects the power of her contemplative gifts, and her deep sensitivity courses through her correspondence as well....

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  • Herberto Helder - Texto, Metáfora, Metáfora...

    Américo António Lindeza Diogo

    Herberto Helder - Texto, Metáfora, Metáfora do Texto

  • Dear Jane Austen


    Women have looked to Jane Austen's heroines as models of appropriate behaviour for nearly two centuries. Who better to understand the heart of a heroine than Austen? In this delightful epistolary 'what if', Austen serves as a 'Dear Abby' of sorts,...

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  • Eça de Queirós - Uma Estética da Ironia


    Eça de Queirós - Uma Estética da Ironia

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  • OLE Miss Juvenilia


    Faulkner's prolific publication history began at the age of 16 with poems and sketches for the Ole Miss campus newspaper, The Mississippian. The author continued to contribute to the publication throughout his student days at the university as well...

  • Nova Águia Nº 11 - o Mar e A Lusofonia

    Vários Autores

    A ligação com o mar começa por ser um factor geográfico comum a todos os países de língua portuguesa, mas, como acontece com alguns “factores geográficos”, está muito para além disso. Com efeito, a forma como estamos no mundo, a forma como somos,...

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  • C'etait Leopold Sedar Senghor


    C'etait Leopold Sedar Senghor

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  • Post-modernismo no Romance Português...

    Arnaut,Ana Paula

    Post-modernismo no Romance Português Contemporâneo - Fios de Ariadne; Máscaras de Proteu

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  • Vergilio Ferreira - A Celebração da Palavra

    Fernanda Irene Fonseca

    Vergilio Ferreira - A Celebração da Palavra

  • Anna Karenina

    Tolstoy, Leo

    At its simplest, Anna Karenina is a love story. It is a portrait of a beautiful and intelligent woman whose passionate love for a handsome officer sweeps aside all other ties - to her marriage and to the network of relationships and moral values that...

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  • Introdução À Leitura de «uma Abelha na Chuva»

    Carlos Reis

    Introdução À Leitura de «uma Abelha na Chuva»

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  • Biologia do Conto

    Armando Moreno

    Biologia do Conto

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  • Condicionantes Culturais da Literatura de...


    Condicionantes Culturais da Literatura de Viagens - Estudos e Bibliografias

  • C. S. Lewis: A Biography

    Hooper,Walter; Lancelyn Green,Roger

    This is the true story of C.S. Lewis - one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century - whose books for children and adults have become much-loved classics.Part of the story of C.S. Lewis has been made famous through the film 'Shadowlands'....

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  • Introdução À Leitura das «viagens na Minha...

    Carlos Alves Reis

    Introdução À Leitura das «viagens na Minha Terra»

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