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270 produtos
  • Pratica Da Nova Ortografia

    Vários Autores

    A obra Prática da Nova Ortografia apresenta e explicita, de forma clara e concisa, as regras de aplicação do novo Acordo Ortográfico vigente em Portugal, bem como outras normas necessárias para escrever corretamente em Português.Inclui vários...

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  • The Elements Of Style

    Strunk, William

    The original edition of the most trusted writer's guide to American English, this is the book that generations of writers have relied upon for timeless advice on grammar, diction, syntax, sentence construction, and other writing essentials. In brief...

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  • 1100 Words You Need To Know


    A Barron's best-seller for more than four decades!This brand-new edition of 1100 Words You Need to Know has been expanded and updated, and includes: Word lists and definitionsAnalogy exercisesWords-in-context exercisesIdiom indexesAn updated...

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  • English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, With...

    Woods, Geraldine

    Improve your English grammar You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using proper English language and grammar. The ability to articulate and communicate effectively is a valuable asset in all aspects of life. From writing a research paper...

  • Content And Language Integrated Learning -...


    This book explores some of the recent research undertaken on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). It offers an overview of several European contexts, describing experiences that could be extrapolated to many other communities worldwide....

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  • Teacher Development Over Time - Practical...


    Teacher Development Over Time: Practical Activities for Language Teachers addresses teacher learning over the span of the careers of both novice and experienced teachers in English Language Teaching (ELT). It is designed to a) help novice ELT...

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  • The Routledge Handbook Of Translation And...


    The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Politics presents the first comprehensive, state of the art overview of the multiple ways in which 'politics' and 'translation' interact. Divided into four sections with thirty-three chapters written by a...

  • Biolinguistics

    Di Sciullo,Anna Maria

    Biolinguistics, the study of the relation between humans' biology and the properties of the Language Faculty, is an emergent and lively field, and is central to linguistics. It gives rise to lively debates on the origin of language, and the...

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  • The Minimalist Program


    A classic work that situates linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences, formulating and developing the minimalist program. In his foundational book, The Minimalist Program, published in 1995, Noam Chomsky offered a significant contribution...

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  • Ancient Rhetoric - From Aristotle To...


    A new and original anthology that introduces the use of rhetoric in the classical world, from Aristotle to Cicero and beyond Classical rhetoric is one of the earliest versions of what is today known as media studies. It was absolutely crucial to life...

  • The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage

    Connolly,William G.; Siegal,Allan M.; Connolly,William G.; Siegal,Allan M.

    Offers more than six hundred alphabetically-arranged entries that provide guidelines on questions of spelling, punctuation, English usage, grammar, syntax, and style.

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  • Listening For Ielts

    Aish, Fiona; Tomlinson, Jo

    If your listening is preventing you from getting the score you need in IELTS, 'Collins Listening for IELTS' can help. Don't let one skill hold you back.

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  • The Handbook Of Dialectology


    The Handbook of Dialectology provides an authoritative, up-to-date and unusually broad account of the study of dialect, in one volume. Each chapter reviews essential research, and offers a critical discussion of the past, present and future...

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  • Eats, Shoots And Leaves


    Looks at the history of punctuation and the rules governing the use of apostrophes, commas, dashes, hyphens, colons, and semicolons.

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  • Discourse Analysis


    Revised and updated, this third edition of Barbara Johnstone's Discourse Analysis encourages students to think about discourse analysis as an open-ended set of techniques. Exploring a variety of approaches, including critical discourse analysis,...

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  • Grammar Essentials For Dummies


    For students competing for the decreasing pool of college scholarships, writing a stellar entrance essay can make all the difference. With discrete explanations of vital grammar rules, common usage errors, and the other key concepts people need to...

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  • A Guide For The Young Economist


    Detailed advice on writing papers, giving presentations, and refereeing, plus an essential guide to the basics of being a graduate student in economics.This book is an invaluable handbook for young economists working on their dissertations, preparing...

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  • Is English Changing?

    Kleinedler,Steven Racek

    Is English changing? To what degree is it changing? Is this change good or bad? In answering these questions, Is English Changing? provides a lively and concise introduction to language change, refuting commonly held misconceptions about language...

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  • Why Only Us - Language And Evolution

    Berwick,Robert C

    Berwick and Chomsky draw on recent developments in linguistic theory to offer an evolutionary account of language and humans' remarkable, species-specific ability to acquire it.'A loosely connected collection of four essays that will fascinate anyone...

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  • Durkheim And The Internet - On...


    Sociolinguistic evidence is an undervalued resource for social theory, and in Durkheim and the Internet, Jan Blommaert uses contemporary sociolinguistic insights to develop another sociological imagination. Taking Durkheim as the point of departure,...

  • Political Economy And Sociolinguistics -...


    This book explores how political economy intersects with sociolinguistics, specifically how neoliberalism, inequality and social class mediate language in society issues. After the preface, in which the author sets the scene for the content of the...

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  • Second Language Processing - An Introduction


    Second Language Processing is the first textbook to offer a thorough introduction to the field of second language processing (SLP). The study of SLP seeks to illuminate the cognitive processes underlying the processing of a non-native language. While...

  • Historical Linguistics - An Introduction


    The new edition of a comprehensive, accessible, and hands-on text in historical linguistics, revised and expanded to reflect recent developments in the field.This accessible, hands-on textbook not only introduces students to the important topics in...

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  • Register Variation On The Web


    While other books focus on special internet registers, like tweets or texting, no previous study describes the full range of everyday registers found on the searchable web. These are the documents that readers encounter every time they do a Google...

  • Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies - Human...


    This edited collection disrupts tendencies in feminist science studies to dismiss rhetoric as having concern only for language, and it counters posthumanist theories that ignore human materialities and asymmetries of power as co-constituted with and...

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  • A Brief History Of The Verb To Be


    A journey through linguistic time and space, from Aristotle through the twentieth century's 'era of syntax,' in search of a dangerous verb and its significance.Beginning with the early works of Aristotle, the interpretation of the verb to be runs...

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  • What Is Rhetoric?


    This book offers a new approach to the principles and functioning of rhetoric. In everyday life, we often debate issues or simply discuss questions. Rhetoric is the way in which we answer questions in an interpersonal context, when we want to have an...

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  • De Lingua Belief


    An investigation into the beliefs speakers have about language--their de lingua beliefs--that examines the genesis of these beliefs and the central explanatory role they play in the use and understanding of language.Speakers, in their everyday...

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  • Linguistics In Pursuit Of Justice


    As a black child growing up in inner-city neighborhoods in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, John Baugh witnessed racial discrimination at a young age and began to notice correlations between language and race. While attending college he worked at a...

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  • Languages Of The World


    What do all human languages have in common and in what ways are they different? How can language be used to trace different peoples and their past? Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, the new edition of this engaging textbook introduces...

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  • The Translator's Invisibility - A History Of...


    Since publication over twenty years ago, The Translator's Invisibility has provoked debate and controversy within the field of translation and become a classic text. Providing a fascinating account of the history of translation from the seventeenth...

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  • Steering The Craft - A Twenty-First-Century...

    Le Guin,Ursula K

    A revised and updated guide to the essentials of a writer s craft, presented by a brilliant practitioner of the art Completely revised and rewritten to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern era, this handbook is a short, deceptively...

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  • Birdsong, Speech, And Language - Exploring...

    Bolhuis,Johan J

    Prominent scholars consider the cognitive and neural similarities between birdsong and human speech and language.Scholars have long been captivated by the parallels between birdsong and human speech and language. In this book, leading scholars draw...

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  • Every Word Is A Bird We Teach To Sing -...


    A mind-expanding, deeply humane tour of language by the bestselling author of Born on a Blue Day and Thinking in Numbers.Is vocabulary destiny? Why do clocks 'talk' to the Nahua people of Mexico? Will A.I. researchers ever produce true human-machine...

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  • The Cure Of Saul - A Sacred Ode; As It Is...

    Brown, John

    Excerpt from The Cure of Saul: A Sacred Ode; As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Recit. Acc. Oh, while you radiant Serapb turns the Spheres, And on the fiedfaft pole-star {lands fublime 5. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Sympathy For The Traitor - A Translation...


    An engaging and unabashedly opinionated examination of what translation is and isn't.For some, translation is the poor cousin of literature, a necessary evil if not an outright travesty -- summed up by the old Italian play on words, traduttore,...

  • 100 Prompts For Romance Writers

    Elton ,Annette

    With originally self-published works like Fifty Shades of Grey turning into mind-blowing blockbusters, both traditional and indie authors have embraced the romance genre as never before. But when you're left staring helplessly at a blank page, what...

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  • A Grace Paley Reader - Stories, Essays, And...


    One of The New Yorker's 'Books We Loved in 2017'A Grace Paley Reader compiles a selection of Paley's writing across genres, showcasing her breadth of work as well as her extraordinary insight and brilliant economy of words.'A writer like Paley,'...

  • International Perspectives On Teaching The...


    This book offers a range of perspectives and insights from around the world on the teaching and learning of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It brings together contributors from across six continents, who analyse a wide range of teaching and...

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  • English Grammar Demystified - A Self-Teaching...


    Decode the mystery of English grammar to add polish to your papers, emails, business letters, and more English Grammar Demystified teaches the fundamentals of the subject in an easy, step-by-step approach that allows you to learn at your own pace....

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  • Agreement Beyond Phi


    An argument that agreement and agreementless languages are unified under an expanded view of grammatical features including both phi-features and certain discourse configurational features.Much attention in theoretical linguistics in the generative...

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  • Concepts, Syntax, And Their Interface - The...


    A systematic exposition of Reinhart's Theta System, with extensive annotations and essays that capture subsequent developments.One of Tanya Reinhart's major contributions to linguistic theory is the development of the Theta System (TS), a theory of...

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  • The Semiotics Of Light And Shadows - Modern...


    Lighting and shadows are used within a range of art forms to create aesthetic effects. Piotr Sadowski's study of light and shadow in Weimar cinema and contemporaneous visual arts is underpinned by the evolutionary semiotic theories of indexicality...

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  • Durkheim And The Internet - On...


    Sociolinguistic evidence is an undervalued resource for social theory, and in Durkheim and the Internet, Jan Blommaert uses contemporary sociolinguistic insights to develop another sociological imagination. Taking Durkheim as the point of departure,...

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