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43 produtos
  • The Elements Of Style

    Strunk, William

    The original edition of the most trusted writer's guide to American English, this is the book that generations of writers have relied upon for timeless advice on grammar, diction, syntax, sentence construction, and other writing essentials. In brief...

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  • Through A Stone Wall

    Ardath Mayhar

    One of the best 'How-To' books on writing ever published. Learn how to create characters that become real to the reader, and plots that offer interest, dramatic impact, and challenge. Includes many examples for both the beginner and the professional.

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  • Steering The Craft - A Twenty-First-Century...

    Le Guin,Ursula K

    A revised and updated guide to the essentials of a writer s craft, presented by a brilliant practitioner of the art Completely revised and rewritten to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern era, this handbook is a short, deceptively...

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  • Eats, Shoots And Leaves


    Looks at the history of punctuation and the rules governing the use of apostrophes, commas, dashes, hyphens, colons, and semicolons.

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  • Pratica Da Nova Ortografia

    Vários Autores; Varios; Autores Varios

    A obra Prática da Nova Ortografia apresenta e explicita, de forma clara e concisa, as regras de aplicação do novo Acordo Ortográfico vigente em Portugal, bem como outras normas necessárias para escrever corretamente em Português.Inclui vários...

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  • The Courage to Write


    The Courage to Write

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  • The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage

    Connolly,William G.; Siegal,Allan M.; Connolly,William G.; Siegal,Allan M.

    Offers more than six hundred alphabetically-arranged entries that provide guidelines on questions of spelling, punctuation, English usage, grammar, syntax, and style.

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  • I Have This Nifty Idea


    I HAVE THIS NIFTY IDEA...Now what do I do with it?This book contains outlines for science fiction and fantasy novels which real authors (new and old) used to sell their books to major publishing companies . . . actual examples drawn from authors’...

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  • I Have This Nifty Idea

    Resnick,Mike; Mike Resnick

    I HAVE THIS NIFTY IDEA...Now what do I do with it?This book contains outlines for science fiction and fantasy novels which real authors (new and old) used to sell their books to major publishing companies . . . actual examples drawn from authors’...

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  • Putting It Together

    sob encomenda
  • A Writer's Workbook

    Sharp, Caroline

    Provides a series of warm-ups and practical exercises for aspiring writers that address such issues as fear of failure, dyslexia, writer's block, rewriting, and related matters. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • 100 Prompts For Romance Writers

    Elton ,Annette

    With originally self-published works like Fifty Shades of Grey turning into mind-blowing blockbusters, both traditional and indie authors have embraced the romance genre as never before. But when you're left staring helplessly at a blank page, what...

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  • Writing Skills Revisited

    Sandra Scott

    Useful and informative, Writing Skills Revisited is the 'must-have' handbook for any high school or college student who wants to improve writing skills, think logically and succeed in both school and the workplace. Once the basics of writing are...

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  • Write Source 2000

    Meyer,Verne; Sebranek,Patrick; Kemper,Dave

    Write Source 2000

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  • Writing For the Information Age


    A valuable style and usage guide for the information age demonstrates how to use accessible language in a wide variety of mediums, including print, Internet, and CD-ROM, and covers everything from the fundamental principles of using charts and tables...

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  • On Writing Science Fiction

    Darrell Schweitzer; George H. Scithers; Isaac Asimov

    Here you will find the collective experience of three writers and editors distilled into a complete guide to writing science fiction. Separate chapters cover Idea, Plot, Character, Background, Science, Tragedy, and Comedy. Twelve stories, each a...

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  • It's a Bunny-Eat-Bunny World


    Discusses what editors expect from children's book authors and offers advice on writing and submitting a manuscript, marketing and publicizing one's own work, and dealing with agents, contracts, and writers' rights.

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  • Chicago Guides To Writing, Editing, And...

    Miller, Jane E

    Earning praise from scientists, journalists, faculty, and students, 'The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers 'has helped thousands of writers communicate data clearly and effectively. Its publication offered a much-needed bridge between good...

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  • Writing Successful Science Proposals

    Folt,Carol L.; Friedland,Andrew J.

    Writing Successful Science Proposals

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  • Writing the Family Narrative

    Gouldrup,Lawrence P.

    Writing the Family Narrative

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  • Chicago Guides To Writing, Editing, And...

    Germano, William P

    For more than a decade, writers have turned to William Germano for his insider's take on navigating the world of scholarly publishing. A professor, author, and thirty-year veteran of the book industry, Germano knows what editors want and what writers...

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  • Gran Libro de La Correspondencia Privada Y...

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Gran Libro de La Correspondencia Privada Y Comerci

  • Writing the News - A Guide for Print...


    The third edition of 'Writing the News' continues the tradition of its predecessors by providing journalists with a clear and concise introduction to the craft of newswriting. In addition to updating and adding to the number of examples from the...

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  • The Complete Idiot's Guide To Writing...

    Boufis , Christina

    Essential information on researching, organising, and writing narrative nonfiction.The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Writing Nonfiction gives narrative nonfiction writers the tools they need to elevate their storytelling to the next level.This guide...

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  • Chicago Guides To Writing, Editing, &...

    Dunne, Will

    While successful plays tend to share certain storytelling elements, there is no single blueprint for how a play should be constructed. Instead, seasoned playwrights know how to select the right elements for their needs and organize them in a...

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  • Writing Fiction For Dummies

    Economy, Peter; Ingermanson, Randy; Ingermanson, Randall Scott

    This is the hardcover format of Writing Fiction For Dummies. A complete guide to writing and selling your novel So you want to write a novel? Great! Thats a worthy goal, no matter what your reason. But dont settle for just writing a novel. Aim high....

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  • Putting It Together

    sob encomenda
  • Concepts And Choices

    Richard E. Mezo

    Concepts and Choices is a new approach to teaching writing, one that incorporates recognized concepts and techniques with some neglected ones and some entirely new ones. The assumption is made that extensive practice without attending to such...

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  • Writing In A New Convertible With The Top...

    Sheila Bender; Christi Killien

    Writing In a New Convertible with the Top Down delves into the daily realities of the creative process using the vehicle of an intimate correspondence between two talented, published writers. From their insights and examples, you can learn how to...

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  • Cosmo Woman


    COSMO WOMAN This is one of the few full-length explorations of the 'women's magazine' market. Focussing on Cosmopolitan magazine, Oliver Whitehorne considers every aspect of the women's magazine, from themes and issues to images and style. The...

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  • Lectures On Literature

    Nabokov, Vladimir

    For two decades, first at Wellesley and then at Cornell, Nabokov introduced undergraduates to the delights of great fiction. Here, collected for the first time, are his famous lectures, which include Mansfield Park, Bleak House, and Ulysses. Edited...

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  • The Business Of Writing For Children

    Aaron Shepard

    Writing books for children is both art and business. If you dream of becoming a children's author -- or even if you're well on your way -- this handbook can help you in writing sellable stories, getting them published, and promoting your books....

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  • Telling Time - Angels, Ancestors, And Stories


    As a teacher of writing and a highly respected author of prose and poetry for both adults and children, Nancy Willard knows well the power of writing. In thirteen graceful essays she speaks of the realities of a writer's life and of the ever-present...

    Produto indisponível

  • Craft Of The Screenwriter


    Craft Of The Screenwriter

    Produto indisponível

  • Publish And Flourish

    Garry Schaeffer; Tony Alessandra

    Publish And Flourish

    Produto indisponível

  • The Enchantment Of Writing

    Janice Gray Kolb

    In The Enchantment of Writing, Janice Kolb gives inspirational encouragement and guidance for the act of writing and the process of self-discovery. She shares remembrances from her childhood and events from her life that illustrate how to train...

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  • Life Or Movie

    Mickael L. Rozwarski

    'Life or movie: Which comes first?' is a glimpse into an aspiring screenwriter's mind as he tries to figure out the inner workings of high concept movies. The author starts out with the premise that there are very easy rules that govern storytelling,...

    Produto indisponível

  • Recovering Argument

    Richard E. Mezo

    Recovering Argument

    Produto indisponível

  • Revising Prose - 5th Edition


    This remarkable little book, intended as a supplement for any course that requires writing, models a clear, step-by-step system for creating straight-forward, concise, intelligible and readable prose.

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  • The Clearly Confusing World Of...

    Clea Saal

    Computers and new printing technologies have brought significant changes to the world of self-publishing. Unlike what was the case only a decade ago, it is now possible to release a book without printing a full press run and the Internet provides...

    Produto indisponível

  • La Versification

    Aquien Michele

    La Versification

    Produto indisponível

  • Strategies For Successful Writing, Concise...

    Von Der Osten,Robert; Reinking,James A

    This concise, affordable text offers complete coverage of the writing process, strategies using the rhetorical models, and a reader--all in one text. Step-by-step instruction in the writing process is accessible to the reader, with opportunities to...

    Produto indisponível

  • Meckler Media S - Internet Worldtm Guide To...


    Using the latest generation of Web technology, you can build your own 'television' or 'radio' network as an Internet Broadcaster. It's called 'webcasting, ' and Fortune 500 companies use it today for a variety of purposes, including in-house...

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