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  • Minimalist Syntax

    Radford, Andrew

    Minimalist Syntax

  • Gramática do Português - Vol. II

    Bozaglo Paiva Raposo, Eduardo; Bacelar Do Nascimento, Maria Fernanda; Coelho Da Mota, Maria Antónia

    A Gramática do Português, que se desdobra em três volumes (de que agora são publicados dois), é uma obra de referência que, por ser acessível a não especialistas, vem preencher uma ausência importante em obras desta natureza. Nela se descreve o...

  • Gramática do Português - Vol. I

    Bozaglo Paiva Raposo, Eduardo; Bacelar Do Nascimento, Maria Fernanda; Coelho Da Mota, Maria Antónia

    A Gramática do Português, que se desdobra em três volumes (de que agora são publicados dois), é uma obra de referência que, por ser acessível a não especialistas, vem preencher uma ausência importante em obras desta natureza. Nela se descreve o...

  • Ted Talks Storytelling 23 Storytelling...


    'Every speaker can put these ideas into practice immediately -- and they should!' Dr. Richard C. Harris, Certified World Class Speaking Coach 'An insightful read' Dennis Waller, Top 500 Reviewer 'Superb communication advice' Larry Nocella MASTER THE...

  • The Elements of Style

    White, E. B.; Strunk, William

    Offers advice on improving writing skills and promoting a style marked by simplicity, orderliness, and sincerity

  • Nueva Comunicacion, La


    Los nombres de Gregory Bateson, Erving Goffman, Edward T. Hall, Paul Watzlawick, Albert Scheflen . . . van unidos a conceptos que han revolucionado la psiquiatría, la sociología, la teoría de la comunicación. Ideas-fuerza tales como 'doble vínculo',...

  • Why Only Us


    We are born crying, but those cries signal the first stirring of language. Within a year or so, infants master the sound system of their language; a few years after that, they are engaging in conversations. This remarkable, species-specific ability...

  • Style and Sociolinguistic Variation

    Eckert,Penelope; Eckert,Penelope; Rickford,John R.

    Style and Sociolinguistic Variation

  • Sociolinguistics



  • Nueva Gramatica de La Lengua Española:


    La Nueva gramática de la lengua española, primera gramática académica desde 1931, es el resultado de once años de intenso trabajo de las veintidós Academias de la Lengua Española. Más de 4.000 páginas editadas en dos volúmenes de lujo, con tapa dura...

  • The New New Journalism

    Boynton,Robert S.

    A collection of interviews and dialogues with eighteen leading nonfiction writers--including Gay Talese, Jon Krakauer, Susan Orlean, Jane Kramer, Calvin Trillin, Richard Ben Cramer, and others--sheds new light on the ways in which the authors perfect...

  • Listen & Learn Spanish

    ; Dover

    Dover's 'Listen & Learn' series is the only language-learning system designed specifically to meet the needs of people with limited study time. Utilizing the phrase method advocated by most language authorities as the fastest and most efficient...

  • Listen & Learn Russian (Manual Only)

    Michailoff, Helen

    Through a synthesis of old and new theories of social remembering, this text provides a comprehensive overview of the sociology of memory. This rapidly expanding field explores how representations of the past are generated, maintained and reproduced...

  • Gangway! - Sea Language Comes Ashore

    Colcord, Joanna Carver

    'A delight to all who enjoy the American language.' 'The Christian Science Monitor' Landlubbers use a remarkable number of terms and expressions that originated at sea, from 'casting about' and 'learning the ropes' to 'parting company,' 'spinning a...

  • Hash House Lingo - The Slang Of Soda Jerks,...

    Smiley, Jack

    Originally published in 1941, this pocket-sized treasury preserves the language of diners and roadside restaurants during their golden age in the '30s and '40s. From 'all hot' (baked potato) and 'dog soup' (water) to 'perk' (coffee) and 'first lady'...

  • The Making Of English

    Bradley, Henry

    This etymological tour de force was written by a self-taught farmer's son who became a world-famous linguist and senior editor of the 'Oxford English Dictionary.' By the time he was a teenager, Henry Bradley (1845-1923) had immersed himself in...

  • The Elements Of Grammar In 90 Minutes

    Hollander, Robert

    An eminent scholar explains the essentials of English grammar to those who never studied the basics as well as those who need a refresher course. Inspired by Strunk & White's classic The Elements of Style, this user-friendly guide focuses...

  • Damn The Man! - Slang Of The Oppressed In...

    Dalzell, Tom

    Language plays an important role in the culture of dissent, and slang can serve as a means of defiance and liberation. -It is no accident that the liveliest language in America is often the product of the ghetto, shtetl, slum, barrio, barracks, and...

  • The Oxford English Grammar

    Greenbaum, Sidney

    Covers written and spoken British and American English and reviews grammar, usage, punctuation, and phonetics

  • A Definição da Arte

    Umberto Eco

    Escritos entre 1955 e 1963, estes ensaios revelam a evolução temática que conduziu o autor às suas formulações posteriores, à noção de obra aberta, á investigação sobre os problemas da comunicação, que ainda se encontram no centro dos seus...

  • Metamorfoses do Corpo


    Metamorfoses do Corpo

  • Chineasy - The New Way To Read Chinese


    Learning Chinese is notoriously difficult and has long put off the most linguistically savvy Westerners... until now. Breaking down the Great Wall of language, ShaoLan Hsueh has unpicked Chinese characters and created a simple system for quickly...

  • Art of Dramatic Writing


    The author offers an approach to playwriting based on the natural law of dialectics

  • Language And Mind

    Chomsky, Noam

    Language And Mind

  • Palavra Confiscada, a

    P. Charaudeau; R. Ghiglione

    Progressivamente, a televisão investiu em todas as falhas que a sociedade não sabe resolver: pessoas «perdidas de vista», crimes não elucidados, dramas afectivos, marginalidades não tratadas, etc. Esta «imagem», das carências da sociedade, fezse no...

  • Español Sin Fronteras 2


    Material de apoyo para el libro del alumno, que esta dirigido a estudiantes jovenes y adultos y cubre los niveles B1/B2 del MCER. Dividido en 12 unidades, ofrece actividades de refuerzo y consolidacion. Al final del libro se publican las...

  • Academic Writing For Graduate Students, 3rd...

    Feak,Christine B.; Swales, John M.

    Like its predecessor, the third edition of Academic Writing for Graduate Students explains understanding the intended audience, the purpose of the paper, and academic genres; includes the use of task-based methodology, analytic group discussion, and...

  • The Sherlock Holmes Book

    Klinger,Leslie S.

    The Sherlock Holmes Book, the latest in DK's award-winning Big Ideas Simply Explained series, tackles the most 'elementary' of subjects the world of Sherlock Holmes, as told by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Sherlock Holmes Book is packed with witty...

  • Herberto Helder - Texto, Metáfora, Metáfora...

    Américo António Lindeza Diogo

    Herberto Helder - Texto, Metáfora, Metáfora do Texto

  • Com Ou Sem Virgula

    Editora, Porto

    A vírgula é um dos sinais mais usados e a sua aplicação nem sempre é feita da forma mais correta. O seu uso correto constitui uma das principais dificuldades no domínio da pontuação. Este Guia Prático apresenta regras e exemplos de utilização da...

  • Listen & Enjoy Italian Poetry (Cassette...

    Rebay, Luciano

    50-minute cassette features authentic readings of 34 poems by 21 great Italian poets, including Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Tasso, d'Annunzio and others. Also included is a dual-language book containing the full Italian texts with expert...

  • Gun In Cheek - An Affectionate Guide To The...

    Pronzini, Bill

    'This is fabulously funny stuff.' ― John D. MacDonald'Bill Pronzini surveys the worst crime fiction ― not just the average inferior product, but the junk classics, works that achieve a heroic degree of badness. No brief summary can do justice to Mr....

  • The Notebooks For Crime And Punishment

    Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

    'In studying the notebooks one feels like an eavesdropper on Dostoyevsky's artistic self-communings. . . . We may plainly observe Dostoyevsky's creative logic at work in selection and emphasis, his concern for technique and his struggle to make...

  • The Notebooks For The Idiot

    Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

    'This is an invaluable aid to the understanding not only of the finished work of art, but also of Dostoyevsky's strangely tortured yet confident creative process.' -- Modern Fiction Studies.'Superbly edited by Edward Wasiolek and well translated...

  • The Dickens Dictionary

    Pierce, Gilbert A

    How did Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger happen to meet? Where was David Copperfield born, and what is Pip's real name? The answer to every question about Dickens' characters and their fates are revealed in this remarkable book. Subtitled 'A Key to...

  • Introdução À Análise da Imagem


    Introdução À Análise da Imagem

  • Integrated Korean

    Cho, Young-Mee; Lee, Hyo Sang; Sohn, Sung-Ock; Sohn, Ho-Min; Schulz, Carol; Cho, Young-Mee

    This is a thoroughly revised edition of Integrated Korean: Beginning 1, the first volume of the best-selling series developed collaboratively by leading classroom teachers and linguists of Korean. All series volumes have been developed in accordance...

  • A Pele da Cultura

    Kerckhove,Derrick de

    A Pele da Cultura

  • The Stuff of Thought - Language as a Window...

    Pinker, Steven; Pinker,Steven

    The Stuff of Thought is an exhilarating work of non-fiction. Surprising, thought-provoking and incredibly enjoyable, there is no other book like it - Steven Pinker will revolutionise the way you think about language. He analyses what words actually...

  • The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can...


    The biography of an idea - that many of today's problems are as volatile as epidemics and can 'tip' and change radically at any point'A wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic' Daily Telegraph.

  • The Cambridge Guide to English Usage


    A reference guide to modern English language usage covers word meaning, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and provides guidance on issues such as grammatical terminology, inclusive language, and effective writing and argument.

  • Dialogue



  • Principles Of Linguistic Change Vol. II...


    This volume presents the long-anticipated results of several decades of inquiry into the social origins and social motivation of linguistic change. Written by one of the founders of modern sociolinguistics Features the first complete report on the...

  • Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching


    Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching

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