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3591 produtos
  • The Elements of Style

    White, E. B.; Strunk,William

    Offers advice on improving writing skills and promoting a style marked by simplicity, orderliness, and sincerity

  • The Stuff of Thought - Language as a Window...


    The Stuff of Thought is an exhilarating work of non-fiction. Surprising, thought-provoking and incredibly enjoyable, there is no other book like it - Steven Pinker will revolutionise the way you think about language. He analyses what words actually...

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  • Le Deuxieme Sexe

    Beauvoir S de

    Le Deuxieme Sexe

  • Uma História da Linguagem


    Uma História da Linguagem

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  • The Literature Book


    From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, The Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over the world, including Latin American and African...

  • Campo Santo


    Cuando en diciembre de 2001 murió W. G. Sebald en un accidente de automóvil ocurrido en su patria electiva de Norwich, quedó interrumpida la obra de uno de los autores contemporáneos en lengua alemana más importantes, en un momento en que su fama se...

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  • Literary Theory


    'This concise and lucid volume offers a satisfying survey of all the major theories, from structuralism in the 1960s to deconstruction today, that have made academic criticism both intriguing and off-putting to the outsider.' --New York Times Book...

  • Sociolinguistics



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  • Chineasy - The New Way To Read Chinese


    Learning Chinese is notoriously difficult and has long put off the most linguistically savvy Westerners... until now. Breaking down the Great Wall of language, ShaoLan Hsueh has unpicked Chinese characters and created a simple system for quickly...

  • The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

    Shea,Larry; Thurman,Susan

    Provides guidelines for grammatically correct writing, including explanations for understanding the parts of speech, techniques for sentence construction, and a list of the most frequently misspelled words.

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  • The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems


    The Poetic Edda: The Heroic Poems

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  • O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução aos...

    Carlos António Alves Reis

    O Conhecimento da Literatura - Introdução aos Estudos Literários

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  • The Silent Language

    Hall,Edward Twitchell

    A study of the non-verbal language which exists in every culture, the elaborate patterns of behavior through which we communicate

  • How To do Things With Words

    Austin,J. L.

    How To do Things With Words

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  • The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can...


    The biography of an idea - that many of today's problems are as volatile as epidemics and can 'tip' and change radically at any point'A wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic' Daily Telegraph.

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  • An Introduction To Language Policy - Theory...


    'An Introduction to Language Policy: Theories and Method' is a collection of newly-written chapters that cover the major theories and methods currently employed by scholars active in the field. provides an accessible introduction to the study of...

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  • Comunicação e Cultura

    Rodrigues,Adriano Duarte

    Adriano Duarte Rodrigues é um dos mais importantes teóricos da comunicação da actualidade. Nesta obra explicita, através da análise dos vários dispositivos mediáticos e da elaboração de uma teoria pragmática da experiência, as transformações...

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  • Language Policy


    Language Policy

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  • Formacion de Palabras En Español


    Formacion de Palabras En Español

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  • Gramática do Português - Vol. II

    Bozaglo Paiva Raposo,Eduardo; Bacelar Do Nascimento,Maria Fernanda; Coelho Da Mota,Maria Antónia

    A Gramática do Português, que se desdobra em três volumes (de que agora são publicados dois), é uma obra de referência que, por ser acessível a não especialistas, vem preencher uma ausência importante em obras desta natureza. Nela se descreve o...

  • Español Sin Fronteras 2


    Material de apoyo para el libro del alumno, que esta dirigido a estudiantes jovenes y adultos y cubre los niveles B1/B2 del MCER. Dividido en 12 unidades, ofrece actividades de refuerzo y consolidacion. Al final del libro se publican las...

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  • Une Femme, Camille Claudel

    Delbee, Anne

    Une Femme, Camille Claudel

  • Du Contrat Social / Fragments Politiques /...

    Rousseau J J

    Du Contrat Social / Fragments Politiques / Discours Sur L'econo

  • Metapsychologie

    Freud S


  • Theory Of The Lyric


    What sort of thing is a lyric poem? An intense expression of subjective experience? The fictive speech of a specifiable persona? Theory of the Lyric reveals the limitations of these two conceptions of the lyric--the older Romantic model and the...

  • Ennemis De Diderot

    Vários Autores

    Ennemis De Diderot

  • Sciences Et Pouvoirs

    Stengers Isabelle

    Sciences Et Pouvoirs

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  • Indian English And The Fiction Of National...


    During the twentieth century, at the height of the independence movement and after, Indian literary writing in English was entrusted with the task of consolidating the image of a unified, seemingly caste-free, modernising India for consumption both...

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  • Fighting Songs And Warring Words - Popular...

    Murdoch, Brian

    First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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  • Ted Talks Storytelling 23 Storytelling...


    'Every speaker can put these ideas into practice immediately -- and they should!' Dr. Richard C. Harris, Certified World Class Speaking Coach 'An insightful read' Dennis Waller, Top 500 Reviewer 'Superb communication advice' Larry Nocella MASTER THE...

  • Gramática do Português - Vol. I

    Bozaglo Paiva Raposo,Eduardo; Bacelar Do Nascimento,Maria Fernanda; Coelho Da Mota,Maria Antónia

    A Gramática do Português, que se desdobra em três volumes (de que agora são publicados dois), é uma obra de referência que, por ser acessível a não especialistas, vem preencher uma ausência importante em obras desta natureza. Nela se descreve o...

  • Pratica Da Nova Ortografia

    Vários Autores

    A obra Prática da Nova Ortografia apresenta e explicita, de forma clara e concisa, as regras de aplicação do novo Acordo Ortográfico vigente em Portugal, bem como outras normas necessárias para escrever corretamente em Português.Inclui vários...

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  • Metamorfoses do Corpo


    Metamorfoses do Corpo

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  • Correspondência Comercial Eficaz - Acompanha...

    Carey, John

    As temáticas das 160 cartas apresentadas com uma explicação do seu conteúdo vão desde cobrança, vendas e promoções, felicitação e recomendações, condolências, trabalho, assuntos pessoais, relação com os clientes, entre outras. Existe ainda um...

  • The Handbook Of The History Of English

    Los,Bettelou; Van Kemenade,Ans

    'The Handbook of the History of English' is a collection of articles written by leading specialists in the field that focus on the theoretical issues behind the facts of the changing English language. organizes the theoretical issues behind the facts...

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  • Teacher Development Over Time - Practical...


    Teacher Development Over Time: Practical Activities for Language Teachers addresses teacher learning over the span of the careers of both novice and experienced teachers in English Language Teaching (ELT). It is designed to a) help novice ELT...

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  • Content And Language Integrated Learning -...


    This book explores some of the recent research undertaken on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). It offers an overview of several European contexts, describing experiences that could be extrapolated to many other communities worldwide....

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  • The Education Of A Young Poet

    Biespiel, David

    A beautifully rendered memoir about creative beginnings in the vein of Umberto Eco's classic Confessions of a Young Novelist The Education of a Young Poet is David Biespiel's moving account of his awakening to writing and the language that can shape...

  • Nueva Gramatica de La Lengua Española:


    La Nueva gramática de la lengua española, primera gramática académica desde 1931, es el resultado de once años de intenso trabajo de las veintidós Academias de la Lengua Española. Más de 4.000 páginas editadas en dos volúmenes de lujo, con tapa dura...

  • The Best Minds Of My Generation - A Literary...


    In 1977, twenty years after the publication of his landmark poem 'Howl,' and Jack Kerouac's seminal book On the Road, Allen Ginsberg decided it was time to teach a course on the literary history of the Beat Generation. Through the creation of this...

  • Woolf's Ambiguities - Tonal Modernism,...

    Hite, Molly

    In a book that comparesVirginia Woolf's writing with that of the novelist, actress, and feminist activist Elizabeth Robins (1862-1952), Molly Hite explores the fascinating connections between Woolf's aversion to women's 'pleading a cause' in fiction...

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  • Goethe's Knabenjahre, (1749-1759) - Goethe's...

    Goethe,Johann Wolfgang Von

    Excerpt from Goethe's Knabenjahre, (1749-1759): Goethe's Boyhood; Being the First Three Books of His Autobiography Chembbnlicb bielten mir 11n6 in allen unfern {greifinnden 511r (firofimntter, in Deren geriinmigem i80bn5immer mir binl'nglicb 21311113...

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  • Die Welt ALS Wille Und Vorstellung, Vol. 1...

    Schopenhauer, Arthur

    Excerpt from Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, Vol. 1 Die zweite Forderung ist diese, dass man vor dem Buche die Einleitung zu demselben lese, obgleich sie nicht mit in dem Buche steht, sondern fnf Jahre frher erschienen ist, unter dem Titel:...

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  • Ler Depressa - Col. Espírito de Negócios


    Ler depressa é um livro prático, que vai fazer você aprender a ler de maneira rápida e eficaz. Utilizando-se de vários tipos de técnicas e ferramentas, a autora ajuda você a extrair mais qualidade no seu aprendizado, extrair melhor performance de sua...

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