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2794 produtos
  • Creación, Disenõ Y Producción de Libros


    Creación, Disenõ Y Producción de Libros

  • Schaum's Outline of Russian Vocabulary

    Rakova,Alfia A.; Parrott,Ray J.

    This valuable study guide provides the most up-to-date vocabulary for conversing effectively in everyday situations and during travel. As students learn new words, carefully planned exercises give them immediate opportunities to practise them....

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  • Public Speaking for Success

    Carnegie, Dale; Pell,Arthur R.

    A revision of the author's classic reference provides for the challenges being faced by modern readers while retaining the original work's philosophies and methods.

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  • American Accent Training|

    Cook, Ann

    This new and expanded third edition of American Accent Training with 5 new audio CDs has four all-new chapters that cover the psychology of accent acquisition, American voice quality, a pronunciation overview, and an ESL instructor's guide. The new...

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  • 1001 Livros para Ler Antes de Morrer


    1001 Livros para Ler Antes de Morrer

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  • Personal Conflict Management - Theory And...

    McCorkle, Suzanne

    Personal Conflict Management, 2nd edition details the common causes of conflict, summarizes the theories that explain why conflict happens, presents strategies for managing conflict, and invites consideration of the risks of leaving conflict...

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  • Critical Sociolinguistic Research Methods -...

    Heller, Monica

    Critical Sociolinguistic Research Methods: Studying Language Issues that Matter is a guide on conducting concrete ethnographic and discourse analytic research projects, written by top scholars for students and researchers in social science fields....

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  • A Grammar And Dictionary Of The Samoan...

    Pratt, George

    Excerpt from A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language: With English and Samoan Vocabulary The former editions of this work having passed out of print, in compliance with the urgent suggestions of several friends and a strong impression on my...

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  • Just A Journalist - On The Press, Life, And...


    In this timely book, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter trains an autobiographical lens on a moment of remarkable transition in American journalism. Just a few years ago, the mainstream press was wrestling with whether labeling waterboarding as...

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  • Informed Power - Communication In The Early...

    Dubcovsky, Alejandra

    Informed Power maps the intricate, intersecting channels of information exchange in the early American South, exploring how people in the colonial world came into possession of vital knowledge in a region that lacked a regular mail system or a...

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  • Cosmopolitanism And The New News Media

    Chouliaraki, Lilie

    The Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Haiti earthquake are only some of the recent examples of the power of new media to transform journalism. Some celebrate this power as a new cosmopolitanism that challenges the traditional...

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  • Personal Conflict Management - Theory And...

    McCorkle, Suzanne

    Personal Conflict Management, 2nd edition details the common causes of conflict, summarizes the theories that explain why conflict happens, presents strategies for managing conflict, and invites consideration of the risks of leaving conflict...

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  • The Progressive Road To Reading (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Progressive Road to Reading It is to be remembered that before a child can express what he has heard, he must have command of the necessary words. Some children at the age of six have a vocabulary which enables them to reproduce in...

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  • Critical Sociolinguistic Research Methods -...

    Heller, Monica

    Critical Sociolinguistic Research Methods: Studying Language Issues that Matter is a guide on conducting concrete ethnographic and discourse analytic research projects, written by top scholars for students and researchers in social science fields....

    sob encomenda
  • The Press And Popular Culture In Interwar...

    Newman, Sarah

    This collection shows the importance of a comparative European framework for understanding developments in the popular press and journalism between the wars. This was, it argues, a formative and vital period in the making of the modern press. A great...

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  • Chineasy - The New Way To Read Chinese


    Learning Chinese is notoriously difficult and has long put off the most linguistically savvy Westerners... until now. Breaking down the Great Wall of language, ShaoLan Hsueh has unpicked Chinese characters and created a simple system for quickly...

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  • Músicas Media e Tecnologias

    Michel Chion

    Os media e a stecnologias contribuíram profundamente para modificar as músicas existentes e para a criação de novas músicas. Michel Chion, compositor e ensaísta, entende ser necessário rejeitar a banalização generalizada no domínio musical e...

  • Paroxista Indiferente, o


    Paroxista Indiferente, o

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  • Using Spanish Synonyms

    Batchelor,R. E.

    Using Spanish Synonyms

  • The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can...


    The biography of an idea - that many of today's problems are as volatile as epidemics and can 'tip' and change radically at any point'A wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic' Daily Telegraph.

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  • Becoming a Writer

    Brande,Dorothea Thompson

    Describes a writer's temperament and how to develop a writer's habits, originality, and insight, imitate exemplary works, read critically, and overcome writing difficulties

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  • Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning And The...

    Cope, Bill; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary; New London Group (COR)

    Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning And The Design Of Social Futures

  • Shakespeare On Screen: Othello

    Hatchuel, Sarah

    The first volume in the re-launched series Shakespeare on Screen is devoted to Othello, offering up-to-date coverage of recent screen versions as well as new critical essays on older, canonical films. An international cast of authors explores not...

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  • The Cambridge Companion To 'Dracula'

    Luckhurst, Roger

    Bram Stoker's Dracula is the most famous vampire in literature and film. This new collection of sixteen essays brings together a range of internationally renowned scholars to provide a series of pathways through this celebrated Gothic novel and its...

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  • Dante: Convivio - A Dual-Language Critical...

    Alighieri, Dante

    Dante's Convivio, composed in exile between 1304 and 1307, is a series of self-commentaries on three of Dante's long poems. These allegorical love poems and philosophical verse become the basis for philosophical, literary, moral, and political...

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  • The Works Of John Donne, D.D, Vol. 6 Of 6 -...

    Alford, Henry

    Excerpt from The Works of John Donne, D.D, Vol. 6 of 6: Dean of Saint Paul's, 1621 1631; With a Memoir of His Life So will a voluptuous man, who is turned to God, find plenty and deliciousness enough in him, to feed his soul, as with marrow, and with...

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  • The One King Lear

    Vickers, Brian

    King Lear exists in two different texts: the Quarto (1608) and the Folio (1623). Because each supplies passages missing in the other, for over 200 years editors combined the two to form a single text, the basis for all modern productions. Then in the...

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  • OLE Miss Juvenilia

    Faulkner, William

    The ever-prolific Faulkner began contributing poems, sketches, and book reviews to the University of Mississippi literary magazine, The Mississippian, at the age of 16 and continued to do so throughout his student days at the university -- and even...

  • Or Orwell - Writing And Democratic Socialism

    Woloch, Alex

    There have been many studies of George Orwell's life and work, but nothing quite like this book by Alex Woloch--an exuberant, revisionary account of Orwell's writing.'Good prose is like a window-pane,' Orwell famously avers. But what kind of literary...

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  • Epistrophies - Jazz And The Literary...

    Edwards, Brent Hayes

    In 1941 Thelonious Monk and Kenny Clarke copyrighted 'Epistrophy,' one of the best-known compositions of the bebop era. The song's title refers to a literary device--the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses--that is echoed...

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  • Still The New World - American Literature In...

    Fisher, Philip

    In this bold reinterpretation of American culture, Philip Fisher describes generational life as a series of renewed acts of immigration into a new world. Along with the actual flood of immigrants, technological change brings about an immigration of...

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  • After Ireland - Writing The Nation From...

    Kiberd, Declan

    Ireland is suffering from a crisis of authority. Catholic Church scandals, political corruption, and economic collapse have shaken the Irish people's faith in their institutions and thrown the nation's struggle for independence into question. While...

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  • Bibliographie Romantique - Catalogue...

    Asselineau, Charles

    Excerpt from Bibliographie Romantique: Catalogue Anecdotique Et Pittoresque des Editions Originales Voici un livre qui s'est fait tout seul. Certes, je ne me doutais pas en ecrivant ces notes au hasard de la decouverte et pour le seul soulagement de...

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  • The Novel Of The Century - The Extraordinary...

    Bellos, David

    A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice Les Miserables is among the most popular and enduring novels ever written. Like Inspector Javert's dogged pursuit of Jean Valjean, its appeal has never waned, but only grown broader in its...

  • The Life Of Algernon Charles Swinburne...

    Gosse, Edmund

    Excerpt from The Life of Algernon Charles Swinburne So large is the amount of new biographical detail which I found in my possession and was unwilling to ignore, that I was obliged to abandon the idea of adding, in a final chapter, an estimate of...

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  • Biographia Literaria - Or Biographical...

    Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

    Excerpt from Biographia Literaria: Or Biographical Sketches of My Literary Life and Opinions The characteristic defects of Wordsworth's poetry, With the principles from which the judgment that they are defects is deduced - Their proportion to the...

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  • The Cambridge Companion To American Gothic

    Weinstock, Jeffrey Andrew

    The Cambridge Companion to American Gothic offers an accessible overview to both the breadth and depth of the American Gothic tradition. This subgenre features works from many of America's best-known authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Toni Morrison, Stephen...

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  • The Nigger Of The 'Narcissus' - A Tale Of The...

    Conrad, Joseph

    Charting a homeward-bound voyage from Bombay to London aboard a sailing ship, The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' (1897) captured the late-Victorian era's maritime obsession and identified the strikingly original talent of Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) as a...

  • Ireland, Reading And Cultural Nationalism,...

    Murphy, Andrew

    The emergence of an Irish 'common reader' in the nineteenth century had significant implications for the evolution of Irish cultural nationalism. The rise of literacy rates prompted a cultural crisis, with nationalists fearing that the beneficiaries...

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  • Album Virgiliano - XVII Settembre MDCCCLXXXII...


    Excerpt from Album Virgiliano: XVII Settembre MDCCCLXXXII Era appena ideata la festa, che, quasi pietra d' inciampo, sorgeva la questione circa l'epoca precisa in cui cadrebbe il centenario stesso. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Ni Jamais, Ni Toujours (Classic Reprint)

    Kock, Paul De

    Excerpt from Ni Jamais, Ni Toujours Mon pere voulait me faire suivre la carriere des ar mes, que lui - meme a parcourue avec gloire. Il preten dait qu'un homme titre ne pouvait point embrasser d'autre profession. Je n'ai tenu compte ni de ses lecons...

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  • Compassion's Edge - Fellow-Feeling And Its...

    Ibbett, Katherine

    Compassion's Edge examines the language of fellow-feeling--pity, compassion, and charitable care--that flourished in France in the period from the Edict of Nantes in 1598, which established some degree of religious toleration, to the official...

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  • The Aethiopis - Neo-Neoanalysis Reanalyzed


    It may seem odd to devote an entire book, however short, to a lost epic of which hardly any fragments (as normally defined) survive. The existence of a late prose summary of the epic's contents hardly dispels that oddness. One (rather long) word may...

    sob encomenda
  • Genealogy Of The Pagan Gods, Volume 2 - Books...

    Boccaccio, Giovanni

    Genealogy of the Pagan Gods by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) is an ambitious work of humanistic scholarship whose goal is to plunder ancient and medieval literary sources so as to create a massive synthesis of Greek and Roman mythology. The work...

    sob encomenda
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