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  • Español Sin Fronteras 2


    Material de apoyo para el libro del alumno, que esta dirigido a estudiantes jovenes y adultos y cubre los niveles B1/B2 del MCER. Dividido en 12 unidades, ofrece actividades de refuerzo y consolidacion. Al final del libro se publican las...

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  • Creación, Disenõ Y Producción de Libros


    Creación, Disenõ Y Producción de Libros

  • Public Speaking for Success

    Carnegie,Dale; Pell,Arthur R.

    A revision of the author's classic reference provides for the challenges being faced by modern readers while retaining the original work's philosophies and methods.

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  • The Literature Book


    From Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby to Shelley's Frankenstein, The Literature Book documents the greatest literature ever written. Featuring over 100 best-selling books, plays and poetry from all over the world, including Latin American and African...

  • Do I Make Myself Clear?

    Ackerman, Diane; Evans, Harold

    A wise and entertaining look at the struggle for clarity in modern journalism by one of the greatest newspaper editors of our time.Harry Evans has edited everything from the urgent files of battlefield reporters to the complex thought processes of...

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  • The Cambridge Guide to English Usage


    A reference guide to modern English language usage covers word meaning, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and provides guidance on issues such as grammatical terminology, inclusive language, and effective writing and argument.

  • The Elements of Style

    White, E. B.; Strunk,William

    Offers advice on improving writing skills and promoting a style marked by simplicity, orderliness, and sincerity

  • Le Deuxieme Sexe

    Beauvoir S de

    Le Deuxieme Sexe

  • Live And Learn - A Guide For All, Who Wish To...


    Excerpt from Live and Learn: A Guide for All, Who Wish to Speak and Write Correctly Rules for the Use of Capitals and Italics Division of Words into Syllables On the Hyphen Rules for Spelling On Nouns On Gender On the Formation of the Plural Number...

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  • Becoming The News - How Ordinary People...


    What does it feel like to be featured, quoted, or just named in a news story? A refugee family, the survivor of a shooting, a primary voter in Iowa--the views and experiences of ordinary people are an important component of journalism. While much has...

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  • Second Language Acquisition

    Selinker,Larry; Gass,Susan M.

    Now in a fourth edition, this bestselling introductory textbook remains the cornerstone volume for the study of second language acquisition (SLA). Its chapters have been fully updated, and reorganized where appropriate, to provide a comprehensive yet...

  • American Accent Training


    This new and expanded third edition of American Accent Training with 5 new audio CDs has four all-new chapters that cover the psychology of accent acquisition, American voice quality, a pronunciation overview, and an ESL instructor's guide. The new...

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  • The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can...


    The biography of an idea - that many of today's problems are as volatile as epidemics and can 'tip' and change radically at any point'A wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic' Daily Telegraph.

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  • 20th Century Travel - Edição Trilingue - Port...

    Heimann,Jim; Silver,Allison

    20th Century Travel - Edição Trilingue - Port / Itali / Espa

  • The Poetical Works Of William Wordsworth,...

    Wordsworth, William

    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, With a Memoir, Vol. 3 of 3: Seven Volumes in Three The title-page announces that this is only a portion of a poem; and the Reader must be here apprised that it belongs to the second part of a...

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  • Beyond Tordesillas - New Approaches To...

    Newcomb, Robert Patrick

    Beyond Tordesillas: New Approaches to Comparative Luso-Hispanic Studies is the first volume of its kind to be published in English. Bringing together young and established scholars, it seeks to consolidate the vital work being done on the connections...

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  • Thick And Dazzling Darkness - Religious...


    How do poets use language to render the transcendent, often dizzyingly inexpressible nature of the divine? In an age of secularism, does spirituality have a place in modern American poetry? In Thick and Dazzling Darkness, Peter O'Leary reads a...

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  • The Poetical Works Of Elizabeth Barrett...

    Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning And black like plumes at funerals overhead You might behold the lightning faintly gleam Amid the clouds which thrill and gape aside, And straight again shut up their solemn jaws, As if to...

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  • Beasts Of Burden - Biopolitics, Labor, And...

    Broglio, Ron

    In Beasts of Burden, Ron Broglio examines how lives--human and animal--were counted in rural England and Scotland during the Romantic period. During this time, Britain experienced unprecedented data collection from censuses, ordinance surveys, and...

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  • Witnessing Beyond The Human - Addressing The...

    Jenckes, Kate

    This book rethinks the nature of testimony beyond the ground of the human in works produced in Chile and Argentina from the 1970s to the present. Focusing on literature by Juan Gelman, Sergio Chejfec, and Roberto Bolano, as well as art by Eugenio...

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  • College Bound - The Pursuit Of Education In...


    Jewish American immigrants and their children have been stereotyped as exceptional educational achievers, with attendance at prestigious universities leading directly to professional success. In College Bound, Dan Shiffman uses literary accounts to...

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  • The Love Of Ruins - Letters On Lovecraft

    Shershow, Scott Cutler; MICHAELSEN , SCOTT

    Today, H. P. Lovecraft is both more popular and controversial than ever: the influence of his 'Cthulhu mythos' is everywhere in popular culture, his cosmic pessimism has reemerged as a major theme in contemporary philosophy, and his racism continues...

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  • Recovering Lost Footprints, Volume 1 -...

    Arias, Arturo

    Recovering Lost Footprints is the first full-length critical study to analyze Latin American Indigenous literary narratives in a systematic manner. In the book, Arturo Arias looks at Maya narratives in Guatemala. The study of these works is intended...

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  • Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe's Phrase - Infancy,...

    Fynsk, Christopher

    This book presents an interpretation of a volume of poetry and theoretical reflections (Phrase) by the late Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, who is widely known as one of the major contributors to thinking about the relation between philosophy and...

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  • The Ibsen Secret - A Key To The Prose Dramas,...


    Excerpt from The Ibsen Secret: A Key to the Prose Dramas, of Henrik Ibsen That he himself knows the hidden spring that Operates in his plays the touch that makes them seize upon the heart, causing loathing and pity and terror - through the Simplest...

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  • Constellation Of Genius - 1922: Modernism...

    Jackson, Kevin

    Ezra Pound referred to 1922 as Year One of a new era. It was the year that began with the publication of James Joyce's Ulysses and ended with the publication of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, two works that were arguably 'the sun and moon' of...

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  • The Afterlife Of Al-Andalus - Muslim Iberia...

    Civantos, Christina

    Around the globe, concerns about interfaith relations have led to efforts to find earlier models in Muslim Iberia (al-Andalus). This book examines how Muslim Iberia operates as an icon or symbol of identity in twentieth and twenty-first century...

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  • The Life, And Posthumous Writings, Of William...


    Excerpt from The Life, and Posthumous Writings, of William Cowper, Esqr, Vol. 1 The fellowing pleases me most of all the mottos I have thought of. But with respect both to that and the title you will use your pleasure. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • C. S. Lewis: A Biography

    Hooper,Walter; Lancelyn Green,Roger

    This is the true story of C.S. Lewis - one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century - whose books for children and adults have become much-loved classics.Part of the story of C.S. Lewis has been made famous through the film 'Shadowlands'....

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  • Journals Of Ralph Waldo Emerson - With...

    Emerson, Ralph Waldo

    Excerpt from Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson: With Annotations We have two needs, Being and Organization. See how much pains we take here in Plato's dialogues to set in order the One Fact in two or three or four steps, and renew as oft as we can the...

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  • The Complete Poems

    Ransom, John Crowe

    John Crowe Ransom distinguished himself as one of the South's foremost poets and literary critics of the twentieth century, cultivating a poetic style that celebrated rural, agrarian life as an antidote to the increasing complexity of modern society....

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  • Lord Byron And Some Of His Contemporaries,...


    Excerpt from Lord Byron and Some of His Contemporaries, Vol. 1 of 2: With Recollections of the Author's Life, and of His Visit to Italy The reader will oblige me by letting me explain' to him, how the volume, here offered to his perusal, came to be...

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  • The Essentialist Villain - On Leo Bersani

    Tuhkanen, Mikko

    Since his first publications in the late 1950s, Leo Bersani's work has influenced numerous scholarly fields, from studies of French modernism and realist fiction to psychoanalytic criticism and film theory. It has occasionally helped precipitate the...

  • English Syntax


    English Syntax

  • Gifts From The Heart - Skills For Speaking,...


    Gifts from the Heart is a friendly, concise, and easy-to-read book that helps students learn, practice, and improve ten fundamental communication skills needed for any long-term relationship. Each skill is presented as a 'gift' for students to give...

  • Gifts From The Heart - Skills For Speaking,...


    Gifts from the Heart is a friendly, concise, and easy-to-read book that helps students learn, practice, and improve ten fundamental communication skills needed for any long-term relationship. Each skill is presented as a 'gift' for students to give...

  • Grammar Made Easy (Classic Reprint)

    Dana, Marvin

    Excerpt from Grammar Made Easy First and foremost, the student should master the elements of grammar. Nor need he be alarmed by this necessity. The task is by no means a hard one. There is, in fact, very little to be learned, if only the essentials...

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  • Catalogue Of The Irish Manuscripts In The...

    Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill

    Excerpt from Catalogue of the Irish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin The arrangement of the mss. On the shelves has been repeatedly altered, as the collection grew and was shifted from one room to another; hence arises a series...

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  • A Higher English Grammar (Classic Reprint)


    If you are interested in the English language and how it has evolved over the years then A Higher English Grammar by Alexander Bain is a great choice to read. Bain was a Scottish philosopher and educationalist in the 19th century and was played a...

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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Shakespeare,William; Dougherty, John; Sumberac, Manuel

    'Collins Big Cat' is a guided reading series for ages 4-11. Top children's authors and illustrators have created fiction and non-fiction books that your children will love to read, banded to help you choose the right book for every child. Practical...

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  • Robots

    Emmett, Jonathan

    A photographic non-fiction book that explains the many different types of robots and their uses. The report tells how robots help us in industry, security, and in exploring uninhabitable environments such as other planets, volcanoes, and the depths...

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  • The Popular Educator, Vol. 6 - A Complete...


    Excerpt from The Popular Educator, Vol. 6: A Complete Encyclopaedia of Elementary, Advanced and Technical Education The Key to the Exercises 111 any Lesson 111 Italian will be found at the end of the next Lesson, or next but one. About the Publisher...

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  • Short Historical English Grammar (Classic...


    Excerpt from Short Historical English Grammar Sanskrit, &c., they are of little use for etymological purposes. But although most of those who have kept pace with the recent developments of Comparative Philology admit all this, some of them still...

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  • The Farmer's Lunch

    Shipton, Paul; Gordon, John

    It's lunchtime and the farmer's hungry, but his lunch box is empty! He turns to all the animals on his farm for help, the sheep, cows, horses and geese, but they are all being very secretive. Are they hiding his lunch, or a much bigger and better...

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