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Biografias e memorias

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  • The Boatman - Henry David Thoreau's River...

    Thorson,Robert M

    As a backyard naturalist and river enthusiast, Henry David Thoreau was keenly aware of the many ways in which humans had altered the waterways and meadows of his beloved Concord River Valley. A land surveyor by trade, he recognized that he was as...

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  • Stalin


    The first full-scale biography of Stalin in twenty years reveals the complex and fascinating story of the Soviet dictator, from his dysfunctional childhood in Soviet Georgia, through his education and early political activism, to his tyrannical...

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  • Nero



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  • Freud - In His Time And Ours


    Elisabeth Roudinesco offers a bold and modern reinterpretation of the iconic founder of psychoanalysis. Based on new archival sources, this is Freud's biography for the twenty-first century--a critical appraisal, at once sympathetic and impartial, of...

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  • Napoleon



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  • China And Albert Einstein


    China And Albert Einstein

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  • In Search of Nella Larsen


    In Search of Nella Larsen

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  • Philostratus

    Jones,Christopher P. (edt)


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  • Inventing Edward Lear


    'Inventing Edward Lear is an exceptional, valuable, original study, presenting new materials on aspects of Lear's life and work.'--Jenny Uglow, author of Mr. Lear and The Lunar MenEdward Lear wrote some of the best-loved poems in English, including...

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  • The Boatman - Henry David Thoreau's River...

    Thorson,Robert M

    The Boatman gives readers a Thoreau for the Anthropocene epoch. As a backyard naturalist and river enthusiast, Thoreau was keenly aware of the way humans had altered the waterways and meadows of his beloved Concord River Valley. And he recognized...

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  • Charlemagne


    When Charlemagne died in 814 CE, he left behind a dominion and a legacy unlike anything seen in Western Europe since the fall of Rome. Distinguished historian and author of The Middle Ages Johannes Fried presents a new biographical study of the...

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  • Confessions Of A Young Novelist


    Umberto Eco published his first novel, The Name of the Rose, in 1980, when he was nearly fifty. In these confessions, the author, now in his late seventies, looks back on his long career as a theorist and his more recent work as a novelist, and...

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  • Oscar Wilde - The Unrepentant Years


    Nicholas Frankel presents a new and revisionary account of Wilde's final years, spent in poverty and exile on the European continent following his release from an English prison for the crime of 'gross indecency' between men. Oscar Wilde: The...

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  • Admiral Bill Halsey - A Naval Life

    Hughes,Thomas Alexander

    William Halsey was the most famous naval officer of World War II. His fearlessness in carrier raids against Japan, his steely resolve at Guadalcanal, and his impulsive blunder at the Battle of Leyte Gulf made him the 'Patton of the Pacific' and...

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  • From a Darkened Room

    Aaron,Daniel; Inman,Arthur Crew

    From a Darkened Room

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  • The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music

    Randel,Don Michael (edt)

    An illustrated companion volume to The New Harvard Dictionary of Music offers authoritative articles covering nearly 5,500 figures in the history of music, from classical to jazz to hymns to blues. UP.

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  • Notable American Women

    Braukman,Stacy (edt); Ware,Susan (edt)

    Entries on almost five hundred women representing a wide range of fields of endeavor are featured in a collection of biographical essays that integrate each woman's personal life with her professional achievements, set in the context of historical...

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  • Selected Letters of John Keats

    Scott,Grant F.

    Selected Letters of John Keats

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  • The Man Who Invented the Chromosome

    Harman,Oren Solomon

    The Man Who Invented the Chromosome

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  • Caesar



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  • Lincoln's Last Months

    Harris,William C.

    Lincoln's Last Months

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  • Eleanor of Aquitaine And the Four Kings

    Kelly,Amy Ruth

    An account of Queen Eleanor which describes her dramatic life as a queen, her marriages, and her contributions to that period

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  • Designs On the Heart

    Marling,Karal Ann

    Explores the meaning of the subject matter and fame of the paintings of Grandma Moses, revealing an extensive longing for the memories and comforts of the American past portrayed in her work.

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  • The Complete Correspondence, 1928-1940

    Adorno,Theodor W.; Benjamin,Walter; Adorno,Theodor W.

    The Complete Correspondence, 1928-1940

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  • The Highly Civilized Man

    Kennedy,Dane Keith

    In an insightful biography, the author offers an examination of Richard Burton that explores how his contribution to Victorian Britain's most contentious debates provides a panoramic perspective on the world of the Victorians.

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  • The Marquis De Sade


    The Marquis De Sade

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  • Adams Family Correspondence

    Cecere,Anne Decker (edt); Claffey,Mary T. (edt); Hogan,Margaret A. (edt); Lint,Gregg L. (edt); Taylor,C. James (edt); Walker,Celeste (edt); Woodward,Hobson (edt)

    Adams Family Correspondence

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  • The Tangled Field

    Comfort,Nathaniel C.

    The Tangled Field

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  • A Prince of Our Disorder

    MacK,John E.

    A Prince of Our Disorder

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  • Edward Teller


    In this biography of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Edward Teller, interviews with fifty of Teller's colleagues and friends, as well a dialogue with Teller himself, provide a clearer view the contradictions and controversies surrounding his life.

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  • Sor Juana Or, the Traps of Faith

    Peden,Margaret Sayers (TRN); Paz,Octavio

    A life of the seventeenth-century poet, intellectual, and feminist who became a nun and eventually gave up secular learning, places her in her times and in Spanish intellectual tradition, and examines the contradictions in her personality.

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  • Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

    Child,Lydia Maria Francis; Jacobs, Harriet; Jacobs,John S.; Yellin,Jean Fagan; Yellin, Jean Fagan

    Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

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  • J. J. Rousseau


    J. J. Rousseau

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  • Notable American Women, the Modern Period

    Sicherman,Barbara; Sicherman,Barbara; Green,Carol Hurd

    Over 400 entries review the lives and careers of outstanding women who died between 1951 and 1975, presenting basic data on ancestry, education, and marital status

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  • Advertisements For Myself


    Originally published in 1959, this is a collection of Mailer's stories, essays, polemic, meditations and interviews. It may be considered both as a chronicle of a crucial era in the formation of modern American culture, and as a contribution to the...

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  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

    Douglass,Frederick; Douglass, Frederick

    The autobiography of a leading abolitionist and statesman who escaped to the north in 1838 after twenty-one years of enslavement

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  • Stutter

    Shell, Marc


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  • Brazil Through the Eyes of William James

    Machado,Maria Helena (edt); Monteiro,John M. (trn)

    Brazil Through the Eyes of William James

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  • Kafka

    Wagenbach,Klaus; Osers,Ewald (TRN)


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  • Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl Written...

    Jacobs, Harriet A.; Jacobs,John S.; Yellin, Jean Fagan; Yellin,Jean Fagan; Yellin,Jean Fagan (edt)

    Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl Written By Herself

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  • The Oral Palimpsest


    The Oral Palimpsest

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  • Writing And Materiality In China

    Hanan,Patrick (edt); Liu,Lydia He (edt); Widmer,Ellen (edt)

    Writing And Materiality In China

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  • Notable American Women, 1607-1950

    James,Edward T.

    Contains biographical sketches of women whose achievements have contributed to the nation's history

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  • One Writer s Beginnings

    Welty, Eudora

    One Writer s Beginnings

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