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  • Helter Skelter

    Bugliosi,Vincent; Gentry,Curt



    The inside story behind the Manson killings explains how Charles Manson was able to make his 'family' murder for him, chronicles the investigation, and describes in detail the court trial that brought him and his accomplices to justice. Winner of the...

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  • Kafka's Last Trial - The Case Of A Literary...


    Kafka's Last Trial begins with Kafka's last instruction to his closest friend, Max Brod: to destroy all his remaining papers upon his death. But when the moment arrived in 1924, Brod could not bring himself to burn the unpublished works of the man he...

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  • Kafka's Last Trial - The Case Of A Literary...


    When Franz Kafka died in 1924, his loyal friend Max Brod could not bring himself to fulfill Kafka's last instruction: to burn his remaining manuscripts. Instead, Brod devoted his life to championing Kafka's work, rescuing his legacy from obscurity...

  • A Revolution In Color - The World Of John...


    Through an intimate narrative of the life of painter John Singleton Copley, award-winning historian Jane Kamensky reveals the world of the American Revolution, rife with divided loyalties and tangled sympathies.Famed today for his portraits of...

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  • Zora And Langston - A Story Of Friendship And...


    They were best friends. They were collaborators, literary gadflies, and champions of the common people. They were the leading lights of the Harlem Renaissance. Zora Neale Hurston, the author of Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Langston Hughes, the...

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  • Oliver Wendell Holmes - A Life In War, Law,...


    Oliver Wendell Holmes twice escaped death as a young Union officer in the Civil War when musket balls missed his heart and spinal cord by a fraction of an inch at the Battles of Ball's Bluff and Antietam. He lived ever after with unwavering moral...

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  • Ladysitting - My Year With Nana At The End Of...

    Cary, Lorene

    From cherished memories of weekends she spent as a child with her indulgent Nana to the reality of the year she spent 'ladysitting' her now frail grandmother, Lorene Cary journeys through stories of their time together and five generations of their...

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  • Darwin's Backyard - How Small Experiments Led...

    Costa,James T

    James T. Costa takes readers on a journey from Darwin's childhood through his voyage on the HMS Beagle, where his ideas on evolution began, and on to Down House, his bustling home of forty years. Using his garden and greenhouse, the surrounding...

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  • Bagehot - The Life And Times Of The Greatest...


    During the upheavals of 2007-09, the chairman of the Federal Reserve had the name of a Victorian icon on the tip of his tongue: Walter Bagehot. Banker, man of letters, inventor of the Treasury bill, and author of Lombard Street, the still-canonical...

  • Deep Creek - Finding Hope In The High Country


    On her 120-acre homestead high in the Colorado Rockies, beloved writer Pam Houston learns what it means to care for a piece of land and the creatures on it. Elk calves and bluebirds mark the changing seasons, winter temperatures drop to 35 below, and...

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  • Jgv - A Life In 12 Recipes

    Vongerichten, Jean-georges; Ruhlman,Michael

    Jean- Georges Vongerichten was born into a coal- business family in rural Alsace. He didn't enroll at a top culinary program. He was kicked out of high school at age fifteen. How, then, did he find himself apprenticing with the most renowned chefs,...

  • Kitchen Yarns - Notes On Life, Love, And Food


    From her Italian American childhood through raising and feeding a growing family and cooking with her new husband, food writer Michael Ruhlman, Ann Hood has long appreciated the power of good food. In Kitchen Yarns, she details her life with essays...

  • Summertime - George Gershwin's Life In Music

    Crawford, Richard

    New York City native and gifted pianist George Gershwin blossomed as an accompanist before his talent as a songwriter opened the way to Broadway, where he fashioned his own brand of American music. He composed a long run of musical comedies, many...

  • Sisters And Rebels - A Struggle For The Soul...

    Hall,Jacquelyn Dowd

    Descendants of a prominent slaveholding family, Elizabeth, Grace, and Katharine Lumpkin grew up in a culture of white supremacy. But while Elizabeth remained a lifelong believer, her younger sisters chose vastly different lives. Seeking their...

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  • Daniel Webster

    Remini,Robert V.

    The author of the highly acclaimed biography, Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union, reveals Daniel Webster as a major player in American politics up to the Civil War, renowned for his oratory but also his political conniving.

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  • Buster Keaton


    Buster Keaton

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  • Lytton Strachey


    Lytton Strachey

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  • From Here To Eternity

    Doughty ,Caitlin; Blair, Landis

    Fascinated by our pervasive fear of dead bodies, mortician Caitlin Doughty set out to discover how other cultures care for the dead. From Here to Eternity is an immersive global journey that introduces compelling, powerful rituals almost entirely...

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  • From Here To Eternity - Traveling The World...

    Doughty ,Caitlin

    Fascinated by our pervasive fear of dead bodies, mortician Caitlin Doughty embarks on a global expedition to discover how other cultures care for the dead. From Zoroastrian sky burials to wish-granting Bolivian skulls, she investigates the world's...

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  • Hitler

    Kershaw,Ian; Kershaw, Ian; Kershaw,Ian

    Draws on previously unused sources, including Joseph Goebbels' diaries, to encompass the period beginning with the Nazi dictator's attaining absolute power within Germany, through the second World War, to Hitler's suicide. Reprint.

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  • New York

    Eisner,Will; Eisner,Will

    In unforgettable style, the creator of the comic strip The Spirit captures the grit and grime of Avenue C on New York's Lower East Side--a world filled with street musicians, overflowing sewers, and peeping toms. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Obsessive Genius

    Goldsmith,Barbara; Goldsmith,Barbara

    Draws on diaries, letters, and family interviews to discuss the lesser-known achievements and scientific insights of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist and producer of radium, documenting how she was compromised by the prejudices of a male-dominated...

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  • Evita


    A new edition of the controversial 'deathbed manuscript' attributed to Eva Perón offers insight into the present-day war crimes trials in Argentina, features Evita's criticisms of the nation's church and military, and includes an evaluation of the...

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  • Charles Ives


    A biography of the American composer examines how his music was shaped by his Yankee background, the influence of his father, and his Yale education

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  • Howard Hughes

    Barlett,Donald L.; Steele, James

    Howard Hughes's veneer of bravado and secrecy is stripped away to reveal the true nature of the famous but troubled aviator in a biography by a pair of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. Reissue.

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  • Tesla - Inventor Of The Modern


    Nikola Tesla invented the radio, robots, and remote control. His electric induction motors run our appliances and factories, yet he has been largely overlooked by history. In Tesla, Richard Munson presents a comprehensive portrait of this farsighted...

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  • Alice Walker

    White,Evelyn C.

    A full-length portrait of the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer draws on letters, journals, and interviews to discuss her birth into a family of Georgia sharecroppers, the childhood accident that left her blind in one eye and sympathetic to human...

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  • Khrushchev


    A portrait of the head of the Soviet Union whose rule followed Stalin's identifies his impact on the country and the rest of the world, citing how his career reflected of the Soviet experience and tracing his efforts to reform communism and ease the...

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  • C. S. Lewis

    Wilson,A. N.

    C. S. Lewis

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  • Letters of Transit


    Letters of Transit

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  • Jean-paul Sartre

    Cohen-solal,Annie; Macafee,Norman; Cancogni,Anna (TRN)

    From a description of Sartre's hitherto unknown father to the painful last moments of Sartre's declining years, this intimate portrait incorporates previously untold aspects of Sartre's private, political, and literary life, in a new edition of the...

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  • Victor Hugo


    Victor Hugo

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  • The Undoing Project - A Friendship That...


    Forty years ago, Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky wrote a series of breathtakingly original studies undoing our assumptions about the decision-making process. Their papers showed the ways in which the human mind erred,...

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  • Sojourner Truth

    Painter,Nell Irvin

    Offers a portrait of Sojourner Truth, who was born into slavery, transformed herself into a pentecostal preacher, and spoke out against slavery and in support of oppressed people

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  • Alfred C. Kinsey

    Jones,James H.

    Alfred C. Kinsey

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  • Coach

    Lewis,Michael; Lewis,Michael; Lewis,Michael

    The best-selling author of Moneyball and Liar's Poker recounts a turning point that occurred when he was fourteen years old, an event during which an irascible baseball coach gave him the ball at a key point in a game and conveyed such trust that the...

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  • The Healing Wound


    A vivid, firsthand exploration of Nazism in Germany and its legacy chronicles the author's more than sixty-year investigations into the darer side of history, from her first childhood encounter with the Nazis at a 1934 rally, to her interviews with...

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  • Heinz Kohut

    Strozier,Charles B.

    Heinz Kohut

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  • Crossing The Line - A Year In The Land Of...


    Named by The New York Times Book Review as a top ten nonfiction book of 1986, this seminal piece of cross-cultural journalism is an account of a white American's experience teaching black students in South Africa—an account essential for its incisive...

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  • Will Eisner's New York

    Eisner,Will; Eisner,Will

    A quartet of graphic works--New York, The Building, City People Notebook, and Invisible People--explores the lives and landscapes of the diverse inhabitants of the urban jungle of the Big Apple.

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  • Wesley K. Clark

    Felix, Antonia

    Describes the life and career of the Army general and the Democratic presidental candidate.

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  • Pull Me Up

    Barry, Dan

    An award-winning New York Times columnist documents the story of his life, which has been marked by his mother's childhood in Ireland, an old-school neighborhood, his early achievements as a New England reporter, his struggles with a life-threatening...

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  • My Father Il Duce


    A last surviving child of Benito Mussolini shares insights into his father's life, describing such topics as Il Duce's relationship with his family and mistresses, beliefs about education and the arts, partnership with Adolf Hitler, and anticipation...

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  • Greek To Me - Adventures Of The Comma Queen

    Norris , Mary

    In her New York Times bestseller Between You & Me, Mary Norris delighted readers with her irreverent tales of pencils and punctuation in The New Yorker's celebrated copy department. In Greek to Me, she delivers another wise and funny paean to the art...

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