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Biografias e memorias

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  • When The Center Held - Gerald Ford And The...


    'A personal look behind the scenes' (Publishers Weekly) of the presidency of Gerald Ford as seen through the eyes of Donald Rumsfeld--New York Times bestselling author and Ford's former Secretary of Defense, Chief of Staff, and longtime personal...

  • Last Words

    Hendra,Tony; Carlin,George

    Now in paperback, this posthumous work by an American classic was a fitting last book, an instant bestseller, and a huge success! One of the undisputed heavyweight champions of American comedy, with nineteen appearances on the Johnny Carson show,...

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  • In The Line Of Fire - A Memoir


    According to Time magazine, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf holds 'the world's most dangerous job.' He has twice come within inches of assassination. His forces have caught more than 670 members of al Qaeda in the mountains and cities, yet many...

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  • Sophia Tolstoy - A Biography


    As Leo Tolstoy's wife, Sophia Tolstoy experienced both glory and condemnation during their forty-eight-year marriage. She was admired as the muse and literary assistant to one of the world's most celebrated novelists. But when in later years Tolstoy...

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  • Endless Frontier - Vannevar Bush, Engineer Of...

    Zachary,G Pascal

    A prodigiously researched biography of Vannevar Bush, one of America's most awe-inspiring polymaths and the secret force behind the biggest technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century. As the inventor and public entrepreneur who launched the...

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  • Jefferson's Demons - Portrait Of A Restless...

    Beran,Michael Knox

    'I have often wondered for what good end the sensations of Grief could be intended.' -- Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson suffered during his life from periodic bouts of dejection and despair, shadowed intervals during which he was full of 'gloomy...

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  • C Wright Mills An American Utopia

    Horowitz; Horowitz,Irving Louis; Horowitz,Alexandra

    C Wright Mills An American Utopia

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  • Kook - What Surfing Taught Me About Love,...


    With grit, poetry, and humor, Peter Heller, acclaimed author of The Whale Warriors recounts his remarkable journey of discovery--of surfing, an entirely new challenge; of the ocean's beauty and power; of the strange surf subculture; of love; and,...

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  • The 188Th Crybaby Brigade - A Skinny Jewish...


    Look at me. Do you see me? Do you see me in my olive-green uniform, beret, and shiny black boots? Do you see the assault rifle slung across my chest? Finally! I am the badass Israeli soldier at the side of the road, in sunglasses, forearms like...

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  • Brothers - The Hidden History Of The Kennedy...


    For decades, books about John or Robert Kennedy have woven either a shimmering tale of Camelot gallantry or a tawdry story of runaway ambition and reckless personal behavior. But the real story of the Kennedys in the 1960s has long been submerged —...

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  • Nomad

    Hirsi Ali,Ayaan

    Hirsi Alinbsp;tells the stirring story of her search for a new life in America innbsp;thisnbsp;vivid philosophical memoir, picking up where INFIDEL left off.

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  • In The Valley Of The Shadow - On The...

    Kugel,James L

    Ten years ago, when Harvard professor James Kugel was diagnosed with an aggressive, likely fatal, form of cancer, 'I was, of course, disturbed and worried. But the main change in my state of mind was that . . . the background music had suddenly...

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  • Mendel's Daughter - A Memoir


    In 1989 Martin Lemelman videotaped his mother, Gusta, as she opened up about her childhood in 1930s Poland and her eventual escape from Nazi persecution. Mendel's Daughter, now in paperback and selected as one of the best books of 2006 by the Austin...

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  • A Radical Line - From The Labor Movement To...


    In this elegant family history, journalist Thai Jones traces the past century of American radical politics through the extraordinary exploits of his own family. Born in the late 1970s to fugitive leaders of the Weather Underground and grandson of...

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  • William Golding - The Man Who Wrote Lord Of...


    William Golding - The Man Who Wrote Lord Of The Flies

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  • When It Gets Dark - An Enlightened Reflection...


    Adeptly navigating between elegy and celebration, fear and determination, confusion and clarity, DeBaggio delivers an exquisitely moving and inspiring book that will resonate with all those who have grappled with their own or their loved ones' memory...

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  • What Went Wrong? - The Creation & Collapse Of...


    For nearly a century, blacks and Jews were allies in the struggle for civil rights and equality in America. Sometimes risking their lives, they waged battle in the courts, at lunch counters, and in the academy, advancing the cause of all minorities....

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  • Miami Y Mis Mil Muertes - Confesiones De Un...


    En su libro de memorias Nieve en La Habana, el cual gano el Premio Nacional del Libro en 2003, Carlos Eire narra su ninez en Cuba en la epoca del triunfo de la revolucion y la llegada al poder de Fidel Castro. Esa historia termina en 1962, en el...

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  • Between Expectations - Lessons From A...


    When Dr. Meghan Weir first dons her scrubs and steps onto the floor of Children's Hospital Boston as a newly minted resident, her head is packed with medical-school-textbook learning. She knows the ins and outs of the human body, has memorized the...

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  • The Woman Who Can't Forget - The...

    Davis,Bart; Price,Jill

    Jill Price has the first diagnosed case of a memory condition called 'hyperthymestic syndrome' -- the continuous, automatic, autobiographical recall of every day of her life since she was fourteen. Give her any date from that year on, and she can...

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  • Times Two - Two Women In Love And The Happy...

    Ellis,Sarah; Henderson,Kristen

    TO EVERY GOOD LOVE STORY, THERE IS A TWIST. 'Times Two 'is about two women meeting, falling madly in love, and realizing that they are so crazy about each other that they want to have a family together. The fact that they both get pregnant at the...

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  • General Washington's Christmas Farewell - A...


    One of America's greatest Christmas stories and also one of its very first -- from the period between the end of the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution -- was a creation of none other than George Washington. The story isn't...

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  • Sweater Quest - My Year Of Knitting...


    'I knit so I don't kill people' --bumper sticker spotted at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival For Adrienne Martini, and countless others, knitting is the linchpin of sanity. As a working mother of two, Martini wanted a challenge that would make her...

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  • I Wore The Ocean In The Shape Of A Girl - A...


    Now in paperback--'The triumph of Kelle Groom's memoir lies in her plangent, poetic prose as she lays bare the onset of her alcoholism at age fifteen, the child she bore and gave up at nineteen, and her dead-end jobs, upset parents, blackouts,...

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  • Peace Meals - Candy-Wrapped Kalashnikovs And...


    INCLUDES WAITING FOR THE TALIBAN, PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE ONLY AS AN EBOOK2011 JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION WRITING AND LITERATURE AWARD FINALIST Travel books bring you places. War books bring you tragedy. In Peace Meals, war reporter Anna Badkhen brings us...

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  • Pig Candy - Taking My Father South, Taking My...


    The poignant, often comical story of a grown daughter getting to know her dying father in his last months in the rural town he'd fled as a young man. Pig Candy is the poignant and often comical story of a grown daughter getting to know her dying...

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  • The Source Of All Things - A Memoir


    Called 'brave and heartbreaking' by Elle and 'an extraordinary journey' by People, Tracy Ross's riveting memoir about abuse, survival, and healing is now available in paperback.Tracy Ross's adult life has been defined by her determination to push...

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  • Kennedy & Nixon - The Rivalry That Shaped...


    In this compelling, smart, and well-researched dual biography, Chris Matthews shows how the contest between the charismatic John F. Kennedy and the talented yet haunted Richard Nixon propelled America toward Vietnam and Watergate. John F. Kennedy and...

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  • The Book Of Mormon Girl - A Memoir Of An...


    In her sweet, funny, and impassioned memoir The Book of Mormon Girl, Joanna Brooks sheds light onto one of America's most fascinating but least understood religious traditions.From her days of feeling like 'a root beer among the Cokes'--Coca-Cola...

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  • Sala's Gift - My Mother's Holocaust Story


    'Ann Kirschner allows her mother's poignant story to emerge from these heartbreaking missives, filling in the gaps with a dignified, quietly eloquent connecting incredible journey through hell and back' (Kirkus Reviews, starred...

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  • Charlotte And Lionel - A Rothschild Love...


    Charlotte was young and beautiful. Lionel, almost ten years older, was rich and her cousin. Theirs was an arranged betrothal joining two branches of Europe's most powerful banking firm. It seemed an unlikely love match, and even their wedding had to...

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  • Losing It - And Gaining My Life Back One...


    The New York Times #1 bestseller (3 weeks running) is now available in paperback. Losing It is popular actress, Jenny Craig spokeswoman, and America's sweetheart Valerie Bertinelli's headline-making account of her complicated past and how she took...

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  • Crazy Enough


    'Like some twisted love child of Mae West and Keith Richards, Storm Large is a force of nature. Her ballsy, heartbreaking, hysterical, tour de force of a memoir is not to be missed. Crazy Enough is vulgar and fragile, tragic and empowering, and like...

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  • The Memory Palace - A Memoir


    In the tradition of The Glass Castle, two sisters confront schizophrenia in this poignant literary memoir about family and mental illness. Through stunning prose and original art, The Memory Palace captures the love between mother and daughter, the...

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  • The Jive Talker - An Artist's Genesis


    What do you do when it looks like the odds were stacked against you before you were even born, when you're having trouble feeding a family that just keeps growing, when you've got a little too much of an affection for Carlsberg Brown and when the...

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  • Pistol - The Life Of Pete Maravich


    Pistol is more than the biography of a ballplayer. It's the stuff of classic novels: the story of a boy transformed by his father's dream--and the cost of that dream. Even as Pete Maravich became Pistol Pete--a basketball icon for baby boomers--all...

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  • Shadows Bright As Glass - An Accidental...

    Nutt,Amy Ellis

    Shadows Bright As Glass - An Accidental Artist And The Scientific Search For The Soul ( )

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  • Media And Communications; 49 - Trotsky - The...


    Media And Communications; 49 - Trotsky - The Eternal Revolutionary

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  • Sundays Will Never Be The Same - Racing,...

    Waltrip,Darrell; Larkin,Nate

    From the former NASCAR champion and current Fox Sports announcer, an intimate account of one of the most dramatic and tragic days in the history of NASCAR: the 2001 Daytona 500--the day that racing legend Dale Earnhardt, Sr. died. In Sundays Will...

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  • Day Of Honey - A Memoir Of Food, Love, And...

    Ciezadlo, Annia

    Now in paperback, the powerful memoir that The New York Times described as 'filled with adrenalized scenes...Ciezadlo is the kind of thinker who listens as well as she writes....Her sentences make a smart, wired-up sound on the page. Readers will be...

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  • Long Way Home - A Young Man Lost In The...


    By all accounts, Jovan Mosley was a good kid. He was working on a way out of his tough Chicago neighborhood and had been accepted at Ohio State University when he was forced to confess to a murder he did not commit. He then spent five years and ten...

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  • Witness To An Extreme Century

    Lifton,Robert Jay

    Witness To An Extreme Century

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  • A Bound Man - Why We Are Excited About Obama...


    In Shelby Steele's beautifully wrought and thought-provoking new book, A Bound Man, the award-winning and bestselling author of The Content of Our Character attests that Senator Barack Obama's groundbreaking quest for the highest office in the land...

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  • Wisenheimer - A Childhood Subject To Debate


    HAVE YOU EVER MET A CHILD WHO TALKED LIKE AN ADULT? Who knew big words and knew how to use them? Was he a charmer or an insufferable smart aleck--or maybe both? Mark Oppenheimer was just such a boy, his talent for language a curse as much as a...

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