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  • Shawn Mendes - It's My Time

    Zakarin,Debra Mostow



    Shawn Mendes is a 16-year-old Canadian singer who gained a following starting on Vine. And he may have gotten his start as an online celebrity, but now he's a bona fide pop sensation! He first album, 'Handwritten,' is already at the top of the charts...

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  • Sojourner Truth

    Mckissack,Patricia C.

    Published to coincide with African-American History Month, here is the stirring, award-winning biography of Sojourner Truth--preacher, abolitionist, and activist for the rights of African-Americans and women. 'A rich profile'.--School Library...

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  • Malcolm X

    Myers, Walter Dean

    Few men in American history are as controversial as Malcolm X. In this provocative biography, Myers, winner of a Newbery Honor and four-time Coretta Scott King Award winner, presents a forthright portrait of a complex man whose life reflected the...

  • Louis Braille

    Davidson, Margaret

    Blinded at the age of 3, Louis Braille developed a superb memory that enabled him to do well in school. But that wasn't enough--Louis wanted to read. Finding the alphabet impractical, he invented the raised dot alphabet, Braille, now used throughout...

  • Zendaya


    Zendaya Coleman, the star of Disney's 'Shake It Up,' is the newest 'it' girl! Zenday is a 17-year-old actress/singer whose solo album debuts September 2013. Best known for her role on Disney Channel's sitcom Shake It Up, Zendaya also came in second...

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  • Thomas Edison


    Enhanced with black-and-white illustrations, photos, and historic prints, a biography provides a look at the life and accomplishments of this great American inventor and the inspiration behind some of his most well-known creations. Original.

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  • Abraham Lincoln


    From the inspiring yet straightforward words of Abraham Lincoln, the story of a man who went to school for no more than one year, lost two elections, and then went to lead our nation through the hardest of times, is told. Through speeches, writings,...

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  • I Am Walt Disney


    I am the creator of Mickey Mouse. I am Walt Disney. As a child, I had a wild imagination and a great curiosity. As I grew up, I used those qualities to become a cartoonist. Eventually, I turned these drawings into films and began my own animation...

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  • Frida

    Kahlo, Frida; Winter,Jonah; Juan,Ana; Juan,Ana

    Identifies the tragedies and suffering that Frida Kahlo overcame throughout her life by using her skill as an artist to express her pain and depression--and eventually, her joys and triumphs.

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  • I Am Lebron James


    I am basketball's biggest superstar--I am LeBron James. LeBron James was the MVP of the 2013 basketball season and he is one of the best basketball players of all time. His accomplishments on and off the court will appeal to a wide...

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  • Helen Keller

    Davidson, Margaret

    The bestselling biography of Helen Keller illustrates how, with the commitment and lifelong friendship of Anne Sullivan, she learned to talk, read, and eventually graduate from college with honors.

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  • Pocahontas


    Famous for saving the life of Captain John Smith in 1608, Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of the Native American chief of the Powhatans. This introduction to the Native American legend shows how she made enormous contributions to the survival of...

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  • Helen Keller

    Sullivan,George; Thompson,Keller Johnson (frw)

    Rare photographs and informative text tell the story of Helen Keller's life from the iconic moment at the pump through her career as goodwill delegate to the world. The fascinating life of one of the most popular historical figures is told through...

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  • I Am (Scholastic) - 1 - I Am Sacagawea


    A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today. I am only sixteen years old as I trek across the country with my infant son strapped to my back. I have a river, two lakes, and four mountain peaks named...

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  • Story Of Ruby Bridges - Special Anniversary...


    Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first African American child to integrate a New Orleans school with this paperback reissue! The year is 1960, and six-year-old Ruby Bridges and her family have recently moved from Mississippi to New Orleans in...

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  • I Am Martin Luther King Jr.


    A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today. I helped organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I am only 34 when I give the 'I Have a Dream' speech. I am Martin Luther King Jr. Learn all about this...

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  • I Am Helen Keller


    A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today. I am two years old when I become deaf and blind. I live in a world of darkness. I am finally able to read and write with the help of my teacher Annie...

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  • Amelia And Eleanor Go For A Ride

    Ryan,Pam Munoz; Selznick,Brian

    Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt were birds of a feather. Not only were they two of the most admired and respected women of all time, they were also good friends. Illuminated here for the first time in picture book form is the true story of a...

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  • One Direction: Superstardom!


    The perfect book for any fan of One Direction. Readers can find out everything about the super-cute boys of the band - from their humble beginnings to worldwide adoration - then quiz themselves to find out how well they know 1D. Includes individual...

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  • Really Professional Internet Person

    Scholastic; McAllister,Jenn; Jennxpenn,

    Jenn McAllister, better known as JennxPenn, has been obsessed with making videos since she found her parents video camera at the age of eight. A shy child, Jenn turned to film because, unlike with life, you can always have a do-over. 'Really...

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  • Pocahontas And The Strangers

    Bulla, Clyde Robert

    A fictionalized account of the life of Pocahontas woven about the few facts known from historical records.

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  • Shark Lady


    An introduction to the life and career of the ichthyologist whose interest in fish began at the age of nine during weekly trips to the Aquarium in New York City.

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  • Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King

    Marzollo,Jean; Pinkney,J. Brian; Pinkney, J. Brian

    This book is beautifully-rendered study of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, told in simple, straightforward language for even the youngest of readers to understand. Pinkney's scratchboard and oil pastel illustrations convey both the strength and...

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  • Chasing Lincolns Killer - The Search For John...

    Swanson,James L.

    Based on rare archival material, obscure trial manuscripts, and interviews with relatives of the conspirators and the manhunters, CHASING LINCOLN'S KILLER is a fast-paced thriller about the pursuit and capture of John Wilkes Booth: a wild twelve-day...

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  • Did It Take Creativity To Find Relativity,...

    Berger,Melvin; Berger,Gilda; Dorman,Brandon (ilt)

    From being a mediocre high school student in Germany to becoming a world-renowned physicist living in Princeton, N.J., the life and work of Albert Einstein is clearly explained in a question-and-answer format for younger readers. The combination of...

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  • Freedom Summer Murders


    To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer murders, this will be the first book for young adults to explore the harrowing true story of three civil rights workers slain by the KKK. In June of 1964, three idealistic young men (one...

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  • Dreamer

    Ryan,Pam Munoz

    Pura Belpre Award Winner A tender, transcendent, and meticulously crafted novel from Newbery Honoree, Pam Munoz Ryan, and three-time Caldecott Honoree, Peter Sis! From the time he is a young boy, Neftali hears the call of a mysterious voice. Even...

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  • Freedom Train


    Born into slavery, young Harriet Tubman knew only hard work and hunger. Escape seemed impossible--certainly dangerous. Yet Harriet did escape North, by the secret route called the Underground Railroad. Harriet didn't forget her people. Again and...

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  • The Extraordinary Mark Twain - According To...


    From the Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor-winning team behind WHAT TO DO ABOUT ALICE?, a humorous and intimate portrait of the most celebrated writer in America, as told by his thirteen-year-old daughter. Susy Clemens thought the world was wrong about...

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  • Girls' Life Head-To-Toe Guide To You


    A must-have book for any girl that's looking for straightforward advice about her body. Covering everything from periods, deodorant, bad breath, smelly feet, hair, braces, acne, and bras, to eating right, staying fit, and everything in between,...

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  • I Am (Scholastic) - 08 - I Am Roberto...


    I was a baseball hero and an inspiring humanitarian. I am Roberto Clemente. A unique hero, Roberto Clemente is not only famous for his impressive baseball career, but also for his generous humanitarian efforts. Nearly 40 years ago, the same year he...

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  • I Am John F. Kennedy


    I was the 35th President of the United States. I am John F. Kennedy. When I was young, people called me courageous and competitive. I used those qualities to serve as a commander in the U.S. Navy. The leadership skills I learned in combat helped earn...

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  • Backstage Pass


    It's an all-access backstage pass into the lives of your favorite stars! Ever wonder what Logan Lerman's fave food is? Or how the cuties of One Direction met and started making music together? Which of your favorite actresses was discovered on the...

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  • Promises To Keep


    A warm, intimate portrait of Jackie Robinson, America's sports icon, told from the unique perspective of a unique insider: his only daughter. Sharon Robinson shares memories of her famous father in this warm loving biography of the man who broke the...

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  • Jackie Robinson - American Hero


    Just in time for the major motion picture release, discover everything you wanted to know about Jackie Robinson! To tie- in with the April 2013 release of the movie 42, the life story of Jackie Robinson, this full-color comprehensive biography will...

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  • What To do About Alice ? How Alice Roosevelt...

    Kerley,Barbara; Fotheringham,Edwin

    A witty and stylish biography of a maverick American heroine -- the outspoken, irresistible daughter of Teddy Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt had a small problem. Her name was Alice. Alice Lee Roosevelt was hungry to go places, meet people, do things!...

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  • The Secret Soldier


    Deborah Sampson wanted to travel and have adventures, but since she had no money, the best way to do that was to join the army. This is the exciting true story of a woman who became a soldier during the American Revolutionary War, by dressing and...

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  • Byrd & Igloo - A Polar Adventure


    From the author of Ghosts in the Fog comes a story that will appeal to lovers of history, adventure, and dogs. BYRD & IGLOO is the first narrative nonfiction book to tell the daring adventures of legendary polar explorer and aviator Richard Byrd and...

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  • Paul Revere


    This book brings Paul Revere's legendary midnight ride to life, and reveals that Revere was active in many of the events that led to the Revolution. Readers will also learn about other famous Americans of the time, including John Hancock and Sam...

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  • Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The Presidents And...


    This new edition features updated information about the 2012 presidential election and a full-color design! THE SCHOLASTIC ENCYLOPEDIA OF THE PRESIDENTS AND THEIR TIMES documents the tenure of each of the American presidents. It also includes...

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  • I Am #2 - Albert Einstein


    A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today. I am one of the most gifted minds that ever lived. I am a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. I was expelled from school as a young child. I am Albert...

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  • Awkward! - Your Stars' Oops, Goofs & Blushes


    Everyone has embarrassing moments at school . . . even your favorite celebs! Includes info about One Direction, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Taylor Swift, and more! Sure, being a superstar may look like it's all red-carpet events,...

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  • Vol.Presidents - Follow The Leaders

    Owen,John Bailey

    Was Teddy Roosevelt a cute kid in his Throwback Thursday photos? Whose no-shave November facial hair is better, Lincoln's or Taft's? And just how many selfies did JFK take in the oval office? From how they grew up to how they led, learn what...

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  • Tales Of Famous Animals

    Roop, Peter; Roop, Connie

    A delightfully illustrated introduction to some of the most fascinating and admirable animals we ve ever known! Everyone knows about President Obama's first dog Bo, but would you believe President Adams had a pet alligator that he kept in the White...

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