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Literatura P/ Crianças 5-8 A

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2547 produtos
  • Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Kit And Sticker Book

    Press, Running

    Hedwig was a gift to Harry Potter and the most resourceful of Snowy Owls, delivering messages throughout the film series and a constant companion to Harry. A deluxe keepsake of Hedwig with a removable-lid cage comes in this package alongside a...

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  • Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

    Droid ,Urma

    This Star Wars game in a book provides hours of fun for thumb-wrestling masters or their apprentices. Opponents Velcro on the lightsabers included (one blue, one red); open the book to one of seven durable 'game board' pages depicting classic Star...

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  • The Composer Is Dead

    Snicket, Lemony; Ellis, Carson; Stookey,Nathaniel

    The Composer Is Dead

  • The Gruffalo

    Donaldson, Julia

    A mouse is taking a stroll through the deep, dark wood when along comes a hungry fox, then an owl, and then a snake. The mouse is good enough to eat but smart enough to know this, so he invents . . . the gruffalo! As Mouse explains, the gruffalo is a...

  • Moana Read-Along Storybook & CD


    Moana Read-Along Storybook & CD

  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Pop-Up...

    Carroll, Lewis

    Building on his reputation as one of the most innovative paper-engineers working in children's books, Robert Sabuda dazzles us with his reworking of Alice in Wonderland. The book consists of 7 spreads with breathtaking super-size pop-ups and...

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  • Ariel And the Birthday Surprise: Disney...

    Disney Press (COR)

    Ariel's sister Aquata is having a birthday celebration. It's going to be a fun-filled day, complete with a special concert, and Ariel is excited about visiting her family. If only Prince Eric could go under the sea, too. At the party, Aquata wishes...

  • My Little Bunny Tote Bag

    Christine Lyn Jones

    This attractive cloth carrying bag will delight the little girl who receives it. The flower-patterned cloth bag's outer surface sports the smiling, stuffed-fabric three-dimensional head of a pink-eared bunny. A sturdy zipper opens the bag to reveal a...

  • Very Hungry Caterpillar


    Eric Carle's 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' is a perennial favourite with children and adults alike. Its imaginative illustration and clever cut-out detail charts the progress of a very hungry caterpillar as he eats his way through the week.

  • Oz - The Box Sets - The Complete Paperback...

    Baum, L. Frank

    This lavishly packaged boxed set includes fifteen classic and beloved Oz tales in five paperback volumes:Volume 1 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of OzVolume 2 - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, The Road to Oz, The Emerald...

  • The Smartest Giant In Town

    Donaldson, Julia

    George wished he wasn't the scruffiest giant in town. So when he sees a new shop selling giant-sized clothes, he decides it's time for a new look: smart trousers, smart shirt, stripy tie, shiny shoes. Now he's the smartest giant in town . . . until...

  • Where's Wally? In Hollywood

    Handford, Martin

    Wow! Wally and his friends are in the land where dreams are made. This book lets you hunt for Wally and his friends, who are hidden in intricately-detailed scenes. It also includes a magnifying glass.

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  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

    Seuss, Dr.

    Rhymes in simple words plus imaginative figures designed to encourage children to read

  • Alice In Wonderland - Little Golden Books


    Based on Walt Disney's animated classic, this vintage Little Golden Book from 1951 retells the story of Alice’s wild adventures in Wonderland.

  • Darcy Dolphin Is A Little Bit Magic

    Watkins, Sam

    Join Darcy Dolphin and friends for some underwater adventures! In the second book of the series, Darcy makes a new friend. But there's something fishy about Coral Crab . . . Meanwhile on the reef, a pebble-collecting craze hits the school and Darcy...

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  • Flat Stanley On Ice

    Brown, Jeff

    Stanley and his brother Arthur are super-excited to go ice-skating on the frozen lake. And as Arthur is slipping and sliding around, it turns out Stanley is an ice-skating superstar. But then cracks start to appear . . . is the ice rink about to...

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  • The Caravan Family

    Blyton, Enid

    A fun-filled, summer adventure from Enid Blyton's classic Family series, with brand new line illustrations from acclaimed illustrator, Aleksei Bitskoff. Mike, Belinda and Ann are delighted when Dad buys two caravans for them to live in. They become...

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  • Lego Star Wars Book Of Mazes


    Discover a galaxy full of adventures with LEGO® Star Wars™ books!Join Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, Princess Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader and the rest of the LEGO® Star Wars™ gang in this fun activity book packed with mazes!This amazing maze activity...

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  • The Seaside Family


    The Caravan Family are spending their summer in beautiful, sandy Seagull Cove. They are staying in their caravans, right at the edge of the sea, and are going to have the best seaside holiday ever!But a new friend, Benjy, is with them and he's not...

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  • Elmer

    Mckee, David

    All the elephants of the jungle were gray except Elmer, who was a patchwork of brilliant colors until the day he got tired of being different and making the other elephants laugh

  • Five Shiny Bugs


    Five, four, three, two, one shiny bugs...where are they all flying off to? Turn the pages and feel the soft, shiny bugs.

  • Where's Wally? The Phenomenal Postcard Book...


    Where's Wally? The Phenomenal Postcard Book Two

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  • Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs - Ladybird...


    Fairy stories and traditional tales have a special place in the life of every child. Trust Ladybird to bring you all the best-loved titles in our famous small, hard-wearing format. This tale of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is perfect for reading...

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  • Star Wars The Force Awakens Novelisation

    Wars, Star

    Revisit the Star Wars universe with the newest addition to the franchise, The Force Awakens. A world awaits you filled with new characters, locations, ships and aliens. Plus, welcome back some of your old favourites like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and...

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  • Where's Wally? 25th Anniversary Edition

    Handford, Martin

    Search for Wally in this 25th anniversary reissue of the original eye-boggling classic! Wally, along with his friends, is fiendishly hidden in every intricately-detailed scene. Hours of fun and games await in this classic activity book which...

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  • Ratatouille - Little Golden Book

    Saxon, Victoria

    This Little Golden Book retells the story of the newest animated feature film from Disney Pixar, opening in theaters on June 29, about a little Parisian rat named Remy who tries to become a chef in a famous French restaurant. Full color.

  • Little Red Riding Hood


    Fairy stories and traditional tales have a special place in the life of every child. Trust Ladybird to bring you all the best-loved titles in our famous small, hard-wearing format. This tale of Little Red Riding Hood is perfect for reading aloud, or...

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  • Brave - Little Golden Book

    Random House Disney

    Pixar Animation Studio's 13th animated feature film, Disney/Pixar 'Brave,' is an epic adventure set in the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. Determined to carve her own path in life, a skilled archer named Princess Merida defies a sacred...

  • Dottie And The Dog Show - The Pooches Of...


    Dottie has learned a great new trick for the Peppermint Park Dog Show. But will it be good enough to win a prize?This adorable Level 2 reader spins off the charming characters featured in 2008's picture book SMOOCH YOUR POOCH, and develops the...

  • Jeu de Lumiere

    Tullet Herve

    Un livre à découvrir à la tombée du jour, grâce à une lampe de poche ou à une lampe de chevet. Les découpes projettent aux murs ou au plafond toutes les formes de dessins. Les poissons se mettent à voler, les murs se couvrent d'étoiles, un soleil...

  • 3 - D Coloring Book - Butterflies


    These butterflies have undergone a second metamorphosis, with dazzling results. Thirty abstract images of winged beauties appear against backgrounds inspired by textile designs, including waves and crescents. Color them by following the easy...

  • Star Wars Reader - Finn & Poe Team Up

    Wars, Star

    These special Star Wars Young Readers will transport early readers to a galaxy far, far away… Full colour illustrations and simple texts retell favourite episodes from the Star Wars saga.Can Finn and Poe team up up in time to escape the evil First...

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  • Winnie The Pooh

    Pooh, Winnie the

    This beautiful postcard set includes 100 famous scenes from the Hundred Acre Wood from the pages of the original books. Milne’s classic children’s stories – featuring Piglet, Eeyore and, of course, Pooh himself – are both heart-warming and funny,...

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  • Princess Ice Palace

    Hay, Sam

    Get ready to build a frozen palace, fit for any little princess! This beautifully illustrated princess fairy story comes with a stunning ice palace to press out and build - no messy glue or cutting required!It’s Princess Lara’s birthday and her...

    sob encomenda
  • Star Wars Reader - Chaos At The Castle


    These special Star Wars Young Readers will transport early readers to a galaxy far, far away… Full colour illustrations and simple texts retell favourite episodes from the Star Wars saga.Maz’s castle is under attack! Will Finn, Rey, Han and Chewie...

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  • Finn's Sticker Adventure


    Join Finn on his adventure through The Force Awakens. Use your stickers to complete his outfit, as well as the outfits of her friends, Rey, Poe Dameron, Han Solo and BB-8, plus complete vehicles and locations from the smash hit movie. In The Force...

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  • First Nature Book (farmyard Tales)

    Lacey, Minna

    Join Poppy and Sam as they explore the natural world, taking in fun activities such as pond dipping, making a wormery and taking bark rubbings and leaf prints.

  • My Naughty Little Sister & Bad Harry

    Edwards, Dorothy

    Together they are double trouble . . . my naughty little sister and Bad Harry make secret friends with a mouse and find a hiding place for their bread crusts!

    sob encomenda
  • Animal Survivors

    Gifford, Clive

    Animal Survivors is an engaging non-fiction reader that will help make learning to read fun and interesting. Are you ready to discover the extraordinary ways that creatures can survive? Meet the incredible survivors of the animal world including some...

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  • Rey's Sticker Adventure


    Join Rey on her adventure through The Force Awakens. Use your stickers to complete her outfit, as well as the outfits of her friends, Finn, Han Solo and BB-8, plus complete vehicles and locations from the smash hit movie.In The Force Awakens, Luke...

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  • When My Naughty Little Sister Was Good

    Edwards, Dorothy

    Dorothy Edwards’ classic story about one naughty but very entertaining little sister. Sometimes my naughty little sister can be good . . . when she helps Grannie to make a Christmas Pudding and even teaches Bad Harry a lesson or two. Has my little...

    sob encomenda
  • Water Cycle

    Rose, Malcolm

    The Water Cycle is an engaging non-fiction reader that will help make learning to read fun and interesting. Discover fascinating facts about the water that we take for granted – where it comes from, why we need it and why dinosaurs may have splashed...

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  • Flat Stanley & The Very Big Cookie

    Houran, Lori Haskins

    It's time for a bake-off in this colour-illustrated early reader featuring everyone's favourite flat boy, Flat Stanley. Perfect for children learning to read. When Stanley and Arthur visit their friend the baker they find he needs their help - it's...

    sob encomenda
  • Norman The Naughty Knight & The Flying Horse


    But when Norman starts telling silly stories to the knights taking part, he ends up in real trouble - he's going to need to learn how to joust! The Reading Ladder series helps children to enjoy learning to read. It features well-loved authors,...

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