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Literatura P/ Crianças 8-11 A

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7376 produtos
  • Wonder

    R. J. Palacio

    'My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.'Auggie wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things - eating ice cream, playing on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside. But...

  • Anne Of Green Gables

    Montgomery,L. M.

    Oh, it seems so wonderful that I'm going to live with you and belong to you. I've never belonged to anybody - not really' When a scrawny, freckled girl with bright red hair arrives on Prince Edward Island, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are taken by...

  • Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

    Favilli , Elena; Cavallo, Francesca

    What if the princess didn't marry Prince Charming but instead went on to be an astronaut? What if the jealous step sisters were supportive and kind? And what if the queen was the one really in charge of the kingdom? Illustrated by sixty female...

  • Anne Of Green Gables Library

    Montgomery, Lucy Maud

    Treasure the imaginative world of Anne Shirley with the first four artfully packaged books in the Anne of Green Gables series, now available as a collectible boxed set. Red-headed, big-hearted Anne Shirley is one of literature's most classic and...

  • Feliz Feroz

    El Hematocrítico;

    La hermana de Lobo Feroz está muy preocupada porque su hijo no es feroz. es buenísimo. Feroz la tranquiliza y le dice que lo mande a su casa. que él se va a encargar de convertirlo en un verdadero lobo feroz. Lobito visita a su tío e intenta hacer lo...

  • Wonder

    R. J. Palacio


  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - ...


    Relive the magic of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! This full-color poster book includes 12 double-sided pull-out posters featuring Newt Scamander's magical collection of beasts from the film.

  • Anne of Green Gables

    L. M. Montgomery

    Anne of Green Gables

  • Anne of Avonlea - Anne of Green Gables 2

    Montgomery,L. M.

    Five years ago, Anne arrived at Avonlea a skinny orphan without a friend in the world; now it would be impossible to imagine Green Gables without her. Anne's high spirits and warm heart have won her a family and friends who love her. But when she...

  • Anne of the Island - Anne of Green Gables 3

    Montgomery,L. M.

    Anne leaves childhood behind as she moves from Green Gables to attend Richmond College. Her new life brings both adventures and tragedy, as well as new friends, including the handsome Roy Gardner. But her childhood friend Gilbert Blythe is also in...

  • Anne Of Green Gables - Classic Starts

    Olmstead, Kathleen

    Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic tale, with its engaging heroine and evocative description of the Prince Edward Island landscape, never fails to delight youngsters. When Matthew Cuthbert goes to the train station to pick up the orphan he and his sister...

  • Easy Beauty And The Beast Sticker Picture...

    Beylon, Cathy

    The interior of a castle sets the background for a romantic view of the gentle Beast and the young Beauty who enters his magical world. To piece together the puzzle, first have an adult carefully remove the staples to separate the pages. Then, using...

  • My Princess Mini-Journal

    Zourelias, Diana

    Here's a special place for girls to draw and write about their royal dreams! Princesses in training will adore this mini-journal, which fosters creativity and encourages girls to describe their likes, dislikes, and ideas. More than 60 activities,...

  • Rock Stars Stickers

    Gottesman, Eric

    Get set for a rock 'n' roll marathon with this colorful collection of rock stars stickers. Twenty full-color peel-and-apply illustrations present dynamic images of imaginary entertainers -- singing solo, performing a duet, crooning into a mike,...

  • Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos Japanese Characters

    Noble, Marty

    The ancient art of Japanese calligraphy is a blend of simplicity and elegance -- and some of the most popular characters appear in today's body art. This handsome collection of glow-in-the-dark tattoos contains 8 visually appealing symbols that...

  • My Day!

    Gray, Margaret

    Geared toward ages 2 and up, these easy-to-color images 'add up' to a complete concept. AddUps 'My Day' presents seven simple parts for each aspect of four daily events. Kids color a bathtub, a rubber duck, and other items that lead up to bathtime....

  • Create Your Own Graduation Cards

    Beylon, Cathy

    This hands-on activity book is perfect for sending personalized greetings to young friends and relatives graduating from preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.Two blank cards one bordered with stars and happy faces and the other edged with smiling...

  • Peter Pan

    Barrie, J. M.

    Peter Pan

  • The Happy Prince And Other Fairy Tales

    Wilde, Oscar

    The Happy Prince And Other Fairy Tales

  • Angel Notebook


    Angel Notebook

  • Haunted House Sticker Book

    Altmann, Scott

    Make a ghost float, let a skeleton out of the closet, and watch a mummy arise! Just put on the enclosed 3-D glasses and these sticker images will pop right off the page. More than 30 reusable stickers of jack o' lanterns, tombstones, a scarecrow, and...

  • Indian Chiefs Tattoos

    Sovak, Jan

    Eight safe, temporary tattoos depict Indian chiefs in authentic war bonnets and headgear of the Oglala Sioux, Crow, Apache, Cheyenne, other tribes. Instructions. Identifications.

  • Animal Firefighters Stickers

    Barbaresi, Nina

    Firefighters and cuddly animals are two subjects dear to the hearts of youngsters. This collection features both -- with puppies, kittens, bunnies, and other adorable creatures putting on firefighting gear; sliding down the firehouse pole; and...

  • Flower Friends Paper Dolls

    Vining, Diana

    Four delightful dolls offer a garden of friendship and fun! These adorable paper dolls and their flowery clothes will provide hours of imaginative play for children ages 4 to 8. Daisy, Jasmine, Lily, and Rose come with a wardrobe of 32 outfits ― two...

  • Design Your Own Sneakers Sticker Activity...

    Kraft, Ellen Christiansen

    Create the sneakers of your dreams! This colorful little sticker book will help you design the sneakers that you've always wanted. The inside covers depict an ordinary pair of sneakers, ready for decoration with 40 images of hearts, rainbows, jewels,...

  • Little Goth Girl Sticker Paper Doll

    Menten, Ted

    This cute teenaged Goth girl sticker paper doll has plenty of style -- you can tell by her wardrobe of 28 reusable stickers. Her dresses, jackets, and skirts feature bold plaids, stripes, and ruffles, and each trendy outfit can be accessorized with...

  • Animal Pals Stickers

    Barbaresi, Nina

    These sticker pictures of cuddly creatures will look great in scrapbooks, as well as on mirrors, notebooks, and other flat surfaces. There's a zebra, a kitten, a duckling, a bunny, a panda, a lamb, and fourteen other adorable animals dressed in their...

  • What To Doodle? My Friends

    Brooks, Rosie

    Spark kids' creativity with this delightful little doodle book. They'll provide the finishing touches for dozens of simple illustrations of friends adding balloons and flowers, sketching pets, and drawing patterns, toys, trees, and other items. A...

  • Fun With Noah's Ark Stencils

    Noble, Marty

    Here they come -- two by two! Elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, bears, and other creatures are ready to board the ark. Noah's there, too! The twelve sturdy, stencil images are perfect for decorating walls, furniture, or for simply creating a parade of...

  • Deep Sea Diner Sticker Activity Book

    Shaw-Russell, Susan

    Care for a bubble burger? How about a seaweed salad? Chow down with a variety of maritime snacks in the form of nearly 50 reusable stickers and a charming diner backdrop. Cartoon-style images include a sassy mermaid waitress, a hungry shark, seahorse...

  • Claus Kids Stickers

    Kurtz, John

    Head for the North Pole with this Christmas sticker book and join the Claus Kids for some holiday cheer! Forty stickers depict a traditional holiday ornament or a character from the cast of, including Rudy, Star, Tann & Baum, Mr. Muddle...

  • Little Animals Hidden Pictures

    Radtke, Becky

    If you're fond of animals and like to solve picture puzzles, then this is the book for you! Forty-eight pictures have all sorts of animals hidden in them. Look hard and you'll find a pony's three friends playing in the pasture. Look again and locate...

  • Butterflies Sticker Book


    Kids can make beautiful butterflies take flight with this amazing 3-D sticker book. A kaleidoscopic assortment of vividly colored reusable stickers includes realistic and fanciful images of familiar and exotic butterflies. Just arrange them on the...

  • Legends Of Baseball - A Hall Of Fame...

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    Get in the game with this colorful celebration of baseball's greatest players. You can play ball with coloring pages, paper dolls, classic cards, and more!- Story of Baseball Coloring Book -- action-packed pictures of Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Reggie...

  • How To Beat A Bully Sticker Activity Book

    Roytman, Arkady

    Help a skinny kidget the best of a big bad bully! You can rescue our bespectacled hero with 28 reusable stickers. Your options include high- and low-tech armor and weapons, from streamlined vests and kneepads to the old standbys rotten eggs, tomatoes...

  • My Garden Stickers

    Wellington, Monica

    My Garden Stickers

  • Cinderella Activity Book

    Shaw-Russell, Susan

    All children (and many adults!) dream of being swept away from everyday life into a world of glamour and romance. This little activity book traces that fantasy, following Cinderella from household drudgery to a party at the palace to her...

  • Poisonous Snakes

    Simon, Seymour

    From puff adders and sidewinders to bushmasters and king cobras, there are more than 250 kinds of poisonous snakes throughout the world. This illustrated book reveals where they live, what they eat, and how they behave. It also describes which snakes...

  • Woodland Music Stickers

    Maderna, Victoria

    More than 20 winsome sticker images depict music-making animals of the forest. They range from a pianist owl in a powdered wig and a woodpecker conductor to a banjo-strumming field mouse, a fiddling fox, a wild boar scratching away at two turntables,...

  • Shiny Sun, Moon, Stars Stickers

    Pomaska, Anna

    Brightly colored celestial objects add a glistening metallic effect to home and school projects. 18 stickers.

  • Shiny King Tut Treasure Stickers

    Wynne, Patricia J

    Ancient mysteries have come to light from the dark recesses of the young pharaoh's tomb, and these10 terrific stickers reveal some secret treasures from the land of the Nile. Based on authentic artifacts, they throw a shiny spotlight on images from...

  • Crime Lab 101 - 25 Different Experiments In...

    Gardner, Robert

    Do you have what it takes to be a crime scene investigator? Any budding detective with an interest in police work will be fascinated by this inside look at detection and forensic science. A series of Crime Labs focus on practicing specific techniques...

  • Little Gas Station Sticker Activity Book

    Beylon, Cathy

    Fill a busy, modern service station with cars, tires, mechanics, an air-pump, a soft-drink vending machine, pay phone, and more for hours of playtime fun. 30 stickers.

  • Little Figure Skater Sticker Paper Doll

    Steadman, Barbara

    Exciting collection features a skating star with glamorous dresses with headpieces, a tux with top hat and a cat costume.

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