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14 produtos
  • Communication and Adults with Learning...

    Van Der Gaag,Anna; Dormandy,Klara; Van Der Ga,Der Ga; Gaag,Anna Van Der; Van Der,Gagg; Van Der Ga,

    Though working with people with learning difficulties has become an increasingly important speciality for the speech therapist, much of the rationale for this work has yet to be established. Practitioners are still evaluating their role in working...

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  • Netter's Atlas Of Anatomy For Speech,...

    McFarland,David H

    Filled with Dr. Frank Netter's world-class illustrations and all the essential information on anatomy and physiology relevant to SLH, Netter's Atlas of Anatomy for Speech, Swallowing, and Hearing, 2nd Edition uses a unique 'read-it, see-it' approach...

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  • Case Studies In Clinical Linguistics

    Howard,Sara; Howard; PERKINS; Viette,Andre R; Perkins,Mick; Perkins,Michael R

    This work aims to bring together a wide-ranging set of clinical linguistic case studies covering all levels of linguistic analysis and demonstrating the application of more than one level of linguistic analysis to individual cases. It focuses on...

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  • Tinnitus - A Multidisciplinary Approach 2nd...

    Baguley,David; McKenna,Laurence; McFerran,Don; Andersson,Gerhard

    'Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach' provides a broad account of tinnitus and hyperacusis, detailing the latest research and developments in clinical management, incorporating insights from audiology, otology, psychology, psychiatry and auditory...

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  • Management Of Stuttering In Adolescence - A...

    Cook; Spence,Robert; SPENCE; RUSTIN; Rustin,Lena; Cook,Frances; Spence,Rob

    The majority of adolescent stutters have a long history of dysfluency and as they approach the final years of their schooling they may become apprehensive about their future, particulary in relation to further education, career options, job...

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  • Auditory Neuroscience - Making Sense Of Sound

    King,Andrew; Schnupp,Jan; Nelken,Israel

    An integrated overview of hearing and the interplay of physical, biological, and psychological processes underlying it.Every time we listen -- to speech, to music, to footsteps approaching or retreating -- our auditory perception is the result of a...

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  • Child Language Development - Learning to Talk...

    Jones,Jane; Bochner,Sandra

    This publication is concerned with the early stages of language acquisition and is designed for use by early childhood teachers, nursery nurses, special education teachers and others working with children experiencing difficulties in learning to...

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  • Cognition And Acquired Language Disorders -...

    Peach,Richard K; Shapiro,Lewis P

    This new graduate level textbook, Cognition and Acquired Language Disorders: An Information Processing Approach, addresses the cognitive aspects of language and communication. It assembles the most recent information on this topic, addressing normal...

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  • Language Disorders In Children And Adults -...

    Law,James; Marshall; Chiat,Shula; Marshall,Samantha; LAW; Chiat; Marshall,Jane

    Each chapter is written by a speech and language therapist specialising in psycholinguistic approaches to investigation and intervention. Authors were invited to present a single case in one of four given areas a speech processing, lexical processing...

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  • Introduction To Neurogenic Communication...

    Brookshire,Robert H; McNeil,Malcolm R

    Get the tools you need to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients with neurogenic communication disorders! Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 8th Edition provides a solid foundation in the neurology of communication, as well as the...

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  • Children With Acquired Aphasias 2nd Edition

    LEES; Lees,Janet

    Fully updated and expanded, the second edition of this popular text covers all the main causes of acquired speech and language disorders in childhood. 25 cases of children with these disorders are described and their management explained in detail,...

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  • Manual Of Practical Audiometry

    Arlinger,Stig; Arlinger,

    This second manual covers in more detail the auditory anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, acoustics and psychology associated with the tests described in the first volume.

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  • Self-Assessment Of Hearing And Related...

    Noble,William; Noble

    SELF-ASSESSMENT OF HEARING AND RELATED FUNCTIONS.This book is about self-assessment in the various and numerous circumstances of clinical and research activities concerning hearing loss and related dysfunctions. It evolved from a review of the the...

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  • Mutism

    Lebrun,Yvan; Lebrun,Y

    This monograph provides an examination of both functional and organic causes and types of mutism.Written in an informative style appropriate for readers with varying levels of knowledge and experience, the book will appeal to student and practitioner...

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