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33 produtos
  • Research Writing In Dentistry

    Von Fraunhofer,J Anthony

    'Research Writing in Dentistry' provides you with a uniquely practical guide to selecting, designing, and writing up a research project. Of particular use to the dental student, both pre- and post-doctoral, this is a no-nonsense guide that presents...

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  • Microsurgery In Endodontics

    Kim, Syngcuk

    Microsurgery in Endodontics provides the definitive reference to endodontic microsurgery, with instructive photographs and illustrations. Provides a definitive reference work on endodontic microsurgery Includes contributions from pioneers and...

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  • Implant Dental Nursing


    Implant Dental Nursing provides the dental nurse with a comprehensive and concise guide to all aspects of implant dentistry, concentrating specifically on the dental nurse's role within it. This book ably supports both students and those aspiring to...

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  • Ten Cate's Oral Histology - Development,...

    Nanci, Antonio

    Gain a deeper understanding of oral health with the definitive text in oral histology. Written by Dr. Antonio Nanci, a world-renowned leader in cell biology, the new ninth edition of Ten Cate's Oral Histology covers all the latest research and trends...

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  • Oral Sepsis As A Cause Of Septic Gastritis,...

    Hunter, William

    Excerpt from Oral Sepsis as a Cause of Septic Gastritis, Toxic and Other Septic Conditions: With Illustrative Cases Physician to the Electrical Department, Joint Lecturer on Practical Medicine and Pathological Curator, Charing Cross Hospital; Senior...

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  • The Claims Of Dentistry - An Address...

    Holmes, Oliver Wendell

    Excerpt from The Claims of Dentistry: An Address Develired at the Commencement Exercises of the Dental Department in Harvard University, February 14, 1872 WE have met, under the auspices of Harvard University, to recognize by formal ceremonies the...

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  • Dental Reception And Practice Management


    Dental Reception and Practice Management is the dental office administrator's essential companion to all aspects of reception work and practice management duties. The book covers vital interpersonal skills and the important aspects of business...

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  • Neural Crest Cells - Evolution, Development...


    'Neural Crest Cells: Evolution, Development and Disease' summarizes discoveries of historical significance and provides in-depth, current analyses of the evolution of neural crest cells, their contribution to embryo development, and their roles in...

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  • Dentine Hypersensitivity - Developing A...

    Robinson,Peter G

    Dentine Hypersensitivity: Developing a Person-Centred Approach to Oral Healthprovides a detailed and integrated account of interdisciplinary research into dentine hypersensitivity. The monograph will be of interest to all those working on person...

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  • Applied Dental Materials 9Th Edition


    This textbook covers all aspects of materials science relevant to the practice of dentistry. It is aimed primarily at undergraduate dental students, although it will also be useful for practising dentists, dental technicians and dental assistants....

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  • Basic Guide To Medical Emergencies In The...

    Jevon, Philip

    The Basic Guide to Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice is a must-have book for all dental care professionals and general dentists.Written in a clear and accessible style, this second edition has been fully revised and updated in line with the...

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  • Periodontology At A Glance

    Clerehugh,Valerie; Tugnait,Aradhna; Genco,Robert J

    'Periodontology at a Glance' is designed as a study aid and revision guide for students of dentistry and dental hygiene. It also provides a useful recap for clinicians. The coverage includes aetiology, microbiology, development, and progression of...

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  • Local Anaesthesia In Dentistry


    Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry is a practical guide for both students and general practitioners to this essential area of clinical practice. Highly illustrated in full colour throughout, the book provides clear and practical guidance to the...

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  • Business Basics For Dentists

    Willis,David O

    Dr. David Willis combines his experience as a practicing dentist, educator, MBA, and certified financial planner in this breakthrough text about managing a dental business. Rather than a checklist of steps for success, 'Business Basics for Dentists'...

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  • Clinical And Laboratory Manual Of Implant...


    Dr. Hamid Shafie’s Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures is a ground-breaking guide to this popular and effective treatment modality, which is increasingly seen as the standard of care for the fully edentulous patient. This highly...

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  • Anatomia Implantologica

    DONADO ,M.

    Anatomia Implantologica

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  • Radiographic Interpret For Dent Hyg


    Radiographic Interpret For Dent Hyg

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  • Handbook For Dental Nurses


    The Handbook for Dental Nurses is a practical, easy to understand, quick reference guide to clinical practice. The focus is on checklists, helpful hints and practical information with full colour photographs and diagrams to illustrate good practice...

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  • Basic Guide To Dental Instruments 2nd Edition

    Scheller-Sheridan, Carmen

    'Basic Guide to Dental Instruments' provides a working inventory of dental instrumentation in common use in dental surgeries. A clear photograph of each instrument is included, and described according to name, usage, any relevant features and...

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  • Biostatistics For Oral Healthcare


    'Biostatistics for Oral Healthcare' offers students, practitioners and instructors alike a comprehensive guide to mastering biostatistics and their application to oral healthcare. Drawing on situations and methods from dentistry and oral healthcare,...

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  • Restorative Dentistry - An Integrated...


    Restorative Dentistry: An Integrated Approach presents the core of knowledge that forms the basis of clinical practice in restorative dentistry.The book contains a practical common–sense approach to clinical problems structured within the limitations...

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  • Orthodontics At A Glance


    Orthodontics at a Glance is part of the highly popular at a Glance series. It provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid. Following the familiar, easy–to–use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double–page spread...

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  • Primary Preventive Dentistry ( Harris) -...

    Garcia-Godoy,Franklin; Harris,Norman O; Nathe,Christine N

    Organized for consistency, coherence, and readability, this fully updated text covers all areas of prevention in dental care. 'PRIMARY PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY, 8/e'first describes dental diseases and conditions, helping students clearly understand the...

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  • Salivary Diagnostics


    Salivary Diagnostics surveys one of the most exciting areas of research in oral biology. Regarded as the mirror of the body, saliva has immense potential to yield real clinical improvements in our ability to diagnose, and hence treat, oral and...

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  • Oxford American Handbook Of Clinical...

    Brunton,Paul; Mitchell,Laura; Mitchell,David A.; D. da Silva,John

    Oxford American Handbook Of Clinical Dentistry

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  • Cysts Of The Oral And Maxillofacial Regions...


    Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions is a seminal text for those working in oral pathology, oral medicine, oral & maxillofacial surgery and radiology. This fourth edition reflects advances in immunohistochemistry, molecular biology and human...

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  • Dental Practice Transition - A Practical...


    Practice management is one of the key elements in the career of a dentist. Most dentists own their own practices and even associateships carry with them the prospect of management, accounting and dealing with health insurance providers. 'Dental...

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  • Treating The Dental Patient With A...

    Raposa,Karen A; Perlman,Steven P

    'Treating the Dental Patient' 'with a Developmental Disorder' provides a basic understanding of patients with developmental and intellectual disorders and offers help in communicating with and treating these patients. The book opens with an overview...

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  • Board Stiff Three - Preparation For...

    Gallagher,Christopher J.

    Board Stiff Three - Preparation For Anesthesia Oraçls

  • Fundamentals Of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

    El Askary

    Esthetic dentistry and implant dentistry continue to grow in patient demand and professional popularity. More now than ever, clinicians are faced with the need to combine form with function, art with science. The considerable scientific and technical...

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  • Anatomia Odontologica - Funcional Y Aplicada


    Anatomia Odontologica - Funcional Y Aplicada

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  • Oral And Implant Surgery

    Lambrecht , Thomas J.

    This book discusses the various clinical factors affecting outpatient surgery performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The text is based on the scientific literature from the last 10 years, with a focus on traditional oral surgery of the...

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  • Fundamentals of Orthognathic Surgery

    Harris,Malcolm (edt); Hunt,Nigel (edt)

    Fundamentals of Orthognathic Surgery

    Produto indisponível

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