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Psicologia e psicanalise

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  • Factfulness - Ten Reasons We're Wrong About...

    Rosling , Hans; Ronnlund , Anna Rosling; Rosling, Ola

    'Hans Rosling tells the story of 'the secret silent miracle of human progress' as only he can. But Factfulness does much more than that. It also explains why progress is so often secret and silent and teaches readers how to see it clearly.' MELINDA...

  • Cérebro Esquerdo - Cérebro Direito

    Mendoza , J. L. Juan de

    O cérebro é um exemplo único de órgão duplo, em que as duas metades, direita e esquerda, têm atribuições funcionais diferentes. Mas esta divisão das competências entre os dois hemisférios cerebrais é idêntica para todos os seres humanos? J.-L. Juan...

  • Pensamento e Linguagem

    Vigotsky,Liev Semionovitch; Vygotsky,Lev

    Publicado em 1934, Pensamento e Linguagem foi o último livro de Vygotsky. Momento culminante da sua obra, é nele que Vygotsky analisa, de modo original, as relações entre pensamento e linguagem, uma das questões mais candentes da...

  • Telling Lies: Clues To Deceit In the...

    Ekman,Paul; Ekman,Paul

    Describes gestures and other clues that indicate a person may be lying, explains why people lie, and discusses the controversy surrounding lie detector tests. Reprint.

  • Factfulness - Ten Reasons We're Wrong About...

    Rosling ,Hans; Ronnlund ,Anna Rosling; Rosling,Ola

    When asked simple questions about global trends?what percentage of the world’s population live in poverty; why the world’s population is increasing; how many girls finish school?we systematically get the answers wrong. So wrong that a chimpanzee...

  • How To Fix A Broken Heart


    Imagine if we treated broken hearts with the same respect and concern we have for broken arms? Psychologist Guy Winch urges us to rethink the way we deal with emotional pain, offering warm, wise, and witty advice for the broken-hearted. Real...

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  • Philosophy Of Oral Sex


    philosophy of oral sex, benefits against risk and how to perform

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  • My System Of Education (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from My System of Education It will be of some interest to relate here the episode that made me decide to plan out a special method for the education of children. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • The Qualitative Manifesto - A Call To Arms

    Denzin,Norman K

    Now issued as part of the Routledge Education Classic Edition series, The Qualitative Manifesto provides a 'call to arms' for researchers from the leading figure in the qualitative research community, Norman Denzin. Denzin asks for a research...

  • Crianças Felizes

    Magda Gomes Dias

    Quantas vezes deixamos os nossos filhos na escola e vamos para o trabalho a pensar «por que é que temos sempre de nos aborrecer logo de manhã uns com os outros? Por que é que as coisas não correm bem?» Prometemos que quando os formos buscar, as...

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  • Attachment, Play, And Authenticity -...


    D.W. Winnicott is likely the most influential and evocative child therapist/theoretician who ever lived. His work provides the underpinning for much of the empirical and clinical enterprises regarding the psychodynamic/developmental process over the...

  • Philosophy Of Oral Sex


    philosophy of oral sex, benefits against risk and how to perform

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  • Psychology In Crisis


    Throughout the history of psychology, attempting to objectively measure the highly dynamic phenomenon of human behaviour has given rise to an underappreciated margin of error. Today, as the discipline experiences increasing difficulty in reproducing...

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  • Dangerous Personalities - An FBI Profiler...

    Navarro,Joe; Poynter,Toni Sciarra

    What makes a narcissist go from self-involved to terrifying? In this national bestseller, Joe Navarro, a leading FBI profiler, unlocks the secrets to the personality disorders that put us all at risk. 'I should have known.''How could we have missed...

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  • Criminological And Forensic Psychology


    The second edition of Criminological and Forensic Psychology is an even more theoretically rigorous, practically relevant, engaging and fun introduction to this broad and fascinating field. It covers both the conceptual basis within which psychology...

  • Attachment, Play, And Authenticity -...


    D.W. Winnicott is likely the most influential and evocative child therapist/theoretician who ever lived. His work provides the underpinning for much of the empirical and clinical enterprises regarding the psychodynamic/developmental process over the...

  • Goethe's Path To Creativity - A...

    Holm-Hadulla,Rainer Matthias

    Goethe's Path to Creativity provides a comprehensive psycho-biography of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a giant of modern German and European literary, political, and scientific history. The book brings this influential work by Rainer Matthias...

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  • Cfnm (Clothed Females, Naked Males )


    Clothed females and naked males get the tissues ready this is hot kinky stuff

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  • Understanding And Treating Sex And...


    Understanding and Treating Sex and Pornography Addiction demonstrates why people's lives are being destroyed by compulsive sexual behaviour and what we can do to help them. The book examines the latest research into these conditions and outlines the...

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  • Philosophy Of Oral Sex


    philosophy of oral sex, benefits against risk and how to perform

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  • The Practice Of Family Therapy - Key Elements...

    Hanna,Suzanne Midori

    Now in its 5th edition, The Practice of Family Therapy comes at a time when traditional approaches to psychotherapy have given way to multidimensional strategies that best serve the needs of diverse groups who are grappling with the many challenges...

  • Intuición - Por Qué No Somos Tan Conscientes...


    ¿Qué tal si usted pudiera conocerse a sí mismo un poquito mejor, y con esa pequeña mejora obtuviera una gran ganancia... no sólo en su profesión, sino en su vida? ¿está dispuesto a intentarlo? La investigación muestra que la conciencia de uno mismo...

  • Good Thinking


    Do you know what economists mean when they refer to you as a 'rational agent'? Or why a psychologist might label your idea a 'creative insight'? Or how a philosopher could be logical but also passionate in persuading you to obey 'moral imperatives'?...

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  • From The Unconscious To The Conscious...


    Excerpt from From the Unconscious to the Conscious One duty, and one only, lies upon him - to be faithful to the author's meaning. No attempt at literary finish can palliate or excuse the slightest departure from that duty in a work which, however...

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  • Laughter - An Essay On The Meaning Of The...


    Excerpt from Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic The book has been highly successful in France, where it is in its seventh edition. It has been translated into Russian, Polish, and Swedish. German and Hungarian translations are under...

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  • A Perfect Memory - How To Have And Keep It...


    Excerpt from A Perfect Memory: How to Have and Keep It In days of old a wit made a metaphysical jest, anent the ceaseless arguments over mind and matter. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • On Children Who Privilege The Body -...


    On Children Who Privilege the Body: Reflections of an Independent Psychotherapist brings together selected papers from the career of Ann Horne and draws upon her considerable experience in the field of child and adolescent mental health.     On...

  • Rational Living - Some Practical Inferences...

    King,Henry Churchill

    Excerpt from Rational Living: Some Practical Inferences From Modern Psychology Using the term modern psychology, then, to cover the trend of all later psychological investigations, and not merely those of ex perimental or physiological psychology,...

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  • Analytical Psychology (Classic Reprint)

    Jung,Carl Gustav

    Excerpt from Analytical Psychology It will be a relief to many students of the' Unconscious to see in it another aspect than that of a wild beast couched, waiting its hour to spring. Some readers have gathered that view of it from the writings of the...

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  • Affective Methodologies - Developing Cultural...

    Knudsen,Britta Timm; Stage,Carsten

    The collection proposes inventive research strategies for the study of the affective and fluctuating dimensions of cultural life. It presents studies of nightclubs, YouTube memes, political provocations, heritage sites, blogging, education...

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  • The Emotions And The Will (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Emotions and the Will The generally admitted but vaguely conceived doctrine of the connexion between mind and body has been throughout discussed definitely. In treating of the Emotions, I include whatever is known of the physical...

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  • The Improvement Of The Mind, Or A Supplement...


    Written by Isaac Watts, a noted clergyman and hymn writer, the first edition of Improvement of the Mind was published 1727. Now made available once again by Forgotten Books, this republication is based on the 1885 version of the book. Watts' book is...

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  • The Psychology Of Insanity (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Psychology of Insanity It must be clearly understood, moreover, that no attempt has been made to cover the whole field of insanity. On the contrary, certain sections of that field have been more or less arbitrarily selected, mainly...

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  • The Neuroscience Of Suicidal Behavior

    Van Heeringen,Kees

    Nearly one million people take their own lives each year world-wide - however, contrary to popular belief, suicide can be prevented. While suicide is commonly thought to be an understandable reaction to severe stress, it is actually an abnormal...

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  • Nurturing Children - From Trauma To Growth...


    Nurturing Children describes children's lives transformed through therapy.  Drawing on decades of experience, internationally respected clinician and trainer Graham Music tackles major issues affecting troubled children, including trauma, neglect,...

  • Studies In The Psychology Of Sex, Vol. 6...


    Excerpt from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Vol. 6 In so doing, it will be possible to discuss more summarily than in preceding volumes the manifold and important problems that are presented to us. In considering the more special ques tions of...

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  • Noah's Rainbow - A Father's Emotional Journey...


    On 10th August 2000, David and Kim Fleming lost their son, Noah, during childbirth. After his funeral, a rainbow appeared in the sky over the Flemings' home. The family latched onto that symbol of hope and made it the driving force for their recover....

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  • Modern Art And The Theatre - Being Notes On...


    Excerpt from Modern Art and the Theatre: Being Notes on Certain Approaches to a New Art of the Stage, With Special Reference to Parallel Developments in Painting, Sculpture and the Other Arts Most of the voluminous writing about the new art of the...

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  • Supernormal - The Secret World Of The Family...


    Clinical psychologist and author of The Defining Decade, Meg Jay takes us into the world of the supernormal: those who soar to unexpected heights after childhood adversity. Whether it is the loss of a parent to death or divorce; bullying; alcoholism...

  • The Psychopolitics Of Food - Culinary Rites...


    The Psychopolitics of Food probes into the contemporary 'foodscape', examining culinary practices and food habits and in particular the ways in which they conflate with neoliberal political economy. It suggests that generic alimentary and culinary...

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  • Supervision And Treatment Experiences Of...


    Emerging from a qualitative research study on the rehabilitation experiences of adult male probationers with mental health illness, this book describes the treatment and rehabilitation experiences of these individuals and contextualizes their...

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  • Wit And Its Relation To The Unconscious...


    Excerpt from Wit and Its Relation to the Unconscious About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work....

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  • Alterations Of Personality (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Alterations of Personality This possible difference of interpretation is clearly recognised, however, by M. Binet, and those who are acquainted with the outlines of the theory of the Nancy school, who make so much of suggestion, will be...

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  • The Technique Of Psycho-Analysis (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Technique of Psycho-Analysis I suppose that most medical men Who come to practise psycho-analysis have their interest first awakened reading psycho-analytical literature. They the practical side With an adequate or even extensive...

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