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Psicologia e Psicanálise

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  • Thinking, Fast And Slow

    Kahneman, Daniel

    The phenomenal New York Times Bestseller by Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow offers a whole new look at the way our minds work, and how we make decisions.Why is there more chance we'll believe something if it's in a bold...

  • Telling Lies: Clues To Deceit In the...

    Ekman, Paul

    Describes gestures and other clues that indicate a person may be lying, explains why people lie, and discusses the controversy surrounding lie detector tests. Reprint.

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  • Mindset

    Dweck, Carol

    Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. She makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment,...

  • Esquizofrenia, a

    Nicolas Georgieff

    Abordagem da esquizofrenia do ponto de vista de várias correntes e diferentes abordagens. Da clínica ao cognitivismo, passa pela psicanálise e pelas neurociências, Nicolas Georgieff, psiquiatra, situa as diferentes concepções, o olhar que cada uma...

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  • A Equação da Afetividade - Como Lidar Com a...

    Capelatto,Ivan; Capelatto,Iuri

    Os pais levam o filho a um passeio e, na hora de ir embora, a criança faz birra, grita e chora, porque quer ficar um pouco mais. Já o adolescente se revolta quando a mãe não permite que ele vá a uma festa com os amigos. Na maioria das vezes, pais e...

  • The Improvement Of The Mind, Or A Supplement...


    Excerpt from The Improvement of the Mind, or a Supplement to the Art of Logic: Containing a Variety of Remarks and Rules for the Attainment and Communication of Useful Knowledge in Religion, in the Sciences, and in Common Life Skill in the foiences...

  • Thinking, Fast And Slow


    The guru to the gurus at last shares his knowledge with the rest of us. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's seminal studies in behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and happiness studies have influenced numerous other authors, including Steven...

  • Pensamento e Linguagem


    Publicado em 1934, Pensamento e Linguagem foi o último livro de Vygotsky. Momento culminante da sua obra, é nele que Vygotsky analisa, de modo original, as relações entre pensamento e linguagem, uma das questões mais candentes da...

  • Memoria De Testigos

    Manzanero Puebla,Antonio Lucas

    La obtención y la valoración de la prueba testifical identificaciones y declaraciones son algunos de los principales problemas a los que se enfrentan los sistemas de investigación criminal y de la Administración de Justicia. Los errores cometidos por...

  • Malos Tratos Y Abuso Sexual Infantil

    Duarte,Jose Canton

    Malos Tratos Y Abuso Sexual Infantil

  • Doença Mental e Psicologia


    Doença Mental e Psicologia

  • Molecules of Emotion

    Pert,Candace B.

    Explains the science behind the brain's opiate receptors and other evidence of the intimate connections between mind and body

  • Mindset - The New Psychology Of Success

    Dweck,Carol S.

    Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success - but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset. She makes clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment...

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  • Vorlesungen Ueber Die Menschen-Und Thierseele...

    Wundt, Wilhelm

    Excerpt from Vorlesungen Ueber die Menschen-und Thierseele Abgesehen von der Beseitigung veralteter Bestandtheile hat die gegenwartige Auflage noch in einer zweiten Beziehung eine wesentliche Verkurzung erfahren. Alle in das Gebiet der...

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  • Journal Of Psycho-Asthenics, Vol. 19 -...


    Excerpt from Journal of Psycho-Asthenics, Vol. 19: September, 1914; Devoted to the Care, Training and Treatment of the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic From the fact that this has been supported by the liberal gifts of a few public-spirited men, it has...

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  • Interest As Related To Will (Classic Reprint)

    Dewey, John

    Excerpt from Interest as Related to Will Accordingly, I can only hope to bring out what seem to me to be the salient points, and if my results do not command agreement, help at least define the problem for further discussion. About the Publisher...

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  • Physiological Aesthetics (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Physiological AEsthetics Why we receive pleasure from some forms and colours and not from others, says Professor Ruskin, is no more to be asked or answered than why we like sugar and dislike wormwood. The questions thus summarily...

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  • The Open Self (Classic Reprint)

    Morris, Charles

    Excerpt from The Open Self Morning was to be the time of beginning. But the words started to say themselves, and they would not remain pil lowed. So I write in a little room in this city where Whitman and Melville wrote of the colors and the shadows...

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  • The Teacher's Handbook Of Psychology (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Teacher's Handbook of Psychology IN the present edition the Handbook has been revised throughout, and to a large extent re-written. It is now between one-sixth and one-fifth larger than it was in the fourth edition. The additions...

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  • Lectures On Human And Animal Psychology...

    Wundt, Wilhelm

    Excerpt from Lectures on Human and Animal Psychology HE Translators have made but few changes, and those of minor importance, in the text of this edition. The system of nomenclature adopted in the first issue of the work has met with general approval...

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  • Einfuhrung - In Die Psychiatrische Klinik...


    Excerpt from Einfuhrung: In die Psychiatrische Klinik Es liegt auf der Hand, da ein tiefer dringendes Wissen in der Psychiatrie, wie in jedem anderen Einzelgebiete der Medizin, nur durch lange und grundliche Beschaftigung mit dem Gegen stande...

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  • Interest And Effort In Education (Classic...


    Excerpt from Interest and Effort in Education IT is a pleasant privilege to present the following monograph to the profession and the public, for there is no discussion which is more fundam&tal to the interpretation and reform of current teach ing...

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  • Essays On Phrenology - Or An Inquiry Into The...


    Excerpt from Essays on Phrenology: Or an Inquiry Into the Principles and Utility of the System of Drs; Gall and Spurzheim, and Into the Objections Made Against It Put the Plates of the Organs at the End of the Volume. The one of the Convolutions of...

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  • Totem And Taboo - Some Points Of Agreement...


    Excerpt from Totem and Taboo: Some Points of Agreement Between the Mental Lives of Savages and Neurotics For the purposes of the present, entirely new, version I have made an effort to verify all quotations and references SO far as possible; and I...

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  • Journal Of Psycho-Asthenics, Vol. 21 -...


    Excerpt from Journal of Psycho-Asthenics, Vol. 21: Devoted to the Care, Training and Treatment of the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, Published Quarterly at Faribault, Minnesota The percentage of the total number of existing feeble minded that are in...

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  • The Measurement Of Musical Talent (Classic...

    Seashore, Carl E

    Excerpt from The Measurement of Musical Talent In 1842 the greatest physiologist of that time declared that it would forever remain impossible to measure the speed of the nerve impulse; yet, within two years of that time, his colleague measured it...

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  • Art And Scientific Thought - Historical...

    Johnson, Martin

    Excerpt from Art and Scientific Thought: Historical Studies Towards a Modern Revision of Their Antagonism Victoria and Albert Museum photograph [descriptions of plates 1-4 on pp. 63-4. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • An Introduction To - Social Psychology...

    MCDougall, William

    Excerpt from An Introduction To: Social Psychology Although I have tried to make this book intelligible and useful to those who are not professed students of psychology, it is by no means a mere dishing up of current doctrines for popular consumption...

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  • Lectures On The Philosophy Of The Human Mind...


    Excerpt from Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind The meetings of the society continued with considerable regularity about three years, when, from various causes, the interest that was taken in it began to decline. About the Publisher...

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  • Responsibility In Mental Disease (Classic...

    Maudsley, Henry

    Excerpt from Responsibility in Mental Disease Were the observer, whether casual or skilled, to reside for some length of time in an asylum, and thus to make himself practically acquainted with the ways, thoughts, and feelings of its inmates, he would...

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  • Nine Basic Arts (Classic Reprint)

    Weiss, Paul

    Excerpt from Nine Basic Arts Both are in good part the product of an interest in the arts long ago awakened by Eliseo Vivas, and encouraged, nourished, and enriched by Neil Welliver. It has been sustained by conversations with George Howe. About the...

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  • Philosophy Of Mind - An Essay In The...

    Ladd, George Trumbull

    Excerpt from Philosophy of Mind: An Essay in the Metaphysics of Psychology The nature of psychology, however, and the nature of philosophy, and especially the nature of the relations existing between the two, are such as to make it undesirable, if...

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  • Canadian Journal Of Mental Hygiene, 1921,...


    Excerpt from Canadian Journal of Mental Hygiene, 1921, Vol. 3 Eventually the disease degenerated further into true insanity and idiocy. It lasted to the year 1790, and, like other spreading psychic epidemics, led to immoral practices and bewildering...

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  • The American Journal Of Psychology, 1916,...


    Excerpt from The American Journal of Psychology, 1916, Vol. 27 The tendency of modern text-books of psychology has been to abandon the concept of duration as a derived character of mental processes or as a relation of psychical elements, and to adopt...

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  • Subconscious Phenomena (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Subconscious Phenomena Berg's second type) involves a theory which is an interpretation Of the facts. It is with this meaning particularly that the term is used in abnormal psychology. Subconscious ideas are dissociated or split-off...

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  • Sanity And Insanity (Classic Reprint)

    Mercier, Charles

    Excerpt from Sanity and Insanity There is, however, one department of medical knowledge to which even the most intelligent of laymen has not yet gained access, and that is the department that deals with insanity. With respect to this malady the great...

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  • Barking Up The Wrong Tree

    Eric Barker

    Much of the advice we’ve been told about achievement is logical, earnest…and downright wrong. In Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Eric Barker reveals the extraordinary science behind what actually determines success and most importantly, how anyone can...

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  • A Text-Book Of Insanity (Classic Reprint)

    Mercier, Charles

    Excerpt from A Text-Book of Insanity In giving a preliminary sketch of the normal processes of which insanity is the disorder, I have followed a course which is very unusual, but which I have pursued for many years in lecturing on the subject, and...

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  • The Principles Of Psychology, Vol. 1 - The...


    Excerpt from The Principles of Psychology, Vol. 1: The Data of Psychology This self-mobility which by its greater amount generally distinguishes higher animals from lower, and, indeed, enters largely into our conceptions of higher and lower, is...

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  • The Psychology Of Thinking (Classic Reprint)

    Miller, Irving Elgar

    Excerpt from The Psychology of Thinking I cannot send this little book out without recognizing my obligation to Prof. John Dewey for the large number of seed thoughts which have come from his lectures on Logic, Ethics, and Education. But the...

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  • Military Chaplains' Review, Vol. 1 - Social...


    Excerpt from Military Chaplains' Review, Vol. 1: Social Concern, November, 1972 The Military Chaplains' Review is published quarterly. The opinions reflected in each article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chief...

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  • Dementia Praecox And Paraphrenia (Classic...


    Excerpt from Dementia Praecox and Paraphrenia To Dr George Robertson I have to express my thanks for many useful suggestions, and to Dr \vallAbout the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Psychiatrie, 1904 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Psychiatrie, 1904 Die Neubearbeit1mg des vorliegenden Buches, die ich durch wiederholte Vergrosserung der Auflagen moglichst hinauszuschie ben gesucht habe, findet unsere Wissenschaft noch immer in lebhaften Entwicklungskampfen. Die...

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  • The Military Chaplains' Review, Vol. 16...


    Excerpt from The Military Chaplains' Review, Vol. 16 Moses started it. After a lengthy and turbulent attempt to lead an uncooperative bunch of people across difficult terrain, after trying out the authoritative, participative, and laissez-faire...

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