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  • Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon


    Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon

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  • The Doctrine And Literature Of The Kabalah...

    Waite,Arthur Edward

    Excerpt from The Doctrine and Literature of the Kabalah The Zohar proper is a commentary on the five books of Moses, * but a number Of distinct treatises are connected with or embedded therein. There are also supplements and additions which must be...

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  • Kabbalah - The Way Of The Jewish Mystic


    Unraveling the web of ancient traditions hidden in such texts as the Sefer Yetzirah and the Zohar, this book traces history and offers an accessible introduction to understanding Kabbalah and its practices. Jewish mysticism has flourished--sometimes...

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  • Hebrew Elements, Or A Practical Introduction...


    Excerpt from Hebrew Elements, or a Practical Introduction to the Reading of the Hebrew Scriptures: Consisting of Syllabarium Hebraicum, or a Second Step to the Reading of Hebrew, Without Points As the pronunciation of Hebrew is uncertain, the student...

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  • The Jew, The Gypsy And El Islam (Classic...

    Burton,Richard Francis

    Excerpt from The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam Burton, however, had collected a mass of material before he left Damascus, and in 1873, the year after he had been appointed Consul at Trieste, he began to put it into shape for publication. It was his...

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  • Judaistic Christianity - A Course Of Lectures...

    Hort,Fenton John Anthony

    Excerpt from Judaistic Christianity: A Course of Lectures Law, and his sympathetic insight into the parts played by the Apostolic leaders during the period of transition before the Old Order had finally given place to the New. About the Publisher...

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  • Old European Jewries (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Old European Jewries When, several years ago, I planned a rip abroad, one of my objects was to visit the remains of the old jewish quar ters in some of the European cities. Be fore that time, I had determined to write the story of the...

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  • The Book Of Leviticus (Classic Reprint)

    Kellogg,Samuel Henry

    Excerpt from The Book of Leviticus Others, again, while sharing this feeling, also confess to a great difficulty which they feel in believing that many of the commands of this law can ever have been really given by inspiration from God. The extreme...

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  • The Sacred And Profane, History Of The World...


    Excerpt from The Sacred and Profane, History of the World Connected, From the Creation of the World, Vol. 1 of 4: To the Dissolution of the Assyrian Empire at the Death of Declension of and to the Declension of the Kingdoms of the and Israel, Under...

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  • The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1914-1915, Vol....


    Excerpt from The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1914-1915, Vol. 5 Yet, while required by law, the silent recitation ought nevertheless to be abolished on entirely different grounds. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Isaiah In Modern Speech (Classic Reprint)

    Mcfadyen,John Edgar

    Excerpt from Isaiah in Modern Speech The Hebrew prophets stand incontestably among the supreme religious forces of the world: the tragedy is that they are so little known. Lamentable as this is, it is far from unintelligible. Their text is Often...

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  • Hasidic Psychology - Making Space For Others


    Interest in the impact of ethical systems and social or religious ideologies on socio-behavioral patterns is a longstanding theme in social science research. While interest may have begun with Max Weber and his thesis of the relationship between the...

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  • The Cambridge History Of Judaism : Volume 6,...


    Volume 6 examines the history of Judaism during the second half of the Middle Ages. Through the first half of the Middle Ages, the Jewish communities of western Christendom lagged well behind those of eastern Christendom and the even more impressive...

  • God And Politics In Esther


    A political crisis erupts when the Persian government falls to fanatics, and a Jewish insider goes rogue, determined to save her people at all costs. God and Politics in Esther explores politics and faith. It is about an era in which the prophets...

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  • The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1920-1921, Vol....


    Excerpt from The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1920-1921, Vol. 11 There are three instances where R are fuller than AB I. I [ndjdj] na; I. I [ovum an] mm; 5. I6 mph [rm] m. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • The Art Of Mystical Narrative - A Poetics Of...


    In the study of Judaism, the Zohar has captivated the minds of interpreters for over seven centuries, and continues to entrance readers in contemporary times. Yet despite these centuries of study, very little attention has been devoted to the...

  • The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1917-1918, Vol....


    Excerpt from The Jewish Quarterly Review, 1917-1918, Vol. 8 The first question we should wish to have answered is: Who was Solomon ben Judah? In order to do this we must refer to two new Memorial-lists, which throw some light upon the chief leaders...

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  • The Books Of The Pentateuch - Genesis, Exodus...


    Excerpt from The Books of the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Introduction Preparation for the March, or Departure from Sinai (chaps. I. - x.) II. The Journey - From Sinai to Moab (chaps. Xi. - xx1 III. On the Plains of...

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  • The Old Covenant Commonly Called The Old...


    Excerpt from The Old Covenant Commonly Called the Old Testament, Vol. 1 of 2: Translated From the Septuagint He had bought it for a mere trifle, and Without knowing what it was, save that the Crier said it was outlandish letters. When he had mastered...

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  • The Mosaic Era (Classic Reprint)

    Gibson,John Monro

    Excerpt from The Mosaic Era The Subduing of Pharaoh Not Enough. - The Way of Salvation for Israel. Atonement. Redemption. By Paschal Sacrifice. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more...

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  • The Passover Anthology


    Back by popular demand, the classic JPS holiday anthologies remain essential and relevant in our digital age. Unequaled in-depth compilations of classic and contemporary writings, they have long guided rabbis, cantors, educators, and other readers...

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  • Das Ostjüdische Antlitz (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Das Ostjüdische Antlitz Was aber gekommen ist: die Herrschaft des Raubs, der Peit schen und Kolben, der Hinrichtungen und Morde, der spurlos Verschwundenen und in Zuchthäusern Verkommenden die Herrschaft der Polen ahnten wir nicht. About...

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  • The Century Bible, A Modern Commentary -...

    Bennett,William Henry

    Excerpt from The Century Bible, a Modern Commentary: Judges and Ruth The object of this commentary is not to evolve historical or religious teaching'from the books treated. That should be the final object, of'every thoughtful reader. The special work...

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  • Jewish Biblical Commentators (Classic...


    Excerpt from Jewish Biblical Commentators During the winter of the scholastic year 1905-1906, the author delivered a course of lectures, on the subject Of which this book treats, before the Oriental Seminary of the Johns Hopkins University. At the...

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  • Judaism And The Economy - A Sourcebook

    Satlow,Michael L

    Judaism and the Economy is an edited collection of sixty-nine Jewish texts relating to economic issues such as wealth, poverty, inequality, charity, and the charging of interest. The passages cover the period from antiquity to the present, and...

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  • The Oracle Of Yahveh - Urim And Thummim, The...


    Excerpt from The Oracle of Yahveh: Urim and Thummim, the Ephod, the Breastplate of Judgment Though the oracle by the Urim and Thummim played an important part in the ancient history of the people of Israel, its practice fell gradually into disuse. It...

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  • The Menorah, Vol. 11 - A Monthly Magazine,...


    Excerpt from The Menorah, Vol. 11: A Monthly Magazine, Official Organ of the Independent Order B'ne B'rith; July to December 1891 Sabbath Day of the Jew, The Eugene Cob: Sara Co ia sullam-a Jewess of the l7th entufy t M. Elllflg. About the Publisher...

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  • Notes, Critical And Practical, On The Books...


    Excerpt from Notes, Critical and Practical, on the Books of Joshua and Judges: Designed as a General Help to Biblical Reading and Instruction For the character of Schmid as a Scriptural critic, see the list of Commentators prefixed to the book of...

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  • Daily Bible Illustrations, Vol. 2 - Being...


    Excerpt from Daily Bible Illustrations, Vol. 2: Being Original Readings for a Year, on Subjects From Sacred History, Biography, Geography, Antiquities, and Theology; Especially Designed for the Family Circle; Moses and the Judges This scene does...

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  • Israel And The Dead Sea Scrolls


    The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of 972 documents discovered between 1946 and 1956, are of immeasurable religious and historical significance. They include the oldest known surviving copies of Biblical-era documents. The manuscripts shed...

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  • Notes, Critical And Practical, On The Book Of...


    Excerpt from Notes, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Numbers: Designed as a General Help to Biblical Reading and Instruction As to the time of its being written, the evidence adduced in the Introduction to the Notes on Leviticus, 1, relative to...

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  • The Sources Of The Hexateuch - J, E, And P,...

    Brightman,Edgar Sheffield

    Excerpt from The Sources of the Hexateuch: J, E, and P, in the Text of the American Standard Edition, According to the Consensus of Scholarship No new translation and no new theories are presented here. This is a synthesis with no new thesis. The aim...

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  • Ein Vorläufer Jesu (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Ein Vorläufer Jesu Idie Darstellung so viele bestimmte Zuge, daß sie kaum anders als auf eine Einzelpersönlichkeit verstanden wer denkann, während andere Beobachtungen darauf führen, daß sie eine Größe der damaligen Gegenwart sein muß....

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  • The Book Of Job As A Greek Tragedy (Classic...

    Kallen, Horace Meyer

    Excerpt from The Book of Job as a Greek Tragedy The present work is the record and result of reflec tions to which I was compelled by an enduring curiosity about the origin, character, and significance of the false, but very powerful and very ironic...

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  • The Book Of Genesis - A Translation From The...


    Excerpt from The Book of Genesis: A Translation From the Hebrew in Which the Constituent Elements of the Text Are Separated, to Which Is Added an Attempted Restoration of the Original Documents Used by the Latest Reviser Dean Stanley, speaking of the...

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  • Notes, Critical And Practical On The Book Of...


    Excerpt from Notes, Critical and Practical on the Book of Leviticus: Designed as a General Help to Biblical Reading and Instruction II. The place of offering sacrifices, III. Things prohibited to be eaten, IV. Incestuous connexions. About the...

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  • The Jews And Modern Capitalism (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Jews and Modern Capitalism The Jews and the founders of modern States, p. 49. Similarity of interests, p. 50. What the Jews did for the modern State, p. 51. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare...

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  • Solomon Schechter - A Biographical Sketch...

    Adler, Cyrus

    Excerpt from Solomon Schechter: A Biographical Sketch He then went to Berlin, where he continued to enjoy the friendship of Doctor Pinkus Friedrich Frank] previously formed in Vienna. Frankl, who was a distinguished editor, associated with the great...

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  • The Holy Kabbalah

    Waite, Arthur Edward; Rexroth,Kenneth

    The Holy Kabbalah

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  • The Lonely Man Of Faith

    Soloveitchik,Joseph B.

    A discussion of the meaning of a Jewish life of faith in the modern world uses personal testimony, Kierkegaardian reflections, and an extended commentary to look at faith in politics, business, science, and other areas. Reprint.

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  • Einstein And The Rabbi


    A bestselling author and rabbi's profoundly affecting exploration of the meaning and purpose of the soul, inspired by the famous correspondence between Albert Einstein and a grieving rabbi. A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'Universe,...

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  • Jewish Stories of Wisdom


    An illustrated keepsake collection of old-world Jewish tales of faith and morality. Beautifully packaged with a cloth case, foil stamping, a ribbon book marker, and lush full-color artwork on every page. 'Jewish Stories of Wisdom' is the perfect...

  • Complete Jewish Bible

    Stern,David H.

    Why is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern's new version of the 'Tanakh' ('Old Testament') and his highly acclaimed 'Jewish New...

  • Dicionario do Judaismo Portugues

    Vários Autores

    O Dicionário do Judaísmo Português foi pensado com o objectivo de reunir e divulgar de forma sintética todo o conhecimento actual sobre a presença judaica em Portugal e dos judeus de origem portuguesa no mundo. O universo da obra tem como marcas...

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