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  • Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

    Vários Autores

    Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

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  • Conceptos Básicos Del Judaísmo - Dios,...

    Scholem, Gershom

    A sus obras sobre historia y fenomenología de la religión añade Gershom Scholem en este libro un nuevo análisis de los conceptos básicos del judaísmo y de su evolución dentro de la mística judía y, en particular, de la cábala. Décadas de estudio del...

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  • The Holy Kabbalah

    Waite,Arthur Edward; Rexroth,Kenneth

    The Holy Kabbalah

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  • Kabbalah

    Besserman,Perle; Epstein,Perle S.

    The words and practices of masters of the kabbalah are recounted in a definitive historical survey of the Jewish mystical tradition. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • The Holy Bible According To The Authorized...

    Unknown Author

    Excerpt from The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Version With an Explanatory and Critical Commentary and a Revision of the Translation by Bishops and Clergy of the Anglican Church, Vol. 2 In examining the indirect evidence which the fourth...

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  • Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon


    Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon

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  • Einstein And The Rabbi


    A bestselling author and rabbi's profoundly affecting exploration of the meaning and purpose of the soul, inspired by the famous correspondence between Albert Einstein and a grieving rabbi. A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'Universe,...

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  • Portugal Salazar e Os Judeus


    Trabalho pioneiro de investigação histórica sobre os judeus perseguidos pelo nazismo em Portugal durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, baseado em documentação portuguesa e nos arquivos israelitas. O autor, historiador do Museu do Holocausto em Jerusalém,...

  • To Life!

    Kushner,Harold S.

    An exhilarating guide to Judaism examines the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, how Judaism offers what people need, how love of Israel makes people better Americans, and how to feel the extension of God by taking the ordinary and making it holy. Reissue.

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  • The Secret Initiation of Jesus At Qumran


    'An examination of the early, mysterious Essene community at Qumran that links it with John the Baptist, Jesus, and the beginnings of Christianity'--Provided by publisher.

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  • The Black Hole of Auschwitz


    The Black Hole of Auschwitz

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  • Practical Kabbalah


    An introduction to the teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah explains how to draw on its mystical traditions and self-mastery practices to enhance one's inner balance and promote healthier relationships. Original. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Book of Jewish Values

    Telushkin, Joseph

    A guide to integrating Judaism into everyday life encompasses selections from the Torah, the Talmud, the Mishnah, and other sacred writings.

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  • Man Is Not Alone

    Heschel,Abraham Joshua

    A discourse on the presence and knowledge of God, the meaning and essence of human existence, and the problem of living

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  • The Black Hole Of Auschwitz

    Levi,Primo; Wood,Sharon (TRN); Belpoliti,Marco

    The Black Hole of Auschwitz brings together Levi swritings on the Holocaust and his experiences of the concentrationcamp, as well as those on his own accidental status as a writer andhis chosen profession of chemist. In this book Levi...

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  • An Introduction to Judaism

    Lange, Nicholas de; De Lange, Nicholas

    An Introduction to Judaism

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  • The Messianic Idea in Judaism


    The Messianic Idea in Judaism

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  • A Hand-List of Rabbinic Manuscripts in the...

    Cambridge University Press; Brody,Robert; Wiesenberg,E. J.; Cambridge University Library (COR)

    A Hand-List of Rabbinic Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections

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  • Essential Talmud


    The first book to capture the flavor and spirit of the Talmud as a human document and to summarize its main principles as an expression of divine law.

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  • The Coming of Lilith

    Berman,Donna; Plaskow, Judith

    One of the founders of feminist theology offers a collection of her best essays, covering a wide range of topics, including Jewish feminist theology, sexuality, and anti-Judaism in Christian feminist theology, as well as other important topics....

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  • Leo Strauss And Emmanuel Levinas

    Batnitzky,Leora Faye

    Leo Strauss And Emmanuel Levinas

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  • A Marginal Jew

    Meier,John P.

    John Meier's previous volumes in the acclaimed series A Marginal Jew are founded upon the notion that while solid historical information about Jesus is quite limited, people of different faiths can nevertheless arrive at a consensus on fundamental...

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  • God Is a Verb

    Cooper,David A.

    Explains the ancient Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalah to modern readers and applies it to the stresses and challenges of everyday life, with the help of evocative stories, point-by-point teachings, and exercises for beginners. Reprint.

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  • Goy - Israel's Others And The Birth Of The...

    Ophir,Adi; Rosen-Zvi,Ishay

    Goy: Israel's Others and the Birth of the Gentile traces the development of the term and category of the goy from the Bible to rabbinic literature. Adi Ophir and Ishay Rosen-Zvi show that the category of the goy was born much later than scholars...

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  • The Menorah - From The Bible To Modern Israel


    The menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum, has traversed millennia as a living symbol of Judaism and the Jewish people. Naturally, it did not pass through the ages unaltered. The Menorah explores the cultural and intellectual history of the Western...

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  • Parables In Midrash - Narrative And Exegesis...


    David Stern shows how the parable or mashal - the most distinctive type of narrative in midrash - was composed, how its symbolism works, and how it serves to convey the ideological convictions of the rabbis. He describes its relation to similar tales...

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  • Kabbalah And Eros


    Kabbalah And Eros

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  • The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism

    Telushkin, Joseph; Prager,Dennis

    Provides an informative guide to some fundamental questions about the role of Judaism, discussing practical aspects of the faith, and argues for the restoration of Judaism to the center of one's life

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  • Shiksa


    An exploration of the stereotype and legend of the 'shiksa' identifies the sources of the word's historic meaning as an abomination and amoral sex symbol, noting the contributions of gentile women in Biblical times in the securing of the fledgling...

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  • Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

    Stern, David H.

    Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

  • Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity

    Heschel,Abraham Joshua; Heschel,Susannah; Heschel,Susannah

    Gathers essays by the Jewish scholar, activist, and theologian about Judaism, Jewish heritage, social justice, ecumenism, faith, and prayer

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  • Sacrifice And Community - Jewish Offering And...


    This book explores the character of the Eucharist as communion in and through sacrifice. It will stimulate discussion because of its controversial critique of the dominant paradigm for Eucharistic theology, its reclamation of St Thomas Aquinas s...

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  • Why The Jews Rejected Jesus


    The scholar-author of The Discovery of God looks at the historical debate over Judaism's regjection of claims for Jesus's divinity, explaining why Jewish elders condemned Jesus because of his unorthodox interpretations of the law and arguing the...

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  • The Uses of Tradition


    The Uses of Tradition

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  • The Bedside Torah

    Artson, Bradley Shavit; Glazer,Miriyam

    The Bedside Torah

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  • The Illuminated Haggadah

    Vários Autores

    The Illuminated Haggadah

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  • Prayers That Cite Scripture

    Kugel,James L. (edt)

    Prayers That Cite Scripture

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  • Las Llaves Del Reino / Keys to the Kingdom


    Emphasizing Christian aspects, presents an overview of the Cabala, describing its major principles and historical elements and examines Jesus as a man and a teacher, arguing that Jesus was a master Kabbalist as well as the Messiah.

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  • The Jews Of Italy Under Fascist And Nazi Rule

    Zimmerman,Joshua D.; Zimmerman,Joshua D.

    The Jews Of Italy Under Fascist And Nazi Rule

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  • What Does Being Jewish Mean?

    Katz,Karen A.; Greenberg,Jan; Freedman,Estelle B.

    Answers questions commonly asked about the daily practices and beliefs of Judaism.

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  • Hebrew Inscriptions

    Dobbs-Allsop,F. W.; Whitaker,R. E.; Roberts,J. J. M.; Seow,C. L.

    Hebrew Inscriptions

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  • Gonzo Judaism


    In a revolutionary approach to modern-day Judaism, a rabbi challenges today's Jews to reclaim their rebel roots in a provocative re-assessment of Jewish identity, ritual, holiday, and community, offering a series of practical tools for creating a...

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  • Judaísmo - Col. Religiões do Mundo


    Judaísmo - Col. Religiões do Mundo

  • The Blackwell Companion to Judaism

    Neusner, Jacob; Avery-Peck, Alan J.

    The Blackwell Companion to Judaism

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