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359 produtos
  • Essential Talmud


    The first book to capture the flavor and spirit of the Talmud as a human document and to summarize its main principles as an expression of divine law.

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  • Man Is Not Alone

    Heschel,Abraham Joshua

    A discourse on the presence and knowledge of God, the meaning and essence of human existence, and the problem of living

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  • The "Talmud" - A Biography

    Wimpfheimer,Barry Scott

    The life and times of an enduring work of Jewish spiritualityThe Babylonian Talmud, a postbiblical Jewish text that is part scripture and part commentary, is an unlikely bestseller. Written in a hybrid of Hebrew and Aramaic, it is often ambiguous to...

  • Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

    Vários Autores

    Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

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  • Cábala Y El Poder De Soñar


    Drawing on the ancient Sephardic Kabbalah tradition, Catherine Shainberg unveils esoteric practices to unlock the dreaming mind's transformative and intuitive powers. By teaching the mind to become conscious in our sleeping dreams and the dreaming...

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  • Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon


    Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon

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  • Kabbalah

    Besserman,Perle; Epstein,Perle S.

    The words and practices of masters of the kabbalah are recounted in a definitive historical survey of the Jewish mystical tradition. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • The Bible, Vol. 3 - Its Structure And Purpose...

    Urquhart, John

    Excerpt from The Bible, Vol. 3: Its Structure and Purpose The more ancient chronology rests upon two chapters in Genesis. 34 - The Septuagint lengthens the period from Shem to Abraham. 35 - The numerous sacred chronologies. 35 The Babylonian...

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  • A Selection Of Charms From Syriac Manuscripts...

    Gollancz, Hermann

    Excerpt from A Selection of Charms From Syriac Manuscripts The specimens which I now submit are selected from both manuscripts from the older and to all intents more valuable manuscript, which I designate Codex A, and from the other manuscript, which...

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  • The Wise Men Of Ancient Israel - Their...

    Kent, Charles Foster

    Excerpt from The Wise Men of Ancient Israel: Their Proverbs In view of these facts, I have become convinced that if this volume of the old library is to fulfil its mission to the present age, order must be evolved out of chaos. It is evident that...

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  • Schiloh, Vol. 1 - Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte...

    Posnanski, Adolf

    Excerpt from Schiloh, Vol. 1: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Messiaslehre; Die Auslegung von Genesis 49, 10 im Altertume bis zu Ende des Mittelalters Die Reformation brachte in diese Frage keine Wendung. Selbst ihre großten Lehrer verharrten, was...

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  • Shaarei Kedusha


    Shaarei Kedusha

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  • God Is a Verb

    Cooper,David A.

    Explains the ancient Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalah to modern readers and applies it to the stresses and challenges of everyday life, with the help of evocative stories, point-by-point teachings, and exercises for beginners. Reprint.

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  • Complete Jewish Bible

    Stern,David H.

    Why is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern's new version of the 'Tanakh' ('Old Testament') and his highly acclaimed 'Jewish New...

  • Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

    Stern,David H.

    Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

  • Commentaries On The Four Last Books Of Moses,...

    Calvin, John

    Excerpt from Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses, Vol. 2: Arranged in the Form of a Harmony Abraham were infected with the itch, and were driven away from Egypt, lest others should catch it from them. That' this was an ancient calumny...

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  • The Messianic Idea in Judaism


    The Messianic Idea in Judaism

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  • The Black Hole of Auschwitz


    The Black Hole of Auschwitz

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  • Portugal Salazar e os Judeus


    Trabalho pioneiro de investigação histórica sobre os judeus perseguidos pelo nazismo em Portugal durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, baseado em documentação portuguesa e nos arquivos israelitas. O autor, historiador do Museu do Holocausto em Jerusalém,...

  • Etica Del Sinai, La


    Etica Del Sinai, La

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  • Rabbinical Vocabulary - With List Of...


    Excerpt from Rabbinical Vocabulary: With List of Abbreviations, and an Analysis of the Grammar, Adapted Expressly for the Mishna, and the Perushim The characteristics of this Dialect will be clearly seen on examining the brief Analysis at the end of...

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  • The Holy Kabbalah

    Waite,Arthur Edward; Rexroth,Kenneth

    The Holy Kabbalah

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  • A Code of Jewish Ethics


    The first volume in a three-part guide to the role of ethics in Judaism focuses on the crucial importance of personal integrity--and such corollaries as humility, fair speech, gratitude, repentance, forgiveness, truth, and others--using examples from...

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  • If All The Seas Were Ink


    At the age of 27, alone in Jerusalem in the wake of a painful divorce, Ilana Kurshan joined the world's largest book club, learning daf yomi, Hebrew for 'daily page' of the Talmud, a book of rabbinic teachings spanning about 600 years and the basis...

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  • The Lonely Man Of Faith

    Soloveitchik,Joseph B.

    A discussion of the meaning of a Jewish life of faith in the modern world uses personal testimony, Kierkegaardian reflections, and an extended commentary to look at faith in politics, business, science, and other areas. Reprint.

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  • The Rebbe's Army


    A behind-the-scenes study of the Brooklyn-based Lubavitcher Hasidim sect describes their evangelical efforts to transform the lives of fellow Jews and to make them more observant of their religion and profiles their late Rebbe, Menachem Mendel...

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  • Dicionario do Judaismo Portugues

    Vários Autores

    O Dicionário do Judaísmo Português foi pensado com o objectivo de reunir e divulgar de forma sintética todo o conhecimento actual sobre a presença judaica em Portugal e dos judeus de origem portuguesa no mundo. O universo da obra tem como marcas...

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  • The Jews Of Khazaria

    Brook, Kevin Alan

    The Jews of Khazaria explores the history and culture of Khazaria--a large empire in eastern Europe (located in present-day Ukraine and Russia) in the early Middle Ages noted for its adoption of the Jewish religion. The third edition of this modern...

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  • Genuine Works Of Flavius Josephus, The Jewish...

    Josephus, Flavius

    Excerpt from Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish Historian, Vol. 1 of 2: Containing Twenty Books of the Jewish Antiquities, Seven Books of the Jewish War, Two Books in Answer to Apion, the Martyrdom of the Maccabees, and the Life of...

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  • The Book Of The Twelve Prophets, Vol. 2 Of 2...

    Smith, George Adam

    Excerpt from The Book of the Twelve Prophets, Vol. 2 of 2: Commonly Called the Minor The necessity of including within one volume so many prophets, scattered over more than three centuries, and each of them requiring a separate introduction, has...

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  • The Jewish Book of Why?

    Kolatch,Alfred J.

    An informative guide to Jewish religion, customs, and practice explains the reasons for Jewish customs concerning marriage, mourning, diet, prayer, worship, and the celebration of religious holidays. Reprint.

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  • The American Jewish Pulpit - A Collection Of...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown, Author

    Excerpt from The American Jewish Pulpit: A Collection of Sermons by the Most Eminent American Rabbis Light is the emblem of Judaism. Among all the sacred pieces of the tabernacle the greatest prominence is given in the law to the golden seven-armed...

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  • El Libro De LA Claridad / The Book of...

    Ha-Bahir,Sefer; Satz,Mario (TRN)

    El Libro De LA Claridad / The Book of Illumination

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  • From Moses To Qumran - Studies In The Old...

    Rowley,Harold Henry

    Excerpt from From Moses to Qumran: Studies in the Old Testament F OR some years I have been requested by many friends to publish a volume of collected essays, and have only delayed to respond to the request because I lacked the time to prepare them...

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  • A History Of Judaism


    A sweeping history of Judaism over more than three millenniaJudaism is one of the oldest religions in the world, and it has preserved its distinctive identity despite the extraordinarily diverse forms and beliefs it has embodied over the course of...

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  • The History Of Israel And Judah - From The...

    Edersheim, Alfred

    Excerpt from The History of Israel and Judah: From the Decline of the Two Kingdoms to the Assyrian and Babylonian Captivity, Being the Seventh and Concluding Volume, Containing Full Scripture Reference and Subject Indexes to the Whole Series The...

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  • Zionism And Judaism


    Why should anyone be a Zionist, a supporter of a Jewish state in the land of Israel? Why should there be a Jewish state in the land of Israel? This book seeks to provide a philosophical answer to these questions. Although a Zionist need not be Jewish...

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  • The Menorah - From The Bible To Modern Israel


    The menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum, has traversed millennia as a living symbol of Judaism and the Jewish people. Naturally, it did not pass through the ages unaltered. The Menorah explores the cultural and intellectual history of the Western...

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  • Rashi (Classic Reprint)

    Liber, Maurice

    Excerpt from Rashi It is this circumstance that makes the writing of his biography as awkward a task for the writer as reading it may be for the public. To write it one must be a scholar, to read it a specialist. To know Rashi well is as difficult as...

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  • Parables In Midrash - Narrative And Exegesis...


    David Stern shows how the parable or mashal - the most distinctive type of narrative in midrash - was composed, how its symbolism works, and how it serves to convey the ideological convictions of the rabbis. He describes its relation to similar tales...

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  • The Critical Theory Of Deuteronomy -...

    Robertson, John

    Excerpt from The Critical Theory of Deuteronomy: Explained in a Lecture I have no intention to enter on any discussion. My object is exposition, not refutation. This course I take to be more becoming, as I believe it will be more beneficial, in the...

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  • The Story Of The Jews, Volume Two - Belonging...


    ' A riveting picture, generously rendered, of the stubborn, argumentative miracle of Jewish survival against the odds... Schama has made an eloquent and a far-reaching case for why Jews needed a small piece of earth they could call home.' -- The New...

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  • Cambridge History of Judaism

    Vários Autores

    Cambridge History of Judaism

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  • The Gifts of the Jews


    The author of the national best-seller, How the Irish Saved Civilization, continues his compelling explorations of major historical influences with a study of how the Jewish people gave birth to the basic beliefs we most prize today. !00,000 first...

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