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  • Complete Jewish Bible

    Stern,David H.

    Why is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern's new version of the 'Tanakh' ('Old Testament') and his highly acclaimed 'Jewish New...

  • Horae Sabbaticae, Or An Attempt To Correct...


    Excerpt from Horae Sabbaticae, or an Attempt to Correct Certain Superstitious and Vulgar Errors Respecting the Sabbath Because the Jews were commanded in the Bible to Re member [saturday] the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, certain pharisaical...

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  • Jewish Antiquities, Or A Course Of Lectures...


    Excerpt from Jewish Antiquities, or a Course of Lectures on the Three First Books of Godwin's Moses and Aaron, Vol. 2: To Which Is Annexed, a Dissertation on the Hebrew Language Of the Sabbath. C h.a P. I.V. Of the Paffover and feaft-of unleavened...

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  • The Old Covenant Commonly Called The Old...


    Excerpt from The Old Covenant Commonly Called the Old Testament, Vol. 2 of 2: Translated From the Septuagint Horne says (1846) Very few copies of Mr. Thomson's work have reached England, and even in America it has become very scarce and dear. Horne...

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  • Sermons And Addresses - Setting Forth The...


    Excerpt from Sermons and Addresses: Setting Forth the Teachings and Spirit of Judaism; Second Series Ten Sermons have special reference to the present War and the messages it conveys to mankind. The Prayer for Arbitration, though offered up as far...

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  • The Menorah Journal, Vol. 5 - Published...


    Excerpt from The Menorah Journal, Vol. 5: Published Bi-Monthly by the Intercollegiate Menorah Association 'for the Study and Advancement of Jewish Culture and Ideals' For conceived as it is and nurtured as it must continue to be in the spirit that...

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  • The Women Of Israel, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Women of Israel, Vol. 2 WE are now come to an important change in the history of Israel the first step to her downfall, and the first opening for the fearful flood of misery and crime which nationally and individually deluged J udea....

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  • Herod The Great - Statesman, Visionary,...


    Herod the Great, king of ancient Judea, was a brutal, ruthless, vindictive and dangerously high-strung tyrant. He had many of his subjects killed on suspicion of plotting against him and was accused of slaughtering children in Bethlehem when informed...

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  • The Philosophy Of The Bible (Classic Reprint)

    Neumark, David

    Excerpt from The Philosophy of the Bible The conception OF early Dif'f'erent degrees of purification in the monotheistic redaction of national traditions in different parts of the Bible (21 - The revised conception of early history in Deuteronomy (22...

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  • The Legends Of The Jews, Vol. 3 - Bible Times...


    Excerpt from The Legends of the Jews, Vol. 3: Bible Times and Characters From the Exodus to the Death of Moses Israel gathered together. Hence his unique position in Jew ish legend, neither Abraham, the friend of God, nor Solomon, the wisest of all...

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  • Jerusalem - Oder Uber Religiose Macht Und...

    Mendelssohn, Moses

    Excerpt from Jerusalem: Oder Uber Religiose Macht und Judentum Fur burgerliche Freiheit hatte er entweder keinen Sinn, oder wollte er sie lieber vernichtet, als so gemi braucht sehen. Um sich aber die Freiheit zu denkenauszusparen, davon er selbst...

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  • Zionistische Schriften (Classic Reprint)

    Herzl, Theodor

    Excerpt from Zionistische Schriften Naturlich schrieb ich mehr fur das Theater als fur das Gericht. In Salzburg brachte ich einige der glucklichsten Stunden meines Lebens zu. Ich ware auch gerne in der schonen Stadt geblieben; aber als Jude ware ich...

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  • History Of Israel, Vol. 5 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from History of Israel, Vol. 5 The destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, and the disasters which followed it, proved the complete ruin Of every thing which had hitherto been the pride and glory, the refuge and defence, of the people of...

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  • Rashi (Classic Reprint)

    Liber, Maurice

    Excerpt from Rashi It is this circumstance that makes the writing of his biography as awkward a task for the writer as reading it may be for the public. To write it one must be a scholar, to read it a specialist. To know Rashi well is as difficult as...

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  • The Women Of Israel (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from The Women of Israel We are far from asserting that this has not been attempted, and for the larger portion of the sex, accomplished before. Religion is the foundation and mainspring of every work which has been written for the use and...

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  • Der Baseler Congress (Classic Reprint)

    Herzl, Theodor

    Excerpt from Der Baseler Congress In den drei letzten Tagen des August hat in Basel ein Congress stattgefunden, dessen Bedeutung anzuerkennen jetzt schon Freunde und Feinde ziemlich einig sind. Es war der Congress der Zionisten. Das Wort selbst war...

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  • The Legends Of The Jews, Vol. 2 - Bible Times...


    Excerpt from The Legends of the Jews, Vol. 2: Bible Times and Characters From Joseph to the Exodus My original intention was to continue Volume II up to the death of Moses, but the legendary material clustering around the life and death of Moses is...

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  • Sketches Of Jewish Social Life In The Days Of...

    Edersheim, Alfred

    Excerpt from Sketches of Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ Throughout, my constant object has been to illustrate the New Testament history and teaching. Even the Scripture Index at the close will show in how many instances this has been...

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  • The History Of Israel And Judah - From The...

    Edersheim, Alfred

    Excerpt from The History of Israel and Judah: From the Decline of the Two Kingdoms to the Assyrian and Babylonian Captivity, Being the Seventh and Concluding Volume, Containing Full Scripture Reference and Subject Indexes to the Whole Series The...

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  • The Student Old Testament, Logically And...

    Kent, Charles Foster

    Excerpt from The Student Old Testament, Logically and Chronologically, and Prayers During the critical period of Bible study that is just passing, the Hebrew lyrics, and especially the great psalms of the Old Testament Psalter, have been to a certain...

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  • Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon


    Analytical Hebrew And Chaldee Lexicon

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  • Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

    Vários Autores

    Jps Hebrew-english Tanakh Bible

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  • The Everyday Torah - Weekly Reflections And...

    Artson,Bradley Shavit

    'Like any classic, the Torah appears in different guises with each rereading. Its infinite layers of meaning and depth offer the opportunity to harvest anew, without any fear of exhausting its supply of wisdom, counsel, and kedushah (holiness). To...

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  • Essays And Miscellanies - Choice Cullings...


    Excerpt from Essays and Miscellanies: Choice Cullings From the Manuscripts of Grace Aguilar IN putting forward these expositions, the Editress labours under some difficulties, now, alas I impossible to be removed for the death of her beloved daughter...

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  • From Moses To Qumran - Studies In The Old...

    Rowley,Harold Henry

    Excerpt from From Moses to Qumran: Studies in the Old Testament F OR some years I have been requested by many friends to publish a volume of collected essays, and have only delayed to respond to the request because I lacked the time to prepare them...

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  • The New Rabbi

    Fried, Stephen

    The author of Thing of Beauty and Bitter Pills provides a close-up look at the Har Zion Temple, one of America's most influential Jewish congregations, as they search for a successor to retiring Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, capturing the everyday life of the...

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  • The Orthodox Jewish Bible: Tanakh And...

    Goble,Phillip E.



    The Orthodox Jewish Bible: Tanakh And Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha

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  • A Wish Can Change Your Life

    Weinstein,Steve; Sasson,Gahl

    An insightful and ingenious introduction to the Kabbalah integrates the ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism with practical exercises, tools, and strategies in a ten-week program designed to help readers attain their worldly golas while fostering...

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  • Portugal Salazar e os Judeus


    Trabalho pioneiro de investigação histórica sobre os judeus perseguidos pelo nazismo em Portugal durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, baseado em documentação portuguesa e nos arquivos israelitas. O autor, historiador do Museu do Holocausto em Jerusalém,...

  • Kabbalah

    Besserman,Perle; Epstein,Perle S.

    The words and practices of masters of the kabbalah are recounted in a definitive historical survey of the Jewish mystical tradition. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Yiddish


    A compelling history of Yiddish takes readers deep into Eastern Europe to explore the origins of this unique and enduring language and the people who speak it. Reprint.

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  • The "Talmud" - A Biography

    Wimpfheimer,Barry Scott

    The life and times of an enduring work of Jewish spiritualityThe Babylonian Talmud, a postbiblical Jewish text that is part scripture and part commentary, is an unlikely bestseller. Written in a hybrid of Hebrew and Aramaic, it is often ambiguous to...

  • Man Is Not Alone

    Heschel,Abraham Joshua

    A discourse on the presence and knowledge of God, the meaning and essence of human existence, and the problem of living

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  • The Rebbe's Army


    A behind-the-scenes study of the Brooklyn-based Lubavitcher Hasidim sect describes their evangelical efforts to transform the lives of fellow Jews and to make them more observant of their religion and profiles their late Rebbe, Menachem Mendel...

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  • The Holy Kabbalah

    Waite,Arthur Edward; Rexroth,Kenneth

    The Holy Kabbalah

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  • Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

    Stern,David H.

    Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

  • Etica Del Sinai, La


    Etica Del Sinai, La

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  • The Messianic Idea in Judaism


    The Messianic Idea in Judaism

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  • Rashi



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  • Shaarei Kedusha


    Shaarei Kedusha

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  • Dicionario do Judaismo Portugues

    Vários Autores

    O Dicionário do Judaísmo Português foi pensado com o objectivo de reunir e divulgar de forma sintética todo o conhecimento actual sobre a presença judaica em Portugal e dos judeus de origem portuguesa no mundo. O universo da obra tem como marcas...

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  • The Lonely Man Of Faith

    Soloveitchik,Joseph B.

    A discussion of the meaning of a Jewish life of faith in the modern world uses personal testimony, Kierkegaardian reflections, and an extended commentary to look at faith in politics, business, science, and other areas. Reprint.

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  • Musical Score Of The Grammar Of The Art Of...

    Zorn,Friedrich Albert

    Excerpt from Musical Score of the Grammar of the Art of Dancing About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical...

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  • El Libro De LA Claridad / The Book of...

    Ha-Bahir,Sefer; Satz,Mario (TRN)

    El Libro De LA Claridad / The Book of Illumination

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