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Religiao (diversos)

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  • Mythology - Timeless Tales Of Gods And Heroes...


    In celebration of of the 75th anniversary of this classic bestseller, this stunningly illustrated, beautifully packaged, larger-format hardcover edition will be beloved by fans of Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology of all ages. Since its original...

  • Tao Te Ching - The Book Of The Way


    The most widely translated work in world literature after the Bible, Tao Te Ching or the Book of the Way is the classic text of Taoism, the ancient Chinese school of thought. Believed to be written by Lao-Tzu, the father of Taoism, Tao Te Ching...

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  • The Mythology Book


    More than 80 classic myths retold and explained, from early creation beliefs to classical hero narratives and the recurring theme of the afterlife. The latest title in the bestselling Big Ideas series, The Mythology Book explores the compelling...

  • Bulfinch's Mythology - Leather Bound


    Can't keep all your gods and goddesses straight? Wondering about mythological references in classic literature? 'Bulfinch's Mythology' offers approachable accounts of ancient legends in a compilation of the works of Thomas Bulfinch, banker and...

  • The Religions Book




    An innovative and accessible guide to the world's religions The Religions Book clearly explains the key concepts behind the earliest religious beliefs right up to the world's newest faiths, getting to the heart of what it means to believe....

  • Acreditar em Acreditar


    O livro 'Acreditar em acreditar' apresenta os seguintes capítulos- Retorno; O retorno e a filosofia; Herança cristã e niilismo; Encarnação e secularização; Para além da violência da metafísica; Secularização- uma fé purificada?; A revelação continua;...

  • Etica


    A través de los escritos de Bonhoeffer es posible constatar con gran facilidad que la preocupación por lo ético puede detectarse a lo largo y ancho de su pensamiento, tal vez como consecuencia directa de su inagotable «instinto» de interrogación, que...

  • The Rig Veda

    Doniger,Wendy (TRN)

    Gathers Vedic hymns about creation, death, sacrifice, ritual, and the various gods and characters of Hindu mythology, in a definitive translation that includes an updated bibliography, comprehensive notes, and informative introduction to the texts....

  • Gravedad Y La Gracia, La


    Antología de los textos que Simone Weil, la mayor pensadora del amor y la desgracia de nuestro siglo, fue anotando en sus «Cahiers»; textos que traducen una experiencia interior de una autenticidad y exigencia poco comunes. En ellos se refleja lo que...

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  • Sao Josemaria Escriva


    No dia 6 de Outubro de 2002, João Paulo II proclama santo Josemaría Escrivá, fundador do Opus Dei. A Igreja, comunhão dos santos, enriquece-se com um novo exemplo de identificação real com Cristo. Porque é nisso que consiste a santidade.

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  • Mythology - Timeless Tales Of Gods And Heroes

    Hamilton,Edith; Hamilton, Edith

    Since its original publication by Little, Brown and Company in 1942, Edith Hamilton's Mythology has sold millions of copies throughout the world and established itself as a perennial bestseller in its various available formats: hardcover, trade...

  • The Hero With A Thousand Faces


    Since its release in 1949, The Hero with a Thousand Faces has influenced millions of readers by combining the insights of modern psychology with Joseph Campbell s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology. In these pages, Campbell outlines...

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  • Enuma Elish

    Paul Tice; Paul Tice; L. W. King; L. W. King

    The Babylonian and Assyrian Legends Concerning the Creation of the World and of Mankind. The Enuma Elish is one of the oldest stories known to mankind. It is a story first written down by the ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago. As a one time...

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  • The Turba Philosophorum Or Assembly Of The...

    Waite,Arthur Edward

    Excerpt from The Turba Philosophorum or Assembly of the Sages: Called Also the Book of Truth in the Art and the Third Pythagorical Synod; An Ancient Alchemical Treatise Translated From the Latin, the Chief Reading of the Shorter Codex, Parallels From...

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  • Life Lessons From Genesis


    A beginning. An origin. Knowing where you came from says much about where you are going. Perhaps that is why the first book of the Bible is a book of beginnings.God wants us to know from where we came. Learning that will teach us much about the place...

  • Mitologia Clasica China

    Vários Autores

    Esta obra está concebida en dos partes: una antología de textos de la mitología china clásica y un diccionario de las materias y los nombres que aparecen en los relatos mitológicos seleccionados. Los textos están tomados de ciento tres obras cuyas...

  • God Alone - The Life And Letters of a Saint


    God Alone - The Life And Letters of a Saint

  • Great Disciples of the Buddha

    Nyanaponika; Hecker,Hellmuth; Bodhi,Bhikkhu; Bodhi,Bhikkhu

    Great Disciples of the Buddha

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  • The Book Of Enoch

    Charles,R. H.; Paul Tice; Paul Tice

    This is considered to be the most important book left out of the Bible. During the first two hundred years of Christianity it was the most widely read of all texts. This is the best available version because it was originally written in Ethiopic and...

  • Acts Of Faith - 25th Anniversary Edition


    'Acts of Faith' is a thoughtful and inspirational book that explores the unique pressures on people of color today with great insight and sensitivity. This book is the minimum daily requirement for people of color in search of inspiration and...

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  • Mundo de Los Druidas, El


    A partir de las referencias de los observadores del mundo griego y romano César, Estrabón, Plinio o Tácito, por citar sólo algunos, pasando por arqueólogos e historiadores modernos, El mundo de los druidas reconstruye la historia de una casta, la de...

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  • Jesus de Nazaré

    Joseph Ratzinger - Bento Xvi

    «Quis fazer a tentativa de apresentar o Jesus dos evangelhos como o Jesus real, como o “Jesus histórico” em sentido verdadeiro e próprio. Estou convencido – e espero que também o leitor possa dar-se conta do mesmo – que esta figura é muito mais...

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  • O Kerigma

    Kiko Argüello

    Kiko Argüello convencido de que Cristo está presente no sofrimento dos inocentes, em 1964 vai viver entre os mais pobres, nas barracas do bairro de Palomeras Altas, na periferia de Madrid. Mais tarde, conhece Carmen Hernández. Levados pelo ambiente...

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  • The Bhagavad Gita


    In the Bhagavad Gita, Prince Arjuna asks direct, uncompromising questions of his spiritual guide on the eve of a great battle. In this best-selling and expanded edition of the most famous --and popular -- of Indian scriptures, Eknath Easwaran...

  • The Song of Songs


    The Song of Songs

  • Ghetto Diary


    Ghetto Diary

  • Mythology - The Complete Guide To Our...


    Myths in every culture of the world explain our origins, the worlds creation, gods and monsters, demons, the afterlife and the underworld. This fresh and compelling account gathers together themes and stories from every culture, showing how myths...

  • Gods of the Greeks


    Reconstructs the mythological histories of the divinities and the origin and destiny of mankind from ancient writings and artifacts

  • Atlas de Las Relegiones Del Mundo


    Textos preparados por expertos y magníficas fotografías, mapas temáticos, tablas y gráficos: desde los viajes de Buda hasta la distribución geográfica de las creencias indígenas modernas. Más de trescientos mapas que muestran el desarrollo histórico...

  • The Prodigal God Participant's Guide

    Keller, Timothy J.

    In this six-session small group Bible study, pastor and bestselling author Timothy Keller uses one of Jesus' best-loved parables - the Prodigal Son - to illustrate the depth of God's love and how his grace extends into some very unexpected...

  • Alchemy - The Secret Art

    De Rola, Stanislas Klossowski

    This new and completely redesigned edition creates a colourful and vibrant guide to the secret art. Klossowski de Rola elucidates the mysterious language and polyvalent symbolism from a variety of perspectives practical, spiritual, elemental and...

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  • Curiosa História De Deus, A


    Curiosa História De Deus, A

  • Pacificar o Espírito

    Dalai Lama

    A presente obra compõese de oito conferências dadas por Sua Santidade o XIV DalaiLama nos dias 26, 27, 28 e 29 de Abril de 1997, no Instituto Karma Ling, na Sabóia francesa, seguidas de sete séries de perguntasrespostas, começando por uma...

  • Vivi Com Um Santo

    Stanislao Dziwisz

    Oito anos depois da morte de João Paulo II, o cardeal Stanislao Dziwisz, seu secretário pessoal, percorre a vida extraordinária de um gigante do nosso tempo à procura dos traços distintivos dessa santidade que vai ser proclamada solenemente. Agora,...

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  • Racionalidade e Religião

    Roger Trigg

    Racionalidade e Religião aborda a questão perene de saber até que ponto a fé religiosa necessita da razão. Argumentase que a religião tem de defender a verdade e, na realidade, precisa da ideia de um Deus transcendente. O livro lida decididamente com...

  • 21 Qualities Of Leaders In The Bible - Key...

    Maxwell,John C

    Where do most people today turn for leadership? Some examine the world of politics. Some look for models in the entertainment industry. Many look to the world of business--to the successful stories of CEOs, management consultants, and theoreticians...

  • San Josemaria Escriva


    El 6 de octubre de 2002, Juan Pablo II proclama santo a Josemaría Escrivá, fundador del Opus Dei. Sus escritos y su espiritualidad han recorrido todos los continentes.El autor nos ofrece una resumida biografía, algunos de sus comentarios sobre la...

  • Being Nobody, Going Nowhere


    Being Nobody, Going Nowhere

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  • Sex Is Not the Problem (lust Is)


    Sex Is Not the Problem (lust Is)

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  • Vive Sin Miedo


    Vive Sin Miedo

  • Jesus For Atheists - Why He Still Matters In...


    The renowned biblical scholar, Vanderbilt University Divinity School Professor, and author of Short Stories by Jesus and The Misunderstood Jew argues that Jesus's historic and cultural influence make him fascinating, provocative, and relevant for...

  • Sinfonia de La Armonia de Las Revelaciones...

    Bingen,Hildegaria de

    Hacia el año 1150, Hildegard de Bingen reunió sus composiciones y formó con ellas un ciclo lírico completo al que llamó «Sinfonía de la armonía de las revelaciones celestiales», corpus que incluye la notación musical de la propia autora. Las...

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  • Box Of Butterflies - Discovering The...


    An Instant New York Times Bestseller Roma Downey--best known as the beloved angel on the TV show Touched by an Angel--has created a beautiful book filled with encouragement and hope, assuring us of God's comforting presence in our lives. Ever since...

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  • Credo a Profissão de Fé Apostólica

    Hans Küng

    Há já muito tempo que os cristãos professam a sua fé no Credo. Hoje, ainda se pode repetir esta profissão de fé sem duvidar? Hans Küng apresenta uma interpretação dos artigos de fé tradicionais, adaptada ao tempo e, concomitantemente, toma como ponto...

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