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207 produtos
  • Creation and Fall/Temptation


    One of the century's respected theologians reveals the elegant and meticulous analyses of two of the most important and least understood religious concepts--the fall from grace and the nature of evil. Reprint.

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  • Text Und Textwert Der Griechischen...

    Parker,David (edt); Morrill,Bruce (edt)

    These volumes complete the analysis of the textual history of John by providing information about all the 1700 Greek manuscripts at every variant reading in Chapter 18. As well as providing the resources for selecting manuscripts to be used in the...

  • Evidence for Jesus

    Muncaster,Ralph O.

    Evidence for Jesus

  • Taking a Chance On God

    McNeill,John J.

    Featuring a new preface, a guidebook draws on the principles of the gay and lesbian liberation movement and the author's counseling experience with homosexuals to show gays and lesbians how to maintain their identity within the Christian church....

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  • Handbook of Theological Terms

    Harvey,Van A.

    Handbook of Theological Terms

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  • Food And Faith - A Theology Of Eating


    This book provides a comprehensive theological framework for assessing the significance of eating. Drawing on diverse theological, philosophical, and anthropological insights, it offers fresh ways to evaluate food production and consumption practices...

  • Religious Affections

    Edwards, Jonathan; EDWARDS, JONATHAN

    Religious Affections

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  • Why I Am Still a Christian

    Kung,Hans; Hughes,E. C.

    Why I Am Still a Christian

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  • A Serious Way of Wondering

    Prince,Reynolds; Price,Reynolds

    A collection of literary and analytical writings, based on the author's lectures at the National Cathedral and Auburn Seminary, considers the ethics of Jesus Christ and presents fictional situations where He confronts such issues as suicide,...

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  • The Case For Christ


    A former reporter for The Chicago Tribune and former atheist presents a tough-minded investigation of Christian beliefs, interviewing today's scientists, historians, and philosophers to gather compelling evidence for the truth about Jesus....

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  • O Cérebro Espiritual


    O Cérebro Espiritual

    Produto indisponível

  • Teologia Sistematica

    Erickson,Millard J.

    Teologia Sistematica

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  • The Incomparable Christ

    Stott,John R. W.

    The Incomparable Christ

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  • Reasonable Faith

    Craig, William Lane; Craig,William Lane; Craig,William Lane

    Reasonable Faith

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  • Deus Caritas Est - Enciclica


    Bento XVI, que, enquanto cardeal, serviu durante mais de duas décadas a Igreja na pesada tarefa de guardar a verdade, enfrenta na sua primeira carta encíclica o tema do amor. Este livro tem uma introdução e anotações do Cardeal Ângelo Scola.

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  • The Harvest of Sorrow


    A reconstruction of the causes, circumstances, and consequences of Stalin's forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture details the fate of villages and individuals

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  • Gustavo Gutierrez

    Gutierrez,Gustavo; Nickoloff,James B.

    Gustavo Gutierrez

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  • Albert Schweitzer


    Albert Schweitzer

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  • From Jesus To Christ


    From Jesus To Christ

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  • The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy

    Schaeffer,Francis A.

    The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy

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  • Summa Contra Gentiles

    Bourke,Vernon J. (TRN); Thomas,Aquinas, Saint

    The Summa Contra Gentiles is not merely the only complete summary of Christian doctrine that St. Thomas has written, but also a creative and even revolutionary work of Christian apologetics composed at the precise moment when Christian thought needed...

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  • Atheist Overreach - What Atheism Can't...


    In recent years atheism has become ever more visible, acceptable, and influential. Atheist apologists have become increasingly vociferous and confident in their claims: that a morality requiring benevolence towards all and universal human rights need...

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  • Case For the Resurrection of Jesus

    Licona,Michael R.; Habermas,Gary R.

    Case For the Resurrection of Jesus

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  • Teologia Politica


    Teologia Politica

    Produto indisponível

  • The Quest Of The Historical Jesus

    Schweitzer,Albert; Burkitt,F. C.; Montgomery,W. (TRN)

    The Quest Of The Historical Jesus

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  • Cultura Contemporanea e Cristianismo


    Cultura Contemporanea e Cristianismo

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  • Jesus de Nazaré


    No gesto das mãos abençoadoras exprime-se a relação duradoura de Jesus com os seus discípulos, com o mundo. Ao partir, Ele ergue-nos acima de nós mesmos e abre o mundo a Deus. Por isso os discípulos puderam transbordar de alegria quando voltaram de...

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  • Come Dio Comanda


    In una landa ai margini di tutto vivono un padre e un figlio, Rino e Cristiano Zena, uniti da un amore viscerale che si nutre di sopraffazione e violenza. Tirano avanti un'esistenza orgogliosa insieme a un paio di balordi. Un giorno decidono che è...

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  • The City of God Against the Pagans

    Augustine,Saint, Bishop of Hippo; Dyson,R. W.

    The City of God Against the Pagans

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  • Direito Sacramental I

    Vários Autores

    Pelo Baptismo acontecimento divino na vida do cristão cada pessoa humana é integrada no Corpo Místico de Jesus Cristo e, por isso mesmo, participa da Sua tríplice missão: Sacerdote, Profeta e Rei (Cf Lumen Gentium, n.º 9).Quer isto dizer que, em...

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  • The Theology Of Food Eating And The Eucharist

    Mendez-Montoya,Angel F

    The links between religion and food have been known for centuries, and yet we rarely examine or understand the nature of the relationship between food and spirituality, or food and sin. Drawing on literature, politics, and philosophy as well as...

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  • O Sofrimento no Pensamento Bíblico

    Lourenço,João Duarte

    O sofrimento é uma das questões que percorre a história da humanidade de forma transversal, deixando nos dramas que suscita um marco de inquietações e um leque de interrogações sem resposta. Essa ausência de certezas não é mais que a falta de sentido...

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  • Peter , Paul And Mary Magdalene - The...

    Ehrman,Bart D.

    Bart Ehrman, author of the highly popular books Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code, Lost Christianities, and the New York Times bestseller Misquoting Jesus, here takes readers on another engaging tour of the early Christian church, illuminating...

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  • When God Writes Your Love Story

    Ludy,Leslie; Ludy,Eric

    When God Writes Your Love Story

    Produto indisponível

  • Systematic Theology


    Systematic Theology

    Produto indisponível

  • Evangelhos Sinopticos

    Das Neves,Joaquim Carreira

    Evangelhos Sinopticos

    Produto indisponível

  • Models of the Church

    Dulles,Avery Robert Cardinal

    Examines the contemporary writings of Protestant and Catholic ecclesiologists to discuss the basic functions of the Church and assess its role in the lives of believers

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  • Is This The End?


    The world seems more fractured each day. People are asking, 'Is this the End?'Never have the headlines been this jarring, the cultural changes this rapid, or the moral decay this pronounced. What on earth is happening? After each new occurrence, the...

    Produto indisponível

  • Love Your God With All Your Mind

    Willard,Dallas; Moreland,James Porter

    Love Your God With All Your Mind

    Produto indisponível

  • When God Weeps

    Tada,Joni Eareckson

    When God Weeps

    Produto indisponível

  • Homo Credens para uma Teologia da Fé - 2ª...


    Homo Credens para uma Teologia da Fé - 2ª Edição

    Produto indisponível

  • Desire of the Everlasting Hills


    A lucid rendering of the social and political world of Jesus explores the pervasive Greek cultural influences and the oppressive Roman presence tht shaped first-century Palestine

    Produto indisponível

  • Escritos de Sao Joao

    Das Neves,Joaquim Carreira

    Escritos de Sao Joao

    Produto indisponível

  • Risks of Faith

    Cone,James H.

    A revolutionary new book traces the origins and history of black theology from slavery through Malcolm X and the present. Original.

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