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183 produtos
  • Deus Caritas Est - Enciclica

    Xvi, Bento

    Bento XVI, que, enquanto cardeal, serviu durante mais de duas décadas a Igreja na pesada tarefa de guardar a verdade, enfrenta na sua primeira carta encíclica o tema do amor. Este livro tem uma introdução e anotações do Cardeal Ângelo Scola.

  • The 10 Things You Should Know About the...

    Rhodes, Ron

    The 10 Things You Should Know About the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate

  • Jesus de Nazaré

    Xvi, Bento

    No gesto das mãos abençoadoras exprime-se a relação duradoura de Jesus com os seus discípulos, com o mundo. Ao partir, Ele ergue-nos acima de nós mesmos e abre o mundo a Deus. Por isso os discípulos puderam transbordar de alegria quando voltaram de...

  • Religious Affections


    Religious Affections

  • Evangelhos Sinopticos

    Das Neves,Joaquim Carreira

    Evangelhos Sinopticos

  • Jesus

    Ehrman, Bart D.


  • Jesus

    Ehrman, Bart D.


  • Historia das Religiões - Col. Fundamentos


    Historia das Religiões - Col. Fundamentos

  • The Case For Christ


    A former reporter for The Chicago Tribune and former atheist presents a tough-minded investigation of Christian beliefs, interviewing today's scientists, historians, and philosophers to gather compelling evidence for the truth about Jesus....

  • Reasonable Faith

    Craig, William Lane

    Reasonable Faith

  • Albert Schweitzer


    Albert Schweitzer

  • Systematic Theology


    Systematic Theology

  • Case For the Resurrection of Jesus

    Licona,Michael R.; Habermas,Gary R.

    Case For the Resurrection of Jesus

  • Pentateuco



  • What Is Reformed Theology?

    Sproul, R. C.

    What Is Reformed Theology?

  • The Bible Unearthed

    Finkelstein,Israel; Silberman,Neil Asher

    The Bible Unearthed

  • From Jesus To Christ

    Fredriksen, Paula

    From Jesus To Christ

  • Cultura Contemporanea e Cristianismo


    Cultura Contemporanea e Cristianismo

  • Jesus Y Yahve. Los Nombres Divinos


    Jesus Y Yahve. Los Nombres Divinos

  • Theology After Liberalism - Classical And...

    Schner,George P.; Webster,John B.

    This reader brings together texts which articulate or debate with the mode of theology most commonly identified as 'post–liberal'.

  • The Powers That Be


    Based on his reading of the Bible and analysis of the world around him, a biblical scholar develops a way of viewing ancient concepts, such as heaven, hell, angels, and demons, in light of modern experience and in a way accessible to all peoples....

  • Cincuenta Razones Por Las que Cristo Vino a...

    Piper, John; Leiva,Guillermo Cabrera (TRN)

    Examines the significance of the Passion of Christ by presenting fifty reasons why God sent Jesus to suffer and die on the cross.

  • Direito Sacramental I

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Pelo Baptismo acontecimento divino na vida do cristão cada pessoa humana é integrada no Corpo Místico de Jesus Cristo e, por isso mesmo, participa da Sua tríplice missão: Sacerdote, Profeta e Rei (Cf Lumen Gentium, n.º 9).Quer isto dizer que, em...

  • The Truth About Jesus And the "lost Gospels"


    The Truth About Jesus And the 'lost Gospels'

  • Answering the Objections of Atheists,...

    Rhodes, Ron

    Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, & Skeptics

  • Feminism And Christian Tradition

    Walsh, Mary Paula

    This annotated bibliography, a volume in the Greenwood series, Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies, provides access to the numerous writings, from the 1960s through the 1990s, on feminism and Christian tradition. Major feminist...

  • In the Grip of Grace

    Lucado, Max

    In the Grip of Grace

  • God's Power at Work in You

    Anderson, Neil T.; Saucy,Robert L.

    God's Power at Work in You

  • Mystical Theology - The Integrity of...

    McIntosh, Mark A.

    Mystical Theology - The Integrity of Spirituality and Theology

  • Evidence for Jesus

    Muncaster,Ralph O.

    Evidence for Jesus

  • Evidence For Faith 101

    Bickel,Bruce; Jantz, Stan

    Evidence For Faith 101

  • Loving God With All Your Mind


    Loving God With All Your Mind

  • Creation and Fall/Temptation


    One of the century's respected theologians reveals the elegant and meticulous analyses of two of the most important and least understood religious concepts--the fall from grace and the nature of evil. Reprint.

  • Church, State And Civil Society


    Church, State And Civil Society

  • Confessions of Saint Augustine

    Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo

    Confessions of Saint Augustine

  • Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters


    Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters

  • Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die

    Piper, John

    Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die

  • Theology

    McGrath,Alister E.


  • Historical Theology

    McGrath,Alister E.

    Historical Theology

  • God At 2000

    Kushner,Lawrence; Armstrong, Karen; Borg, Marcus J.; Chittister, Joan; Eck,Diana; MacKenzie,Ross; Nasr,Seyyed Hossein; Tutu, Desmond; Borg, Marcus J.; MacKenzie,Ross; Tutu, Desmond

    God At 2000

  • Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

    Guthrie,Nancy (edt)

    Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

  • The Nature And Destiny Of Man - A Christian...


    The Nature and Destiny of Man issues a vigorous challenge to Western civilization to understand its roots in the faith of the Bible, particularly the Hebraic tradition. The growth, corruption, and purification of the important Western emphases on...

  • The Jesus I Never Knew

    Yancey, Philip

    The Jesus I Never Knew

  • Karl Barth On Theology And Philosophy

    Oakes, Kenneth

    Drawing upon a range of material from Barth's earliest writings (1909) up until interviews and roundtable discussions that took place shortly before his death (1968), Kenneth Oakes offers a developmental account of Barth's thoughts on philosophy and...

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