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  • O Livro de Urântia - Brochura

    Urantia Foundation

    AMORO amor é verdadeiramente contagioso e eternamente criativo. (pág. 2018) “Devota a tua vida a provar que o amor é a maior coisa neste mundo”. (pág. 2047) “O amor é o ancestral de toda a bondade espiritual, a essência do que é verdadeiro e belo”....

  • The Holy Bible King James Version

    Vários Autores

    'If you are looking for a Bible that's easy to use and to give away, this is the Bible for you!'The world is hungry for eternal truth. When we spread God's Word, we're helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Now you can reach more people with this...

  • Holy Bible - King James Version


    When the King James translation of the Bible was first published in 1611, it was the first time that many people throughout the English-speaking world were able to read the Old and New Testaments in their native tongue. It proved so wildly popular,...

  • O Livro de Urântia - Encadernado

    Urantia Foundation

    AMORO amor é verdadeiramente contagioso e eternamente criativo. (pág. 2018) “Devota a tua vida a provar que o amor é a maior coisa neste mundo”. (pág. 2047) “O amor é o ancestral de toda a bondade espiritual, a essência do que é verdadeiro e belo”....

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  • King James Version Holy Bible Black Imitation...

    Vários Autores

    Packed full of special features and priced for bulk buying, this Gift and Award Bible is a great way to reward young people at church, in VBS, in Sunday School, or at home. Features include color presentation page, new map sections, words of Christ...

  • Mentiras Que Creemos Sobre Dios (Lies We...

    Young, Wm Paul

    From the author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Shack, Cross Roads, and Eve comes a compelling, conversational exploration of the wrong-headed ideas we sometimes have and share about God. Now available in Spanish. Wm. Paul Young has been...

  • Life Lessons From Colossians And Philemon


    Do you remember when God amazed you? When he marvelously provided for you? Sadly, sometimes we forget God's mercy. We lose sight of his grace. The early believers in the Colossian church had forgotten. Instead, they were impressed by spiritual claims...

  • Everybody, Always - Becoming Love In A World...


    What happens when we stop worrying about a challenging world full of difficult people and instead simply love everybody? In the highly-anticipated follow-up to the bestselling phenomenon Love Does, Bob Goff takes readers on an entertaining,...

  • Everyday Mysticism - A Contemplative...

    Glucklich, Ariel

    A scholar's experiences inside a contemplative working community in Israel's Negev desert In this thoughtful and enlightening work, world renowned religion scholar Ariel Glucklich recounts his experiences at Neot Smadar, an ecological and spiritual...

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  • Religious Freedom - The Contested History Of...

    Wenger, Tisa

    Religious freedom is so often presented as a timeless American ideal and an inalienable right, appearing fully formed at the founding of the United States. That is simply not so, Tisa Wenger contends in this sweeping and brilliantly argued book....

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  • The Book Of Luke - A Walk Through The Life Of...

    Thomas, Keith

    Most people all over the world, acknowledge that Jesus was the greatest teacher who ever lived, but have you ever explored, in detail, what He actually taught? Join Bible teacher, Keith Thomas, as He walks you through the life of Jesus, explaining...

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  • Religion And The Internet

    Campbell, Heidi

    Religion and the Internet will present a range of scholarly articles that offer a critical overview of the interdisciplinary study of new media, religion and digital culture. Scholars have documented individuals using computer networks for religious...

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  • The Sermon On The Mount - A Practical...

    Gore, Charles

    Excerpt from The Sermon on the Mount: A Practical Exposition IN reissuing this little book in a new form I wish, by way of preface, to say a few words upon the passages (pp. 72 - 78 and Appendix III., p. 227) in which I deal with the question Of...

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  • Thoughts On The Abundant Life


    This book was written as an attempt to help the writer move to a closer walk with God. Life is full of sadness, disappointment, and tragedy. During one of my life's worst moments, I read the wonderful book, 'Thoughts for Everyday Living' by Mr....

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  • The Sermons Of Henry Ward Beecher - In...

    Beecher, Henry Ward

    Excerpt from The Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher: In Plymouth Church, Brooklyn Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1869, by J. B. Ford dz co., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of...

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  • What We Love - Reflections On Ministry,...


    Leadership is a quality that often goes underappreciated or unrecognised in New Zealand church life. But this is not how it should be. Leadership is a godly and biblical quality and those with such gifts are to be celebrated and cherished. This...

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  • Magick


    First published in Liber ABA (Part II), Aleister Crowley's Magick is essential reading for students of Thelema and the occult. This guide to the principle tenets of black magic is a concise version of the more dense four-book magnum opus Liber ABA or...

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  • Enchiridion - The Small Catechism Of Dr....

    Luther, Martin

    A new translation of Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism, including his Christian Questions, with a brief introduction explaining the history of the Reformation and the Lutheran Church.

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  • Grace For Amateurs - Field Notes On A Journey...

    Burana, Lily

    I had tried everything: therapy, medication, meditation. Everything except God. Lily Burana was in crisis. Desperate for rescue from her depression and anxiety, the punk-rock-girl-turned-writer feared she would die. She was down to her remedy of last...

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  • Finanztheoretische Untersuchungen - Nebst...

    Wicksell, Knut

    Excerpt from Finanztheoretische Untersuchungen: Nebst Darstellung und Kritik des Steuerwesens Schwedens Die okonomische Theorie der Staatswirtschaft. (besprechung der Arbeiten von Sax und Mazzola) About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Life Lessons From 2 Corinthians


    Some days we just forget. We forget the house keys. We forget the directions. We forget to return a friend's phone call. We forget why we went to the grocery store in the first place. And sometimes, we forget that we belong to Jesus. It's not...

  • Churchwardens' Accounts Of The Town Of Ludlow...

    Wright, Thomas

    Excerpt from Churchwardens' Accounts of the Town of Ludlow: In Shropshire, From 1540 to the End of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth In the same manner, some of the facts entered into these accounts, curious in thernselves, reveal other facts no less...

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  • Les Predications De John Wesley - Tome 3

    Wesley, John

    LES PREDICATIONS DE JOHN WESLEY - Tome 3 Je revais de partager les predications (ou sermons) de John Wesley. A ce jour, beaucoup de livres parlent de la vie de ce grand homme de Dieu, mais en francophonie il est rare de trouver un livre qui nous...

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  • Against Dharma - Dissent In The Ancient...

    Doniger, Wendy

    An esteemed scholar of Hinduism presents a groundbreaking interpretation of ancient Indian texts and their historic influence on subversive resistance Ancient Hindu texts speak of the three aims of human life: dharma, artha, and kama. Translated,...

  • Thoughts Of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

    Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome

    The Thoughts is a series of personal reflections by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161180 CE, written over a series of years in far-flung places as he led the Romans in military campaigns, quashed revolts, and dealt with the other tribulations of...

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  • The New Cosmic Story - Inside Our Awakening...

    Haught, John F

    A foremost thinker on science and religion argues that an adequate understanding of cosmic history requires attention to the emergence of interiority, including religious aspiration Over the past two centuries scientific advances have made it clear...

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  • Life Lessons From 1 Corinthians


    We know better. We should be able to do the right thing. But often, we go against our better judgment and give in. The Corinthian Christians were no different. They made mistakes. Their list of sins is long and ugly, much like ours. But Paul had...

  • Reason, Community And Religious Tradition -...

    Matthews, Scott

    This title was first published in 2001: Reason, Community and Religious Tradition examines key questions about the relationship of rationality to its contexts by tracing the early history of the so-called 'ontological' argument. The book follows...

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  • Life Lessons From Ephesians


    In the book of Ephesians, Paul reminds us that Jesus longs for the day he will be united with the church--his bride in all her beauty. Paul's letter celebrates the beauty of the church. Ephesians gives us wonderful examples and basic overviews of a...

  • Life Lessons From Philippians


    An unexpected bill. An upcoming doctor's appointment. A tense family visit. The list could go on. Every day struggles of all sizes creep into our lives, leaving us stressed. Frustrated. Anxious. Just plain miserable. The believers in Philippi were...

  • Life Lessons From Matthew


    The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the bestselling study guide series on the market today. This updated edition of the popular New Testament and Old Testament series will offer readers a complete selection of studies by Max...

  • The Expanding World Ayahuasca Diaspora -...

    Labate, Beatriz Caiuby

    During its expansion from the Amazon jungle to Western societies, ayahuasca use has encountered different legal and cultural responses. Following on from the earlier edited collection, The Expanding World Ayahuasca Diaspora continues to explore how...

  • Military Pilgrimage And Battlefield Tourism -...

    Eade, John

    Military Pilgrimage and the Commemoration of Conflict is the first volume to bring together a detailed analysis of professional military pilgrimage with other forms of commemorating military conflict. Using a comparative approach towards what has...

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  • Life Lessons From Luke


    The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the bestselling study guide series on the market today. This updated edition of the popular New Testament and Old Testament series will offer readers a complete selection of studies by Max...

  • Life Lessons From John


    The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the bestselling study guide series on the market today. This updated edition of the popular New Testament and Old Testament series will offer readers a complete selection of studies by Max...

  • Theodicy Beyond The Death Of 'God' - The...

    Shanks, Andrew

    True theodicy is partly a theoretical corrective to evangelistic impatience: discounting the distortions arising from over-eager salesmanship. And partly it is a work of poetic intensification, dedicated to faith's necessary struggle against...

  • Martin Luther's Commentary On Genesis...

    Luther, Martin

    Martin Luther's Genesis Commentary is the last (and perhaps greatest) work of Luther. Spanning the last ten years of his life and work, the Genesis Lectures capture the full wisdom of the Evangelical Reformer. This book is a publication of Luther's...

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  • The Decline Of The West, Vol. 2 -...

    Spengler, Oswald

    Excerpt from The Decline of the West, Vol. 2: Perspectives of World-History Persians, p. 166. Morphology of peoples, p. 169. People and nation, p. 170. Classical, Arabian, and Western nations, p. 173. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Spirit And Capital In An Age Of Inequality

    Jones, Robert P

    Spirit and Capital in an Age of Inequality brings together a diverse group of scholars, activists and public intellectuals to consider one of the most pressing issues of our time: increasing inequalities of income and wealth that grate against...

  • Secret Body - Erotic And Esoteric Currents In...

    Kripal, Jeffrey J

    Over the course of his twenty-five-year career, Jeffrey J. Kripal's study of religion has had two major areas of focus: the erotic expression of mystical experience and the rise of the paranormal in American culture. This book brings these two halves...

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  • Empowering Leadership - How A Leadership...

    Fletcher, Michael

    A major problem in the local church today is lack of leadership. Simply put, we have more needs than we have leaders to meet those needs. So, how do we train better leaders faster?The truth is, very few churches really have a well-thought-out...

  • Du Polythéisme Hellénique (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Du Polythéisme Hellénique Introduction. Plaisanteries de Lucien; c'est comme si on jugeait le christianisme d'apres Voltaire. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • NKJV, Reference Bible, Center-Column Giant...

    Nelson, Thomas

    Thanks to the exclusive Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print(R) typeface in a giant print format, your eyes will discover a whole new level of comfort. But with the NKJV Giant Print Center-Column Reference Bible, you won't have to sacrifice study...

  • Mune Shinri

    Hooker, Thomas

    This book is a comparative religion work that also functions as a spiritual book (or Bible) of syncretic religion.

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